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If, however, after your most serious and conscientious endeavours, you are not able to find satisfactory evidence, that ward, and avow himself a friend of the despised Nazarene, in opposia tion to all the powers of earth and hell. Curse ye Meroz, said the Angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof; because they came not to the help of the LORD, to the help of the LORD against the mighty. When one considers the present situation of the great bulk of mankind, whose heart does not burn within him to contribute something towards evangelizing the nations? The inhabitants of the world are said to amount at this time to about 731 millions; of whom 420 millions are Pagans; 130 millions Mahometans; 100 millions Catholics; 44 millions Protestants; 30 millions of the Greek and Armenian churches; and 7 millions Jews.

The Rev. Mr. CAREY, late of Leicester, and now a Missionary among the Hindoos, says, Europe contains

166,932,000 Asia.

387,884,500 Africa

61,137,200 America


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Total 800,000,000 Subdivisions among Christians may be thus : Protestants

50,000,000 Greeks and Armenians

30,000,000 Catholice, &c. .


Total 170,000,000

Is not this view of things a loud call to the friends of the Gospel to use every possible mean to promote the spread of it among the nations?- If any man love not the LORD JESUS Christ, let him be accursed, is the language of inspiration. Are we in no danger then from that spirit of siumber which overspreads our minds? Ought not every man, who has any concern for his own future happiness, to lend a helping hand to promote the saivation of the many millions of souls, who now sit in darkness, and in the region and shadow of death? The Moravians, above all other people upon earth, have bereiu the greatest merit. That small, and, in some respects, obscure Sect, have done more to spread the honour of the REDEEMER's name

CHRIST came from God; you must allow at least, with among barbarous nations, than all the Protestants in Christendom.

These worthy people began their missions in the year 1732, and bave now, in different paris of the world, and those several of them the most unpropitious, no less than 26 Settlements. In these Settlements wear i40 Missionaries are employed in superintending about 23,000 converts from the Heathens !

A Swedish mission was undertaken to the Susquehanah river in America in the year 1697, by three persons, but with little success.

The King of Denmark seut out two persons in the year 1705 to Tranquebar on the coast of Coromandel, which mission bas been cou. tinued to the present time, with considerable advautage to the cause of CHRIST in that part of the world.

The Society for propagating the Gospel in Foreign parts, and that for promoting Christian Knowledge in the Highlands and Islands of Scoiland, were both begun about the year 1701, and have both been extremely useful in spreading the knowledge of the REDEEMER'S name. America is particularly indebted to these two Societies.

The Society for promoting Christian Knowledge was begun in the year 1698, and has been carried forward with considerable spirit for near one whole century. At present they have six Missionaries in the East Indies, and one in the islands of Scilly. From these Missionaries some very pleasing accounts have been published in the several annual reports. The efforts of this honourable Society have been very considerable also in the distribution of Bibles and other religious book's of various descriptions. The Bibles sent out the last three years averaged 5,228 each year; the New Testaments and Psalters 9,333, Common Prayers 9,738, other bound books 10,562, and small Tracts 69,754. A charity of a most extensive, valuable, and important nature! But, a principal object with this Society, is the education of poor children. And in this, as well as in the distribution of books, they excel any thing that ever was in the world. Let their annual meeting at St. Paul's bear witness. See the Reports for au account of their extraordinary exertions in the propagation of religious knowJedge. See also the Report of the Foreign Bible Society for May 1808.

The Baptists in this country have lately sent out two persons to the East Indies, the fruit of whose labours begins to appear, I bough the mission is in its infancy. We are inforned by them, that the Europeans in that country are very generally in a state of. Infidelity. This confirms what has been said by the natives iu broken Enga. lish: Christian religion-Devil religion! Christian much drunk Christian much do wrong, much beat, much abuse otbers.”. The natives are apt to say in making their bargains -" What, dost thou think nie a Christian, that I would go abont to deceive thee?" It is a sad sight,” says one of the first Missionaries, « to behold a drunken Christian, and a sober Indian; a temperate Indian, and a Christian given up to his appetite; an Indian that is just in his dealing, a Christian not so, what a sad thịug it is for Christians, to come sbört of Indians, even in

ROUSSEAU, that he was an extraordinary man; one of the first

moralities! to come short of those, who themselves believe; to come short of heaven!"

Considerable effects aiso may be expected to arise froin the twợ Settlements on the coasts of Africa and New Holland. The expectation will appear rational, if we compare America two or three centuries ago, with what it is at the present period.

The Methodist connection, under the direction of the Rev. Dr. COKE, has been considerably successful in winning souls to CHRIST in the West Indies. Ju the year 1794, they had upwards of a dozen Preachers employed in the different islands, and near 8,000 Blacks ili society, besides others of different descriptions *.

The Missionary Society in London have taken up the deplorable situation of the Heathen nations with great spirit; and present prospects are very promising. How far it may please the great HEAD of the Church to succeed their endeavours in behalf of the Heathen, remains yet to be proved t. But be this as it may, the persons concerned shall not lose their reward. The attempt is honourable. Every believer in CHRIST Jesus should throw his mite into one or other of these treasuries of heaven. More noble still, however, is he, who, laying aside all party prejudices, and narrow plans of human policy, contributes, according to his ability, to every scheme set on foot for the salvation of his fellow-creatures, and the advancement of the REDEEMER's kingdom. I cannot conceive how any man, who professes to believe in the name of Christ, can be at rest in his spi. rit, without making some effort to advance the honour of his name. It is a black mark upon hini. WVoe unto them that are at ease in Zion that put far away the evil daythat lie upon beds of ivory, That stretch themselves upon their couches, that eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stallthat chant to the suund of the violthat drink wine in bowls --but they are not grieved for the affliction of JosEPH.

Thanks be to GOD, that though a spirit of Infidelity is rapidly spreading itself through the old rotten churches of Europe, yet there is a fire kindled in the hearts of thousands that shall never be extinguished, till all the ends of the earth bave seen the salvation of our GOD. A missionary spirit is beginning to shew itself, all through England, Scotland, Irelund, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and America, which shall finally diffuse itself through every nation under heaven.

• See the present state of this mission on a former page.

+ It is a matter of great thankfulness, that after a voyage of more than 50,000 miles, accomplished in 21 months, Captain Wilson returned without the least material loss or injury to the ship DUFF, in which he took out to the South Sea Islands about 30 Missionaries. When they arrived at Olaheile, they were received by the natives with reverence and delight. They had not one sick person on board: and now that they are returned, the crew of the ship is in better health than when they first embarked from England. All this hath Goo wrought in answer to prayer:

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characters that ever appeared upon earth *. See then that you blaspheme not his name; treat his cause and interest in the world with respect; walk according to the best light you have; be virtuous in your own way, ayd do all you can--not to make converts to Infidelity-(because when men commence Infidels, they usually become immoral) but to lead your fellow-men into the paths of piety and virtue, under some denomination or other. 'If, indeed, you can fairly; by sound argument, and solid evidencé, explode the diviné authority of the Gospel, we are so far from being afraid of consequences that we call upon you to do itt. Try then what

Why do not our Unbelieving countrymen form societies, and send out missionaries to convert the nations to pure Deism? If they are in earnest, and if they consider their principles as the only true and important ones, they certainly ought so to do, or else they fall under divine condemnation.

* Most of the French philosophers, those dabblers in science, allow that Jesus Christ was one of the greatest geniuses, and most extraordinary man that ever appeared upon earth. Others deny his very existence!

Atheists and Unbelievers have more or less abounded in every age of the world. In Noah's time, the whole human race was gone astray. In the days of DAVID, the fool said in his heart, There is no God. Scoflers too appeared in the age of the Apostles, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? I remember reading somewhere a story of a man in the last century, who was as great an enthusiast against the Bible as THOMAS Paine himself. This clever fellow, either to display his wit, or his fanaticism, proceeded in the following truly curious manner:

In the year 1649, as a Mr. FAWCETT was preaching in his church at Walton upon Thames, towards the close of the afternoon, six soldiers entered the church. One of them had a lantern in one hand, with a candle burning in it: In the other hand were four candles pot lighted. When Mr. FAWCETT had gone through the service of the day, and dismissed the congregation, this man called to the people to stay a little, for he had a message to them from God. Not being permitted to ascend the pulpit, or to address the people any farther in the church, he went into the yard, where the congregation collected around him. He told then he had had a vision, and liad received a command from God to deliver his will upto them; and which they must receive upon pain of damuation. It consisted, be said, of five lights.

1. That the sabbath was abolished, as unnecessary and ceremo. njal. And here, said the man, I should have put out my first light; but the wind is so high I cannot kindle it.

2. Tythes are abolished, as Jewish, and a great burden to the

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you can do. Exert all your talents. Call forth every latent power of the inind. Bring out your stores of ancient and modern lore. But no ridicule! no laughter! no sneers! The occasion is too great and serious. Come forward, rather, in all the dignity of good sense, in all the majesty of conscious integrity, in all the zeal which the love of truth inspires, furnished with languages, knowledge, experience, observation, and either honourably overthrow the cause of the Gospel, which we assuredly deem the cause of truth; or, like JENYNGS and PRINGLE, openly acknowledge that you are convinced and conquered. This would be manly. This would be acting in a manner worthy the characters of Lovers of truth. And on such inen the God of truth himself would look down from heaven well pleased.

I have already called your attention, GentLEMEN, to a variety of characters from among the moderns, some good, others bad, some believers, others unbelievers. I would wish you, however, to take the Bible into your own hands, and read it carefully and coolly over, as a book of common hissaints of God, and a discouragement of industry and tillage.-And here I should have put out my second light, &c.

3. Ministers are abolished, as antichristian, and of no further use, now that CHRIST himself descends into the hearts of bis saints, and bis SPIRIT enlightens them with revelations and inspiratious.-And here I should have put out my third light, &c.

4. Magistrates are abolished, as useless, now that Christ himself is in purity of Spirit come among us, and has erected the kingdom of the saints upon earth. Besides, they are tyrants and oppressors of the liberty of the saints and tie them to laws and ordi. nances, mere human inventions. And here I should have put out my fourth light, &c.

5. Then, putting his hand in his pocket, and pulling out a little Bible, he shewed it open to the people, saying, “Here is a book you have all in great veneration, consisting of two parts, the Old and New Testament. I must tell you, it is abolished. It contains beggarly rudiments, milk for babes; but now CHRIST is in glory amongst us, and imparts a fuller measure of his SPIRIT to his saints than this can afford; aod therefore I am commanded to burn it be. fore your faces.” So, taking the candle out of the lanterụ, he set fire to the leaves; and then, putting out the candle, he cried" And here my fifth light is extinguished.”

l'his is not the only madman whom we have known to burp his Bible. There are many such now within 40 miles of this place. One I have heard of, who, to be more witty than his sagacious brethren, noasted luis Bible before a slow fire !

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