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Whole length of: NAPOLEON (two Messrs. WILDE, Pugin, and STEsizes) painted by GERARD and engraved PHANOFF are engaged in preparing by Lupton.

splendid views of the

coronation. The admirers of this extraordinary A Portrait of Sir Walter Scott, is personage, whose fortunes and destiny just published, from an original sketch have agitated the four quarters of the by Mr. Slater. globe, have here an opportunity of A series of twelve Illustrations for gratifying their inclinations at two Crabhe's Poems, and another series prices, both of a good print and a faith- of six for Moore's Lalla Rookh, will be ful likeness of the illustrious emperor published in a few days. They are from in his imperial robes of state.

designs by Corbould, and were origiPORTRAIT OF HIS MAJESTY, imme- nally eugraved for a periodical work. diately after his coronation, by Sir T. It is reported that the Koyal AcadeLawrence, President of the Royal Aca- micians have liberally determined to demy, in his coronation robes, seated form a collection of the finest works of in St. Edward's chair, with the crown the old masters, which are to be placed of England on his head, and the scep- in the painting room of the Royal Acatre in his hand, as he appeared en- demy for the improvement of the stuthroned in the Abbey. The picture, dents. which is of great magnitude to admit A new institution, established for the the various concomitants, is already far encouragement of the fine arts, was advanced, and probably will be the opened at Glasgow on Monday the 6th inost successful from the pencil of the of August. The rules and regulations, president. It promises far to excel in as far as regards the disposal of the magnificence and splendor the famous works in the gallery, are similar to picture of the Pope by the same artist, those of the British Institution. belonging to his MAJESTY; when finish- The Royal Irish Institution have of. ed it is intended to present duplicates fered 500 guineas premium for the best of it to various corporation halls in the picture of his Majesty's landing in IreUnited Kingdom.



The Beauties of Mozart, Handel, Pleyel, from observing that the accent has not Haydn, Beethoven, and other celebrat- always been sufficiently attended to, ed Composers, adapted to the words of and that in some instances, it is posipopular Psalms, and Hymns, for one or tively falsified.

two voices, by an Eminent Professor. To the vocal part of the work we THI WHIS collection of adaptations com- find prefixed nine preludes, in as mapy

prises more than eighty articles, different keys, (all in the major mode) occupies one hundred and sixty-four the whole of which are abstracted froin pages, in horizontal octavo, and is ac

the justly-celebrated work of Sebascompanied with appropriate sympho- tian Bach'; and form a considerable and nies, and an organ, piano, or harp part. acceptable portion of the publication

The compiler's object in this publi- before us. Viewed altogether, the concation, according to the professions tents of this volume are of a description expressed in his preface, was to apply to sanction our approbation, and to to the most popular of the psalms, a admit of our recommending the underinore elegant and fascinating style of taking to the notice of the public. music; for which purpose he had se- Numbers 1, 2 and 3, of a Selection of the lected a variety of detached strains of most admired Waltzes, for the Piano melody, from the above and other dis

Forte, by J. Monro. 2s. tinguished masters, among whom we Mr. Monro dignifies this little work find the name of the tasteful, original, with the appellation of La creme des and ever-charming Pasiello. "This Waltzes, to the justice of which, though design was meritorious, and though we are not unaware of its subjection to not executed with uniform success, is the charge of vanity, we are by no means far from being destitute of meaning and unwilling to subscribe. Tlie pieces are effect, and of promising to prove useful selected with judgment, are dilated, and gratifying to the lovers of sacred ornamented, and filled ip with tasté music. We, however, cannot refrain and science, and the preludes, one of


which is prefixed to each of the com- of beauty of melody, neither is it withpositions, are proportioned in length, out some claims to our approbation, on and adapted in style, to the melodies account of its truth and propriety of they introduce. As practices for those expression. The passages, perhaps, are young musicians who have not made in some instances, too sombre, but the any great advancement in the art of general effect is appropriate and inteexecution, we think these waltzes will resting. Of Mr. Poignand's poetry we prove attractive and useful; in the

cannot speak very flatteringly, though character of exercises, we are justified we would by no means entirely deny in giving them our recommendation.

its possession of merit. Dear, dear! the thought's enchanting," Le Carnival, a familing Divertimento

an admired Ballad, written by Mr. F. for the Piano Forte, Composed by J.C. Wyman, Composed, with an Accompa- Nightingale, Organist of the Foundling niment for the Piano Forte, by George Hospital. 28. Frederic Harris. 1s. 6d.

This divertimento consists of three This little ballad is written with a

movements, the first of which is origidegree of delicate humour, and is set nal, the second founded on “ Fresh and with an appropriate ease and playful- strong the breeze is blowing," from

The accompaniment is simple, INKLÉ and YARICO, and the third on yet busy and ingenious. Both by the 66 Come let us dance and sing," from writer and the composer, the production the saine opera. The variety which is evidently meant as a trifle; but it is distinguishes this production, gives it, a pleasing trifle, and gives satisfactory in our opinion, much and forcible at evidence of the abilities both of the traction. The movements are ably poet and the musician. It will not fail arranged, and succeed each other with to attract the lovers of light and airy an effect that manifests the judgment composition.

of the composer and compiler. Of the Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Caro- merit of the two borrowed airs, we need

line's New Waltz, Composed and Ar- not speak. It is a long while since ranged with variations for the Harp or they first spake for themselves. Piano Forte, by J. Monro. 28.

The Zodiac, a Series of Favourite Songs, The' passages of which this waltz is written by J. Richards, esq. adapted to constituted, are of a pleasing cast, and Airs of the most admired Country well linked together. The appended Dances and Waltzes, Arranged with an variations (five in number) are of pro- Accompaniment for the Piano Forte, or gressive volatility and difficulty, and Hurp, by J. Monro. 18, 6d. calculated to lead forward the finger This little publication, founded on of the young practitioner. Regarded the idea of taking up as subjects, the as a divertimento, Mr. Monro's com

remarkable or characterising day of position is certainly worthy of commen- each month, as New Year's Day, St. dation; and as an exercise ranks among · Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, those best calculated to promote the &c. &c., is appropriately and happily power of free and facile, if not of bril- diversified, and marks the taste and liant execution.

ingenuity of the selector. We find “No dearer moments e'er can flow,” a song among the assembled melodies some of

Composed by John Barnett. 1s. 6d. the most justly admired, and if they

If this song, the words of which are are not all modern, the least new are written by Mr. Hippolitus Poignand, in one sense of the word, too good ever is not of the first description, in point to be old.

MEDICAL REPORT. Report of DISEASES and CASUALTIES occurring in public and private Practice of the Physician who has the care of the Western District of the City DISPENSARY.

CCURRENCES are hourly presenting that the naming of a disease, and the point

, pages, which prove the impossibility of is the conception of a something in the meestablishing those universal propositions dical art which equally eludes the grasp of in medicine that are admissable and appli- ingenuity, and bids defiance to the labour cable in other sciences. We are daily of industry. taught, too, in the school of experience, Who that reads Dr. Hamilton on purga

tive medicines, and Mr. Abernethy on dis- maladies, but which demands discernment orders of the digestive orgaus, would not, and experience to justify its adoption. giving credence to these authors, and they Practitioners, perhaps, are in general too are both “ honourable men," who would fearful of opium, from such injurious connot suppose, that preserving the first pas- sequences having been attendant upon its sages clear and the chylopoietic functions popular and fearless employment: but one in consistent action, is to ensure health or two drops of laudanum, given to a. and cure disease? But alas! it is not so. child who is suffering from intestinal or At this moment, two violent affections of a teeth irritation, will occasionally even prove. convulsive kind, are under the reporter's the preservative of life, by preventing care, in which the cathartic and chylopoie- those derangements of vital organs to which tic plan of treatment has been unavail. these irritations so readily lead; and it is ingly instituted, and which, having re- even at times expedient almost to suspend fused to yield to the force of medicinals, sensibility, that is, to put it out of harm's founded on these views, are giving way way, till the storm of disease has passed before the tonic system of treatment- over. With respect to the objection to a system which is set at naught by our these plans and practises, on the score of modern heroes in the fields of gastricity. their interfering with nature, it may be re. St. Vitus's Dance is the disorder in one of plied, that all institutions for the restorathe instances alluded to, and the remedy is tion of health imply such interferencefive grain doses of the oxyd of zinc. The and it is only then, that we deviate from other is a very curious example of epilepsy; propriety when we dash at disease without the subject of which is taking small and care or consequence. gradually augmented doses of the nitrate Before concluding, the writer will take of silver. Now what must be considered the liberty of presenting the following remarkable in the rationale and treatment curious statement, extracted from a letter of disordered states is this, that two other by Mr. Fitch, of Ipswich.“ Jeremiah Goldcases, not only vosologically ideutified with smith, aged between 60 and 70, called on the preceding, but apparently calling for me about the 1st of July, at which time he the same remedial management, would on was so violently affected with rheumatism, the contrary, prove perhaps curable by an as to deprive him of the use of his side, application of the cathartic or chylopoietic and prevent his walking without great diffi--the Hamiltonian, or Abernethyan prin- culty. I engaged him to collect Colchicum ciples. So much for the truth of extrava- seed* for me, and between the 7th of that gant and excluding dogmata.

month and August 1st, he brought at difDerangements in the stomach and ferent times, nearly 500lbs. weight. Obbowels have recently been numerous. This serving each time he came a gradual imis what we expect at this season, but during provement in his walking, and that he apthe last ten or twelve days, they have been peared more free from pain, I questioned more than ordinarily prevalent among chil- hinr as to the causę; his answer was that dren. It ought ever to be recollected, that he had taken no medicine, but attributed although astringents' are often required it to his occupation in shelling the seed, as for these ailments, such should not be given during the employ, he daily found himself without a careful regard to the condition of improving, and the same circumstance octhe secreting organs. Lock up injudiciously curred to him the previous year when enand you will induce organic disease. It is gaged in the same business.” surprising, under these circumstances, how

D. Uwins, M.D. much good will be effected by one or two Bedford Row, Aug. 20, 1821. grain doses of calomel preliminary to, or in alternation with, the cretaceous mixture. * The seed may be procured by applicaThere is another medicine, highly valuable

tion to Mr. Fitch at a reasonable rate. when appropriately administered in these


N the most forward districts, wheat rage crop, with the additional misfortune

of the quality in all parts being more or but generally, it will be full ten days later, less deteriorated by the diseases consequent and in the north, September will rather be upon such seasons as the present-mildew the harvest month. The quantity of straw and smut. Barley, pulse, and tares, are is said to be large in most parts, but from expected to be fult crops, oats more gethe spring and early part of the summer nerally light, and the hay harvest, northbeing unfavourable, and the subsequent ward, has been also light. After-grass beating down of the corn by the rains, the universally plentiful, from the rains which wheats have received copsiderable damage, fell last month, benefiting equally the turand, it is now said, will not prove an ave- nips and potatoes, both' which are now MONTHLY MAG. No. 358.



promising erops. Of the hops, accounts grounds, even should the erop on the
vary so much, that they deserve little at- ground fall considerably below an average. ?
tention; the fairest presumption may be, The cultivators on the continent are under
that the crop will be full as large as at pre- a similar depression with our own, and..
sent estimated. Live stock of every kind prices sinking daily. Their crops have also
continues in the utmost plenty, every been affected in a similar manner by at
where fully equalling the demand at most mospheric vicissitudes. The beautiful
reasonable and still declining prices. Wool weather which we have had for some time
very dull of sale in some parts, in others past, will prove immensely beneficial te
mending ; notwithstanding, a fine sample the country.
from Van Dieman's Land has lately fetched Smithfield - Beef 2s. 8d. to 4s. 4d.-
the extraordinary price of 10s. 4d. per tb., Mutton 2s. 8d. to 38. 8d.-Lamb 3s. Od. to
a price greatly beyond the best Saxon or 4s. 60.-Veal 2s. 8d. to 49.8d.-Pork 2s.6d.
Spanish, and a most encouraging specimen to 4s. 8d.-Bacon 3s. Od. to 3s. 40.-Raw
of production from that most thriving and Fat 28. d. Wheat 35s. to 64s.
promising colony. The depression among Barley 25s. to 30s.-Oats 17s. to 285.- The
the tenantry is at no rate mitigated by the quartern loaf in London 9.d.--Hay 428. to
prospect of the wheat crop; and some over- 90$. Od.-Clover do. 458. to 958.-Straw
atixious speculators go so far, as to augur

228. to 34s.-Coals in the Pool 338. 6d. to.
an joundation of foreign corn in the ensu- 43s. 6d.
ing year; an apprehension for which, at Middlesex, Aug. 24, 1821.
present, we can discover very little


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Cocoa, W. I. common 3 15 0 to 4 0 0
Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 5 10

5 15 0
fine 6 14

7 6 0 Mocha

13 0 0 17 0 0 Cotton, W. I. common 0 09

0 0 10

0 101

0 1 11 Currants

5 10 0 5 12 0 Figs, Turkey

2 4 0 3 0 Flax, Riga


51 0 Hemp, Riga Rhine 41 0 0 0 0 0 Hops, new, Pockets

2 8

3 15 0 Sussex, do. 2 16

4 10 Iron, British, Bars


0 0 0 Oil, Lucca


10 0 0 Galipoli

66 0

68 0 0 Rags

1 18

1 18 6 Raisins, bloom or jar, new 0

0 0 0 Rice, Patna kind

0 0

0 0 0 East India

0 9

0 12 Silk, Ctina, raw

0 18

1 0 Bengal, skein

0 14 7

0 15 1 Spices, Cinnamon

0 8 6 0 11 0 Cloves

0 5 10

0 0 0 Nutmegs

0 6 9 0 0 0 -, Pepper, black 0 0 71 0 0

white 0 1 02 0 } Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac

0 0

0 0 Geneva Hollands 0 1 8 0 1 9 Rum, Jamaica 0 1 8

0 3 3 Sugar, brown

2 14 0 2 16 0 ·, Jamaica, fine 3 15 0 3 18 0 East India, brown 0 17 0 I 30 lump, fine

4 14 0 5 0 0 Tallow, town-melted 0 0 0

0 0 0 Russia, yellow 2 6 0 2 60 Tea, Bobea

0 2 41 0 2 41 ---, Hysón, best

0 3 9

0 4 6 Wine, Madeira, old 25 0 0 35 0 0

45 0 0 52 0 0 -, Sherry

30 0


.. 60 o 0

Aug. 28.
£2 11
to 3 0

O per cwt
5 1 0

5 6 0 ditto. 6 4 0

6 16 ditto. 10 0 0

14 0

O per cwt
0 0 91 0 0 104 per lb.
0 0 10 0 1 I ditto.
5 3 0

5 5 0 per cw.
2 0 0

0 0 0

ditto. 50 0

52 0

0 per ton. 40 0 0


0 0 ditto. 0 0 0

0 0

O per cwt. 2 16 0

3 15 0 ditto, 9 10 0

10 10 O per ton. 6 0 0

7 0 0

ditto. 9

10 0 O per jar 66 0

0 0 O per ton. 1 18 6

0 0

Oper cwt, 0

4 0 ditto. 0 0 0

0 0 0 ditto. 0 13 0

0 16 0 ditto. 0 19 2

1 2 1 0 14

0 16 0 ditto. 7 3


6 per lb. 0 3

0 3 10 ditto.

0 4 2 ditto. 0 0

0 0

0 ditto. 0

0 1 I ditto, 0 0

0 O per gal. 0 1

0 1 8 ditto. 0 2 9

0 3 2 ditto. 2 14

2 16 0. per ewt. 3 10

3 120 per cwt. 0 18

1 0 0 ditto.
4 6

0 per cwt.
1) 0 1 18 O per cwt.
2 6 0 0 0 0 ditto.

0 0 O per Ib.
0 5 5 0 5 7 ditto.
21 00 400 O per pipe
38 0 55 0 0 ditto
20 0 0 50 0 O per butt


per lb

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--, Port, old

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Premiums of Insurance... Guernsey or Jersey, 108. 6d.-Cork or Dublin, 10s. 80.-Belfist, 10s. 60.-Humbro', 10s. Od. Madeira, 15s. Od.-Jamaica, 30s. Greenland, out and home, bgs. to 10gs.

Course of Exchange, Aug. 25.- Amsterdam, 12 17.-Hamburgb, 38 2.---Paris, 25 70. Leghorn, 47.-Lisbon, 50.--Dublin, 9 per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, and Joint Stock Companies. -Birmingham, 5601. -Coventry, 9701.--Derby, 1351.-Ellesmere,661.-_Grand Surrey 601.-Grand Union, 231. Os. -Grand Junction, 2151, -Grand Western, 31.-Leeds and Liverpool, 3151.-Leicester, 2901. -Loughbro', 26001.-Oxford, 6451.-Trent and Mersey, 18101.--Worcester, 241.-East India Docks, 1681.- London, 1011.--West ludiu, 1761.--Southwark BRIDGE, 161.-Strand, 31. 55. Royal Exchange AssURANCE, 2301.-Albion, 441. Os. Globe, 1221. Os.-GAS LIGAT COMPANY, 581. 10s. City Ditto, 1021. At the Office of Wolfe and Edmonds'.

The 3 per cent. Reduced, on the 27th was 76; 3 per cent. consols, 753 ; 5 per cent. bavy, 108.

Gold in bars 31. 175. 91. per oz.--New doubloons, 31. 14s. 31.--Silver in bars 4s. fd.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES announced between the 20th of July

and the 20th of Aug., 1821: extracted from the London Gazette.

BANKRUPTCIES. [this Month 19.) Horton, W. Yardley, Worcester, timber merchant. Solicitors' Names are in Parentheses.


Hoyle, J. Beech-street, button seller. (Platt, L. ADCOCK, D. Melton Mowbray, druggist.

Huybens, C. W. Castle-street, Leicester-square, .

picture dealer.

(Clark, L. Arnold, G. Manchester, fustian manufacturer. Jagger, J. East Stonehouse, Devon, stone ma-on. (Heslop.

(Wright, L. Atkinson, G. Bishop Wearmouth, dealer. (Bla- Keech, W. Axminster, grocer.

(Alexander aud kiston, L.

Co. L. Atkinson, P. Rathbone Place, Oxford-street, ha- Kirk, W. Sutton, York, jobber. (Wilson, L. berdasher. (Fisher, L.

Laukin, W. Leir, Leicestershire, victualler. Baggeley, R. and Co. Stoke-npon-Trent, Stafford, (Troughton and Co. china manufacturers. (Clark.

Langstaff, W. Liverpool, mercbant. (Blackstock, Banks, . W. Clapham, York, woollen draper. L.

(Peace, Huddersfield and Stocker and Co. Li . Lawrence, J. Piinlico, wine merchant. (Brown, L. Barthrop, W. sen. Lincoln, woolstapler. May- Lawrence, G. Stratford, Essex, silk manufacturer. hew and Co. L.

(Swert and Co. L. Boddy, W. Hillingdon, Middlesex, farmer. (Wal- Leasingham, T. Worcester, hosier. (Platt, L. ford.

Lee, J. Noble-street, jeweller. (Tucker and Co. L. . Boyd, A. Commercial Road, master mariner. Lynch, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Battye, L. (Lewis, L.

Meredith, J. Manchester, paper dealer. (Clare and Bullman, J. and T. Milnthorp, Westmoreland, Co. L.

mercers, &c. (Claphamn, Burton in Kendal Monk, A. F. Tollesbury, Essex, dealer in cattle. and Beverley, L.

(Lawrence. Burnett, H. Dodd's Place, Bethnal Green, oilman. Noble, J. Salford, brewer. (Adlington and Co. L.. (Thompson, L.

Nutman, J. late of West Drayton, Middlesex, Clark, H. late of Buckden, Huntingdon, grocer, &c. vintner. (Kearsey and Co. L.

(Frederick and Co. Huntingdon, and Egan and Pickles, J. Keighley, corndoalor. (Constable and Co. L.

Co. L. Clay, T. Worksop, grocer. (Hannam.

Pigot, W. Ratcliffe Highway, grocer. (Heard, L. Cloutipan, J. Shoreditch, carpenter. (Mayhew Ponay, G. S. Little Yarmouth, brickmaker. (Franand Co. L.

cis, L. Connor, C. F. Peckham, soap maker. (Hunter, L. Porthouse, T. Wigton, Cumberland, dyer. (Swayne Couchman, S. Canterbury, grocer. (Pownall, L.

and Co. L. Cox, T. Crediton, innkeeper. (Andros, L. Redward, C. B. Portsea, scrivener. (Williams, L. Crackler, J. jun. Enfield 'Wash, farmer. (Jaines, Roberts, M. Manchester, grocer. (Rymer. L.

Roberts, J. Hull, black beer brewer. (Shaw, I.. Danby, M. Lucas-street, Commercial Road, master Room, J. sen. Bristol, merchant. (Vizard and Co. mariner. (Pownall and Co. L.

L. Davies, W. Runcord, flour dealer. (Chester, L. Sandback, J. Bird's Buildings, Islington, slater. Drake, J. Lewisham, inaster mariner. (Simpson, L. (Baddeley, L. English, F. Birmingham, draper. (Baxter and Scarrow, T. and J. Carlisle, wine merchant. (ClenCo. L.

nel, L. Flanders, J. Atherstone, bookseller. (Smith and Schmueck, A. St. Mary Axe, merchant. (Thomas, Co. Atherstone, Milyard and Co. L.

L. Flindt, G. London Wall, merchant. (Kaye and Sbepherd, E. Grosvenor-street, Grosvenor Syuare. Co. L.

wine inerchant. (Sbioix, L. Garton, s. Wood-street, Cheapside, silk manufac- Smitd), H. Blackbum, cotton manufacturer. (Wigturer. (Elsher and Co. L.

glesworth, L. Gilbert, J. Maidstone, rope inaker. (Noy and Co. Smith, J, St. John's in Bedwardine, Worcester, L.

hop merchant. (Williams and Co. L. Goadby, T. Warwick, plumber. (Simcox.

Smith, H. W. Bird's Buildings, Islington, tea Gratrix, s. and Co. Manchester, calico printers. dealer. (Baddeley, L. (Edge.

Snowdon, J. B. Lynn, linendra per. (Makinson, I. Haggart, J. Limehouse Hole, victualler. (Dun. Stabb, T. and Co. Torquay, Devon, and Prowse,

J. S. Botolph-lane, werchants. (Wainwright Hart, J. Edwardstone, Suffolk, malster. (Last and Co. L. and Co, L.

Staniforth, W. Little East Cheap, wine inerchant. Heague, J. Chalford, Gloucester, linen draper. (Wadeson andCo. L.

(Gooldon, Clutton, and Hurd and Co. L. Stanton, J. Worrester, timber merchant. (But I. Hodson, F. M. Manchester, drysalter. (Pownall, Treadway, T. Sloane Squar:', chinaman. (Atkin


can, L.

son, L.

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