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fructed; they are also differently ar- serted by their former inhabitants; they ranged. The general plan of a Polith have been fuffered to grow out of repair; town is very limple. There is commonly some of the fronts exhibit a half-ruinous a pretty large iquare, with the town appear ince, and high grafs flourithes in house in the centre. This place, bow- the court-yards. Several of them have erer, is sometimes occupied by the most been fold by their princely and noble considerable inn, On the Gdes is often a poffeffors, The nobles, chagrined and fort of piazza (if, contrary to Virgil's disgusted at their political annihilation, Shepherd, we must describe small things bave generally abandoned their ancient by great), particularly in the wooden metropolis, which, for its elegant voLuwos, under which bread, cakes, trin- luptuoulness, was itiled (in the tiines of Lets, &c, are espolex on mall standings its prosperity) the little Paris

. Instead 10 lale. At each angle is usually an en- of palling the winter at Warsaw, there trance, lined on each side, for a mort fore, they now spend it either in retiredutance, with boufes, The wooden ment on their eliates, at the courts of houses, whether in town or country, their respective governments, or in fer have rarely, if ever, any thing but the reign countries, rout above the ground floor. It must be \ Immediatelycontiguous to thefe a pretty good town which contains 2,000 princely palaces, are comiñonly seen inhabitants. There are many dignified houses which are quite ordinary, otten with this appellation, where the people Mabby; forcing upon the mind the uncannot exceed 2 or 300.

welcvine contralt of riches and poverty, This yeneral plan is extended to a grandeur and incanyess. large proportion of the better fort of The population of Warsaw, fince the towns, tu thole which are built of bricki partition, has been on the decline; one These are usually situated in a pláin, at cause of which undoubtedly is, its deferTonne distance from a forelt; and in the tion by so many of the nobles. It is vicinity (or even in the middl) of found now rated at no more than 50,000; morais; partly from the convenience of whereas, it has beer, as they allert, procuring brick with facility, and partly, nearly double that number. flow differs as it ma: be supposed, to reader them ent; at firtè fight, is this city from the more dificult of access to an enemy. active bustling town of Dantrie. flere From the scarcity of stone-quarries in all is slat and joyless as the face of the Poland, it is rarely we meet with houses country, of which it is the faded capibuilt of tune. At Warsaw thero are tal. I fhall have occasion to-speak of it many; at Lemberg there are others, gain, 'when I come to treat of the pres but there are quarries in the neighbour sent state of society in Poland. hood. The brick-walls are always luceThe suburb of Praga consists of little cued, or rather rough-calt, as''malons more than a considerable collection of lemm it: there is not an instance in village huts. Some of the houses, it is tlich bricks appear, except from dila: true, have a decent appearance ; but a pidation; it is confidered as vulgar; but large majority are of the description as this idea cannot prevail univerfally, mentioned. The suburbs, indeed, of the custom probably origirated it its every subordinace town are mere collecTaore effectually guardinig thein from the tions of such hovels. enld. Most of the towns which are not The city and university of Cracow I of wood, arc fortified, or rather huve, Hid not vilit; but it is 'ipoken of by the laz; but many of the fortifications Poles us in general better built than ficta calculated rather to amule than re- Warsaw, and as far fuperior to it in filt an enemy.

point of situation, which is among hills Warfaw, situated on the right bank of and woodland scenery. It is famous, as the Viftula, is an irregularly built towi, is well known, for its wonderful taltOn entering it by the wooden bridge aines. It thould seem, however, tlike frote the opposite suburb of Praga, you there is a slight touch of the magic perpile a little; otherwise, the town iticf, eil in the romantically gorgeous describe as well as the furrounding country, is cion of Mr. Coxe. flat. It is remarkable, that it has no Leinberg, in Gallitia, is probably tie blare; teither does it contain any re- must considerable town arter Cracow. gulur ttroet. Some of the belt are adorn- Its population is faid to be above 30,000, ed with foxtely palaces, which in two or thong this seerns questionable from the Diree intances approach to tnagniticence comparative extent of the town. It is, Theie, fus the molt párt, are now de- however, evidently on the increase. Aco



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cording to custom, it has a large Square, subdivision took place the profesor which is at once the best rekdence, and Francis Pastor proceeding from the port the market-place,

of Şifal, to that of Villa llermofa, in the Lublin again is another town of some province of Tobasca, for the purpose of Bote, of which the population is probia propagating vaccination in the district of bly about 5. or 6,000. Like Warlaw, it Ciudad Real of Chiapa, and on to Goa has no square, forming another exception temala, making a circuit of 400 leagues, to the general plan; it confilis merely through a long and rough road, compris of a long thoroughfare ftreet, with a few ing Oaxaca ; while the rest of the expe. others irregularly dilpoled,' The build- dition, which arrived without accident at ings are but indifferent, compared to Veracruz, traverled not only the vice chose in towns of fimilar extent in more royalty of New Spain, but also the in civilized countries,

terior provinces; whence it was to re

turn to Mexico, which was the point of For the Monthly Magaziilea re-union. BURIOUS DETAILS relative to @ RECEXT

This precious preservative against the VOYAGE round the world, performed ravages of the small-pox has already under the AUSPICES of the kind of North America, to the coasts of Sonora

been extended through the whole of SPAIN, for the PURPOSE of INTRODUCT ING the VACCINE INOCULATION into and Sinaloa, and even to the Gentiles all PARTS of his DOMINIONS.

and Neophites of High Pimeria, (Supplemento a la Gazetta de Madrid, guted, composed of the principal author

each capítal a council has been insti. del Martes 14 de O&tubre de 1806.)

rities, and the most zealous members of OY

N Sunday, the 7th of September the faculty, charged with the preserva

lalt, Dr. Francis Xavier Balmis, tion of this invaluable specifis, as surgeon-extraordinary to the king, had sacred deposit, for which they are acthe honour of killing his Majesty's hand, countable to the king and to pofterity. on occasion of his return from a voyage This being accomplifbed, it was the round the world, executed with the fole next care of the director to carry this object of carrying to all the poflellions part of the expedition from America to of the crown of Spain, situated beyond Asia, crowned with the molt brilliant the seas, and to those of several other fuccefs, and with it the comfort of hunations, the inestimable gift of vaccing manity. Some difficulties having bech inoculation. His Majelty has inquired, surmounted, he embarked in the port of with the liveliest intercii

, into all that Acapulco for the Philippine Iliands; that materially related to the expedition, and being the point at which, it attainable, learned, with the utmost satisfaction, that it was originally intended that the under. its result has exceeded the most fanguine taking ihould be terininated. expectations that were entertained at the The bounty of Divine Providence hav. time of the enterprize.

ing vouchsafed to fecond the great and This undertaking had been committed pious designs of the king, Balmis hapto the diligence of several members of pily perforined the voyage in little nore the faculty, and subordinate persons, thay two months : carrying with him, carrying with them twenty-two children, from New Spain, twenty-lix children, who had never undergone the small-pox, dettined to be vaccinated in succellion, selected for the preservation of the pre- as before; and as many of them were cious fluid, by transmitting it fuccellively infants, they were committed to the from one to another, during the courte care of the matron of the foundling-hofof the voyage. The expedition fet fail pital at La Corunna, who, in this, as from Corunna, under the direction of well as the former voyages, conduced Balmis, on the 30th November, 1803. herself in a manner to luerit approbation. It made the first stoppage at the Canary The expedition having arrived at the Inands, the second at Porto-Rico, and Philippines, and propagated the fpecific the third at the Caracas. Oo leaving in the illands subject to his Catholic that province, by the port of La Guayra, Majeliy, Balinis, laving concluded his it was divided into two branches: one pliilanthropic coinnitlion, concerted with part sailing to South America, under the che captain-general the means of excharge of the fubdirector Don Francis tending the benclicence of the king, and Salvani; the other, with the director the glory of his augutt naine, to the reBalqis on board, steering for the Hava motelt confines of Alia. pah, and thence for Yucatan. There a lo point of fact, the cow-pox has


been diffeminated through the vast As plona, Giron, Tunja, Velez, and other chipelayo of the Visayan Inands, whole places in the neiglibourhood, until they chiefs, accustomed to wage perpetual war inet at Santa Fe : leaving every where with us, have laid down their arins, ad suitable instructions for the inembers of miring the generofity of an enemy, who the faculty, and, in the more confideraconferred upon them the blenings of ble towns, regulations conformable to health and life, at the time when they those rules which the director had pre. were labouring under the ravages of an fcribed for the preservation of the virus; epidemic finall-pox. The principal per- which the viceroy affirms to have been fons of the Portuguese colonies, and of communicated to 50,000 persons, withithe Chinese empire, manifefied then- out oue unfavourable result. Towards felves no less bebolden, when, Balmis the close of March, 1805, they prepared reached Macao and Canton; iu both to continue their journey in feparate which places he accomplished the intro- tracks, for the purpose of extending duction of fresh virus, in all its activity, themselves with greater facility and by the means already related : a result, promptitude over the remaining districts which the Englith, on repeated' trials, of the vice-royalty, lituated in the road had failed to procure, in the various oc- of Popayan, Ġuença, and Quito, as far cations when they brought out portions as Liina. In the Auguft following they of matter in the ihips of their Ealt India reached Guayaquil. Company, which loit their efficacy on tlie The result of this expedition has been, patlage, and arrived inert.

not merely to spread the vaccine among After having propagated the vaccine all people, whether friends or enemies, at Canton, as far as pollibility and the among" Moors, among Visayans, and political circumstances of the empire ainong Chinese, but also to fecure to would pernit, and having confided the 'pofterity, in the doininions of his Majesty, further ditlemination of it to the physi- the perpetuity of fo ĝrcat a benefit, cians of the English factory at the above- partly by incans of the central commitmentioned port, Balmis returned to Ma- tees that have been established, as well cao, and embarked in a Portuguese vestel as by the discovery which Balmis made for Lillon; where he arrived on the 15th of an indigenous natter in the cows of of Augutt. In the way he sopped at St. the valley of Atlixco, near the city of Helena, in which, as in other places, by Puebla de los Angeles"; in the neighdint of exhortation and perseverance, he bourhood of that of Valladolid de Meprevailed upon the English to adopt the choacan, where the adjutant Antonio altonishing antidote, which they had 'Gutierrez found it; and in the district of undervalued for the space of more than Calabozo, in the province of Caracas, eight years, though it was a discovery of where Don Carlos de Pozo, physician of their nation, and though it was sent to the residence, found it. them by Jenner himselt

Ainultitude of observations, which Of that branch of the expedition which will be published without delay, respectwas destined for Peru, it is afcertained ing the developement of the vaccine in that it was hipwrecked in one of the various clines, and respecting its effimouths of the River de la Magdalena; cacy, not merely in preventing the nabut having derived immediale fuccour tural small-pox, but in curing fimultanefroin the natives, from the magistrates oully other morbid affections of the huadjacent, and from the governor of Car- nnan frame, will manifest how important tlagena, the subdirector, the three mon- to humanity will prove the confequences bers of the faculty who accompanied of an expedition, which has no parallel bim, and the children, were saved, with in history: the fluid in good preservation, which they Though the object of this undertaking extended in that port and its province was limited to the communication of the with activity and success. Thence it was vaccine in every quarter ; to the instruçe carried to the illimus of Panama; and · tion of profelfors, and to the establishperfons, properly provided with all ne- ment of regulations which might ferve ceffaries, undertook the long aod painful to render it perpetual,--nevertheless, the Davigation of the River de la Mayrla- director has onitted no means of renlenn; separating, when they reached the dering his services beneficial, at the interior, to discharge their commiffiou in fame time, to agriculture and the scithe bowns of Tenerife, Mompox, Ocana, ences. He brings with him a contiderSecarro, Skin Gil y Medellin, in the sal- uble collection of exutic plauts. He has Ley of Cacuta, and in the cities of Pam- cauted to be drawn the most valuable 2

subjects subjects in natural history. He has Mort-fighted policy whicb retarded the amafled much important inforination; commencement of these plans fhould and, among other claims to the gratitude have again evinced itself, and an injanćof his country, not the leat conlilts in tion obtained from the court of Chan'baviug imported a valuable affemblage of cery to prevent the making, under any trees and vegetables, in a ttate to admit modifications whatever, a communication 'of propagation, and which, being culti- between Queen-square and Guilfordvated in those parts of the penintula that street; the inlets to which cannot now, ale most congenial to their growth, will without the aid of Parliament, be materender this expeditioni as memorable in rially amended for many centuries; and

the annals of agriewture, as in those of the iquare mult consequently be accetsimedicine and humanity. It is hoped ble only by the present iniserable avenues that the fubdirector and his coadjutors, from the fouth and weft. It is also unappointed to carry there blellings tó fortunate, that, from the fame source of Peru, will thortly' return by way of opposition, the continuation of QueenBuenos-Ayres, after having accomplished square of an equal width, was not effecttheir journey through that vice-royalty, ed to the northern extremity of the the vice-royalty of Lima, and the dif- Foundling estate, which hud been prütricts of Chili' and Charcas; and that jected. they will bring with them such collections It is much to be regretted, that the and observations as they have been able plan of Mr. Cockerell the architect was to acquire, according to the instructions not adopted—by which the hospital was given by the director, without lofing fight to form the centre of one large Square, of the philanthropic commission which extending the whole fize of Brunswick they received froin his Majesty, in the square, a corresponding space eastward, plenitude of his zeal for the welfare of and to Guilford-street southward ; the the human race.

useless dwarf buildings round the liofpital being removed to make way for a noble

area, deligned to have been dressed, For the Monthly Magazine. planted, and surrounded by iron palisaRECENT IMPROVEMENTS of the METRO

docs, which would then have forned by POLIS,' in the VICINITY of BLOOMS

far the grandest square in London, and a BURY and the FOUNDLING-NOSPITAL.

superb ornament to the metropolis.

Perhaps also it may be conlidered unWHAT a situation fo convenient for fortunate, that the original intentions of for pleasure, as the neighbourhood of the ried into effect. By these it was proFoundling Hospital, should fo long have pofed to rebuild the manfion-houfe on a continued unbuilt upon, when the most magnificent scale, removed further from remote and inauspicious parts of the town Bloomibury-fquare, and to radiate two have been moit closely covered over, has lines of capital houses northward from been a subject of great furprite. The thence to the New Road, on cach side means that were used by an interested of a lawn of about thirty acres inclosed party, by whom the charity was fo long and planted, having funk cross-roads to kept from those advantages its Gtuation communicate with Gower-street. Under coinmanded, to protract the coinmence- this impreffion, the new houses on the ment of a plan from which such an immense cast lide of Ruffell-Square, and the derevenue will now be derived, being over- tached houfes northward, were built. come by the exertions of its friends, the But the subsequent determination of the buildings were commenced in the year duke to reside nearer the court produced 1790 in Guilford-Itreet, to the eallward the present arrangement; by which to of Lamb's Conduit-street; and from tbat great an increase has already been made time have been uncealingly prosecuted to to luis grace's reutat, and which will fo the present year.

prodigiously enlarge the income of his Very foon after the commencement of lucceffors. these buildings, the proprietor of the In 1800 Beford-house was pulled down, Doughty estate adjoining cattivard, and and in 1809 all the new houses between the late Duke of Bedford to the west, Russell-square and Bloomsbury-square, on

united in carrying into effect those plans the lite of the old house and gardens, which have now revealed theinfelves to were croćted; fince 1801, all the new the public; but it will long be a subject buildings, cxclutive of thufe already of deep regret, that any part of the mentioned, on what was fusucrly kuona

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as the Long-fields, have been erected. trees, and the houses to be coupled or Rullell-iquare is contiderably larger than detached, allowing abundar.t space to any other in London, Lincoln's Ion-fields each for respectable inhabitants. excepted. Its dimentions nearly (for it It is worthy of remark, that a line is not perfectly at right angles, in conse- drawn from the obelisk in St. George's quence of the alteration of the plan al fields to the Hampstead road, will directready mentioned,) are 678 feet on each ly pass to the easiward of Somerset-place Ide. Bolton-houle, occupied in 1803 in the Strand, by Bloomsbury, through by the late Farl Rosslyn, has recently Russell and Taviliock-tquares, and the been divided into two, and its court- above grand avenue; and, at a compayard covered by three excellent houses, ratively finall expense, form a noble fireet, wuch completes the eastern side of the of communication of more than three {quare.

miles in extent; dividing the metropolis Much pains have been used and ex- north and fouth, almolt centrally. pense incurred, in laying out and plant- The new bridge (fo injudicivuily ining the area of this square; which, when tended to be built acrois the Thames the trees and plants that have arrived at opposite Beaufort-buildings), without the a greater degree of maturity, will render pollibility of any conhderable northern it one of the most agreeable in London. outlet, thould undoubtedly be placed in On the fouth inde, immediately opposite this line; the eastern wing of SomersetBedford-place, a pedestrian statue in place completed, and a correspondent bronze of the late excellent Duke Fran- range of buildings at the back of Surrycis, is to be set up by Mr. Weltmacot, by fireet erected, with a spacious street bé, pubic fubscription, and will inuch add, tween, at least eighty feet wide, forming to the beauty of this place.

the access from the Strand, and leading: To the northward, Taviltock-square is direct to the propofed grand ftrect. commenced, and by an early attention The road from the bridge to the obe: to the inclosing and planting its area be lilk would be through property that must, fore the erection of the habitations, it be most materially increased in value by has beootue at once pleasant, healthy, the operation; and if the prices which and dearable... 19

building-ground has produced to the cor, To the castward of the Foundling-hof- poration of London, at their improve pital a square is begun, of the faine di- ments by Snow-hill and Temple-bar, be menbons as Brunswick-Iguare North- a criterion, the making fo grand a fireet waripfe che hospital garden is the rate as is here projected, would prove an. of Mr. Harrison, where a respectable undertaking of very confiderable profit to Deighbouchood is rapidly formiug; and any individuals who, fanctioned by the nearly adjoming, is a large field belong, legillature, might undertake it; the greate. ing to the Skinuers Company, for which, er proportion of the space between that: sutenkive building-plans have been pro-, part of Holborn and the Strand being at jected, but tharough some extraordinary prefent chiefly oceupied as fheds or teneinadvertence, no agreeinent has been ments of the most miserable quality, dected, tonfure respectable acceffes The new street would allow of houses of other by otbe foutlo, eait, or weltern the most respectable class, public or pritides. Inamite

vate, and consequently the ground ipart The estate formerly belonging to Mr. be proportionably valuable. It should Mortimer; at the north end of Gower, aliu be at least cighty.feet wide ; nines; treet, after many years' litigation, bus, or one hundred would be better; and. now become ile property of Sir William. its arrangement of houses, elevation, Paxton, who proposes to put up exten- character, &c. ought all to be new and fase and respectable buildings on it-and, striking. The dwellings thould afford to contaue Gower street to the road. filiicient

space for trade, but not to overTashe adrthwerd of Tavittock-square, whelm the tradesmen with rent; and priua area of about twenty acres is propoled vate individuals, or profesional men, to be arounded with buildingss the thould therei find accommodations. otce to be occupied and drelied as To return to the nety buildings by turiers-groundsthe Paddington road Bloomsbury. They corporation of the ramaing between them. Directly north- city of London on its citate between ward, from the centre of this largearea, Gosver-itreet and Tottenham Couto road, a wide grand rand to lead to the is cauling a ftreet, with a crescent, at Haopflead road at Camden Town; the esch end, to bę erected, and long, Lule to be planted with double rows of range of thops next the road: the whole WošteLT Mac, No. 165.


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