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us; And lead us not into temp- O worship, the Lord in the tation, But deliver us from beauty of holiness ; let the evil: For thine is the King- whole earth stand in awe of dom, and the Power, and the him. Glory, for ever and ever. Amen. For he cometh, for he cometh 1 Then likewise he shall say, righteousness to judge the

to judge the earth; and with O Lord, open thou our lips; l world, and the people

with his Ans. And our mouth shall show forth thy praise.

truth. T Here, all standing up, the T Then shall follow a Portion Minister shall say,

of the Psalms, as they are Glory be to the Father, and

appointed, or one of the Seto the Son, and to the Holy

lections of Psalms set forth Ghost;

by this Church : and at the Ans. As it was in the begin- end of every Psalm, and

likewise at the end of the ning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.

Venite, Benedicite, Jubilate, Min. Praise ye the Lord.

Benedictus, Cantate DomiAns. The Lord's name be

no, Bonum est confiteri, Deus praised.

misereatur, Benedic Anima

mea-- May be said or sung Then shall be said or sung the Gloria Patri; and at the the following Anthem; er- end of the whole Portion, or cept on those days for which Selection, of Psalms for the other Anthems are appoint- day, shall be said or sung ed; and except also, when it the Gloria Patri, or else the is used in the course of the Gloria in Excelsis, as folPsalms, on the nineteenth loweth : day of the month.

Gloria in Ercelsis. Venite, exultemus Domino. CLORY be to God on high O COME, let us sing unto T and on earth peace, good the Lord, let us heartily will towards men.

We praise rejoice in the strength of our thee, we bless thee, we worship salvation.

thee, we glorify thee, we givo Let us come before his pre- thanks to thee for thy great glosence with thanksgiving, and ry, Lord God, heavenly King, show ourselves glad in him God the Father Almighty. with psalms.

O Lord, the only begotten For the Lord is a great God; Son, Jesus Christ; O Lord God, and

a greatKing above all gods. Lamb of God, Son of the FaIn his band are all the corners ther, that takest away the sins of the earth; and the strength of the world, have mercy upon of the hills is his also.

us. Thou that takest away tha The sea is his, and he made sins of the world, have mercy it; and his hands prepared the upon us. Thou that takest dry land.

away the sins of the world, reO come, let us worship, and ceive our prayer. Thou that fall down, and kneel before sittest at the right hand of God the Lord our Maker.

the Father, have mercy upon us. For he is the Lord our God; For thou only art holy; thou and we are the people of his pas only art the Lord; thou only, hre, and the sheep of his hand, lo Christ, with the Holy Gbost,

art most high in the Glory of When thou hadst overcome
God the Father. Amen. the sharpness of death, thou

Then shall be read the first didst open the kingdom of
Lesson, according to the Heaven to all believers.
Table or Calendar ; after Thou sittest at the right hand
which shall be said or sung of God, in the Glory of the

the following Hymn. Father. T Note, That before every

We believe that thou shalt
Lesson, the Minister shall come, to be our Judge.
say, Here beginneth such a We therefore pray thee, help
Chapter, or Verse, of such a thy servants, whom thou hast
Chapter of such a Book:

And redeemed with thy precious
after every Lesson, Here blood.
endeth the first, or the second, Make them to be numbered

with thy saints, in glory everTe Deum laudamus.

lasting. WE praise thee, o God; we

O Lord, save thy people, and
acknowledge thee to be bless thine heritage.
the Lord.

Govern them, and lift them
All the earth doth worship up for ever.
thee, the Father everlasting. Day by day we magnify thee;
To thee all Angels cry aloud ;

And we worship thy name
the Heavens, and all the Powever, world without end.
ers therein.

Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep To thoe, Cherubim and Se- us this day without sin. rapbim continually do cry,

O Lord, have mercy upon us, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God have mercy upon us. of Sabaoth.

O Lord, let thy mercy be upHeaven and Earth are full of on us, as our trust is in thee. the Majesty of thy Glory. O Lord, in thee have I trusted; The glorious company of the let me never be confounded.

1 Or this Canticle. Apostles praise thee. The goodly fellowship of the Benedicite, omnia opera Do

mini. come moble army of Martyrs oleks see The Lord praise

yeWorks the , praise thee.

The holy Church, through him, and magnify him for ever. out all the world, doth acknow- Oye Angels of the Lord, ledge thee,

bless ye the Lord; praise him, The Father, of an infinite and magnity him for ever. Majesty ;

Oye Heavens, bless ye the Thine' adorable, true, and Lord; praise him, and magnify only Son ;

him for ever. Also the Holy Ghost, the Oye Waters that be above Comforter.

the firmament, bless ye the Thou art the King of Glory, Lorr; praise him, and magnify o Christ.

bim for ever. Thon att the everlasting Son O all ye Powers of the Lord, of the Father.

bless ye the Lord; praise him, When thou tookest uponthee and magnify hin for ever.

Oye Sun and Moon, bless ye ble thyself to be born of a Vir- the Lord; praise

him, and mag Inify him for ever.

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Oye Stars of Heaven, blessl. O all ye Fowls of the Air, Je the Lord; praise him, and bless ye the Lord; praise hiin, magnify him for ever,

and magnify him for ever. Oye Showers and Dew, bless O all ye Beasts and Cattle, Je the Lord; praise him, and bless ye the Lord; praise him, magnify him for ever.

and magnify him for ever. O ye Winds of God, bless ye O ye Children of Men, bless the Lord, praise him, and mag- ye the Lord; praise him, and nify him for ever.

magnify him for ever. O ye Fire and Heat, bless ye Olet Israel bless the Lord; the Lord;

praise him, and plag- praise him, and magnify him nify him for ever.

for ever. 0 ye Winter and Sunj mer, Oye Priests of the Lord, bless ye the Lord : praise him, bless ye the Lord; praise him, and magnify him for ever, and magnify him for ever,

O ye Dews and Frosts, bless O ye Servants of the Lord, ye the Lord; praise hini, and bless ye the Lord; praise him, magnify him for ever.

and magnify him for ever. Oye Frost and Cold, bless Oye Spirits and Souls of the ye the Lord; praise liini, and righteous, bless ye the Lord; magnify him for ever.

praise bim, and magnify him Oye Ice and Snow, blss ye for ever. the Lord; praise him, and mag- O ye holy and humble Men nify him for ever.

of heart, bless ye the Lord; Oyeights and Days, bless praise bim, and magnify him ye the Lord; praise hin ., and for ever. Dagnify him for ever.

O ye Light and Darkness, Then shall be read, in like bless ye the Lord; praise him, manner, thu second Lesson, and magnify him for ever. taken out of the New Trsta

Oye Lightnings and louds, ment, according to the Table bless ye the Lord ; praise him, or Calendar'; and after that, and magnify him for eger. the following Psalm.

o let the Earth bless the Lord, yea, let it pra ise him,

Jubilate Deo. Psalm c. and magnify him for o ver. O ye Monntains are stills, O BE joyful in the Lord, all

ye lands; serve the Lord Bless ye the Lord : pri ise him, with gladness, and come before and magnify him for tver. his presence vith a song.

O all ye green Things upon Be ye sure that the Lord he Earth, bless ye the Lord; praise is God, it is t e that hath made birn, and magnify him for us, and not ive ourselves; we ever.

are his people and the slicep of 0 ye Wells, bless ye the bis pasture. Lord : praise him, and magnify Ogo your y vay into his gates him for ever.

with thanksgiving, and into his Oye Seas and Foods, bless courts with praise ; be thankful ve the Lord; praise him, and unto him, dod speak good of magnify him for ever.

his name. o ye Whales, sind all that For the Lord is gracious, his move in the Waters, bless yo mercy is everlasting; and his the Lord; praise him, and truth endure th from genera magnify him for ever. tion to genesition.

1 Or this Hymn. Heaven and Earth, and of all

things visible and invisible : Benedictus. St. Luke i. 68.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, B PLESSED be the Lord God the only begotten Son of God,

of Israel; for he hath visit- begotten of his Father before ed and redeemed his people; And hath raised up a mighty of Light, very God of very

all worlds; God of God, Light salvation for us, in the house of God, begotten, not made, being his servant David;

of one substance with the FaAs he spake by the mouth of ther, by whom all things were his holy Prophets, which have made ; who for us men,

and for been since the world began; That we should be saved Heaven, and was incarnate by

our salvation, came down from from our enemies, and from the Holy Ghost of the Virgin the hand of all that hate us.

Mary, and was made man, and 1 Then shall be said the Apos- was crucified also for us under

tles' Creed, by the Minister Pontius Pilate. He suffered and the People, standing : and was buried, and the third

any Churches may omit day he rose again, according to the words, He descended in the Scriptures, and ascended 10 Hell, or may, instead of into Heaven, and sitteth on the then, use the words, Jie went right hand of the Father; and into the place of departed he shall come again, with gloSpirits, which are considered ry, to judge both the quick as words of the same mean- and the dead ; whose kingdom ing in the Crced.

shall have no end.

And I believe in the Holy I

BELIEVE in God the Fa-Ghost, the Lord and giver of

ther Almighty, Maker of life, who proceedeth from the Heaven and Earth:

Father and the Son; who with And in Jesus Christ his only the Father and the Son togeSon our Lord; Who was con-ther is worshipped and glorificeived by the Holy Ghost. Borned, who spake by the prophets. of the Virgin

Mary, Suffered And I believe one Catholic and under Pontius Pilate, Was cru- Apostolic Church. I acknowcified, dcad, and buried; He ledge orre Baptism for the redescended into Hell; The third mission of sins; and I look for day he rose from the dead; He the resurrection of the dead, ascended into Heaven, And sit- and the life of the world to teth on the right hand of God come. Amen. the Father Almighty; From 1 And afin that, these Praythence he shall come to judge ers following, all devoutly the quick and the dead.

kneeling; the Minister first I believe in the Holy Ghost;

pronouncing, The Holy Catholic Church The Loril be with you; The communion of Saints Ans. And with thy Spirit. 'The forgiveness of sing ; 'The | Min. Let us pray. resurrection of the body, And O Lord, show thy mercy upthe life everlasting Amen. Or this.

Ans. And grant us thy salva

lion, T BELIEVE in one God, the Min. O God, make clean

Father Almighty, Maker of lour hearts within us ;

on us;

Ans. And take not thy Holy plenteously with heavenly Spirit from us.

gifts; grant them in health 1 Then shall follow the Col- and prosperity long to live ;

lect for the day, except when and finally, after this life, to the Communion service is

attain everlasting joy and leli read; and then the Collect Içity, through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen. for the day shall be omitted here.

1 The following Prayers are 1 A Collect for Peace. to be omitted here, when the O GOD, who are the author Litany is read.

of peace and lover of con- T A Prayer for the Clergy and cord, in knowledge of whom

People. standeth our resterne life, whose ALMIGHTY and me verilnost fend us, thy humble servants, cometh every good and perin all assaults of our enemies;fect gift, send down upon our that we, surely trusting in thy Bishops and other Clergy, and defence, may not fear the pow- upon the Congregations comer of any adversaries, through mitted to their charge, the the might of Jesus Christ our healthful spirit of thy grate; Lord. Amen.

and, that they may truly please TA Collect for Grace. thee, pour upon them the conO

ther, Almighty, and ever- Grant this, O Lord, for the holasting God, who hast safely nour of our Advocate and Niebrought us to the beginning of diator Jesus Christ. Amen. this day; defend us in the same T A Prayer for all Conditions with thy mighty power, and

of Men. grant that this day we fall into no sin neither run into any O GOD, the Creator, and kind of danger ; but that all our we humbly beseech thee for

, doings, being ordered by thy all sorts and conditions of men, governance, may be righteous that thou wouldest be pleased in thy sight, through Jesus to make thy ways known unito Christ our Lord. Amen.

them, thy saving health unto TA Prayer for the President all nations. More especially of the United States, and all we pray for thy holy Church in Civil Authority.

universal; that it may be so LORD, our heavenly Fa-guided and governed by thy

, Ruler of the universe, who dost fess and call themselves Chrisfrom thy throne behold all the tians, may be led into the way dwellers upon earth ; most of truth, and hold the faith in heartily we beseech thee, with unity of Spirit,

in the bond of thy favour to behold and bless peace, and in righteousness of thy servant, The President of life. Finally, we commend to the United States, and all thy Fatherly goodness, all those others in authority, and so re- who are any ways afflicted er plenish them with the grace of distressed in mind, body, or esthy holy Spirit, that they may tate ; that it may please thee to always incline to thy will, and comfort and relieve them, acwalk in thy way: Endue them I cording to their several necessi

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