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dification, ( enduing us with ebe manifold Grace's of His Spirit) He will put a New Stock in our band, whereby we may manage a fpiritual 114 fe that will enrich os for ever, but more of this afterward,

4. Demon. We may get this recovered Stock befe ter secured than the Primitive: che fir Adam had ebe management & keeping of our frit Scock, wbo was in bazard of losing it, and did a&ually deltroy it, but our second recruited Stock is confirmed in the hand of a Mediator, the second Adam, Chrift Jefus, stands engaged to Enfure it onto us for ever, ló ebat wbatever Storms or Tempests, whatever El forts of Pirats or Robbers, wbatever Dangers or Difficulties may occurr there is no fear: bence the Apofle Paul with a Pleropbórie of Faith and Hope, confidently declares the frm perswalion he had of the unqueitionable enlorance of his Stock, which he had committed to Christs Custody, 2 Tim. 1. 12. I inovo ubom I have believid (or entrusted with my all) and I am perswaded, that He is able to keep that sahich I bave committed unto Him againAt that day : i, e. O preserve continually, and to be forthcoming to ne for my whole Stock and Treasure, which I have lepofired in His Hand.


inferences from ibis Propofition. 1. Infer. T 8 there a blejfed Device fallen upon, for I $

making up broken Marchants, ferre. fceming loft sinners, 'o let us admire & adore


Stupen luous Cond Sceniency, and unsearchable Wils dom of God who hath invented and revealed ibis happy Cootrivance : Let us also magnifie che liberal Goodness of our Lord Jesus Chrid, wbo batb fet up Shop in our Siteets, and exporech to Sale His hea venly rich Wores among us, that we may become Rich and Happy: He bath not dealt so beneficially with every Nation, neither batb every People been visited with such a peculiar Priviledge. O Sirs, may we not say, the Lines have fallen to us in pleaf-ni Plu ces, cbat oor Lat is caft to be born and bred in this spot of Gods World wbere Chrift is revealed.& the Treasures of Heaven are proffered to us daily ; let Turks and Pagans glory in poffelling the Fat, the Pleasures and Riches of the Earth, these are but Crumb cast to the Dige, we have more ground of true Glorying aod Rejoicing, for to us is given the Childrens Portion, and far betcer Provision, and that even to us the most unworthy of the Nations ; but herein is folölled the Scripture that God is kind to the unthankfull and the evil, Luke 6:35. and that He gives His Gifts even to the Rebellious, Pfalms 68. 18.

2. Infer Is there a bleffed Device contrived and revealed for the Recovery of loft Sinners, let us res peet at the heart, that we have neglected so good a Bergain so long, this is both our Faule and Folly :0 bow can you find in your hearts, if we may say so, to grieve the Heart of God, for nothing can be more provoking to Him, than to defpise tbe Ricbes of His Grace & Wisdom, in neglecting fo great a Salvati on as He hath projeded and prepared for us; bu! more of this afterwards,

3. Infer,


3. Infer. Is there a blefled Device fallen upon for the Recovery of lout Sinners, Olet us carelully apo ply our felves to improve the present season og Bargoiming with Christ, and consequently, let us forths Vitb comply with Gods Delign in this Device; Ops portunity is a tbing viinable, but variable: therefore ic were our Wisdom presently to come & buy while it is called to day, we know not what a day may bring forth, we know not bụt ere tomorrow Cbrift may pack up and be gone : mind what the Apostle says, 2 Cor. 6. 2. Bebold now is the ascrpted lime, bebold now do the day of salvatiin; and Jaunes fpeaketh plainly to our purpoe and that in the Merchants Terous of Art, Chap: 4, 13, 14, Goto now ye ibut say, to day or to mirroco, we will go into fuchs City, #.. continua sbere 4 year: and buy and fill, and get going woberens ge knowo not what shall be on to inorrow, for wobot is your life, it is evino u ospour that oppears ett for little time, and 16. punijheth away, many a man bathloft a good Bargain, by milling a Tyde, or fitting their time of a fair Wind

4. Infer, Istbere a blefled Device for the Reco very of loft Sinners, Obow inexcufable & wretch ed are they wbo get no good of this Device : 16 ChriQians step out of their way and perifa under the Sunshine of the Gospel, they have themselves to blame, who not only labour under culpable nefci: ence, but affi&ed wilfullignorance. Pfal. 32. so they know not, neither will bey under hand, they walk on in darkness: O most unworthy Sinners, the bload of your Souls will ly at your own coor, God will be clear wben be judgetb and condemneth you to per

pecoal punish,nent, for in His Wisdom He bath con. rived a Way, and io His Goodness bach revealed this His Contrivance, in order to your Deliverance from the Wrach to come, so obar upon your mon ap plication at Gods gracious Method, His inlufferable Vengeance will unavoidably seile opon you, against which ye shall have nothing to obje&, nor can ever juilly roclaim: yea to you are Chrilts words propers ly applicable, it shall be more tollerable in he day of Judgement for Sodom and Gomorras than for you; Their Account will not have this diretull ditto in it, that will becbe blackest of all the Items in your Li. 61: Joh.15.22,Ifihad not com: viz. into the World, and jpole n nnto sbain, viz, the words of eternal Life, They has not bad fing viz, this molt grievoos Go to ac: count for, of reje&ting Me, and My Offers, but now, i, e, chis being their day of Vilication with the Revelation of Gospel-grace, they bave no Clock, or Excuse for their fin, of despising Me: O Sirs, is is not improbable that the horrid shrickes and cryes of Chrißions in the Lake will be the lowdeft,chis lad lonnet will go bigbeit, alas for we might have had Christ and we would not, we might have been bappy and we would be miserable ; O thatthe fore: thoughes of this bazard might work on finners to Bargain and Tranfa& with Christ in good time, lealt they come into chis Condemnation.

s Infer, Hach God contrived and cooltituted a Device for saving finners, bow facrilegiour and foolish are they who set up another. Device than Gods to compete therewith, there have been not a few els says made to exalt the Wisdom of the Fleth, and to


frafrate the Wisdom of God; O madrifo & vanity! Cao Infinit Wildom be our witted? who makes ile Wildom of the Prudent to perish, can Gods Device bave a flaw in it ? Who never erred in any of His Works ; Oh chen what madcap. Panaticks are they, who would add or pair with relpect to His moft wise and perfea Conirivance, or who dream to make up a botcb porth, or confosed aley, betwixt Gods faultiels Method and the foolish Metbeds at Human-invention ; they are surely mofi gnrighteous who attempt to couple Chrifts Righteousness, and Human rotten Righteousness together for our lollification in Gods ligbe, who fees that all our Righteou 'n lis are as filthy raps, l'a, 64 6. hence the Apofle Paul zealoufly taxes soch ungodly Tinkero as these, Rom 0.2 3 4. For I bear them record, that bey have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge, for they bring ignorant of God: Righteoajnefi, and going about to efabli lh their oten Righteousness, bav, not fubminied themselves to the Righteousness of God, for Christ is tbe end of the Low for Rigbtcousneso to. cuery one that believerb.

6. Infer. Halb God fallen upon a Device for favo ing loft anners, how concerned should we be to Sing fareb His Praises with joy, and thanksgiving, and to exprels our gratitude by serving Him cheerfully and carefully all the days of oor Life: If one should gratis give a thousand pound to a fallen aback Mer ebant, thereby to set him up again, he were a mort unworthy Aopid Sott, if he did not think bimself obliged, to do his kind Benutu&or all the servicable good offices that he had Occasion and Capacity to perform, and mueb more are we addebted i

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