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By sw.ft degrees the love of Nature works," 895 Trend

And air attest his bounty ; which exalts 860
The brute creation to this finer thought,
And annual melts their undesigning hearts
Profusely thus in fenderness and joy.

Still let my song a nobler note assume,
And lingth' infusive force of Spring on Man; 865
When heaven and earth, as if contending, vye
To raise his being, and serene his soul.
Can ne forbear to join the general smile
Of Nature? Can fierce paffions. vex his breast,
While every gale is peace, and every grove
Is melody! Hence! from the bounteous walks
Of Aowing Spring, ye sordid sons of earth,
Hard, and unfeel ng of another's woe ;
Or only lavish to yourselves'; away!
But come, ye generous minds, in whose wire thought,
Of all his works, creative Bounty bụrns, 876
With warmest beam ; and on your open front
And liberal eye, fits, from his dark retreat
Inviting modest want. Nor 'till invok'd
Can restlefs goodness wait ; your active search 880
Leaves no cold wintry corner unexplor'd;
Like filent-working Heaven, surprizirig oft
The lonely heart with unexpected good.
For you the roving spirit of the wind
Blows Spring abroad; for you the teeming clouds
Descend in gladsome plenty o'er the world; ... 885
And the fun sheds his kindeft rays for you,
Ye Anwer of human race !--In chese green days,
Reviving fickness lifts her languid head;
Life flows afreth ; and young-ey'd health exalts
The whole creation round. Contentment walks 890
The sunny glade, and feels an inward bliss
Syring o'er his mind, beyond the power of kings
To purchase.. Pure ferenity apace
Induces thought, and contemplation ftill.
And warms the bosom ; 'till at last sublim'd
To rapture, and enthusiastic heat,
We feel the present Deity, and taste
The joy of God to fee a happy world!
There are the sacred feelings of thy heart, 900


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Thy heart inform'd by reason's purer ray,
O Lyttleton, the friend ! thy passions thus
And meditations vary, as at large,
Court ng the Muse, thro' Hagley-Park thou strayelt;
Thy British Tempe! There along the dale, 905
With woods o'er-hung, and thag'd with moffy rocks,
Whence on each hand the gushing waters play,
And down the rough cascade white-dalhing tall,

Or gleam in lengthen’d vista thro' the trees,
You filent steal; or fit beneath the shade

gio Of solemn oaks, that tuft the swelling mounts Thrown graceful round by Nature's careless hand, And pentive listen to the various voice Of rural peace : the herds, the flocks, the birds, The hollow-whispering breeze, the plaint of rills, That, purling down amid the twisted roots 916 Which creep around, their dewy murmurs Thake On the footh'd ear. From these abstracted'oft,

You wander thro' the philosophic world; 880 Where in bright train continual wonders rise, 920 Or to the curious or the pious eye. And oft, conducted by historic truth, You tread the long extent of backward time: Planning, with warm benevolence of mind, And honeft zeal unwarp'd by party rage, 92 St. Britannia's weal; how from the venal gulph 'To raise her virtue, and her arts revive.

r, turning thence thy view, these graver thoughts The Muses charm : while, with fure taste refin'd, You draw th' inspiring breath of ancient long ; 930 Till nobly rises, emulous, thy.own. "Perhaps thy lov'd Lucinda Thares thy walk, With soul to thine attun'd. Then Nature all Wears to the lover's eyė a look of love;' And all the tumult of a guilty world, 935, Tost by ungenerous passions, links away. "The tender heart is animated peace; And as it pours its copious treasures forth, [u varied converse, softening every cheme, You, frequent pausing, turn, and from her eyes, 24 Where meeken'd sense, and amiable grace, And lively sweetness dwell

, enraptur'd, drink



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That nameless spirit of ethereal joy,
Inimitable happiness ! which love,
Alone, bestows, and on a favour'd ferv. 945
Meantime you gain the height, from whose fair brow
The bursting prospect spreads immense around :
And snatch'd o'er hill and dule, and wood and lawn,
And verdant field, and darken ng heath between,
And villages emborom'd loft in trees,

And fpiry towns by surging columns mark'd
Of houshold smoak, your eye excurlive roams :
Wide stretching from the Hall

, in whose kind haunt sail :
The Hospitable Genius lingers Itill,
To where the broken landscape, by degrees, 955
Ascending, mughens into rigid hulls;
O'er which the Cambrian mountains, like far clouds
That skirt the blue horizon, dulky rise.

Fluth'd by the spirit of the genial year,
Now from the virgin's cheek a fresher bloom 960
Shoots, less and less, the live carnation round;
Her lips bluth deeper sweets; the breathes of youth
The thining moisture lwells into her eyes,
In brighter Ilow; her wishing boom heaves,
With palpitations wild; kind tumults seize

Her veins, and all her yielding foul is love.
From the keen gaze her lover curns away,
Full of the dear exftatic power, and sick
With fighing languishment. Al then, ye fair!
Be greatly cautious of your diding bearis :

Dare not th' infectious ligh; the pleading look,
Down-cast, and low, in meek submission drest,
But full of guile.' Let not the fervent tongue,
Prompt to deceive, with adulation (mooth,
Gain on your purpos'd will. Nor in the bower, 975
Where woodbines flaunt, and roses shed a couch,
While evening draws her crimson curtains round,
Trust your soft minutes with betraying Man.,

And let the aspiring youth b:ware of love,
Of the smaoth glance beware; för 'tis too late, 980
When on his heart the torrent-fofthefs pours.
Then wisdom proftrate lies, and fading fame
Diffolves in air away; while the food soul,
Wrapt in gay visions of unreal bliss,

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Still paints th'illusive form ; the kindling grace ;
Th' inticing imile; the modeft-seeming eye,

Beneath whose beauteous beams, belying heaven, brow

Lurk searchless cunning, cruelty, and death :
And itill, falle warbling in his cheated ear,
Her fyren voice, enchanting, draws him on 990
To guileful fhores, and meads of fatal joy.

Even prelent, in the very lap of love 99

Inglorious laid; while music flows around,
Pe mes, and oils, and wine, and

hours ;
Amid the roles fierce repentance rears

Her suaky crelt: a quick returning pang
Shoots thro' the conscious heart; where honour fill,
And great defign, against the oppreflive load
Of luxury, by fits, impatient heave,

But absent, what fantastic woes, arous'd,
Rage in each thought, by reftleis muling fed,
Chill the warm cheek, and blast the bloom of life?
Neglected fortune fiics; and hiding (wift,
Prone into ruin, fall his scorn'd affairs.
Tis nought but gloom around : the darken'd sun
Loses his light. The rosy-bosom'd Spring 1000
To weeping fancy pines; and yon bright arch,
Contracted," bends into a dusky vault.
All Nature fades extinct ; and th: alone
Heard, felt, and feen, polleffes every thought, 1010
cvery sense, and



ir! Books are but formal. Dulness, tedious friends ;

And fad amid the social band he fits,
3, Lonely and unattentive. From the tongue

The unfinith'd period falls ; while borne away, 1015
On swelling thougbr, his wafied (pirit Mies

To the vain bofom of his diftant fair; 1,97 And leaves the semblance of a lover, fix'd ; In melancholy fite, with head declin'd, by And love-dejected eyes. Sudden he starts, 1010

Shook from his tender trance, and resless runs

To glimmering Thades, and sympathetic glooms; d' Where the dun umbrage o’er the falling stream,

Romantic, hangs; there thro' the.pensive dulk
Strays, in heart-thrilling meditation loft,

1035 Indulging all so love: or on the bank


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Thrown, amid drooping lillies, swells the breeze
With fighs unceasing, and the brook with tears.
Thus in soft anguish he consumes the day,
Nor quits his deep retirement, till the moon 103°
Peeps thru' the chambers of the fleecy east,
Eplighten'd by degrees, and in her train
Leads on the gentle hours; then forth he walks,

Beneath the trembling languish of her beam,
With foften'd soul, and woos the bird of eve
To mingle woes with his : or while the world
And all the sons of care.lie huth'd in Neep,
Associates with the midnight Shadows drear;
And, fighing to the lonely taper, pours
His idly-tortur'd heart into the page,
Meant for the moving 'messenger of love ;
Where rapture burns on rapture, every line
With rifing frenzy fir'd. But if on bed
Delirious Rung, sleep from his pillow fies.
All night be toffes, nor the balmy power
In any posture finds; till the grey morn
Lifts her pale lustre on the paler wretch,
Exanimate by love: and then perhaps
Exhausted Nature sinks a while to rest,
Still interrupted by distracted dreams,

10go With That o'er the fick imagination rise, And in black colours paint the mimic scene. Oft with th' enchantress of his soul he talks; Sometimes in crouds diftress’d; or if retir'd To secret-winding flower-enwoven bowers, Far from the dull inipertinence of man, Just as he, credulous, his endless cares Begins to lose in blind oblivious love, Snatch'd from her yielded hand, he knows not how, We Thro'forefts huge, and long untravel'd heaths 1060 Wich desolation brown, he wanders waste, In night and tempeft wrapt; or thrinks aghaft, Back, from the bending precipice; or wades The turbid stream below, and strives to reach The farther shore ; where succourless and fad, 1065 is the She with extended arms his aid implores; But Atrives in vain : borne by th' outrageous food To distance down, he rides the ridgy wave,


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