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who think they love that name will, I doubt not, afford me the pleasure of seeing them.

There were not many faces that were not immediately overspread with a conscious blush ; though there was a little variety in their different countenances, expressive of different kinds and degrees of feeling.

Turning to Mrs. Evans, I said, I have no more to add, my dear madam, at present; I have explained the object of my call, and will not obtrude any longer ;--and taking leave, I returned homewards.

Comforted by the success so far obtained, I ruminated much on my way, and longed extremely to blend with my party some of my brethren of low degree, but, on reflection, I thought it best to commence in the way of a distinct class, until I had won a little on my friends to understand the importance of the command, in its influence on all ranks of men ; for it is to man that God has adapted His holy laws; He is no respecter of persons; He has brought all into an equality in his sight, first, by showing the whole world to be guilty before Him, and then, in the adoption by Christ into the family of God ; He has thus spoken to them who are in Him: “Let the brother of low degree rejoice in that he is exalted, and the rich in that he is made low."--James i. 9, 10.

I expected a visit from my sister, and hoped she would be in time to make one of the party at its commencement. She was one who had

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endeavored to frame her conduct towards her family upon the counsels of the Word of God, and with the view to His holy command ; and though of modest and retired habits, I hoped to induce her to take some part in my plan. Her young family was an interesting specimen of the blessing of this plan of education, and manifested the power of early religious instruction on the conduct of those children who are trained up in the way they should go ; though their dispositions were various. I was therefore truly happy to find that she had arrived during my absence. Her sweet children were watching my return, from the window, and were soon clinging around me, seeking my caresses and expressing their own pleasure. My sister, though not so rapid in her movements, was shortly one with us, and the children gave way by a general impulse until their mother had received my welcome; and whilst the youngest boy took my hand, the daughter attached herself to her mother, whose side she seemed loth to leave.

We did not part that evening until I had communicated my object and obtained their concurrence; and thus I felt strengthened by the happy coincidence of having the addition of a few children, who, with their mother, were seriously impressed with the importance and love of the fifth commandment: “ Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee."

The next morning I had the early assistance


of my young relatives in making preparations for the reception of our expected guests. The party promising to be large, we arranged one room for the young people, and another for the seniors, proposing to be directed in the course I should adopt, by the feeling I should observe most prevalent amongst my friends, and trusting to be favored with a discernment of character that should afford mě' opportunity for pointed and faithful speaking

Uncle, said Louisa, what shall I do in so large a party? I have never been accustomed to such a company, for we live so retired, that I really shall not know how to behave.

You will naturally behave as you ought to do, my dear Louisa, -her mamma remarked with mildness, if you forget yourself, and desire to promote the happiness of others.

Yes, mamma; I am aware of that; but you know it will be very difficult to forget myself, when I am fearful of not conducting myself like those with whom I shall be mixed.

You need have no anxiety, my love, about assimilating with your party.;+that would be much more difficult. If you unaffectedly desire , to be no more than you are, you will be devoid of a care which would ensnare you. Seek not to please others by conformity to them :-first ascertain to whom they are conformed, and be you conformed to the one Image set before us in the Word of God. True, mamma, I know the advice is good; and

though I still feel a fear of difficulty, I will endeavor to bear it in mind, and will try to put it in practice.

As your uncle's niece, you will be expected to show. attention to all the party. Be, therefore, courteous, be kind, as the apostle exhorts; but be steady and consistent to the principles, you have 'imbibed ; remember to whose service you are dedicated.

Louisa received the advice with attentive observation, and it was evident that she was a girl who was accustomed to hear the instructions of her father, and to forsake not the law of her mother. The lesson did not appear to impose any restraint upon her : she received it as the word of wisdom and of love, in which she perfectly agreed, though she felt the natural workings of the heart; and perceiving that her mother had concluded her remarks, she looked at her with a smile of affectionate confidence, without continuing the subject.


My party was now fast forming, and my sister agreeing to receive the young people, I was the more at liberty to attend to the seniors, all of whom were assembled ; and Mrs. Evans introduced her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Graham, saying, I have taken this liberty ;-as my friends arrived unexpectedly ;-having named to them the novelty of the engagement this evening, they declared they would not detain me at home, but would much like to be admitted here ; and besides, it will answer your purpose, as they have a fine family of children.

My welcome was sincere to all, and I offered coffee early, that we might have a more uninterrupted evening. Mrs. Evans seemed full of curiosity, and addressing a lady wear her, said,

I feel a little as if I had come to school ; I declare I have a kind of fear that the papas and mammas are to be lectured as well as the boys and girls.

I slould not be sorry were it so, she replied, for I really feel my own deficiencies. Oh! but really, I hope at least, she said laugh

I ing, -we shall not be catechised; absolutely, I do not know whether I could repeat one of the Commandments correctly; and as to understanding them, you know, that belongs to people of a certain turn of mind, who see in them so much spirituality, as they call it, that they make the whole a mystery.

May 1, I said, be permitted to remark upon your observation ?

O yes, shrugging her shoulders, certainly.

I do first assure you, my dear madam, I intend not to catechise : but you observed something which implied a difficulty in understanding the

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