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John Murrill. Licensed to John Browne, Modern ... The whole containing All 29 April, 1617.

that is necessary to be known concerning A Delightfull daily exercise for Ladies that Vast Empire. London, Printed for and Gentlewomen. Whereby is set foorth

R. Baldwin ... 1698. 4o. A, 2 leaves : the secrete misteries of the purest pre

B-E 2 in fours. seruings in Glasse and other Confriction- MUSGRAVE. aries, as making of Breads, Pastes, Pre- Musgraues Motiues or his Reasons for his serues, Suckets, Marmalates, Tartstuffes, Cessaçon from the Doctrine of the Church rough Candies, with many other things of Rome. Licensed to Richard More, 6 neuer before in Print. Whereto is added

March, 1620-1. a Booke of Cookery. By Iohn Murrell

Professor thereof. London, Printed for
Tho: Dewe, and are to be sold at his

The Mushroom : Or, A Satyr against Shoppe in St. Dunstons Church-yard in

Libelling Tories and Prelatical Tantivies: Fleete-Street. 1621. 12o. The Exercise,

In Answer to a Satyr against Sedition A--G 4 in twelves : the Book of Cookery,

called the Meddal. By the Author of A, 8 leaves : B, 12 leaves : C, 5 leaves.

Absalom and Achitophel. And here Printed between borders. Br. M.

answered by the Author of the Black

Nonconformist; The next day after the Myrrels two bookes of cookerie and carr- Publication of the Meddal ; To help the ing. The fifth time printed, with new Sale thereof. Additions. London, Printed by M. F. Nitimur in vetitum . Quousque ? for Iohn Marriot, . . . 1641. go, black

London, Printed for Fra: Smith Jun.... letter, A-N in eights. Douce Coll.

MDCLXXXII. Folio, A-E, 2 leaves each. A second title reads: A Nevv Book of Cookerie. Wherein is set forth a most per

MUSIC. fect direction to furnish an extraordinary,

A boke of musyke. Licensed to Thomas or ordinary feast, either in Summer or Vautrollier in 1570-1. Winter. Also a Bill of Fare for Fish-dayes, Fasting-daies, Ember-weekes, or Lent. And

A Musicall Banquet, Set forth in three likewise the most commendable fashion of

choice Varieties of Mvsick. The first Dressing, or Sowcing, either Flesh, Fish, or Part presents you with Excellent new Fowle : for making of Gellies, and other Lessons for the Lira Viol, set to severall Made-dishes for service, to beautifie either New Tunings. The second a Collection Noblemans or Gentlemans Table. Together

of New and Choyce Allmans, Corants, with the best and newest Art of Carving and Sewing. All set forth according to the

and Sarabands for one Treble and Basse now new English and French fashion : By Viol, composed by Mr. William Lawes, lohn Myrrell.

and other Excellent Authours. The third The first portion is dedicated “to the Part containes New and Chovce Catches vertvovs and well accomplished Gentle

or Rounds for three or foure Voyces. To woman Mris Martha Hayes. Daughter to the honorable S. Thomas Hayes Knight,

which is allded some few Rules and Dilate Lord Maior of the City of London,"

rections for such as learne to sing, or to from London, July 20, 1630.

play on the Viol. London, Printed by The second book is said to be the sixth T. H. for John Benson, and John Playimpression, and is dedicated to Lady Brown,

ford, and are to be sold at their Shops in wife to the right worshipful Sir John

Dunstans Church-Yard, and in the Inner Brown.

Temple, neare the Church Doore, 1651. MUSÆUM MINERVÆ.

Oblong 4°, A-D in fours. Dedicated The First Lecture being an Introduction “ To all Lovers of the Art of Musick," by to the Military Architecture, or Fortifica- John Playford. Douce Coll. tions. Read Publiquely at St. Balthazar

Musick and Mirth, Presented In a choice Gerbiers Academy : .. Printed at Lon

Collection of Rounds or Catches for three don for Robert Ibbitson dwelling in Smithfield neer Hosier Lane, 1650. 4°,

Voyces : Composed by severall Excellent

Authours, and published for the Civill A-C in fours.

Recreation of all Lovers of Musick. LonThe Art of well speaking, being a Lecture don, Printed by T. H. John Benson, Read Publiquely at St. Balthazar Gerbiers

and John Playford, and are to be sold at Academy. Printed at London for Robert

their Shops in Dunstans Church-Yard, Ibbitson ... 1650. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. and in the Inner Temple, neare the MUSCOVY.

Church Doore, Anno Domini. 1651. A New and Exact Description of Mos

Oblong 4°, pp. 12. Bodleian. covy. Containing its State Ancient and Select Musicall Ayres and Dialogves, For

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one and two Voyces, to sing to the Theorbo, Lute, or Basse Violi. Composed by John Wilson, Charles Colman, Doctours of Musick. Henry Lawes, William Webb, Gentlemen. To which is added some few short Ayres or Songs for three Voyces, to an Instrument. London, Printed for John Playford,

.. Anno Domini, 1652. Folio. A-M, 2 leaves each. (ii.) The Second Booke of Ayres, Containing Pastorall Dialogues for two Voyces, to sing either to the Theorbo, Harpsicore, or Basse-Violl. Also short Ayres for three Voyces, with a thorow Basse. Composed by many Excellent Masters in Musick, now living. London, Printed by Thomas Harper, for John Playford, ... 1652. Folio. 1, 2 leaves : Aa-Gg, 2 leaves each. Select Musicall Ayres and Dialogues, In Three Bookes. . . . London, Printed by

. T. H. for John Playford, .. 1653. Folio. Book First, A-K, 2 leaves each: Book Second, Aa-Dd, 2 leaves each : Book Third, Ee-H), 2 leaves, and a leaf of Ii, Select Ayres and Dialogues for One, Two, and Three Voyces ; to the Theorbo-Lute or Basse-Viol. Composed by John Wilson Charles Colman Doctors in Musick. Henry Lawes William Lawes Nicholas Laneare William Webb Gentlemen and Servants to his late Majesty in his Publick and Private Musick. And other Escellent Masters of Musick. London, Printed by W. Godbid for John Playford, ... 1659. Folio. A-Ff, 2 leaves each. Choice Ayres, Songs, & Dialogues ... Newly Re-printed with large Additions. London, Printed by William Godbid, and are to be sold by John Playford ... . 167684. Folio.

Book I., A-Bb, 2 leaves each: Book II., dated 1679, A-0, 2 leaves each: Book III., dated 1681, A-0, 2 leaves each : Book IV., dated 1683, A-Z, 2 leaves each : Book V.,

dated 1684, A-R, 2 leaves each. Musicks Hand-maid : New Lessons and Instrvctions for the Virginals or Harpsichord. London, Printed for J. Playford.

.. 1678. 8o. A, 8 leaves : B-K in fours : Second Part, B-G in fours, besides title and following leaf. A Vade Mecum For the Lovers of Musick, Shewing the Excellency of the Rechorder: With some Rules and Directions for the

Also, Some New Ayres never before Published. London, Printed by N. Thompson for John Hudgebut at the

Sign of the Golden Harp and Hoe-boy in Chancery - lane near Fleet - street, MDCLXXIX. Oblong 40, A-D in sixes. Douce Coll. The Banquet of Musick: Or, A Collection of the newest and best Songs sung at Court, and at Publick Theatres. With a Thorow-Bass for the Theorbo-Lute, Bass-Viol, Harpsichord, or Organ. Composed by several of the best Masters. The Words by the Ingenious Wits of the Age. In the Savoy : Printed by E. Jones for Henry Playford . . . 1688. Folio.

First Book, A-N, 2 leaves each : Second, A-M, 2 leaves each : Third, A with the title, B-G in twos, and a leaf of H:

Fourth, B-I in twos, and the title. Deliciæ Musicæ : Being a collection of the newest and best Songs Sung at Court and at the Publick Theatres most of them within the Compass of the Flute. With a Thorow-Bass, for the Theorbo-Lute, Bass-Viol, Harpsichord, or Organ. Composed by several of the Best Authors . . London, Printed by J. Heptinstall for Henry Playford . . . 1695-6. Folio.

First Book, A-I, 2 leaves each ; Second Book, A-G, 2 leaves each ; Vol. 2, Book 1, 10 leaves ; Vol. 2, Book 2, 12 leaves ; Book 3, 12 leaves ; Book 4, 10 leaves. Each has

a separate title. Mercurius Musicus : Or, The Monthly Collection of New Teaching Songs, (For the Year, 1700.) Compos'd for, and Sung at the Theatres, and other Publick Places. With an Addition of Two Part Songs, and a Thorough Bass to each Song, London : Printed by W. Pearson, for D. Browne ... 1700. Folio.

I have seen only the numbers from March to December, 1700. The Monthly Mask of Vocal Music, or the Newest Songs Made for the Theatres & other Occasions . London Printed for and sold by I. Walsh and I. Hare ... 1703-7. Folio.

Each part consists, so far as I have ex. amined them, of four leaves and a prettily

engraved titlepage. A Short Explication of such Foreign Words, as are made use of in MusickBooks. London, Printed for J. Brotherton ... 1725. 12o.

A mere reissue of Walsh's edition, with a

new titlepage. MUSSELL, FRANCIS. Good Newes for all true hearted Subjects. Videlicet, The Parliament goes on. Written by Francis Mussell, Vintner. Printed with License, by R. H. for T. B. and are to be sold at his shop in the Old Bayly. 1641. A broadside in verse, with a

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woodcut of a figure in costume bearing a
banner, on which is Soli Deo Gloria.
A briefe Treatise, Concerning the vse and
abuse of dauncing. Collected oute of
the learned workes of the most excellent
Deuine Doctour, Peter Martyr, by Maister
Rob. Mussonius: And translated into
English by I. K. . . . Imprinted at Lon-
don by Íohn Iugye, dwellyng at the
North doore of Poules. 8°, black letter,
A-D 4 in eights, D 4 blank. Dedicated
to Dr. Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's. B. M.

The Weekly Discovery of the Mystery of
Iniquity: In the Rise, Growth, Methods,
and Ends of the late Unnatural Rebellion
in England, Anno 1641. London, Printed
for Benj. Tooke, 1681. Folio, (Feb. 5—
Aug. 27, 1681,] 30 single leaves.
The Weekly Discoverer Strip'd Naked :
Or, Jest and Earnest Expos'd to Publick
View in his Proper Colours. London:
Printed for Benjamin Harris, . . . 1681.
Folio, 6 leaves or numbers.



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N. C.

N. S. The Unfortunate Politique (Herod.] Aula Lucis, Or, The House of Light: A First written in French by C. N. En- Discourse written in the year 1651. glished by George] P[igot.] Oxford, S. N. a Modern Speculator. London, Printed by L. Lichfield for Ioseph God- Printed for William Leake,

.. 1652 win An. Dom. 1638. 8° +, 4 leaves : [Jan. 14, 1651-2.) 8°, A-C in eights, A-05 in eights.

C 8 blank. Dedicated to his noblest On the title, in an early, and perhaps friend Seleucus Abantiades, from Heliocoeval, hand, not impossibly that of the

polis. B. M. translator, is written in the copy here used : “George Pigot, 1640,” and the ini. | N. S., Gent. tials G. P. are enlarged into G. Pigot. Certain Queries humbly proposed in order Again, 8°, Oxford, 1639.

to a quiet and Christian Submission to N. N.

His Highness the Lord Protector and to A Narrative of all the Proceedings in the the present Government. London, Draining of the Great Level of the Fens, Printed for P. L. ... 1658. 4°, A-B Extending into the Counties of North- 2 in fours. ampton, Lincoln, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cam- N. W. bridge, and Huntingdon; and the Isle Barley-breake, Or, A Warning for of Ely: From the time of Queen Eliza- Wantons. Written by W. N. Gent. beth, until this present May, 1661. For Printed at London by Simon Stafford, the Information of all concerned By dwelling in the Cloth-fayre, neere the red N. N. London, Printed by A. W. for the Lyon. 1607. 4°, 16 leaves. In verse. use of the Author, 1661. 4°, 4 leaves.

Dedicated “To the Vertvovs and chaste N. N.

maiden, Mistresse Eliz. C. daughter to the

Worshipfull Rob. C. Esquire." This tract Romes Follies, Or the Amorous Fryars, has been attributed, entirely (as it seems) A Comedy. As it was lately Acted at a without authority, to Nicholas Breton. A Person of Quality's House, London copy is in the Bridgewater Library, and Printed for N. Nowell, 1681. 4°, A-I

one or two others are known. The descrip2 in fours.

tion of the game called barley-break, which Dedicated by N. N. to Anthony Earl of

occurs here, is reprinted in Popular Anti

quities of Great Britain, 1870, ii. 293. Shaftesbury, and William Lord Howard of Escrick.

NAAMAN. N. O., Catholic.

The historie of Naaman the Assyryan. The Roman-Chyrch's Devotions Vindi

A ballad. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. cated from Doctour Stillingfleet's mis

1586. representations. . . . M.DC.LXXII. 8', A- NABOTH. Pin fours, and a leaf of Q.

Naboth's Vinyard : Or, the Innocent




Traytor: Copied from the Original of NAUDEUS, GABRIEL.
Holy Scripture, In Heroick Verse. Instructions Concerning Erecting of a
London, Printed for C. R. 1679. Folio, Library : Presented to my Lord the Pre-
B-E, 2 leaves each, a leaf of F, and the sident de Mesme. By Gabriel Naudeus,

P. And now Interpreted by Jo. Evelyn, Naboth's Vinyard :

London, Printed

Esquire. London, Printed for G. Bedle, for C. R. 1679. 4°, A-C 2 in fours.

and T. Collins, 1661. 8°, A-G in

eights. Dedicated to Edward Earl of NAILOUR, WILLIAM.

Clarendon, by Evelyn.
A Commemoration Sermon, Preached at
Derby, Feb. 18, 1674. For the Honour-

NAUNTON, SIR ROBERT. able Colonel Charles Cavendish, Slain in

Fragmenta Regalia, Ou Le Caractere Vethe Service of King Charles the First,

ritable D'Elisabeth Reyne D'Angleterre, before Gainsborough in the Year 1643.

et de ses Favoris. Traduit de l'Anglois

Par Jean Le Pelletier. . . London, Printed by Andrew Clark,

A Rouen,

8o. ă and ě in for Henry Brome . . . 1675. 4°,


A-D in fours, A with the Imprimatur. With

sixes, ă with half-title: A-Q 4 in sixes. a plate of arms on the title.

NAVY. Dedicated to the Colonel's brother, Wil. The Declaration and Engagement of the liam, Earl of Devonshire, from Southamp

Commanders, Officers, and Seamen in the ton House. Nailour calls it his first work.

Shippes, under the Command of the NALSON, JOHN, LL.D.

Right Honourable the Earle of Warwicke An Impartial Collection of the Great in the Downes, declaring their free conAffairs of State, From the Beginning of currence in the Remonstrance of the Lord the Scotch Rebellion in the Year Fairfax, and the Army under his ComMDCXXXIX. To the Murther of King mand. Also, A Representation of the Charles I. Wherein the first Occasions, Forces under the Command of the and the whole Series of the late Troubles Honourable Sir Michaell Livesey, Comin England, Scotland & Ireland, are faith- mander in Chiefe in the County of Kent: fully represented. Taken from Authen- Declaring their free Concurrence tick Records and Methodically Digested. London, Printed for Iohn Playford London

1682-3. Folio, 2 vols. Decem. 28. 1648. 4°, 4 leaves, including With a frontispiece to each.

one before the title. NANI, BAPTISTA, Cavalier and Procu- The Resolution And Remonstrance of the rator of St. Mark.

Navie, to the supreme power of England, The History of the Affairs of Europe in

The Commons assembled in Parliament, this present Age, But more particularly and to his Excellency, the Lord Generall of the Republick of Venice. Englished Fairfax; with the Honourable Councell by Sir Robert Honywood, Knight. Lon- of the Army, Declaring their reall atřecdon, Printed by J. M. for John Starkey

tions and ardent desires for the publique Folio. Title and Im- good of the Kingdom, : : Brought to primatur, 2 leaves : a—b, 2 leaves each : the Parl, by Capt, Richard Brookes. . B-4 D in fours : 4 E-4 H, 2 leaves

London Printed for George Roberts. each, 4 H repeated with advertisernents. 1649 [Feb. 19, 1648-9.] 4°, A-B in Dedicated by the translator to Sir Walter

fours. B. M. Vane, Knight, Colonel of His Majesty's A List of the Common-wealth of Englands Holland-Regiment.

Navie at Sea, in their Expedition in May, NARRATIONES [REPORTS.)

1653. Under the Command of the Right

Honourable Col: Richard Deane, and Col: noue narrationes. [This is a headline on a ii, a i being blank.) No place, &c.

George Monke, Esquires, Generals and

Admirals.. London : Printed by M. [London, R. Pynson.) Folio. a, 8 leaves,

Simmons, and are to be sould at his house à i blank : b-e in sixes. Inner Temple Library.

in Aldersgate-street, and by Tho. Jenner

... 1653. A large sheet. Noue narrationes [This is the whole title. No place, printer's name, or date.

NEEDHAM, MARCHAMONT. R. Pynson, London, circâ 1510.] Folio.

The Case of the Kingdom Stated, AccordTable, 2 leaves : A-F in sixes, F 6

ing to the proper Interests of the severall blank. Norman-French.

Parties ingaged. ... A peece of rare Unseen by Herbert, who quotes the Har

Observation and Contexture, wherein all leian Catalogue for it.

men are equally concerned. The second





Edition, with Additions by the Author Countreys of Brabaunt Holand and M. N. . London, Printed Anno Dom. Flaunders. Licensed to John Sampson 1647. 4°, A-C 2 in fours.

in 1566. The Case of the Common-Wealth of Eng

A brief and true rehersall of the noble land Stated : Or, The Equity, Utility, victory and ouerthrow, which (by the and Necessity, of a Submission to the grace of God) the Protestantes of the present Government; Cleared out of north partes of Holland had against the Donuments both Sacred and Civill, .

Duke of Alba his ships of Amsterdam, Two Parts. With a Discourse of the with the taking of the Earle of Bossu, Excellencie of a Free State, above a and their Admirall Bophuysen, with Kingly - Government. By Marchamont diuers other gentlemen the xij. of October. Nedham, Gent. London, Printed for E. 1573. [Col.] Imprinted at London in Blackmore, and R. Lowndes. [1650 ?] Fleetestreat, at the signe of the Faucon, 4°, A-N in fours, N 4 blank.

by Henrie Middelton, 1573. NoThe Case of the Common-Wealth of Eng.

uemb. 2. 8°, 8 leaves, the last blank. land stated. ... The second Edition,

Lambeth, with Additions By Marchamont An Answer And true discourse to a cerNedham, Gent. . . . London, Printed for tain Letter lately sent by the Duke of E. Blackmore and R. Lowndes. 1650. Alba (in maner

a pardon) to those of 4°, A-P in fours.

Amsterdam, to be by them conueyed and

distributed vnto the other townes in HolNENNA, J. BAPTISTA, of Bari. A Discovrse whether a Nobleman by

lande. Set forth by certayn true louers Birth or a Gentleman by desert is greater

of their natiue Country, manely desirous in Nobilitie. At London Printed by king of Spayne, . . . Imprinted at Lon

to liue vnder the due obeysance of the Peter Short, and are to be solde in Paules

don by Henry Middleton. [1573.] 8', Churchyard at the Signe of the blacke

black letter, A-F in fours. Lambeth. Beare. 1600. 4°, B-Dd 2 in fours, and the titlepage.

A supplication to the Kinges Maiestie of A reissue of the former edition, with the

Spayne, Made by the Prince of Orange, preliminaries omitted.

the states of Holland and Zeland, with

all other his faithfull subiectes of the NERO.

low Countreys, presently suppressed by The Tragedy of Nero. Newly written. London Printed by Aug. Mathewes, for

the tyranny of the Duke of Alba and Thomas Iones 1633. 4°, A-I in

Spaniards. By which is declared the fours, first and last leaves blank.

originall beginning of all the commotions

& troubles happened in the sayd low NETHERLANDS.

Countrie : to the relief wherof, they reA briefe request or declaracion presented quire his Maiesties speedy redresse and vnto Madame the Duchesse of Parma, &c. remedie. Faithfully translated out of Regente of the lowe Countrie of Flanders: Duytsch into English, by T. W. [QuotaBy the Lordes and Nobilitie of the same tion.) Imprinted at London, by Henry Countrie, with the Answere and Replie, Middleton. 1573. 8o, black letter, Aand other writynges. Englished by W.F. F in fours or half sheets, F 4 blank. 1566. Imprinted at London by Ihon

Certayne Newes of the whole discription, Kyngston, for Thomas Humble, dwellyng ayde, and helpe of the Christian Princes at the signe of the George in Lumbord

and Nobles, the which for the comfort streate. 8°, A-B in eights, B 8 blank,

and deliueraunce of the


Christians Lambeth.

in the low Countries, are gathered togeA copye of the treates of the confedera

ther, and are nowe with their armies in tion made betwene ye prences and the the fielde. Drawen and Copied out of a lordes of the Lowe Country of Flanders.

letter, sent vnto vs out of the same Campe. Licensed to John Allde in 1566.

[Quot. from Apoc. 18. v. 5.] Printed at An admonytion or fore-Warnyng to the Dordrecht. 1574. [Translated out of Rulers and states of the iiijre head Dutche into English, the 12. of April. boroughes or townes of the Countrye of 8°, black letter, A-B in fours, first leaf Brabant. Licensed to Thomas Humble blank. Lambeth. in 1566.

Middleborow. A briefe Rehersall of the The Cruell Inquysetion and plaquett Accorde and agreement, that the Capwhich the papestes wolde brynge into taynes, Burgises, and Armie of MiddleAntiwarpe and other Townes in the Lowe borow and Ar[ne]mew : haue made, in


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