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Conftantinople, April 17.

the young Su'tan, born the 17th of March last,

the Grand Vizir, and all the other ministers of The proces bich. Francs has found means the Porte. These presents cost 300,000 rou

to procure to this empire is of the great- bles. The empress has also made a present of est importance at this time, as it will in all

1000 peasan:s to Mr. Stackicff, her minister at probabiliry give the Porte an opportunity of Constantinople. establishing tranquillity in the interior part of Paris, May 14. The Roga! Louis is fitting these dominions, where dissentions were daily for sea as f.ll as posible, and three men of war aug men ing.

have received orders to be ready to fill on the Madrid, Apr. 22. We have received advice, Morteft notice ; fix fireships are also arming, that just as the Portugueze governors were go- and the squadron under the Chevalier D'EL ing to deliver the islands ceded by our treaty penouse is expected at Bielt from L'Orient. with the court of Portugal into the hands of Hague, May 15. The states general have the commissaries of this crown, the negroes published a placard the 3d iftant, to the ful took op a:ms and oppoled the cellion. It is lowing purport : said they are supported by a certain power who The States General of the United Provinces, would not willingly see those islands in our &c. to all to whom these prelents shall come, hands, as it would prejudice their negro irade. health. li having been made know to us, Some Tips and troops are gone out of Lisbon that not with standing the ancient placarts of to prevent the consequenees of any such revolt. July 27, 1627, and April 26, 1653, forbid.

Naples, Apr. 27. 'After so many months ding the inbabitants of this country to take drought, and so many prayers offered up to warlike commiflions from other powers, fome heaven for rain, we had a shower which lasted subjects of this republic are nevertheless fur. about twenty minutes; but the lamentable pečied so have engaged with some of the belfiate of our country for want of more rain ligerent powers, to difress the navigation and causes incessant prayers to be offered up, and a commerce of pther powers at war, with whom sospension of every public amusement for eigho we are, and wish to continue in a mity, by eteen days.

quipping and arming for fca, ships, under coCivita Vecchia, in Italy, May 1. This coun ver of other flags; a conduct which is contratry is in danger of fuffering front a great scar- ry to the right of nations, to the fubjects of a ciy of grain of all forte, from the long contineutral power, and to our upright intentions, nued droght; the wheat is very much damaged as it may tend to the prejudice, blame, and by it, and the oa's entirely !!!, as well as ihe diboncur of the republici for these causes, hay and other fodder for caitle. The price of after matwe deliberation, we have ordained, coin is greatly raised, and the exportation of and do ordain, that no inhabitants of the upeale and bens, with which the Pope's domi- nired provinces shall fend any ship to fea, either nioas used to abound,' is forbid.

from ous ports, or chofe of any foreign powComparinpl, May 4. On the evening of ers, nor have a part in arming any thips that the igth a breedini fire broke out here, which hall sail as privateers by virtue of such comburni furiorfly top 17 hours, and reduced 2000 missions, or pariake either of any lollis or houses to ames, 700 of which were ralaces be gains that may accrue from fach capeures, unlo-ging to the non confulerable of the Turks. der pain of being ranihed acering to the There failed fiom 'the harbour yesterday 29 exigence of the case, as well in their bodies Turk ih vefleis completely fited out, among as iheir go's, agreeable to the terror of our which number are eleven large thips of the precedent placarts, and fusker 10-be oiliged line, and seven gailies, bound to the Morea. to pay all dam ges that ihey have cause!, &c.

Brillau, Nay 16. The principal articles of cousier to Conftantinop'e wish the following the peace concluded at Telchen are, If, AUpresents for the French an:bafador, viz. the Iria reflores to the Palatipe House all that enligns of the order of St. Andrew, and a part of Bavaria occupied by her t:cops, except magnificent snuff box, set with diamonds; the district of Burghausen, which ihe Court also come fine furs, and a superb ring of one of Vienna keeps as an indemnicat on of her large brilliant for the ambaliadress, valued all pretensions. 2dly, that couit gives up to the together at 50,000 roubles. The ratification Elcctor Palatine all the fiets pr felled by the of the treaty, by which the diff-rences be- late Elettor of Bavaria.gdly, it grants to the tween Rules and the Porte are ended, will next Court of Saxony the sum of fix millions of week be sent to Conftantinople, with presents Aorins, payable in 12 years. 4thly, the im{w the Grand Signior, the favourite Sultana, perial court insures the Duke of Deur Ponts as



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equivalent satisfagion And sthly, it recognizes three frigates, an is destined to craze in the validity of the rights of his Pruffiao nao the North and White Seas for the protection of jelty to the margraviates of Franconia, so as the Ruslan (rade: never to raise any obftacles to their reunion Paris, June 8. The following is an authento the primogeniture of his house. The ric list of the grand f-et of France, now at sea, treaties of Westobalia, and all the other trene under the command of Com te D'Orvilliers. ties concluded boce between their imperial ma Sbips.

Guns. Commanders. jestles, and the king of P usis, namely those La Bretagne

Le Com. d'Orvilliers of Brenu and Berlin in 1742, that of Drel La Ville de Paris 109 Le Com. de Guichen den in 1745, and that of Huberesborg in 1763, La Couronne 80 De Tréville are by the p-csent treaty of peace iully and en L'Auguste 80 Vic. de Rochechou art tirely confirmed.

Le St. Esprit

8. Chev. de 'Ternay Dresden, May 16. His Royal Highness Le Neptune 74

Hector Prince Henry of Prussia is still here ; but the Le Glorieux


De Bauflet different divisions of the Prussian army will Le Conquerant 74 De Monteil all be in motion to-morrow, and in a few days L'Adif

74 De Bavaudin will have entireiy evacuated this electorate. - Le Scipion

74 De Chérisey The courier from his Prusian majesty with Le Palmier

74 D: Reals these orders arrived here on Friday night; and L'Intréside 74 De Beauffier they will be the more seadily executed, as eve Le Zodiaque 74

La Porte Vezins ry p eparat on had been made for this purpose. Le Citoyen 74 Le Marquis de Nieul The greatest part of the Prusian artillery is L'Hercule

74 Le Cr. d'Amblimont likewise embarked on the Elve, and many of Le Bien Aimé

74 D'Aubentos the veft:Is are gone for Magdeburgh to which | Le Pluton


Denouches place the whole (excepi the field picces of the Le Duftin


D'Eipinouse different regimen s) is to be conveyed.

L'Eveile 64 De Bille:oy Viena, May 19. The peace was signed the Le St. Michael

64 De la Biochaye I3th instant ; and his Prullian majetty, the L'Alexandre 64 DeTremig noni'Aine moment he received the news of the lignature, L. Solitaire 64 De Montecler fent orders to his troops to evacuare all the Le Pro:hée 64 De Cocqueray Austrian territory, without waiting for the ex L'Actionnaire

De Larchantel piration of the term of 16 days, fixed by the L'Indien 64 La Grandiere treaty for that purpose.

Le Bizarre

64 St. Riveal Peter fourgb, May 21 On Sunday the new Le Triton

64 De la Clocheterie born Great Duke was baptized at Ziríco-Zelo, Le Caion

64 De Seillans by the name of Constantine ; the empreis was Ships expected to join the above. the sponsor. After the ceremony he foreign Le Bourgogne

74' Masin minillers and nobility dined with her imperial La Victoire


Albert S. Hypolite majesty at a table of two hundred covers. Oo Ten tr'gates, four corvettes, two lougres, this occasion several promotions were made in ten brulois, and two galiotes, several armed the civil and military departments.

bombs &c. in the whole 54 fail. Vienna, May 22. The imperial roops are Rouen, June 14. Extraordinary movements on their march to their different quarters, ac are making in Normandy, and Bretagne, one cording to the peace eitablishment. Te Deum hundred and fifry veslels are hired for his ma. will be sung to-morrow with great solemnity jesty's ule al Havre, Granville, &c. capable of in the cithedral of this capi ai.

transporting 25 oog men A quantiíy of chac Hamburgb, May 25: We have received cer- loups are building ro sacilitate deharkations; tain advice, that he Emprels of Ruflia, after and all the English in thor pores ure ordered having to gloriously contributed to the re ella 10 remove themselves to the datance of fixty blishment of peace in Germany, had deter. leagues. mined to use her utmost to procure an accom Haque, June 15. Baron Thulemeyer, the modation be'ween France and Great Bris in, Prussian minister in this t. puolio, orešenied a and that Prince Repain was going to London memorial last Tuesday to the States General, in for that purpose.

which, by order of he king, his m fler, he Berlin, May 31. Peace was proclaimed here roquires an ex-mption of the augmentation of with the vfual folemnities on the 22d instant the dory calle! lafe & vp! gele, in favour of The Prussian and foreign ministers returned the ship: nf Prussian fubjects. This duty has from Silefia the beginning of last week; and been lately doubled, in order to raise money the king arrived on Thursday the 27th, ac for ike friving u! of 32 mien of war. This re. companied by the Hereditary Prince of Bronis quest embarralies the states, bec vie on the one wick.

hand is they hjuld refuse the king of Prullia, Copenbagen., June 1. A Rulli in squadron, he would noi be pleased, and if his request is Composed of iwo men of war, two frigales, granted, other nations will no doubt icquire and a corvette, pasied this place lalt Friday, the same favour, which would 1100 answer the and are gone to anchor in the found. This end intended by their high mightinefi:s by fquadron, it is affured, will be reinforced with doubling the duty.


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Ι ο Ν D ο Ν. them with all poffible expedition ; but although

equal in number and sirength to the thips I had From the LONDON GAZETTI.

collected, they returned to the protection of Admiralty Office, May 29, 1779 their batteries, without putting it in my pow. Extra87 of a letter from ibe Hon. Vice Admiral er to bring them to action. I Nood close in

Byron to Mr. Stephens, dared on board bis Man with Fort Royal next morning, ard had a full jesty's fbip ebe Princess Royal, off St. Lucia, obe view of the enemy's batieries and hips; but od of April, 1779, received the 28th inft. their only movement upon our approach was

to get under fail, and work further into the "THE fhip Britih King, in the service of the Bay: I therefore iacked, and (tretched towards

treasury, being bound from hence to Cork, this place, but a strong lee current kept the I take the opportunity to give their lordships squadron several days ai sea. fome account of the proceedings of his majes

The frigates that are upon this nation have ty's ships under my command.

been kept cruizing to windward of Barbadocs, The squadron under commodore Rowley and among the illands ; but no prize of conichaving a rived from England on the 12th of

quence has been takeo by any of them, except February, in good condition, I sent him, with the ship Governor Trumbull, an American pria the ships * named in the margin, to civize to

Valeer of twenty guns, and one hundred and windward of Martinique, in hopes of prevent fifty men, which ihe Venus took off St. Chrilo ing a junction between the ships expected from

topher's the 6th of last monih, after several France, and those at Fort Royal; he failed up- hours chace." on that service the 19th of February, but was The gallant Sir James Wallace is apppointed recalled a few days after upon my receiving ad commodore of a squadron of six frigates, to vice of M. de Gralle, with four or five fail of

cruize between the Bahama illes, and the capes the line, some frigates, and store ships, having of Virginia. got safe to Martinique. Since then detach

May 30. The packet wbici arrived lately ments from the fizet have occ-fionally cruized from India brought news exceeding y favour. to windward, and others between the islands able to the company: the cxpedi con sent out, of St. Luc'a and Martinique, for intercepting by governor Haring from Bengal to Berar, fuch of the enemy's vefleis as might attempt under Col. Lenie, to oppose the French interthat channel, and at the same time to give pro- eft in the Maraita (tate, kad accomplished their tection to our (mali craft, when reconnoring purpose, though the colonel was dead, and the strength and position of the French squa- many men had fallen by fickness, and the ex. dron in Fort Royal Bay; one of these detach.

ceflive fatigue attending the march. On the ments, under command of capiain Griffin, Toth of July Col. Lellie attacked Aumrood was carried greatly to leeward by the current

Sing, the Raja of Boondelehund, and defeated op ile 15th of last montb; their fituation must him, with conliderable (121:ghter, at a village have been observed from Martinique, and I called Mow, not far from Chetrerpoo"; the this the prospect of these thips not being able lors on the English lide being only five Leapoys !o regain this anchorage probably occafioned killed, and I wenty seven wounded. The army the enemy to make a movement ; for M. d'. conluted ct lix baccalions of scapoys, and one Eftaing, with four other fag officers, and 6f

company of native artillery, which on their teen sail of the line, with tome frigales and

march were joined by a regiment of cavalry, (mall viftels, having previously embarked a

and a body of horic from be province to number of troops, came out of Fort Royal Bay Owde. the morning of the 18 h, at which time leve

The camp on Warley Common was mark. ral of the thips under my command, that had ed out, on Monday tart, by Col. Roy, depusy been cruizing, were taking in a supply of water quarter malter general, affitted by two gentleman at thc Cul de Sac, and capt. Sawyer, with three

of the corps of engineers. The whole will conLil of the line, and a fliy guo Mhip, were to lift of twelve regiments, belides two with the windward of Martinique. With the rest of our

park of artillery. Ecl Roy will all go to force, I lipt and put to sea the moment the Coxheath in a few days, to mark out the enFrench Squadron was discovered, and made for campment there, which will conlist of sighteen

rceimenis in front, and two advanced, One of Suffolk, Magnificent, Sterling Calile, Med- wirich is to be at Rye, and the other at Harta, way, Centurion, 1Go, Preston, Carysfost. ings, and the croups will begin to move to



The encampment about the 4th or sth of next Their majefties came into the ball-room lat month.

night soon after nine o'clock, and after paying In consequence of some dispa!ches received their compliments to the nobility round-cbc fiom general Conway, governor of Jersey, or circle, the minuets began, when his Royal ders are given for several pieces of cannon 1o be Highgels the Prince of Wales, for the first time immediately sent to tha: iliand, and an addi. of his being present in the ball-room, opened . tional number of troop.

the ball by dancing a minuet with lady Augufia 31. The camp in Suffolk is fixed to be on Campbell, daughter of the duke of Agyle: this Cannam Heath, eight miles from St. Edmondi- high honour conferred on a subject was fucbury, which is to consist chiefly of horse, ford creded by another, bis Royal Highness Prince Pembroke's, and three other regiments, har. Frederick, bishop of Osnaburgh, dancing the ing received their orders for that service, second minuet with her ladylhip. About half a

This day the following bilis received the roy- score other minueis were danced, which were a! affent by virtue of a commision from his succeeded by country dances and cotillons. majesty :

Their majesties left the ball-soom foca after The bill to prevent frauds by private distil. eleven. lers.


Arrived at Dover, the Frances, capt. The bill to prevent frauds and abuses in the Boyne, from St. Helena, a Danish Eaft-Inuispayment of wages to persons employed in the man, where she landed fome dispatches for the Hone and thread-lace manufactory.

Eall-India company, which advise, that on the The bill for the preservation of the river 22d of February last, the Osterly East India.' Lea

man, Capt. Rogers, fell in with two French The bill for granting to his majesty certain frigaies off the Čape, by whom the was taken, duties op licences to be taken out by persons and carried into the Mauritius, after buting lètring to hire horses for travelling post. landed the passengers, &c. at the Cape. She

The bill to continue the act of the 16th of is said to be worth about 200,000l. Nis present majesty, for the punishment by hard This morning advice was received, that the Jabour of offenders, who shall become liable to whole Jamaica fleet had got fate into Margare be transporred, &c.

road, and that they should be at their mourings The bill for taking off the duty upon all falt in the river by to morrow. used in curing pilchards.

10. The judges met in Lord Chief Justice The bill to indemnify persons who have o Mansfield's Chambers, and ehose their respecmitted to take the oaths io qualify themselves tive circuits for the ensuing rummer allizis, viz. for offices, &c.

Home. Earl Mansfield and juftice Afurit. The bill for discontinuing the dušies on che Wetern. Lord Chief Justice De Grey, and Baton and wool, the growth and product of the ron Perryn. British colonie', in America.

Norfulk. Lord Ch'ef Baron Skynder, and justice The bill for allowing the importation of Blackstone. goods into this kingdom from Asia and Africa. Midlard. Juftice Gould, and Baron Hotham.

The bill for dissolving the marriage of the Noribern. Justice Willes, and justice Bulier. marquis of Carmarthen with his now wife. Oxford. Justice Nares, and Baron Egre. And lo several road and inclosure bills.

12. Advice was received from Madeira, that June 5: The ladies molt admired for their Sir Edward Hughes, with the India fhips undresses yesterday in the drawing room, were the der his convoy, arrived there the sth of A. duchess of Chandos, who in richness of apparel pril, and failed again the 15th. furpasied all others; the duchess of Hamilton, There are great hopes that the Ofterly Eastcounters Percy, lady Algernon Percy, lady Indiaman will be retaken, as Sir Edward Elizabeth Burrell, whose dress was rema kable Hughes was acquainted with the circumftance for its elegance of talte, being a plain white whift he was at Madeira, and as fuon as he Ahot pink luftring, elegantly trimmed with tit. knew of it failed immedistely. L'any and foil, over which was beautiíully dir 14. This day the following bills received the pored a large quantity of G'ver sportid glaze. - royal afient by virtue of a commillion from his Lady Beauchamp in a brunze.coloured silk, majelty, viz. richly irin med, countess of Anirim, councess The bill to amend the act for laying a tax of, the three daughters of the duchess on auctions and sales. 1 of Gloucester by the daie carl Waldegrave, the The bill to: the augmentation of the judges Hon. Miss Thynne, cldest daughter of lo.dalaries. Weymouth, and ladies Buikely and Warren. The bill for granting to his majesty addition

The dress for the ladies of the ton yefterday al duties on velium, parchment, and p pa. was chiedy white and liplock, with trimmings 'The bill for vesting in the East India cumof tiffany. foil, and silver (ported gmzes; the pany, for a limited time, certain territorialactalte for powe's seems entirely faded, scarce quifitions obtained in India, &e. any dresles of consequence being secked will The house and servants tax bill. thein acizit year. The elder ladies were chiety The bill for railing 1.500,ocol. by loans, cloached in clouded Glks of Englied manufac- and the bill for railing 1,900,ocol, by exche

quéı bilis,


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