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You're ashamed, you are overthrown, you are undone forever.

Mrs. Ford. What's the matter, good mistress Page ?

Mrs. Page. 0 well-a-day, mistress Ford! having an honest man to your husband, to give him such cause of suspicion !

Mrs. Ford. What cause of suspicion ?

Mrs. Page. What cause of suspicion !-Out upon you! how am I mistook in you!

Mrs. Ford. Why, alas! what's the matter ?

Mrs. Page. Your husband's coming hither, woman, with all the officers in Windsor, to search for a gentleman, that, he says, is here now in the house, by your consent, to take an ill advantage of his absence : You are undone.

Mrs. Ford. Speak louder.---[ Aside.]—-'Tis not so,

I hope.

you have a

Mrs. Page. Pray heaven it be not so, that you have such a man here; but 'tis most certain your husband's coming with half Windsor at his heels, to search for such a one.

I come before to tell you : If you know yourself clear, why, I am glad of it: but if friend here, convey, convey him out.

Be not amazed: call all your senses to you; defend your reputation, or bid farewell to your good life forever.

Mrs. Ford. What shall I do?—There is a gentleman, my dear friend; and I fear not mine own shame so much as his peril: I had rather than a thousand pound, he were out of the house.

Mrs. Page. For shame; never stand, you had rather, and you had rather; your husband's here at hand; bethink you of some conveyance: in the house you cannot hide him.--0, how have you deceived me -Look, here is a basket; if he be of any reasonable stature, he may creep in here; and throw foul linen upon him, as if it were going to bucking: Or, it is whiting time, send him by your two men to Datchet mead.

Mrs. Ford. He's too big to go in there: What shall I do?

1 Bleaching time.


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