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Edward and John Wastfield, John Bond, Benedict Long (he was younger brother to Sir Robert Long of Draycote and South Wraxhall), John Gale (of Langley Burrell), John Knapp, Richard Wastfield (of Christian Malford), Richard Godwin, Sen., John Harris, William Harris, and Matthew King.

On 24th July, 1573, the seven last mentioned being dead, Edmund Stokes and the rest appoint Walter Long, Esq. (eldest son and heir of Sir Robert, and nephew of Benedict Long), Hugh Barrett, gentleman, (of Tytherton Lucas), William Norborne, Christopher Stokes, John Beryman, Jun., Henry Stafford, John Wastfield (of Langley), Walter Gale, Andrew Norborne, Henry Fernwell, Henry Newman, John Newman, William Watts alias Heath (of Bremhill), John Olif, Sen., William Harris, Humphrey Olif, Anthony Wastfield, and John Wastfield, Jun.

In 1611 the number had fallen to eight, among whom were Hugh Barrett, and William Watts alias Heath.

In 1711 the Estate had become vested in Sir George Hungerford, of Cadenham, and three others then only survivors. By a deed dated 9th October in that year, Sir James Long, of Draycote, and fifteen others were named.

The property at that time is described as consisting of
1. A Rent-charge of 14s. for ever, arising out of two closes, called

Horsecroft, situate near Wood-lane in the Parish of Chippenham. 2. A yearly Rent-charge of 9s. 4d., issuing out of a close adjoining

Rowden Down Lane in the same Parish.
3. A burgage house, tenement, malthouse, garden and orchard, situate

in Cook Street in Chippenham, subject to a subsisting lease,

dated 1644.
4. A burgage house, tenement, and garden, situate in Cook Street,

subject to a lease for 99 years, dated 14th April, 1662,
5. A burgage house, tenement, and garden in Chippenham, near the

bridge, subject to a lease dated 1667.
6. A burgage house, tenement, and garden, in Mary's Street, in Chip-

penham, subject to a lease for 70 years, dated 15th April, 33

Charles II.
7. A burgage house, tenement, and garden, in St. Mary's Street in

Chippenham, subject to a lease for 40 years, from 1706. By the deed of 1711, the Trustees, or the survivors of them, being not less than three, are empowered to convey the premises to new Trustees.

At the time of the Charity Commissioners' inquiry, about 1834, the surviving Trustees (under the latest previous conveyance, dated 5th August 1825) were Henry, Marquis of Lansdowne; Samuel Viveash, of Calne; Dr. Starkie, of Spy Park; The Rev. William Lisle Bowles, Vicar of Bremhill; The Rev. Robert Ashe, of Langley Burrell ; Robert Humphries, of Ivy House, Chippenham; John Merewether, of Blackland, near Calne; Oriel Viveash, of Calne ; Thomas Clutterbuck, of Hardenhuish; Walter Coleman, of Langley Fitzurse; and John Edward Andrews Starkie, of Spy Park.

The annual value of the real and personal property belonging to the charity was then as follows:

£. 8. d.
1. Rent-charge on Horse Croft, i now called “The Pad

docks,” belonging to W. H. Awdry, Esq., of Chip-
penham ....................

0 14 0
2. Rent-charge on a close in Rowden Down Lane;
Representatives of John Singer..

0 9 4
3. Burgage house, in Embry, 2 John Provis; under lease

for 21 years, from 6th April, 1832. Dwelling-house,
two cottages, carpenter's shop, timber yard, and two
messuages ................

55 00 4. Burgage house, in Cook Street

18 0 0
5. Two burgage cottages, in Mary's Street, [Clifford and
Cecil, yearly tenants] ..

15 00 6. Burgage houses, near the bridge...

18 0 0

[blocks in formation]

1 This rent-charge on Nos. 1 and 2 dates from 1611. In that year a dispute had arisen between the Feoffees and John Scott. The Feoffees claimed a moiety of each of the three parcels of ground, as having been given by Maud Heath. Scott maintained that they had been part of the inheritance of one Barnes, from whom they had passed to Tyndall, by whom they were sold to John Gale. Forty years before (viz. 1571) Gale died, leaving two daughters who divided his estate. Scott married one of them and had these lands for his share. Further he shewed that the Crown having claimed them as assart lands of Chippenham Forest, he had compounded for them and taken a mesne conveyance from his Majesty. To settle the dispute a commission issued from the Court of Chancery. Sir Henry Baynton, Sir Henry Poole and others met at Malmsbury, and finding that the claim of the Feoffees was doubtful, an order was made that upon a release being given to Scott, he and his heirs, &c., should pay out of the closes in question a rent-charge of 23s. 4d. per annum to the said charitable use for ever.

2 A small street in Chippenham. The name is pronounced "Amary," and is no doubt a corruption of Ave-Mary : as in London Ave Maria Lane.

The Trustees also had five Exchequer Bills of £100 each, a balance in the hands of the Treasurer of £130 3s. 9d., and there were arrears of rent £72 5s. 8d., making a total of £702 9s. 5d.

The property was the same as that described in 1711, except that one of the houses described in 1711 as in Cook Street is in the conveyance of 1825 described as in Embry. Embry (Ave-Mary) closely adjoins Cook Street.

The money in the hands of the Trustees had arisen from savings, the excellent state of the causey requiring little to keep them in repair. About 1811 the Trustees, finding that they had sufficient funds for the purpose, raised a footway, on a chain of about 60 arches over the river Avon and meadows adjoining, to allow persons on foot and horseback to pass during the highest winter or summer floods, conceiving this to be strictly within both the letter and spirit of the charity at the time it was established. An earlier set of Trustees had widened Kellaways Bridge, and lowered and improved the road at Wick Hill. A salary of £5 a year was allowed to a Surveyor for taking care of the causey.

The property of the Trust is likely to increase in value. In the years 1852 and 1853, the Trustees completed that part of the causey which had never been made, at Pew Hill, and also built a new stone bridge with iron balustrades, and a footpath on one side, over the Avon. This bridge was opened December 9th, 1853. Mr. Henry Law, the Civil Engineer; Messrs. Rigby, Contractors.

The present Trustees are The Marquis of Lansdowne; The Earl of Shelburn; Viscount Wellesley; Rev. Robert Ashe, of Langley Burrell; Rev. Robert Martyn Ashe, ditto: Rev. Charles Grey Cotes, Stanton St. Quintin; Rev. Robert Vanbrugh Law, Rector of Christian Malford; Rev. George Thomas Marsh, Vicar of Sutton Benger; Rev. Walter Long, Rector of Tytherton Kellaways; Rev. Henry Drury, Vicar of Bremhill; Rev. Robert Kilvert, Rector of Hardenhuish; Edmund Lewis Clutterbuck, Esq., of Hardenhuish; and Walter Coleman, Esq., of Kington Langley.

J E. J. July, 1854.


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