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You, frequent pausing, turn, and from her eyes dzimy
Where meeken'd sense, and amiable grace, 8
And lively sweetness dwell, enraptured, drink : 276,1
That nameless spirit of etherial joy, :
Unutterable happiness ! which love

. .
Alone bestows, and on a favour'd few. DO .
Meantime you gain the height, from whose fair brow
The bursting prospect spreads immense around : D
And snatch'd o'er hill and dale, and wood and lawn,
And verdant field, and darkening heath between, i
And villages embosom'd soft in trees, f+ tollut
And spiry towns by surging columns mark'den setta:
Of household smoke, your eye excursive roams: *
Wide stretching from the hall, in whose kind haunt
The Hospitable Genius lingers still,
To where the broken landscape, by degrees, ',,,,
Ascending, roughens into rigid hills; curso
O'er which the Cambrian mountains, like far clouds
That skirt the blue horizon, dusky rise, ra dni!

Flush'd by the spirit of the genial year, motii Now from the virgin's cheek a fresher bloom, te besef Shoots, less and less, the live carnation found sa oli Her lips blush deeper sweets; she breathes of youth; The shining moisture swells into her eyes i'T In brighter flow; her wishing bosom heaves imtyn! With palpitations wild; kind tumults seize wtr, 'I Her veins, and all her yielding soul is love. From the keen gaze her lover turns away, wa tshi Full of the dear ecstatic power, and sick vondt atood

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With sighing languishment. Ah then, ye fair! 10?
Be greatly cautious of your sliding hearts: 11 ytrino
Dare not the’ infectious sigh; the pleading look, bref
Downcast and low, in meek submission dress'd, 1881
But full of guile. Let not the fervent tongue, *** 310
Prompt to deceive, with adulation smooth,
Gain on your purposed will. Nor in the bower,
Where woodbines flaunt and roses shed à couch,
While Evening draws her crimson curtains round,
Trust your soft minutes with betraying Man.''

And let the’ aspiring youth beware of love,
Of the smooth glance beware; for 'tis too late,
When on his heart the torrent softness pours;
Then wisdom prostrate lies, and fading fame
Dissolves in air away; while the fond soul,
Wrapp'd in gay visions of unreal bliss,
Still paints the' illusive form; the kindling grace;
The enticing smile; the modest seeming eye,
Beneath whose beauteous beams, belying heaven,
Lurk searchless cunning, cruelty, and death :
And still false-warbling in his cheated ear,
Her siren voice, enchanting, draws him on
To guileful shores and meads of fatal joy.

E’en present, in the very lap of love
Inglorious laid, while music flows around,
Perfumes, and oils, and wine, and wanton hours;
Amid the roses fierce Repentance reats.
Her snaky crest : a quick returning pang-
Shoots through the conscious heart; where honour still,

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And great design, against the oppressive load vis Of luxury, by fits, impatient heavées", va me stili

But absent, what fantastic woes, aroused, - ! Rage in each thought, by restless musing fed, so prica Chill the warm cheek, and blast the bloom of life?' Neglected fortune flies; and sliding swift, '' Prone into ruin, fall his scorn'd affairs. :3 m, 35 kg 'Tis nought but gloom around the darken'd sunt Loses his light. The rosy bosom'd Spring t ot die To weeping Fancy pines; and you bright arch, r: .,' Contracted, bends into a dusky vault. 9. lis Limone All Nature fades extinct; and she alone 9thi werf Heard, felt, and seen, possesses every thought, in Eills every sense, and pants in every veins, i Books are but formal dulness, tedious friends; And sad amid the social band he sits, *“ - ol, Boss Bos Lonely and unattentive. From his tongue.- . ' The' unfinish'd period falls: while, borne away . On swelling thought, his wafted spirit flies..ulil To the vain bosom of his distant fair; Ii ,- 19 vis ti, And leaves the semblance of a lover, fix'd , non cul In melancholy site, with head declined, vi sibnya And love-dejected eyes. Sudden he starts jausda, Shook from his tender trance, and restless hansi il.tTo glimmering shades and sympathetic glooms ju? Where the dun umbrage o'er the falling stream ini Romantic hangs, there through the pensive duskio Strays, in heart-thrilling meditation lost), ta'lim Indulging all to love : or on the bank

Thrown, amid drooping lilies, swells the breeze A
With sighs unceasing, and the brook with tears. 70
Thus in soft anguish he consumes the day, 's tudi
Nor quits his deep retirement, till the Moon il te
Peeps through the chambers of the fleecy east;''
Enlighten'd by degrees, and in her train'. si '
Leads on the gentle Hours ; then forth he walks, ,
Beneath the trembling languish of her beam,'
With soften'd soul, and woos the bird of eve
To mingle woes with his. or, while the world
And all the sons of Care lie hush'd in sleep,
Associates with the midnight shadows drear;
And, sighing to the lonely taper, pours ass wit
His idly tortured heart into the page,

Meant for the moving messenger of love; -
Where rapture burns on rapture, every line
With rising frenzy fred. But if on bed
Delirious flung, sleep from his pillow flies,
All night be tossés, nor the balmy power
In any posture finds; till the gray Morn
Lifts her pale lustre on the paler wretch,
Exanimate by love ; and then perhaps
Exhausted Nature sinks a while to rest,
Still interrupted by distracted dreams,
That o'er the sick imagination rise, iis .
And in black colours paint the mimic scene., sin
Oft with the enchantress of his soul he talks;...,
Sometimes in crowds distress'd; or if retired one or

Hi lls burned, ini?

To secret winding flower-enwoven bowers, N .
Far from the dull impertinence of Man, wo sid,
Just as he, credulous, his endless careshi
Begins to lose in blind oblivious love, the wat
Snatch'd from her yielded hand be knows not how,
Through forests huge, and long untravel'd heaths
With desolation brown, he wanders waste, kas
In night and tempest wrapp'd:' or shrinks aghast,
Back from the bending precipice, or wades
The turbid stream below, and strives to reach ??
The further shore; where succourless and sad,?,,
She with extended arms his aid implores; che
But strives in vain; borne by the outrageous flood
To distance down, he rides the ridgy wave, -
Or whelm'd beneath the boiling eddy sinks.

These are the charming agonies of love,
Whose misery delights. But through the heart
Should jealousy its venom once diffuse, ."
'Tis then delightful misery no more, !! !
But agony unmix'd; incessant gall, * * .dw..?
Corroding every thought, and blasting all '."
Love's paradise. Ye fairy prospects, then, wie
Ye beds of roses, and ye bowers of joy, 4. t .
Farewell! ye gleamings of departed peace, pa
Shine out your last! the yellow tinging plague-zło
Internal vision taints, and in a night *?
Of livid gloom imagination wraps. "į 12
Ah then ! instead of love-enliven'd cheeks, - tun?

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