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Motto, Je garderay.

Arms—Quarterly, 1. Argent, a bend engrailed Sable; 2. Or, a fess between two chevrons Gules ; 3. Argent, a lion rampant Sable, crowned Or, within a bordure Azure; 4. Arg. three bars Gules. Syr Edward Darell de Lytyllcott, Wyltshyre.

Azure, A out of a ducal coronet Argent, a Saracen's head in profile, couped at the shoulders proper, bearded Sable, on his head a cap Gules fretty Or, tied with a ribbon Argent, between three lions' heads erased Or, ducally crowned Argent; B and C, in each two lions' heads as before.—Motto, Si je pvys je le feray.

Arms—Quarterly, 1. and 4. Az ure, a lion rampant Or, crowned Argent; 2. and 3. Argent, two bars Gules, in chief as many lions rampant .... Harlrston.

Argent, A on a wreath Argent and Azure a buck's head couped Gules, armed Argent, tops of the antlers Or, and hanging on the dexter antler, the branch of a tree Vert, with four ciphers resembling a quaterfoil voided. B one, and C two similar ciphers.

Motto, Regard et sovien.

Arms—Quarterly, of four grand quarters; I. and IV. Argent, a fess Ermine, cottised Sable; II. and III. Quarterly, 1. and 4. Azure, a cross moline Or; 2. and 3. Lozengy, Ermine and Gules. John Villers de Brokesby in com. Leyc'.

On a wreath a buck's head erased Sable, billetty Or, armed of the last, with three cocks Gules, winged of the first; B and C, in each a cock as in A.

Arms—Quarterly, 1. and 4. Argent, on a cross Gules five escallops Or; 2. Per pale, Gules and Sable, a lion rampant Argent; 3. Sable, a fess between three cinquefoils Argent . Thomas Vernon de Stoksay in com. Salop.

Four stripes Argent and Azure, A on a wreath Argent and Sable a boar's head erased of the last, tusks and ears Gules, charged with a crescent Or. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.—Quarterly of six; 1. Argent, a fret Sable; 2. Azure, three lions passant Argent; 3. Argent, a lion rampant queue forchee Gules, collared Or; 4. Barry of six, Or and Azure; 5. Argent, a fret Sable, a canton Gules; 6. Azure, semee of cross crosslets, and two pipes in saltire Or. John Hartwell de Preston in com. Northamton.

Four stripes Or and Sable, A on a wreath Or and Azure, a stag beetle passant Gules, wings endorsed Argent. (Imperfect.)

Arms.—Quarterly, 1. and 4. Sable, a stag's head caboshed Argent, between the attires a cross patee of the last; 2. and 3. Gules, eight lozenges Argent, five in chief, and three in base. Roger Coppley de Roughwey in com. Sussex.

A on a wreath Or and Gules, a demi-buck couped quarterly Argent and Sable, armed Or, charged with four crescents counterchanged. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms—Quarterly, 1. Argent, a cross moline Sable, charged with a crescent; 2. Quarterly, Sable and Argent; 3. Or, a lion rampant queue fourchee Sable ; 4. Barry of six, Ermine and Gules, three crescents Sable.

Will'm Gery de Berkeway.

A on a wreath Or and Azure, a demi heraldic antelope couped quarterly Argent and Sable, charged with a crescent Or, between four muscles counterchanged. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.—Gules, two bars Argent, each charged with three mascles of the field; on a canton Or, a leopard's face Azure; in the fess point a crescent Or for difference. Syr ThomasIngelfeld.

A an eagle displayed with two heads per pale Gules and Azure, having on either side the crest of Ingelfeld, viz. on a wreath Argent and Azure, a cubit arm erect, habited per pale Azure and Gules, cuff Or, hand proper, grasping a branch Vert; B and C, in each the same crest repeated.

Arms.—Quarterly, 1. and 4. Barry of six, Gules and Argent, on a chief Or, a lion passant Azure; 2. and 3. Sable, a fess between six martlets Or. Syr Rychard Cholmondeley.

Gules, A a helmet per pale Or and Argent, charged with five torteaux between four birds rising Or, the inside of the wings Sable; in B two birds, and in C one bird as before.

Motto, De cueur entier.

Arms.—Gules, in chief two esquires' helmets Argent, and in base a garb Or, in the fess point a fleur de lis, within the horns of a crescent Ermine. Sir Artur Plantagenet—No bearings on the Standard.

Amu.—Quarterly, I. France and England quarterly; II. and III. Or, a cross Gules; IV. Barry of six Or and Azure, on a chief of the first, two pallets of the second between as many gyronnies of the first; over all a bendlet sinister Azure; an escutcheon of pretence quarterly of six: 1. Barry of six Argent and Azure, in chief three torteaux; 2. Barry of ten Argent and Azure, an orle of martlets Gules; over these two first coats a label of three points Gules ; 3. Gules, seven lozenges conjoined, three, three and one Or ; 4. Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed Or ; 5. A fess between six cross-crosslets; 6. A lion stataut guardant crowned; no colours.—A helmet and mantling, over which his crest, viz. on a cap of maintenance Gules, turned up Ermine, and inscribed in front with the letter A, a genet guardant per pale Sable and Argent, standing between two broom-stalks proper. Sir Will'm Tyloor, Knight.

A on a wreath Argent and Azure, a demi-leopard rampant, erased Or, charged on the shoulder with a cross patee and a crescent for difference, both Gules.

Arms.—Sable, on a fess Or, between two leopards statant guardant Argent, a cross patee between two crescents Gules. Raynold Roche of Corwell.—No bearings on the Standard.

Arms—Gules, three roaches naiant in pale Argent. Sir Willam Evees, Knyght.

A on a wreath, a cat-a-mountain statant guardant quarterly Or and Azure. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.—Quarterly, Gules and Or, on a bend Argent three escallops Sable; a label of three points Azure.

Roche of Lingcolneschire.

(No bearings on the Standard.)

Arms.—Sable, three roaches naiant in pale Argent.

Sir Edward Baynton, Knight.

A on a wreath Argent and Sable, a griffin's head erased of the last. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.—Quarterly, 1. and 4. Sable, a bend lozengy Argent ; 2. Gules, two lions passant Argent; 3. Azure, three roaches naiant in pale Argent. Katissby.

A a leopard passant guardant Or, armed Gules. (Imperfect.)

ArmsQuarterly, 1. Argent, two lions passant Sable, armed Gules, langued and crowned Or; 2. Bendy of eight Azure and Or, a bordure Gules; 3. Or, two bars Gules, a bend Azure; 4. Gules, a fret Or, and chief Argent.


A a goat courant Argent, horns wreathed Or and Azure. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.— Quarterly, I. Quarterly, 1. and 4. Argent, a lion rampant Gules, on a chief Sable three escallops of the first; 2. and 3. Azure, a castle Argent; II. Gules, three herrings hauriant Argent; III. Sable, a griffin segreant between three cross crosslets fitche Argent; IV. Sable, three chevronels Ermine, a crescent Or for difference. The Lord Chamberlayn.

Gules, A issuant from the midst of a rose Gules, barbed Vert, a cubit arm habited bendy sinister Argent and Azure, hand Sable, grasping an arrow Or, barbed and plumed Argent, between two portcullisses, each debruised with a bendlet sinister ; B and C, in each a similar portcullis.—Motto, Faire le doy.

(No Arms.)

The Lord Chamberlayn.

Vert, A.—The bearing here represented—


with (on the sinister side) a portcullis debruised with a bendlet:

B and C, a portcullis as in A Motto, Faire le doy.

The Lord Chamberlayn.

Azure, A a portcullis Or, debruised with a bendlet sinister. (Remainder imperfect.)—Motto, Faire le doy.

(No Arms.)

The Lord Chambrrlatn.

Argent, A a goat statant Sable, collared and chained Or, bearded, armed, and unguled also Or, between four roses Gules, and issuant from each a cubit arm habited bendy sinister Argent and Azure, hand Sable, grasping an arrow Or; B a rose and hand as before, C the same with the motto repeated round the arm.— Motto, Faire le doy—(No Arms.) Maystkii Howgan.

Or and Sable, A a cockatrice Gules, between four martlets counterchanged; in B two, and in C, four like martlets.

Arms.Quarterly, 1. and 4. Or, on a chief Sable three martlets of the field ; 2. and 3. Paly of six, Or and Azure, on a fess Gules three mullets Argent.

Mayster Hopton.

Gules, A a griffin passant Argent, wings erect Or, beaked, and tufted of the last, grasping in the dexter claw a pellet . (Remainder imperfect.)—Motto, Leyalte sansein.

Arms.—Quarterly, 1. Ermine, two bars Sable, each charged with three mullets pierced Or ; 2. Argent, a chevron Azure, a label of three points Ermine; 3. Argent, on a bend Gules three mascles Or; 4. Gules, a griffin segreant.—(No colour.) Jiayster John Mordant.

A on a wreath Or and Azure, a Moor's head affronte, couped at the shoulders Sable, vested of the last, fimbriated Or, wreathed Or and Purpure, with three eagles' heads erased Argent, ducally gorged Gules, and charged with three estoiles Sable, holding in the beak a cinquefoil Argent, slipped Vert; B and C, in each two eagles' heads as in A.—Motto, Lucem tuam da Nobis.

Arms.—Quarterly of six: I. and VI. Argent, a chevron between three estoiles Sable; II. Gules, a cross patonceOr; III. Gules, an eagle displayed Argent, within a bordure engrailed Or; IV. Argent, on a bend Sable a hawk's lure Or; V. Quarterly, per pale indented Or and Gules, in the 1. and 4. five lozenges conjoined in cross Gules. Myster Gilys Strangweys of Stynyford in Dorsetshyre.

Four stripes Argent and Purpure, A issuant from a ducal coronet Or, a boar's head Sable, armed Argent, between two wings erect Azure, billety Or, with three like boars' heads issuant from the coronet, but without the wings ; B and C, in each two boars' heads as the last.—Motto, Espoir me confort.

Anns.—Quarterly, 1. and 4. Sable, two lions' passant paly Argent and Gules ; 2. and 3. Or, a chevron Gules, within a bordure engrailed Sable. Syr Thomas Bullayn, Knyght.

A abull's head couped Sable, armed Or. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.Quarterly of eight: 1. Argent, a chevron Gules between three bulls' heads couped at the neck Sable, cornued Or ; 2. Quarterly, Sable and Argent; 3. Azure, a fess between six cross crosslets Or; 4. Azure, three sinister hands couped at the wrist and erect Argent; 5. Ermine, on a chief Azure three crosses patee Argent; 6. Azure, a fret Argent and chief Gules ; 7. Argent, a bend wavy Sable; 8. Azure, three mullets Or, a chief dancette Argent.

Syr Edward Beltnap, Knyght.

Or and Gules, A on a stand a fire beacon Or, flames Gules, and in front of the beacon and also on the stand a lizard, tail nowed Vert, ducally gorged and chained Or. (Remainder imperfect.) ' Arms.—Quarterly, 1. Azure, three eaglets in bend between two cottises Argent; 2. Or, two bends Gules; 3. Bendy of ten, Or and Azure; 4. Gules, a fess gobony Argent and Sable, between six crosses patee fitchc in the foot Or. Syr John Peche, Knyght.

Blue, A on a wreath Or and Sable, a lion's head couped Ermine, ducally crowned Or, with three peaches slipped Argent, each charged with the letter E.; B and C, in each two peaches, as in A.

Arms.—Azure, a lion rampant queue fourchee Ermine, crowned Or. Syr Thomas Ap Per, Knyght.

Or and Sable, A a woman's head affrontee couped at the shoulders Argent, crined Or, vested Gules, fimbriated Or. (Remainder imperfect.)

Arms.—Quarterly, I. and IV. quarterly, 1. and 4. Argent, two bars Azure within a bordure engrailed Sable, a mullet for difference ; 2. and 3. Or, three water bougets Sable; II. and III. Azure, three chevrons interlaced and a chief Or. George Warham de Malsanger, co. Suth.

Four stripes Gules and Or, A on a wreath Argent and Gules, a demi-goat saliant Sable, ringed through the nose Or, charged with two bendlets of the last between three bezants in pale, with three representations of the crest following, viz. on a wreath Argent and Gules, a dexter arm embowed quarterly Argent and Azure, the hand grasping a sheathed sword, point downwards and resting on a mount Vert; B and C, in each the last-mentioned crest.—Motto, A l'ayde de Dieu.

Arms.—Gules, on a fess Or, between a goat's head couped in chief and three escallops in base Argent, a crescent Azure for difference, all within a bordure engrailed of the second.

Le Seigneure Dacre de Gilslande, Chevalier de la tresnoble ordre de la Jarretiere, Lieutenant des Marshes vers Escosse, fort en loyaute.

Four stripes Or and Azure, A a bull passant Gules, ducally gorged, armed, and unguled Or, with the badge of Dacre four times repeated, viz. an escallop Argent, and a staff raguly also Argent, connected by the Dacre knot Gules; B the like badge twice repeated, C the badge twice repeated as before, and in each division of the fork an escutcheon of St. George and the badge.

Motto, Fort en loyaute.

Arms.—Quarterly, 1. Gules, three escallops Argent; 2. Checquy Or and Gules; 3. Argent, two bars Gules, on a canton a lion of England; 4. Azure, fretty interspersed with fleurs de lis Or. Syr Antony Babyngton.

Argent, A a man tiger Purpure, collared, and chain reflected over the back Or, with feet human, crined " gray," between four representations of the following crest, viz. on a wreath Argent and Sable, a demi dragon, wings expanded Gules; in B one, and in C two like crests.—Motto, (on each bend,) Foy est tout.

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