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they be mittens, stockings, or woollen stuffs, they ought diligently to endeavor to follow such directions; it will consequently in the present case, solely depend upon such goods being duly and properly manufactured, in regard to which the directions contained in § 14 of the second chapter are to be strictly followed; whereas, on the contrary, all the directions and methods which have hitherto been recommended by our colleges and our magisterial persons, relative to the manufacture, &c, of sundry kinds of woollen goods, heretofore in use, are herewith annulled and put out of force, from the first January, 1788. But as the ground on which the foresaid ordinances are invalidated, is solely this, that they refer to sundry specified kinds of goods, which may undergo much alteration by opening a free trade; so on the other hand, the inhabitants of the country, in as much as they manufacture the commodities hitherto in use, must continue so to do in such manner as has been heretofore prescribed. The magistracy have therefore, when any disputes arise, as well in these, as in other cases, carefully to ex-r amine and determine, whether the articles

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actually are good and sufficient or not, although that the particular regulations hitherto prescribed may no longer be applicable,

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goods will in future be improved, so that the inhabitants of Iceland may hereafter fabricate different kinds of woollen stuffs, applicable to different uses, and which may be brought to greater perfection, whenever a better mode of spinning and weaving shall become more general among them; we should learn, with the most gracious satisfaction, that any of our own subjects or foreigners would use their endeavors to introduce some or other kind of beneficial manufactory, by which the great quantity of wool grown there might in which case, the undertakers of such establishments may expect having suitable encouragement given them for providing against the first attendant expences, or fpp promoting the sale of the articles manufactured. The same shall also take place with regard to the manufactory now established at Reikevig (which it is our most gracious intent to yield upon very reasonable conditions, to such persons who may therefore make application to our commissioners for the managing of the Icelandic commerce), as well as to several other institutions of the like nature; such as providing the members of the workhouse with work that is most suitable for them, raising a dyer's house and a stamping-mill in the north country, and whatever other improvements may be made in the woollen manufactory.


concerning the Moreover such weavers of wool


raenu. ]en cloth and linen who are inclined to establish themselves, in some trading town in Iceland, may expect that suitable encouragement will be granted them, according to circumstances, for their establishment, and for the prosecution of their business; and we therefore do, not only for the present, promise every weaver of woollen or linen a proportionable premium for every person whom they shall prove to have been duly taught the art of spinning and weaving, but also that, if any of those persons, who (according to the plan by us laid out in the year 1780, for our kingdom of Denmark) have been taught in the manufactories established in these kingdoms, shall be disposed to establish themselves in Iceland, for the purpose of their following the profession that they have learned; the first twelve that may so offer themselves, shall, besides, be entitled to a premium of twenty rix-dollars annually for the first twenty years; but in such case it will be required, that they are provided with a certificate, duly attested by the master of the factory, of their being thoroughly capacitated, and also declaring that they shall continue their profession for that space of time, and continually keep one boy in their employ, who shall be fully instructed in their business in the course of five years. And besides which, a magistrate, or some other civil officer, shall, together with a clergyman, be able to attest that he has actually and continually been employed in the profession taught him, and that his master has fulfilled his obligation of having at least one apprentice, who shall have been fully intructed in the course of five years. And every person, either woollen or linen weavers, who shall demand a premium for having brought up apprentices to his business, must produce an attest, as beforesaid, from some magisterial person, proving that the object is thoroughly instructed in his. art, and likewise produce in court a sample, given in to the proper magistrate, of the ability of the apprentice. In case of any foreign master tradesman, or journeyman, who has thoroughly learned his business, applying to the magistracy in any of our sea-port towns, for a passage over to Iceland, with intent there to settle, he may immediately, on giving sufficient proofs of his ability, expect likewise to enjoy all the advantages held out, and also to participate in the freedoms allowed to foreigners in general in Iceland, by the placard of the eighteenth August, and the ordinance of the seventeenth November of last year.

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