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90 Monasticon Anglicanum, per Rog. Dodsworth, et Gul. Dugdale. 925 3 Vol. folio, cum Notis MSS. W. Kennett. Londini. 1655—1673. 93 Monasticon Anglicanum, epitomized in English by James Wright. folio.

London. 1693. 87 Monasticon Anglicanum, abridged in English, with additions. folio.

London. 1718. 88? The History, &c. of ancient Abbies ; being two additional Volumes to 893 Sir W. Dugdale's “ Monasticon Anglicanum,” by Capt. James Stevens. folio.

London. 1722, 3.
Manuale Missionariorum Regularium præcipue Anglorum S. Francisci,

Authore Rev. adm. P. F. Francisco a S. Clara. 8vo. (written by
Christ. Davenport.)

Duaci. 1658. 9 Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ gnwdía, in qua perturbatissimus Regni et Ecclesiæ

status, sub Anabaptistica Tyrannide, lugetur. dictante Joanne Gough, S.T. D. 12mo.

Londini. 1661. 82 The Act of Parliament, 27 Eliz. to preserve the Queen's person and

Protestant Religion and Government from the Attempts of the

Papists. 1679. 787 The History of the Reformation of the Church of England, by Gilbert 80 S Burnet, D. D. 3 Vol. folio. MSS. notes by White Kennett.

London. 1681–1715. 767 Anglia Sacra, sive Collectio Historiarum de Archiepiscopis et Episcopis Angliæ. 2 Vol. folio. Notis MSS. – Hunter. S. T. P. Londini.

1691. 75 Ejusdem operis Tomus secundus ; Notis MSS. W. Kennett. 8 Valor Beneficiorum ; or a Valuation of all ecclesiastical Preferments in England and Wales. 12mo.

London. 1695. 1 Notitia Monastica, or a short History of the Religious Houses in Eng

land and Wales by Thomas Tanner, B. A. 8vo. with MSS. notes by J. Carte, Esq.

Oxford. 1695. 29 Another copy, with MSS. notes by Mr. Thoresby. 31 Another copy interleaved, and with MSS. notes by Mr. West. 28 Another copy, (large paper,) with MSS. notes by Bishop Kennett. 30 Another

copy, with MSS. notes by Peter Le Neve. 5 Another copy, with MSS. notes, signed E. Baxter. 85 Another edition. folio. MSS. notes by Mr. Gough.

London. 1744. 86 Another

copy, with MSS. notes by E. Rowe Mores. 84 Another edition, by James Nasmith, M. A. folio. Cambridge. 1787.



18 Disquisitio de Nimbis Antiquoruin, Imaginibus Deorum, imperatorum

olim, et nunc Christi, Apostolorum et Mariæ capitibus adpictis in lucem edita a Johanne Nicolai. 12mo.

1699. 36 The second part of Ecclesiastical Cases, by Edward Stillingfleet, Lord Bishop of Worcester. 8vo.

London. 1704. 32 The case of Impropriations, and of the Augmentation of Vicarages, by

White Kennett, D. D. 8vo. MSS. notes by R. Watts. London. 1704. 47 | Another copy, bound in two Volumes, interleaved, and full of the Au48

thor's MSS. notes for a second edition. 15 Dissertation sur les Temples, leur dedicace, et plusieurs choses qu'on y voit, par B. Pictet. 12mo.

Geneve. 1716. 71 Fasti Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, or an Essay towards deducing a regular suc

cession of all the principal Dignitaries in each Cathedral, Collegiate Church or Chapel, &c. folio. with MSS. notes by Mr. Brooke.

London. 1716. 69 Another copy, with MSS. notes. 70 Another copy, with MSS. notes. 72 Another copy, with MSS. notes by W. Cole. 73 Another

сору, , with MSS. notes by R. Masters. 39 A Summary of all the Religious Houses in England and Wales, with their titles and valuation at the time of their dissolution. 8vo.

London, 1717. Monumenta Anglicana, being Inscriptions on the Monuments of several eminent Persons from 1600 to 1649, by John Le Neve. 8vo.

London. 1719. 43 Monumenta Anglicana, from 1650 to 1679. 8vo.

London. 1718. Monumenta Anglicana, from 1680 to 1699. 8vo.

London. 1718. 45 Monumenta Anglicana, from 1650 to 1718. 8vo.

London. 1719. 3 An History of the mitred Parliamentary Abbies, and Conventual

Cathedral Churches, by Browne Willis, Esq. 2 Vol. 8vo. MSS. notes by George North.

London. 1718.





Another copy.

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23 Another

сору, , with MSS. notes by E. Rowe Mores. 25 26 The first volume, with MSS. notes by Thomas Baker.


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A Survey of the Cathedrals of York, Durham, &c. hy Browne Willis. 64) 3 Vol. 4to. with MSS. additions. (to which is added, Parochiale

Anglicanum, or the Names of all the Churches and Chapels in the several Dioceses. 4to. London. 1733.)

London. 1742. 65 Another


with MSS. notes. 66 S 67 Parochiale Anglicanum, with MSS. notes by Mr. Blomefield. (see No. 64.) 4to.

London. 1733. 7 A Memorial of ancient British Piety, or a British Martyrology. 12mo.

London. 1761. 35 Liber Valorum et Decimarum ; being an account of such ecclesiastical

Benefices as are charged, or lately were discharged from payment of First Fruits, and Tenths, by John Ecton. 8vo. MSS. notes by Dr. Taylor.

London. 1723. 61 Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum, being an account of the valuation

of all the ecclesiastical Benefices, &c. by John Ecton ; the second edition, by Browne Willis. 4to.

London. 1754. 41 The Thirty-nine Articles, and the Constitutions and Canons of the Church of England. 8vo. interleaved, with MSS. notes. London.

1724. 33 A Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, by C. Wheatley, M. A. 8vo.

London. 1729. 81 The Return made by the Governours of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the augmentation of the maintenance of the Poor Clergy. fol.

London. 1736. 34 The Clergyman's Intelligencer, or a compleat alphabetical List of all

the Patrons in England and Wales, with the Dignities and Livings in their gift. 8vo.

London. 1745. 82 An Act, 26 Geo. II. for the better preventing of clandestine Marriages.

1755. A genuine Account of the remarkable conversion of an Indian Priest

to Christianity 1763. by the Rev. G. H. Hutteman. 4to. 1765. 19 The Preacher's Assistant, in two parts, by Sampson Letsome, M. A. 8vo. MSS. additions.

London, 1755. 40 Another copy. 27 The Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England, illustrated with

notes, by the Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Welchman. 8vo. with MSS. notes.

London. 1767.

12 Les Vies des Saints pour tous les jours de l'année. 12mo. Paris. 1767, 37 The Royal Ecclesiastical Gazetteer, or Clergyman's pocket Kalendar, by Thomas Bateman, M. A. 8vo.

London. 1783. The Ecclesiastical Patronage of the Church of England, by Thomas Bateman. 8vo.

London. 1783. 14 Forms of public Devotion as used at Lancaster Chapel, by J. B. Pyke. 12mo.

London. 1784. 16 A List of the Abbies, Priories, and other religious Houses in England and Wales, collected from Dugdale, by James Moore. 12mo.

London. 1786. 17 Another copy. 68 Monastic Remains and ancient Castles in England and Wales, by James Moore, F. A. S. 8vo.

London. 1792. 60 Liber Regis, vel Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum, by John Bacon, Esq. 4to. MSS. notes by Mr. Gough.

London. 1786. 82 An Account of a rich illuminated Missal, executed for John Duke of Bedford, Regent of France under Henry the Sixth. 4to. London.

1794. Tabula Chronologica Archiepiscopatuum et Episcopatuum in Anglia et

Case of the suffering Clergy of France, refugees in the British do-

minions. 46 A Call for Union with the Established Church, by G. I. Huntingford, D. D. 8vo.

Winchester. 1800. Memorial in behalf of the Fathers of la Trappe. 8vo. London. 1801. An Act, 43 Geo. III. to enforce residence of spiritual Persons on their Benefices.

1803. 46 An Address to the Roman Catholic Nobility and Gentry of Ireland. 8vo.

Edinburgh. 1805. The Speech of Mr. Deputy Birch, in the Court of Common Council,

London. 1805. against the Roman Catholic Petition. 8vo. The Roman Catholic Petition unsanctioned. 8vo. London. 1805. 38 Tracts by Browne Willis, Esq. on reflecting Sermons, and on the whole

Duty of Man, with some MSS. letters relative to their publication.




TAXATIO Spiritualium et Temporalium Angliæ et Walliæ facta

anno 1292, 3. cum decima R. Edw. I. in subsidium Terræ Sanctæ, concederetur, auctoritate nempe Nicholai IV. Papæ. (a copy, on paper, of “MS. Tiberius, C. x." in the Cotton Collec

tion.) 2 Valor Ecclesiasticus temp. Hen. VIII. (on paper, very imperfect.) Bills of Presentment, and Answers to Articles and Queries at different

Visitations, about the latter end of the sixteenth Century. 4 Liber, qui vocatur Festinale, “ continens sermones, sive homilias, super

præcipuis anni festis : compositus per fratrem Johannem Mirkus, “ canonicum regularem monasterii de Lulshul. Incipit enim a “ prima dominica adventus.” Codex membran. in 4to. constans ex

folis 164. Wicklif's translation of the New Testament. 4to. on parchment. 1563.

(“ This belonged to the Rev. Mr. John Lewis, Minister of Mer

gate in Tenet, Kent, from which he printed and published

Wicklyffes New Testament, and Mr. Lewis dyeing in 1746, it “ was purchased of his executors by me Ebenezer Mussell.” MS. note on the first leaf.)


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