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aforesaid ; any Thing in this or any former A&t or Acts of Par.
liament contained, or any other Order or Provision heretofore
made, to the contrary notwithstanding. (a) [By 6 G.1.
c. 11. § 1. the old Standard is restored; and by Sezt. 41. of the
fame Aa the old and new Standard are both established. And see
as to the Exportation of wrought Plate, &c. 9.& 10 W. 3.
c. 28. 51.]
“ Collectors may receive the Land Tax in wrought Plate at five -
“ Shillings Four pence an Ounce, &c. before first January 1697.
“ 9 10. Hammered current Money at five Shillings Two pence

an Ounce, and wrought Plate to be melted down and coined “ into new Money, &c. s 11.

An Ad to restore the Market at Blackwell Hall to the

Clothiers, and for regulating the Factors there.
FORASMUCH as of late Years, by the great Increase of

the Factors of Blackwell Hall in the City of London, and • by the Advantages given them by the Governors of the said • Hall, not only in afligning threm'the most convenient Lights, * but permitting them to hire Warehouses in the said Hall to © their own Ules, into which they enter upon those Days that

are nó Market Days, and carry the Clothiers Cloths thence, 6 and expose them to Sale in a clandestine Manner in their • own Houses, whereby great Inconvenience and Discouragement

hath accrued to the Clothing Trade, on which the Welfare • of this Nation very much depends :' For Remedy hereof be it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That from and after the first Day of May, which shall be in the Year of our Lord One thousand fix hundred ninety seven, the Governors of Blackwell Hall, and their Deputies, shall strictly perform, observe and keep the fet Times and Rales hereinafter limited and appointed for the exact Keep

ing and Government of the publick Market of Blackwell Hall, When the that is to say, The said Market shall begin and be held on every Market is ta he Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from eight of the Clock in the

Forenoon, until twelve o'Clock in the same Forenoon, and from

two of the Clock in the Afternoon, until five o'clock in the Regulations. fame Afternoon; and that the faid Hours, for the Beginning and

Ending of the faid Markets, shall be known by the ringing of the Market Bell in the Hiall aforesaid, appointed for that Use and Purpose; and the fame to be held and continued weekly throughout the whole Year, except Days of Humiliation or Thanksgiving appointed to be otherwise set apart by A&t of Parliament, or publick Authority; and the Keepers of the faid Hall shall not permit or fuffer any buying or selling of any Woollen Cloth at the said Hall, in or upon any other Days or Hours, than

upon the Market Days and Hours appointed as aforesaid, upon Penalty. the Penalty of one hundred Pounds. Room to show II. And be it further enacted by the Anthority aforesaid, That Clash, the Governors of Binckwell Hall, and their Deputies, shall set forth and appoint unto the Clothiers of all Counties, that hall


bring up Cloth to sell at the said publick Market, the most conTenient Room in the said Hall for the Sale of their Cloth, and likewise Warehouse Room for the lodging and safe keeping of any Warehouse Cloth of the faid Clothiers unfold, the Clothiers or their Servants Room. paying unto the Hall-keepers the ancient Duties of the said Hall, and no more.

Ill. And for the further Encouragement of the said publick Market, Be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That no Factor or any Person or Persons whatsoever, other than the Owner of the Cloth, shall sell, cause to be fold or expose to Sale, out Cloth fold out of of the said Market of Blackwell Hall, any Cloth configned or the Market. directed by the Owner thereof to be brought to the faid Market of Blackwell Hall

, or to any Factor there, to be fold, upon the Penalty. Penalty of five Pounds for every such Cloth to fold.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the Hall-keepers, Clerks Regulation for and Matter-porters of the said Hall

, so far as they are hereby Hall keepers, concerned, shall take care that all the Rules and Orders appoint.

Clerks, &c. ed to be observed by this Act, in every Branch of it, be put in Execution; and fall alfo diligently and faithfully keep their Books and weekly Registers, of all the Cloths bought and fold in the said Market'; in which Books and Registers they and every of them, as they are concerned in their respective Places, fall truly enter the Names, Surnames and Places of Habitation of the owner, Buyer and Seller, of every the said Cloths, together with the Time of the Sale thereof, and likewise of the Factor or any other Person (other than the Owner) buying or selling the fame, to the end Clothiers and others concerned may be satisfied how their Cloths are disposed of from Time to Time, to which faid Books it shall be lawful for the faid Clothiers, their Agents and Servants, at all convenient Times to have Recourse without any Fee, Gratuity or Reward to be paid for the same ; and if any Neglecting Hall-keeper, Clerk or Master-porter, shall neglect to perform his Duty. Duty herein, he shall for every such Offence forfeit the Sum of Penalty. ten Pounds: And in case any Person or Persons, from and after Persons buying the said first Day of May, shall buy any Cloth of any Factor or otherwise than Factors or other Person or Perfons, except of the Owner of for ready Mosuch Cloth, otherwise than for ready Money; that then and in ney, Factor every such Case, the Factor or Factors, Person or Persons felling to demand a such Cloth, fall within twelve Days next after the Sale and

Buyer. Delivery of the same, take or demand a Note in Writing from the Person or Persons buying such Cloth, teftifying under the Hand of the Buyer the Cloth fo fold, and the Sum of Money such Cloth was fold for, and payable by such Buyer, to the Owner of such Cloth, according to the Contract, and shall deliver on Demand such Note, with Notice of such Buyer's usual Place of Abode thereon subscribed, to the Owner of the Cloth so sold, or to any Person authorized by the Owner to demand and receive the fame, on Pain to forfeit to the owner or owners of such Cloth, for every Neglect or Refusal of demanding such Note, or Penalty. {uch Delivery thereof, with Notice as aforesaid, double the Value of the Cloth so sold, to the Owner or Owners of such Cloth; and if any Merchant, Woollen Draper or Trader in the Woollen Buyers refulia Manufacture, buying any Woollen Cloth upon Trust, shall refuse to give Notes pr neglect to give such 'Note as aforesaid, upon Requelt to him for that Purpole to be made at any Time after eight Days next


after the Sale and Delivery of the said Cloth, he shall forfeit for Penaky. every such Offence the Sum of twenty Shillings for every Cloth Iw what Care fo sold, to the Owner of the faid Cloth; and every piece of Cloth deemed to Cloth, not actually returned within eight Days next after the Le approved of. Sale and Delivery of the same, shall be and is hereby adjudged,

deemed and taken to be pased and approved of by the Buyer as a merchantable Cloth; and all Contracts, Promises and Agreements, for the allowing of any longer Time for the passing of

any Cloth, fhall be and are hereby declared to be void. Penalties, &c. V. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, how to be reo That all the Forfeitures and Penalties imposed by virtue of this conesed.

A&, shall or may be sued for and recovered by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, in any of His Majesty's Courts of Record, in which no Essoin, Wager of Law or Protection, and but one Imparlance shall be allowed ;, and if not otherwise hereinbefore disposed of, one Moiety thereof shall be to the Use of His

Majesty, His Heirs and Succeffors, and the other to the Informer. Owners of Cluch - VI. Provided always, and be it enacted by the Authority afore. not suing for

faid, That if the owner of the Cloth shall neglect to sue for any Penalty in fix

of the Penalties and Forfeitures he shall be intitled to by virtue Months.

of this Act, by the Space of fix Months next after the Offence committed, then it shall and may be lawful for


other Person to sue for and recover the same, and one Moiety thereof shall be to the Use of His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, and the other to the Informer. [None but the Clothier or Owner of the Cloth may fue the Faflor, 1 G. 1. Stat. 2. c. 15.9 13. But that Ad

wholly repealed, 49 G. 3. c. 109. s 1.] Faltors to give VII. And to prevent fraudulent Practices of Factors as to the Account of the Effects of Clothiers in their Hands, and as to the Debts due to Hands

, of Cloth Clothiers, contracted for by such Factors ; Be it further enacted fold, and of

by the Authority aforesaid, That every person being a knows Money due.

or reputed Factor for selling Cloth in the said Market of Blackwell Hall, shall, before the four and twentieth Day of June One thousand fix hundred ninety seven, if thereunto requested by any Clothier or Owner of Cloth, give and deliver a true and particular Account in Writing to such Clothier or Owner of Cloth, of the Effects of such Clothier or Owner of Cloth, which now are, or before the first Day of May One thousand fix hundred nivety seven, shall be in the Hands of such Factor, and the

parricular Cloths of such Clothier dr Owner of Cloth fold by such Factor, and of the particular Sums of Money due to such Clothier or Owner of Cloth by any Contract of such Factor, and of the respective Names and Places of Abode of every Person from whom such Sums are due ; and if any luch Factor shall refuse or neglect to give and deliver fuch Account as aforefaid, he shall

forteit to the Person or Persons to whom he ought to give and Penalty deliver such Account, ten Pounds, to be recovered and sued for 'as aforesaid.

An Act to enable the Returns of Juries as formerly, until

the first Day of November One thousand fix hundred ,&8W.3.

ninety seven. a. 32 & 4


HEREAS by an Act made in the first Session of this present Parliament, intituled, An Aa for the Ease of


Jurors, and better Regulating of Juries, it is, amongft other • Things, enacted, That all Constables, Tithingmen and Head• boroughs of Towns in each Connty, or their Deputies, or some • or one of them shall yearly at the General Quarter-Sessions of • the Peace to be holden for each County, Riding or Division, for any part thereof, in the Week after the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel

, upon the firft Day of the said Sessions, or upon

the first Day that the faid Sessions shall be held by • Adjournment at any other particular Division or Place, return

and give a true List in writing of the Names and Places of • Abode of all Persons within the respective Places for which

they serve, qualified to serve upon such Juries, with their Titles • and Additions, between the Age of one and twenty Years ' and the Age of seventy Years, to the Justices of the Peace in

open Court ; which faid Justices, or any two of them at the • said Seffions, in the respective Counties, Ridings or Divisions, • shall cause to be delivered a Duplicate of the aforesaid returned • Lifts by the Clerks of the Peace of every County or Riding,

to the Sheriffs or their Deputies, on or before the first Day of

January next following, and cause the said Lifts to be fairly (entred into a Book by the Clerk of the Peace, to be by bim • provided and kept for that Purpose amongst the Records of • the said Court of Sessions ; and no Sheriff shall impanel or · return any Person or Persons to try any of the Issues joined in any of the said Courts, or to be or serve in any Jury at the • Aflizes, Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, Gaol Delivery, or • Sessions of the Peace, that shall not be named or mentioned « in the faid Lift : And whereas several Constables, not being ap• prized of their Duties, have neglected to make Returns of

Jurors in fuch Manner as by the faid Act is directed, insomuch • that there are really no Lists or Duplicates of Persons out of · which the Jurors are to be returned or impanelled by the ! Sheriffs for the Trials of such Issues as aforesaid, ever made • up, or entred into Books as the said A& directs, in several • Counties of this Kingdom ; and the Sheriffs being as aforesaid * obliged by the faid Act, neither to return or impanel any Person " or Persons that shall not be named or mentioned in the said • Lifts, there will, in all and every the faid Counties where there I have been such total Neglects as aforesaid (unless other Pro! vision shall be made) be a Failure of Trials by Juries :' For Remedy whereof be it enacted, and it is hereby enacted by the King's Moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Content of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the fame, That Before I Nov. it shall and may be lawful at any Time before the first Day of 1697, Liits of November, which shall be in the Year of our Lord One thou- Juries may be

returned as for fand fix hundred ninety seven, for all Sheriffs or Coroners of

merly. Counties and Places where such Lifts have not been returned pursuant to the Direction of the said Act, to make Returns of Jurors in all Cases whatsoever, in the same Manner as they might have done before the making of the said A&; any Thing in the said Ad to the contrary notwithstanding. And to the Juftices to issue end the faid Act may be duly put in Execution from and after their Precepts the Feast of Saint Michael, which shall be in the Year of our

yearly Lord One thousand fix hundred ninety seven, all Justices of the


Peace are hereby required and commanded, at their respective
Sessions of the Peace that shall be holden next before the Feast
of Saint Michael yearly and every Year, to issue forth Precepts
to the respective Constables within their respective Counties or
Divisions, thereby requiring them and every of them to make,
such Return of Persons to terve upon Juries, as by the faid Act is

An Act for the better preventing frivolous and vexatious.


OR Relief of His Majesty's good Subjects against causeless.

and unjust Suits, and for the better enabling them to recover their juft Rights; Be it enacted by the King's Moit Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Content of the Lords

Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliathere one or ment assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That from more of tiveral and after the five and twentieth Day of March, which shall be Defendants ac

in the Year of our Lord One thousand fix hundred ninety and quitted, Crits, as it all acquitted. feven, where several Persons shall be made Defendants to any

Action or Plaint of 'Trespass, Assault, falfe Imprisonment, or Ejectione firma, and any one or more of them hall be upon the Trial thereof acquitted by Verdict, every Person or Persons so acquitted shall have and recover his Costs of Suit, in like

Manner as if a Verdiet had been given against the Plaintiff or Irception. Plaintiffs, and acquitted all the Defendants ; unless the Judge,'

before whom fuchi Cause shall be tried, shall immediately after the Trial thereof, in open Court, certify upon the Record under his Hand, that there was a reasonable Cause for the making such Perfon or Persons a Defendant or Defendants to such Action or Plaint.

« Il. And forasmuch as for Want of a sufficient Provision by • Law for the Payment of Cofts of Suit, divers evil disposed Per• fons are encouraged to bring frivolous and vexatious Actions,

and others to neglect the due Payment of their Debts ;' Be iť further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if at any Time from and after the faid five and twentieth Day of March, any Person or Persons shall commence or profecute in any Court of

Record, any Action, Plaint or Suit, wherein vpon any Demurrer; Defendant, on either by Plaintiff or Defendant, Demandant or Tenant, Judg. Judgment given ment shall be given by the Court against such Plaintiff or. Defor him, &c. to

mandant, or if at any Time after Judgment given for the Derecover Colts.

fendant in


such Action, Plaint or Suit, the Plaintiff or De. mandant shall fue any Writ or Writs of Error to annul the said Judgment, and the said Judgment shall be afterwards affirmed to be good, or the said Writ of Error shall be discontinued, or the Plaintiff shall be non-fuit therein, the Defendant or Tenant in every such A&tion, Plaint, Suit or Writ of Error, shall have Judgment to recover his Cofts against every such Plaintiff or Plaintiffs, Demandant or Demandants, and have Execution for

the fame by Gapias ad fatisfaciendun, Fieri facias or Elegit. Whips Plaintif III. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, 10 rtuter Corts. That from and after the said five and twentieth Day of March,

in all Actions of Walte, and Actious of Debt upon the Statute for not setting forth of Tithes, wherein the single Value or


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