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• than in its present entire and finished effect of ruins, when they are fully «ftate.'

• mellowed by time, the first beginning “ I perceive you look to me for an !of, decay is no lefs odious to the answer,' said Mr. Hamilton, pro painter, than to the rest of mankind. • bably as having originally put the • When that gilded roof, those frihed . question to me; and I know you ra ornaments, those precious inarbles,

ther love to promote a little a m-rca 'fhall first begin to be soil. d and brestion between me and Howard; but ken, while the greatest part rt them

upon this particular point, I think will still remain perfect, each crack, • we shall not differ very materially. • each itain, will obviou!ly destroy fo • It certainly has been imagined, that much beauty; that is, so much of its

because ruins are more picturesque original character: and this incon. than entire buildings, they are conse- 'gruity continues, till the whole, by . quently preferred to them bypainters: degrees, assumes a new, and totally

I think, however, the idea is unfound disinét character. Such a building is "ed; for I believe there are at least as not aphænix that arises with renewed, many perfect buildings as there are yet fimilar, beauty and brilliancy,from

ruins, in the works of the most emi destruction : on the contrary, it is 'nent artists. If, then, painters them-1' changed by a slow process, into some"felves balance between the two, it is thing totally different from its former • very natural that yoii, when look self; and that butterfly there, with • at that picture, Mould think with hor- bis painted wings, is not more unlike

ror of any.poflible change; and not the chrysalis from which it proceed“conceive how the most prejudiced ed, than the St. Peter's you here see • perfon could make the smallest com ' in its glory, is unlike the St. Peter's,

parison between the building you now • which some future age (I hope a far • lee, and any future state of it: but • diftant one) will admire as a ruin'.” •the fact is, that however striking the P. 179.






1500, supposed to be then in its Per

fection. 4to. With two Plates. ANTIQUITIES-ARTS AND SCIENCES Il. 18. Ashles, Rivingtons.

Y-ART MILITARY-HUSBANDRY. The Principles of English Fariery vinMILITARY Antiquities respecting a dicated; containing Strictures on the

History of the English Army, from erroneous and long-exploded System the Conquest to the present Time. lately revived at the Veterinary Col. By the late Francis Grose, Esq. lege; interspersed with curfory ReF.A.S. To which is added, by the marks on the Systems of Solleyfell

, same Author, a Treatise on ancient De Saunier, De la Fosse, &e. &c. in Armour and Weapons. Illustrated which is fully displayed the Supe by Plates, taken from the original riority of English Farriery over that Armour in the Tower of London, of foreign Nations. By JOHN LANE, and other Arsenals, Museums, and A. V. P. late of the second Regiment Cabinets. With a Supplement on of Life Guards. 8vo. 48. Kirby, Afiatic Armour. The Whole now Callow, first arranged into Chapters, with a The Elements of Book-keeping; copious Index, and brought down prising a System of Merchants' Acto the present Time, by an OFFICER counts, founded on real Business; of Infantry. 2 vols. 4to. With

arranged according to modern PracPlates. 4. 48. Large Paper 61. 6s. tice, and adapted to the Use of Egerton.

Schools. By P. KELLY, Maiter of The Art of Painting on, and Annealing Finsbury Square Academy. Glass: with true Receipts of the Yohnson, Rivingtons. Colours, the Ordering of the Fur- Military Obfervations. By Captain nace, and the Secrets thereunto be AYLMER HALY, of the King's (own) longing, as practifed about the Year Infantry: 8vo. 38. 6d. Egerton.



I 2mo.

28. 6d.


I 2mo.

Some Experiments and ObfervationsThe Juvenile Preceptor; or Course of

on Sig. Volta's Electrical Pile; clear. moral and scientific Instructions for ly elucidating all the Phenomena : the Use of both Sexes, Vol. I. conalso Observations on Dr. Herschell's taining Spelling and Reading LelPaper on Light and Heat, with other fons, not exceeding one syllable. Remarks. By ROBERT HARRING

Champante and TON, M.D. 8vo. 38. Cadell and I bitrow, Newbery.

A Treatise on the chemical History and

medical Powers of some of the most A concise English and German Spelling celebrated mineral Waters; with

. Book; or, an easy Introduction to practical Remarks on the aqueous

the German Grainmar. Adapted Regimen; and Observations on cald

for the Use of Englishmen, on an and warın Bathing. By WILLIAM SAUNDERS, M.D. F.R.S. 8vo. 8s.

entire new and easy Plan. Divided

into four Parts. By GODFREY AUPbillips, George Yard. Eight mctcorological Journals, of the

GUSTUS MULLER, Teacher of the Years 1-93 to 1800, kept in London.

German Language at Flower's Aca

demy, INington. J2mo. 45. bound. By WILLIAM BENT. To which are added, Observations on the Diseases A Method, entirely new, of learning

Symonds, De Boffe. of the City and its Vicinity. Also an

French; in which the Principles of Introduction, including Tables from eight preceding Journals, of the

that Tongue are set forth with fuch

Order and Perspicuity as to promote greatest, least, and mean Height of

the speedy Attainment of that unithe Barometer and Thermometer in

versal Language. By J. GUISY, every Month of the Years 1785 to

35, bound. Symonds, De 1792. 8vo. 153. bound. Bent. The Modern Land Steward; in which


The Elements of English Metre, both the Duties and Functions of Stew.

in Prose and Verse, illustrated under ardship are considered and explained:

a Variety of Examples, by the ana. with their several Relations to the Interefts of the Landlord, Tenant,

logous Proportions of annexed Lines, and the Public. Including various

and by other occasional Marks. By

RICHARD Roe. Small 4to. 58.. and appropriate Information on ru

Roe, Wright.
ral and economical Affairs. By the
AUTHOR of the “ New Farmer's
Calendar, &c. &c.” 8vo. 1os. 6d.

(See p. 219.) Symonds, Wright. History of the principal Events in the
The Little Bombardier and Pocket Reign of Frederic William II. King

35. 6d. Egerton. of Prussia; and a political Picture of The phyfical Principles of Chemistry. Europe from 1786 to 1796; contain,

By M. J. Brisson, Member of the ing a Summary of the Revolutions of French National Institute, and Pro Brabant, Holland, Poland, and feffor of Chemiftry in the central France. By L. P. SEGUR, the Elder, Schools of Paris. To which is added, formerly Ambassador of Louis XVI. - a short Appendix, by the Translator. at St. Petersburg, Berlin, and Vien

Illustrated with seven Engravings. na. Translated from the French. 3 Translated from the French. 8vo. vols. 8vo.

(See p. 211.) Ios. 6d. Cutbell.

Longman and Rees.
The Afiatic' Annual Register; or, a

View of the Hiftory of Hindustan,

and of the Politics, Commerce, and The Art of teaching or communica Literature of Afia, for the Year 1800..

ting Instruction examined, metho 8vo. 13s. Half bound. Debrett. dized, and facilitated, as well as History of the original Parish of Whalapplied to all the various Branches ley, and Honour of Clitheroe, in the of fcholaftic Education; but more Counties of Lancashire and York. particularly to the Claftics. By Da 4to. With Plates. Part the first. FID MORRIS, private Teacher. 8vo. 31. 38. Blackburn, printed by Hem98. Lackington, Hatchard.

ingway and Crook.
H h 2



il. IS.


Secret Memoirs of the Court of Peterf- Address to the Right Rev. the Arch.

burg ; particularly towards the End bishops and Bishops of England and of the Reign of Catherine II. and the Ireland. By PHILIP HOWARD, Efq. Commencement of that of Paul I. 8vo. 28. 6d. Faulder: serving as a Supplement to the Life A Dialogue on the distinc Characters of Catherine II. Translated from the of the Pi&urefque and the Beautiful, French. 8vo. Second Edition. 78.

in Answer to the Objections of Mr. Longman and Rees.

Knight: prefaced by an introductory Eflay on Beauty; with Remarks on the Ideas of Sir Joshua Reynolds and

Mr. Burke, on that Subject. By A Treatise on the relative Rights and UVEDALE Price, Esq. 8vo. 35. 6d.

Duties of belligerent and neutral (See p. 231.) Robson. Powers, in maritime Affairs, in The interesting Speech of Thomas which the Principles of armed Neu Jefferson, Esq. the newly elected tralities, and the Opinions of Hub President of the United States of ner and Schlegel are fully discussed. America, to the Senate, House of By ROBERT WARD, Barrister at Representatives, Public Officers, &c. Law, Author of the “ Inquiry into on the 4th of March 1801. With a the History and Foundation of the few prefatory Remarks on its proLaw of Nations in Europe, to the bable Effects. By an ENGLISH MAN. Age of Grotius.” Svo. 58. Butter 8vo. 6d. Thurgood. worth.

Louisa: a Narrative of Facts, supposed An Inquiry into the Rights and Duties to throw Light on the myfterious

of belligerent and neutral Nations in History of the Lady of the Hay 'Time of War: in Answer to Mr. Stack. Translated from a French Professor Schlegel's Treatise upon Work, published in the Imperial the Visitation of Veftels under Con Dominion A.D. 1985. By the Rev. voy. By ALEXANDER CROke, Esq. G. H. GLASSE, A. M. Rector of L.L. D. Small 8vo. 45. W bite. Hanwell, Middlesex. 35. 6d. Faul

der, Hatchard. Samuel Chifney's Narrative, or State

ment, of every Particular concernThe Works of HANNAH MORE, in ing his riding his Royal Highness the

cluding several Picces never before Prince of Wales's Horse Escape at published. 8 vols. Small 8vo. 21. 25. Newmarket, on the 20th and 21st Codell and Davies.

of October 1791. The Controversy between Mrs. Hannah Son.

More and the Curate of Blagdon, re- An Outline of the Charader of Joseph lative to the Conduct of her Teacher Field, together with his Berry Bush, of the Sunday School in that Parish, Content and a Cottage, &c. &c. with the original Letters, and expla By an INTIMATE FRIEND. 12mo. natory Nrtes. By the Rev. THOMAS 6d.' Row. BERE, A. M. Rector of Burcombe, New invented Tables of Interest, upon

near Bristol. 8vo. 38. Yordan. one smail Card, showing the Interest The moral Legacy; or, fimple Narra on any Sum for any Number of

tives, which contain the following Days, at five per Cent. By THOMAS Tales: the Gamerter, the passionate BAIRD.. Is. Black and Parry. Man, the envious Woman, the vain A View of a Course of Lectures, to be Man, the Libertine, the Prodigal, commenced on Monday, May 14, the Mifer, the Enthusiast, the Adul 1801, on the State of Society at the teress. 8vo. 75. Miller.

opening of the nineteenth Century; A Letter to the Hon. Spencer Percival, containing an historical Develope

Solicitor-general to his Majetty, in ment of the Constitutions, Laws, consequence of the Notice given by and Manners of the principal States him in the last Seflion of Parliament, in Europe. By HENRY REDHEAD that he would in the prefent bring YORKE, Efq. of the Inner Temple. forward a Bill for the Punithment of 8vo. 15. Clement, Chapple. the Crime of Adultery. 8vo. IS. A Proposal in bebalf of the married Rivingtons.

Poor, 8vo. Is, 6d. Arch.


Parsons and



The poetical Works of John Milton, The Natural History of Volcanoes :

from the Text of Dr. Newton, with including fubmarine Volcanoes, and a critical Essay, by J. AIKIN, M.D. other analogous Phenomena. Ву

With Plates, from Designs by Rithe ABBE' ORDINAIRE, formerly

gaud. 4 vols. 12mo. Il. 48. Famfon, Canon of St. Amable, at Riom in Payne. Auvergne. Translated from the Remonftrance: with other Poems. By French, by R. C. DALLAS, Efq. 8vo.

CATHERINE Hood. Izmo. 25. 6d. 78. (See p. 226.) Cadell and Davies. Roe, Wright.

Lachrymæ Hiberniæ; or, the Genius

of Erin's Complaint: a Ballad. With NOVELS-TALES.

a prefatory Address to the Right The Microcosm. By the AUTHOR of

Hon. the Earl of Hardwick, the re* Viciffitudes of genteel Life.” 5

ported Viceroy Elect of Ireland. By vols. 12mo. il. Mawman.

L. HALLORAN, D. D. 4to. 13. 6d. Emmeline; or, the Happy Discovery:

Yordan. a Novel. 2 vcls.

I2ino, Kirby,

The British Parnassus, at the Close of Hurst.

the eighteenth Century: a Poem, The Erchantress; or, Where shall I in four Cantos. By ALEXANDER find her: a Tale. By the AUTHOR

THOMPSON. Svo. 35. od. Longof “ Melbourne-Deleraine-Regi man and Rees. nald,” &c. izmo. 45.6d. Lane.

The Banks of Elk; or, a Saunter from The Wise Men of Gofmasthorpe: a.'

Rollin to Smeaton: a Poem, defcripTale. 12mo. 35. 6d. Reynolds.

tive, historical, and moral, with an The Pirate of Naples: a Novel. By introductory Canto, by way of Re

MARY CHARLTON, Author of "Ro taliation upon fome English Authors sella,” “ Andronica-Phedora,” &c.

who have wantonly abused the Peo3 vols. 12mo. 13s. 6d. Lane, Miller. ple and Country of Scotland. To

which is added, Drummond Castle, a Poem of the fame Kind: with an

Address to Impudence. By JAMES Philosophical Tranfactions of the Royal

ALVES. 12mo. 35. 6d. Kay. Society of London, for the Year Poems. By WILLIAM BOSCAWEN, 1800. Part III. 4to. 178. Elmly.

Efq. 12mo. 38.6d. Stockdale. Dramatic Poems :-Leonora, a Tra

gedy; and Etha and Aidailo, a draPHYSIC-SURGERY.

matic Poem; with Remarks by the The Medical and Chirurgical Pharma

Author. Crown 8vo. 58. Bell. copeia, for the Use of Hospitals, The Canonization of Thoinas Difpenfaries, &c. By RICHARD Esq. who has lately erected at East REECE, Chepstow. 8vo.

L-th, in Dorsetshire, a MonaWest and Hugbes.

stery, and therein established a Body Observations on the Diseases of the of Monks. The Stanzas by S. and Abdomen, requiring surgical Treat

H. Poets Laureate to the Monastery; ment. By H. FEARON, of the Adel. the Notes by Addison, Duigenan, phi. Johnfon,

Rennell, Hume, Tillotson, Sherlock, Voltaire, Newton, and judge Blackftone. Showing on what Grounds we

ought to dread the Introduction of Miscellaneous Poems. Dedicated to Popery; but which is now establish

the Right Hon. the Earl of Moira. ing itself in the most triumphant ManBy WILLIAM Thos. FITZGERALD, ner in the Neighbourhood of WeyEsq. 8vo. gs. Wright.

mouth. 8vo. 25. 6d. Kirby, Jordan. The Enchanted Plants. With a new Poems. By the Rev. WILLIAM LISLE Frontispiece, designed by Hamilton BOWLES. Vol. II.

With and engraved by Schiavonetti. 12 mo. Plates. 6s. Cadell and Davies, 48.6d. Robson, W bite.

Mawman. Poems, on various Subjects.' By G. The Shoe-black. Dedicated to the

WALKER, Author of the “ Vaga Right Hon. Abraham Newland, bond,” &c. Small 8vo. 58. Walker, Master of the Mint, &c. &c. &c. Cutbell.

4to. 38. Cawthorn.



38. 6d.

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I 2mo.


POLITICS, POLITICAL ECONOMY. inculcating the Justice and Policy of Letters on the real Causes and the Catholic Emancipation. By THO,

probable Consequences of the pre MAS TOWNSHEND, Esq. 8vo. 38. sent War with Ruflia; containing Debrett. mang Particulars not publicly known; Another twelvepenny Answer to a se. secret Intrigues ; ultimate Views cond and five Shillings Pamphlet, of the Emperor; Malta not the entitled, “ A Letter on the InfluCause of the Dispute ; its Im ence of thc Stoppage of Issues in portance: Hiftory of its Capture ; Specje at the Bank of England, an Constitution of the Order; Ineligi the Prices of Provisions, and other bility of Paul; armed Neutrality;. Commodities.” By the AUTHOR of Bafis for Negotiation, &c. 8vo. 25. the “ Twelvenny Answer to a threeCadell and Davies.

and-lixpenny Pamphlet” on the fame A Vindication of the Earl of Carnar Subject. 8vo. 1S. Richardson, De

von's Affertion respecting the Ex brett. penses of the War, in Answer to the Substance of the Speech of the Right Reporter of the Substance of the Hon. Henry Dundas, on Mr. Grey's Speech of Lord Auckland, in the Motion for an Inquiry into the State House of Lords, on Friday, March of the Nation, on Wednesday, 25th 20, 1801. To which is added, a of March 1801. 8vo. IS. 6d. Ric Copy of Lord Auckland's Speech, as vingtons, Hatchard.

therein reported. 8vo. is. Debrett. A candid Appeal to the Nation on the The Opinions of an old Englishman, prefent Crisis of Affairs, and re

in which national Honour and na cent Change of Minifters, 8vo. 15. tional Gratitude are principally con Lackington, Chapple, fidered. Humbly offered to his Countrymen and Fellow-citizens, on the Relignation of the late Miniftry. 8vo. 6. Hatchard.

The Duty of keeping the Chrifiản Refutation of certain Misrepresenta- . Sabbath holy: a Sermon preached

tions, relative to the Nature and at the Foundling Hospital, March 8. Influence of Bank Notes, and of the By the Rev. John HEWLETT, B.D. Stoppage of Iflues in Specie at the Morning Preacher to the said ChaBank of England, upon the Prices rity, and Lecturer of St. Vedast, of Provisions, as stated in the Pam Foster Lane. 8vo. IS. Johnson, phlets of Walter Boyd, Esq. and Cadell and Davies. Mr. William Frend. By T. Surr. A Discourse delivered at the Catholic

8vo. Is. 6d. Hurst, Richardson. Chapel at Irnham, on the general A full and correct Report of Mr. Fox's Fast Day, February 13, 1801. By

Speech in the House of Commons, the Rev. F. Gossier, a French on Wednesday, the 25th of March Clergyman. 8vo. Booker. 1801, in Support of Mr. Grey's Reflections on the State of Religion Motion for an Inquiry into the State and Knowledge at the Close of the

of the Nation. 8vo. 13. Yordan. eighteenth Century: a Discourse deThe Panorama of Politics and high livered on that Occasion in the

Life of 1801. 8vo. 28. Ridgwor. Chapel in Prince's Street, WestminThe Principles of Afiatic Monarchies, fer. By THOMAS JERVIS. 8v0.6

politically and historically investi IS. Johnjon. gated with those of the Monarchies A Sermon preached at the Temple of Europe: lowing the dangerous Church, on the 13th of February Tendency of contounding them in 1801, being the Day, appointed for the Adininiftration of the Affaits of . a folemn Fait. By THOMAS RENIndia; with an Attempt to trace this NEL!, D. D. Master of the Temple. Difference to its Source. By Ro Riringtons, l'hite. BERT PATTON, Efq. Author of " An Sermons ou the Parables. By JOHN Historical Review of the Monarchy FARRER, M. A. late of Queen's and Republic of Rome.” 8vo. 8s. College, Oxford. 8vo. 75. Rivingicas, Dibrett.

Hatchard. General Obfervations on the Conduct A Spital Sermon, preached at Christ

of Ministers with respect to the past Church, upon Easter Tuesday, April and preseni State of Ireland; and

13. 1300. To which are added,



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