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Its great Benefit 33.

Cause of Levity, which is of great. Use in the World 35. Terraqueous Globe it self. Of which I take a View in General of, Its Spherical Figure, which is the most commodious in re

gard of

(Light 40.
Lodgment of the Waters.
The Winds 42.

Irs Bulk 43
Its Morion 44.

Its Place and Distance from the Sun, and other heavenly

Bodies 45o che
Its Distribution, to as to cause all the parts of the Globe to
SBalance each other 48.

Be helpful to one another. The great Variery and Quantity of all things serving for

Food, Physick, Building, and every Ufe and Occasion of

all Ages, Places, and Creatures 53.
An Objection anfwered setti
Particular, of the Earth : of its
Conftituent Parts, viz ligurqi.V
Soils and Moulds, necessary to the

Growth of various Vegetables 61. sin
* Animals:62
Various Strata or Beds, affording Materials for

Dying, and thousands of other things. 65.

Conveyance of the sweet Fountain Waters 66. Subterraneous Cavertis and Vulcano's ; of greature to the

Countries where they are 68. Mountains and Valleys, which are not rude Ruins, but Works

of Design, inasmuch as this Structure of the Earth is
The most beautiful and pleasant.
The most Salubrious : to fome Constitutions, the Hills

fome, the Valleys 72.7
Best co'skreen us, and other things 73.
Beneficial to the
Production of various Vegérables.
Harbour and Maintenance of various Animals : 74.

Generation of Minerals and Metals 75: Absolutely necessary to the Conveyance of the Rivers; and in all probability to the Origine of Fountains 26.


bora cerning the

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mron of the Eye 90. Muscles, and the excellenc Provision made for

1 Conclufion against blaming GOD 81., LIts Inhabitants , which are either Senftive or Infenfátive Cona Sensitive, fome things are

AEROC drog
Common to all the Tribes, particularly these Ten:
1. The five Senses and their Organs; the 86.

Eye, an admirable Piece of Mechanism in regard of its
Form, for the molt part Spherical

, which is bent for
Reception of Objects.
Situation in dié most commodious part of the Body

of every Creature. Motion, in Tome Animals, S Every way. ***

Fixed; and the excellent

Provision in the case 92:01
Size which is in

All Creatures, according to their Occasipas.
Such as live abroad in the Light, larger

Such as live undër ground;
Number, in Tome Animals

More Together with the wise Provision to pre-

vent double Vision.
Pares ; some of which are viewed
Tranfiently, the Arreries, Veins, and some of the

Muscles and Tunick's.
More ftrictly some of the


their peculiar' Uses, Equilibration, c. 98. Tunicks : Among which the various Apertures

Forms, and Politions of the Pupil are patti.

cularly noted 100. Humours, especially the prodigious Finery and

Composition of the Crystalline, according to

Mr. Lewenhoeck.
Nerves 106.

Guard and Security, provided for by
The Reparation of the Aqueous Humour.
Covering of the Eye Lids.
Strung and curious Bones.
Hard and firm Tuuicks.

Withdrawiug thein into their Heads mus.
Of erect Vision 112.

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Prout in the Loss or Hurt

Ar. Çochlea; all

18 QOs onmis. three roitboy)
Hearing Its

032bij Sic 89:;?" pallidi in
Organ, the Ear, 114.
Double, enabling us to hear every way, and a good

curity, and near the Eye and Brain, The Fabrick of the Outward Ear, which is in All Creatures formed, guarded, placed, and every way accourered according to their various Places and Occasions 116.

to his érect 'Posture iz and all its Parts, the Helix, Tragus, Concha, &c. admirably suited to the Receptiop and Melioration

of Sounds, and the Security of the Part. CInward Ear: In which I take a View of the 121.

Auditory Passage, curiously cuộnciled, cortuous,

and smooth and being always open, is lined

with the nauseous Ear-wax for a Guard. Tuba Euftachiana 123. Bone, particularly hard and context for Guard,

and to afsift the Sound.
Tympanum, and its 'Membrane, Muscles, and
four little Boges to correspond to all kinds

of Sound.
made with the utmost

doi: Auditorý Nerves, one of which is ramified to

the Eye, Tongue, Muscles of the Ear, and to 67'11 :

the Heart, whence a great Sympathy between

thofe Parts 129:
CObject, Sound. Under which I consider,

The Improvements thereof by the Wit of Man 130.
Cits great Neceflity, and excellent Ures 134.

its Pleafure, and the Power of Mufick 135
Smelling. In which sense these things are remarkable; the
Noftrils, always open, cartilaginous, and endowed with

Muscles 138.
Lamina, serving for

SA Guard against noxious Things 139.
The spreading of the Olfactory Nerves.
Prodigious Use of it in all, especially some of the Irra.

tionals 140.
Tafte. The Things most remarkable in which Sense ate,

Nerves spread abouc the Tongue and Mouth, with their

The Papillæ, neatly made 141.

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Siruation thereof to be a Sentinel to the Stomachy and
Food: do

... Loe uit
-Consent thereof with the opher Senses, by come Branches

of che fifth Pair 142.6 vitudszüne Essi ! il Peeling. Page 143. iv . ovrtasteint. 2.018V

3 SWhose Organ is the Nerves 1449 * 11 mol Which is dispersed through every part of the Bady,/ad!

the admirable Benefit thereof. II. Respiration the grand Ad of Animal. Lifegipi) 1:46, Ministering to the Circulation of the Blood and Diaftdle of the Heart.

or bo
The Parts concerned therein are 30
The Larynx, with its great Variety of Muscles, I fur

Refpiration and, forming the Voice 149.7
Trachea and Epiglotcis, exquisitely: concrived and made.
Bronchi and Lungs, with their crious Arcories, Veins

and Nerves 151. i vreixo!!! 23 LIV
Ribs, Diaphragm, and the feveral Muscles. coficerned.
Its Defects in the poiN 1910

Fæfus in the Womb;rt: 54.w fino Vi vissiivi
Amphibious Creatures besoin ew ji

Some Animals in Winter.
III. - The Marion of Animals : Concerning whicha Jonlider
Transiently the Fri 105 - Tin el
Muscles, and their Structure their Size Fafening to

the Joynis, Moridas, o 1$944,19 696 m2
Bones, and their curious Makel gui niini nini?
Joynts with their Form, Bandage and Lubricity 162.

Nerves, and their origine, Ramifications and Inoícula00:tions. o low

16 sat sortimba More particularly the Loco Motive Alt it felf, which is Swift or Now, with Wings Lego many gr few for none at

all according to the various Occasions and Ways of

Animals Lives. As particularly in sus. IT
Reptiles, whose Food and Habitation is negr ad hand.
Man and Quadrupeds, whose Occasions require a larger

Range, andi therefore a swifter Motion : 165.V
Birds, and Insects, whole Food, Habitation and Safety

require yer a larger. Range, and have faccordingly a

yer swifter Motion and dired Conveyance.
Geometrically and neaclypenformed by the nideá Rules.
Well provided for by the
ŞDue Equipoise of the Body 4663 16 )

Motive Parts being accurately placed with regard to the goi Center of the Body's Gravity, and to undergo their

due Proportion of Weight and

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IV. The Place allotted to "he several Tribes of Animals to

live and act in. Concerning which I observe ithad
Their Organs are adapted to their Place - 468. -
All Places habitable are duely stocked.vis du
Various Animals have their various Places; and the Wis.

dom thereof 1691? 23.371.519:20
V. The Balance of Animals Numbers, so that the World,

9:903.13 neosnudebe cili Overstocked by their Increase. SHOJI

30% otra Which is effected in

9:11 10 The several Tribes of Animals by a due Propdicion in the ŞLength of their Life 170.

11pX0W Number of their Young, in

guftful Creatures being many. +387
Pernicious few.

Man very remarkably by ale i bas
wrap Different Length of his Life, 1.5 Ipindi

Soon after the Creation 172. d sini
When the World was more, but not fully peopled 173
CWhen it was sufficiently stocked, down to the present

minâ ILO
sDue Proportions of Marriages, Births and Búrialší 19 s.

Balance of Males and Females 196.3 ianit) VI. The Food of Animals. In which the Divine Management and Providence appears in the 180!" ( srij Maintaining such large Numbers of all kinds of Animals i on the Land, in the Seas, and divers Places,cdo unlike

dy to afford sufficient Food. T. LIVE
Adjustment of the Quantity of Food to the Number of
Devourers, so that

There is not too much, so as to roc, i aod lannoy the

World 181.
The most useful is most plentiful, and eatiest propa-

C gated 182. Hoone
Delighe which the various Tribes of Animals have to the

Varieties of Food, ro chat what is grateful to one, is
Aaufeous to anothér : Which is a wile means to cause

All be sufficiently fupplied.
All sorts of Food to be
The World to be kept sweet and clean by those
means 184.

on?! Peculiar Food, that particular Places afford to the Crea

tures residing therein 185. Curious Apparatus in all Animals for Gathering, and

Digestion of their Food, viz. the

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