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On the 28th of January was published, the SUPPLEMENTARY Number to our Twentyfecond Volume, containing-IlalF-YEARLY RETROSPEC7s of LITERATURE, Jundry COMMUNICATIONS relative to Book-SOCIETIES, and the NEGOTIATION PAPLks.


MONTHLY MAGAZINE. No. 153.] FEBRUARY 1, 1807. [1 of Vol. 23.

As long as those who write are ambitious of making Converis, and of giving to their Opinios a Maxim'm ** * Infuence and Celebrity, the mop extenfively circulat+d Miscellany will repay with the greatett Eict the

Currofity of those who read atne for Amusement or Intruction." JOHNSON.

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To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine, with, or rather in subjection to our deadly

foe. The natural result of our credulity AVING lately read a very useful and follg was, that the theep-owners in the subject of fine-wooled Spanith theep, fleece, devoted their whole attention to and being of opinion that its leading fea- its improvement, and left the carcass to tures ought to be generally known take its chance of becoming better or throughout this illand, I take the liberty worse. Ilence, the latter ensued; but, as of requciting the publication of them I have said, the evil may be remcdicd. through the medium of your valuable and That intelligent and patriotic breeder, widely circulated Miscellany.

Mr. Tollet, of StaffordMire, (whose naine I lainent that, after the successful ex- I have before mentioned, who has now a periments and satisfactory reports of fuch large flock of Nerino, and Anglu-dleriuo spirited and enlightened agriculturills as theep, and who is indefatigable in his enLord Somerville, Mr. Tollet, and Dr. deavours to promote the adoption of this Parry, any further incitement to the celebrated race,) itates, that, in defiance adoption of a race so jutily esteemed of neglect, fome of the sheep, which have Gould be necellary; but it unfortunately been brought to this country froin Spain, happens that in this, as in every other have been far from deficient in those country, ignorance and prejudice are characteristics, which are generally conContinually thwarting the efforts of rate hdered as combining excellence of form. tional conviction. He, thercfore, who at. It follows, therefore, that judicious selectempts by perfuafion founded on just tion from the offspring of there, and of grounds, to dispel the milt, which clouds others, Inight cre long totally remove the ile faculties and prevents the exertious absence of symmetry, fo much complained of British breeders, will not have the of. But after all, viewing thein in their cenfure of candid and well-informed men, present state, and fupposting that their

It is true that the Merino sheep is not ibape never can be improved, allow me Mikely to attract the approbation of any to ask whether the rude Arah, like the one by its beauty; till lels fo in the pre- enlightened Briton, would, while confent age, when fynometry of form has been templating the deformity of his camel, La closely studied, and completely obtain- lofe light of its utility. Is it not a futlic ed; but to this it may be replied, first, cient incentive to the fauners of those that the defect in carcals should be prin- districts, where the Arcep is reared principally ascribed to British supineness; cipnlly for carding-vool, (and inany of and secondly, that it can be remedied. there Hocks are far from exhibiting models To fabftantiate my charge, I need only of beauty) that a fagle cross of ihe Me. teinark that this nation hus for many rino race will double the value of ench pents, without even being at the trouble fleece; that the aniinal, thus yielling at of an experiment, paiil to Spain for her once double profit as to wool, will live finell wool ah aoit any price that the chofe on the same pasturage; and that a butch

dethand; The article was indispensable er, if withing to buy a score fat wethers to our fuperfine manufactures; we con- of this cross, would value them accorsling tkated ourfelves with believing the affer- to his calculation of their weight, &c. tion tlint the foil

, climate, and other local without reference to their beauty; fo circunstances, were the causes of wool tiut one breed would in this respect be bang produced in Spain of an inimitable. csactly lituated like the other? Is it not quality and we continued to transmit füfficient, I say, that the carcals hould our enormous orders to a country, which be worth no less, while the fleece by its was stigantly becoming more in alliance increase, both in quantity and quality,

will be of double, then treble, and qua- mitive form; their feece is close and firm, druple value, as the Merino blood con losing outhing in finenels, length, elatiitinues to be jutroduced? That such is city, or quantity. There are rams, which tix abessice tact me liave abundant proof bave produced thirteen pounds of wool. Emiu the most respectable authorities I observed too, that she race, bred iq and above quoted. Yet are there many inured to this climate, appeared fironger faucrs who tell us, that they are content and larger than the sheep of Spain. I with the breed, by which their forefathers found on the farm of M. Schulzenheim, earned a livelihood, like a thepherd at in the province of Upland, a fock conPearuddock, * who, being alked, wheuce Gfting of animals bred from a Spanilh inihis sugularly rough-legged, ill-formed portation tifty-five years before the time; Serp kasi beru obtained, gave as his an- and their wool, when compared with that fwer: “ Lord, Sir, they are fik as God of fome Merinos recently procured from let

urou ilke land; ze ucur ckunge uny." the same country, yielded to it in no one Altre trec few preliminaries, which desirable quality. There, and other facts, will, I trust, ut lie deemed uelets, I prove in a nanner decitive and perenipprouocer to M. Larteyrie's Account of the tory, that the Spavil sheep may be proIntroduction of fine-wooled Spanish Sheep, pagated and reared to advantage in into the differcut States of Europe, and severe climatcs, by which it is certain at the Cape of Good Hope:

that the fleece is not affected; a fact, in« SWEDEN.

conteftibly proved by the fpecimeus * There is, doubtless, jutt ground for which I procured on my journey through surprise, thai Swerlen, which seemed to different countries; and which I after: by a country the moti uufavourable in wards submitted to the inspection of the Fumpe for rearing hine-wrooled sheep, Department of the Seine. thould, nevertheless, have been the firit “DĚNMARK AND XORWAY. to naturalize thuis valuable race; but what “The Norwegian race lias been ime excites still greater astonishment is, that proved by the English, as well as the there are inen in France (to whichi inay Spanish breeds, but the most important be added England) who âill dispute the amelioration in the tieece must be attripofiiblity of a naturalization ettablished buted to a Spanislı ram, which was imin Sweden, during nearly a century. ported above titty years ago on the M. Alluoemer imported a fock of Me weitern coast of Norway. This intro rino Sheep froin Spain in 1723; and go- duction was, however, but partial, and vernment, convinced that the ignorance did not extend into other parts of the of Nepherds opposed serious obstacles country, where the theep in a wild state, to the preservation and propagation of and without inconvenience, bid defiance this new race, instituted in 1739 a school to the inost intense cold. I have seen for thepherds, the direction of which was them living in the midti of snow, without confided to M. Altroemer. Premiums ever receiving any portion of tood from were appointed, and various falutary re- the hand of inan; and of fo untractable gulations adopted. In 1764, Sweden a nature are they, that they cannot be pofleffed 65,369 theep of the pure, and taken but by a chiace on horseback. This 23,504 of the mixed breed; and although breed is so accustomed to the impressions this fupply was not fufficient for the ma- of the atmosphere, that it cannoi fupport nufactures of the country, yet the impor- a sudden transition from a state of nature faciou of wool has been gradually dimi- to a domestic one. nilling tion year to year, while the ma- “ Tlic Danes, induced by the example mutantures have been increafing; fo that, of Sweden, imported Spanish theep from taking every thing fairly into calculation, that kingdoin about twenty-seven years it may be afferted that the number of fince, and cheir descendants exit to this pore and mixed breeds is at present day, though not in large numbers. Some about 100,000, and this forms a 25th of them have preferred their original part of all the theep reared in that counr quality of fleece, while others have deyeiry: a very great proportion, if we con- nerated, but palpably from neglect. At ber the relative state of agriculture in Eferuin, a royal domain, I faw a Huck that country, which it would here occupy of Spanith theep imported fiom Sisvelen, tow inch space to defcribe. The Meinuny years before, which yiekied woul rina !heep preserve, io Sireden, their prie of a fáir qurdity. To thint place, too,

which is eight leagues from Copenhagen, • Beauties of England and W.des, vol. III, the Danilh gorerunrt bus leat three

hundred Merino lheep, imported from


y. 19.

Spain in 1797. This fuck is composed ad feveral more frame thuassam. At of the breeds, wbich are of all orhers zhe present the Fletior's turk manis to innti detrable to be obtained, vit. rule 3,400, and he annually chipuis vi tre of the Ejcurial, of Guadaloupe, of Psalur, Imadsert by pablic rum, n hirts are uk of the Duke del Intontudo, w' the Couns eruak zü ineet the demands of sle de Monterro, and the Count de Negreiti. breeders. The Spauith some preterte il

" The Efcarial breed is lonker upons as Savons at theit onget pissertams; potfelling the fineti teece in all Spain, which is prired by this specimass of Food The Guadaloupe theep are remarkable for pretorved for many years, ex alt bra frametry of fum, as well as for the comparison of new impostation webribe quantity and quality of their wool. The offspring of timer tais. Tout Sirenin Poular are equally gified with the two verumet bas beers amply raviszperu kitier perfectwins, but pofiéis a greater for its retention, istud mukersanited for its fwell behind the ears, and a more palpire xlvances by the talente a thiet bers bole degree of throatinrjs. The limbs of which the country has sherelis pruurd. this breed, and those of the Impamtido, Sheep-breeding is indeerd, the state karo are generally produced with a cearfe crative parruit of the Saxon Errier; mzd hairy appearance, which is fucceeded by the manubáturess, fucking vitdai sinir wool of exquifite quality. The Negresti own limits the greavity and quality of lurerd is composed of the largeti theep in wood acetary for sleir yarpole, se tu Spain. The Eleron Hock, when law furryck uhliceul de prepost from Space; it, had been twenty months from Spain, Strei are thereby free transluc alifa chako and was very healthy. Only twa sherp tages attendant on the chouces -> 00432und becu lost by the long roynge, tevere zuerce. Saxomy reis absex 1.000.000 suter, and beavy rains of Spring, to theep oul kitres ; me of them almont strich they lead beers exposed see their $90,000 are isi preferrt og the Sprausty asrd arxai in Deomark.

mixed Areerk." There preseterre words 4 SAXOXY.

the promity of woul vecettury short sbc "!

Upper Saxony is that country into fine manufactures of ahe (unksy, bart which, after Sweden, the Spanith race of even fiunith a fispilus erat so gbe iste leey is uf most ancient introduction, and rior confumption, white supus is to at it is in Saxony that this naturifization the Leipzig fairs has been marked with the completeli

* PRUSSIA. fuccefs, and produced the muu zuivants- " Frederick the II. who was not less rinas refults. The different indigenous forned for the wikken beiz ierintera isreels of that country, of winichi tome tion, shman for his mind chcy, and to produce tolerable and istbers very coarfe when Pruime sientert is under great front, lawe heen epually improveit by the obligations, introduceeat time Sprint, in culs. The Elector of Stony, withing 1786, n Bock of one haered as a xd to repair the devastations bucation is two bendáre awes, med to mpterre his doninions by a foren yenırs' war, obe the various brevds of his kneden. Sie tained from the king of Spain in 1763, u veral Pitian farmers hove, hace that felection from the beri Merino Deeks, time, bonybt theep of tbe Sex Spauith contifting of one hundred rams, and two kisut; in confequence of which the care hundredt cwes. Experience havii proved by can now best of marry #ocks eni that they were easily reconciled to the tirely composed of tinc-wiled analy. climati, attention was paid to the several Government is encouraged hi trident melnpitime of satire breeds, atter inb- suitage, and bass freuzedext arz wfiitutimi jecting thalo anituals which appeared moll for the purnuk, which is directed bt Mr. defective to catiration. In 1176, theep Fink, a celebrated syrientarnt et Gilera of four years alt were difpaled of to indi- many. This gentlemau bind her ilie vatants, but is the bent experiments al. impruvenyent in his own fixt by the in vare mucet with oppolitioo, the fale was traduction of theep from Sitetin, retreart: attended with fuch difficulties, that the able for the fineneis of their Hetee. He ponerinnent obliged timle who rented the purfwed his fyftem further by purchles clectoral firins, ta parchale a certain pro- from Saxony in 1768, and from Sptuin in putinuate munber of Spanith theep. The 1778. By thefe progretiive meatus, Mr. hreeders foou discovered what was most Fank has succeeded in nopartiny tiuessels choducive to their interrli, and the Elec. to the Hecens of Pruffian Sheep, which Leal tl cks not being able to supply the were originally of the cowlett quatry: denaulwlúch: multiplied every day, Ile has been imitated, with a refult Gauthier importation took place in 1778, cqually fatisfactory, by the Count Visa


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