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Stepney, had issue, Hugh, & Sr John, of Culm John. The said Margaret, after the death of Akland, was married unto John Bret, of Whitstanton, by whom shee had many children: Hugh Akland, of Akland, maried Margaret, daughter of Thomas Munke, of Poderige, & had issue S1 Arthur, & diverse others. Sr Arthur Akland died in ye lief tyme of his father; hee maried Elinor, daughter of Robert, & sister & heire of John Mallet, of Wolley, & had issue John Akland, ye nowe lord of Akland, wch by [Elizabeth], daughter of Sr Francis Vincent, K. & Baronet, yc nowe husband of his mother, hath issue.

price. ,

Price had his owners of y' name. John de la Pille, Benedict, Michaell de la Pille, an* 9 of Kinge Edw. 2; & Robert Fowke dwelled at Pille, 19 of Kinge Edw. 3; John Fowke, 50 of Kinge Edw. 3; & Will*m, anno 17 of Kinge Rich. 2; after John Perrot; & Thomas Perrot, anno 14 of Kinge Henry 6.


Halle Heth in the parish of Bisshop's Tawtonj where the name of Hall had formerly there [residence]; but Symon de Halle, a man learned in the lawes, procured this his ancestor's dwellinge to bee his enheritanc, & left it unto Thomasine his daughter, wief of Richard Chichester, 3 sonne of Richard Chichester, of Ralegh; they had issue James, wch had issue Robert, wch had issue John, wch by Elisabeth, daughter 8c coheire of John Merwood, of Westcot, had issue John, & others. John Chichester, by Anne, daughter of Sr

Arthur Basset, had issue Sr John, wch by daughter of Sr WilI'm

Strode, hath issue.

A C C O T E.

119 Accote was by a Bishop of Exceter granted unto thauncestors of Drogo de Tington, & the said Drogo held the same, anno 27 of Kinge Henry [1], & Richard Cottell of hym; John Giffard, of Dinford, held it, anno 24 of Kinge Edw. 1; John Giffard, anno 8 of Kinge Edw. 2; Thomas Giffard, 19 of Kinge Edw. 3. This land fell afterward amongst three sisters; twoe parts whereof the lord of Landekey bought, & the third Simon Hall purchased, wth descended as Hall did, & the twoe other parts beinge given by Agnes Lady Marchioness of Winton, unto William Drake, of Wiscombe, Esq.; hee sold


the same unto John Chichester, the father of Sir John Chichcster, of Hall, whose land it nowe is.


South Molton, anno 24 of Kinge Edw. 1, the Lord William Martyn held of therle of Glocester by fergeancy, wch was to finde a man wth a bowe & three arrowes to attend therle, when hee cometh into Gowre to hunte. It descended unto James Lord Awdley, vvth entaile [of the game], unto the heires males of his bodye, the remainder unto the Crowne; after the death of yc Lo. Nicas his fonne, issue male of the Lo. James faylinge, it fell unto Kinge Rich. 2.


Hach, wth De La Legh, lyeth in this parish; Willam de Wolrington held the fame, anno 27 of Kinge Henry 3 Mathew de Wolrington held the fame, 24 of Kinge Edw. 1 ; Willam de Wolrington his fonne had issue, by Sara his wief, Jone, maried unto William Atwater, of South Molton, & had issue Robert, wch called himself Hach, & had issue Thomas, wch by Mabill, daughter & heire of Thomas Leigh, of Leigh, by Tiverton, had issue Robert, wch by Wenlian, daughter & heire of Sr Thomas Murdack, of Compton, in Warwickshire, had issue Robert, wch by Blanch his wief had issue John, wch by Elisabeth, daughter & heire of Will'm Dirwyn, of Fulford, neere Crediton, had issue John, which by Elisabeth, daughter' of Sr Edward Gorges, of Wraxmall, had issue Thomas, wch by Alis, daughter of Sr John Basset, had issue Anne, 1, maried unto Baldwin Mailer, younger fonne of .... . Mallet, of Enemer, sollicitor unto Kinge Henry 8; fhee beinge his 2 wief had issue John, Thomas, & Adam. The said Anne was, 2, maried uoto Sr Hugh Trevanyon. John Mallet, of Wollegh, eldest fonne of Baldwyne, by the said Anne his 2 wief, maried Margaret, daughter of Humfry Munck, of Poderige, & had issue Robert, Malachias, & Michaell. Robert Mallet, by Elizabeth, daughter of .... ;, Rolle, of Stephenson, had issue John, wth died wthout issue,, Cristian, wch died wthout issue, & Elinor, 1, maried unto Sr Arthur Akeland, by whom thee hath issue John; &, 2, unto S1 Francis Vincent, Ke & Baronet.

Forth: NORTH A U R E.

20 North Aure, or North Aller, John de Aure, or Aller, held, anno 24 of Kinge Edw. 1; & Gilbert Aller, 8 of Kinge Edw. 2; & John de Aller, anno 19 of Kinge Edw. 3. This land came unto Hach by Clais, daughter & heiress of Willam de Allen Robert Hach, of Aller, maried .... [daughter] of John Giffard, of Yeo, & had issue Thomas, weh by Jone, daughter of

Melhiwis, had issue Willam, wch by Margaret, daughter & heire of

Thomas Horton, of South Molton, had issue Thomas, & Andrew. Thomas Hach, of North Aller, maried Anne, daughter of Richard Kewet, of Cottehay, & had issue Lewes, Hugh, Robert, & Will*m. Lewes maried daughter of Bartholmew Fortescue, of Fillegh, & had issue Thomas, Lewes, John, & Edmond. Thomas maried Cicely, daughter of Sr John Chichester, of Ralegh, & had issue Arthur, wch by Elizabeth, sister of Sr John Mallet, of Enemer, had issue Thomas.

C t O T Mt O R T H Y.

Clotworthy Robert Furlonge held, anno 27 of Kinge Henry 3; Robert

de Clotworthy (foe called of his dwellinge ) & David de Clotworthy,

anno 24 of King Edw. 2; Robert de Clatworthy, 8 of Kinge Edw. 2; Oliver Clotworthy, anno 10 of Kinge Edw. 3; Robert de Clatworthy, 19 of King Edw. 3; David de Clatworthy, 40 of Kinge Edw. 3 } Walter de Clatworthy, 3 of Kinge Rich. 2 •, John, John, William, wch by daughter of Towill, of Crediton, had issue John, John, William, Thomas,

& Richard. John Clatworthy, by Margaret, daughter & heire of John Clement, of Corgrum, in Cornwall, had issue Thomas, wch by Ibot, daughter & heire of Thomas Rafliley, of RaOiley, had issue Thomas, Antony, John, Humfry, Willem, Tibot, & Edward. Thomas Clatworthy, 1, maried Emmor, daughter of John Radley, & had issue John, & Will*m, whom hee disinherited; his 2 wief was Dorothe, daughter of John Parker, of North Molton,

Esquier, by whom hee had issue Symon, Sr Hugh, Emanuell, &

Symon Clatworthy, of Clatworthy, Esq. maried daughter of ... .

Kalhley, of Fowey, & had issue Clatworthy, nowe of Clatworthy,

1, maried unto daughter of John Rolle, brother of Sr Henry Rolle;

his 2 wief is daughter of Sr Edward Lawrenc, of Purbeck.


North Mot Ton was ye demesnes of the Crowne, & given by Kinge John, 121 anno 10, onto Roger La Zouch; hee was fonne of Alan, by daughter & heire of Phillip de Beanies; Alan was fonne of Galfride, called Zouch, younger fonne of Alan Vicont of Rohan; this Roger had issue the Lord A!an la Zowch, # ivo, & Sr William. The Lord Alan had issue Roger, 8e Sr William. Roger had issue Alan Lord Zouch, of Ashby, weh had issue Matild, 1, waried unto Sr Robert de Holland, 8c, 2, unto Sr Alan Charleton, & Helen, "ivies of Sr Nicas Sc Maur, unto whom this mannor fell. Nicolas Lo. Sl Maur their fonne had this manner, & by Muriel!, daughter of Sr James, & neipce, £rather grand-dauT], '& heire of Richard Lord Lovell, of Castell Cary, had issue Richard Lo. St Maur, wch by Ella, daughter & coheire of John Pavely, of Brooke, Kl, had issue Richard, John, & Nicas. Richard died in his father's lief tyme, but by Mary, daughter & heire of Thomas Peyner (whom hee left with child at his death), had issue Alis, maried unto Willam Lo. Zouch, of Haringworth. The Lord Richard Sl Maur conveyed, by testament, the mannor of North Molton, amongst other lands, unto John his 2 sonne, wch by Margaret, daughter & heire of John Erie, had issue John, wch by Elisabeth, daughter of Sr Thomas Brooke, had issue Sr Thomas, [which] by Phelippa, daughter of Sr Edmond Hungerford, had issue John, wch by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Choke, K. had issue Sr Will'm, Marget, wief of Will'm Bamfilde, of Poltymore, & Anne, daughter, [should be wife), of Robert Srowell. Sir William, by Marget, daughter of Sr Peter Edgecombc, had issue Jone, wief of Robert Drury, wch died wthout issue; after whose death, great suites grewe betwixt the Lord Zouch & Bamfild. Edward Bamfild, fonne of Marget, succeeded, & had issue Richard, wCB had issue Sr Amyas, wch compounded the quarrel wtb George Lo. Zouch, & bought all yx part wcK was formerly recovered from Stowell, & left the whole manner unto John Bamfild his fonne, whoe ys nowe lord thereof.

Patron of the church of North Molton is Edmond Parker, Esq. fonne of John, fonne of Edmond, fonne of John, fonne of Thomas, wch have dwelled in the personage, having a good glebe thereunto; valewed 16'. 13'.

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Molland Botreaux, [so called] of the lords thereof, wch have had their dwellinge in this countrey, & in Cornwall, from Kinge Henry i tyme, nnto Kinge Henry 6 tyme, yl this name fell into the famyly of Hungerford, by Margaret, wief of Robert Lo. Hungerford. The first Botreaux y£ I find, was Willam, wch maried Alis, daughter & coheire of Robert Corbet, & sister of Amasa, concubin of Kinge Henry i, & mother of Reginald Erie of Cornwall, & wief of Henry Fitz Herebert, the Kinge's chamberlayne. The said Will'm & Alis, had issue Will'm 2, wch had issue Willam 3, wch by Avelina his wief had issue Reginald, wch had issue Willam 4, wch had issue William 5, wch by Dionisia, daughter of Sr Will'm Chambernon, & after the death of Sr John Herle, heire of the famyly, had issue Sr Reginald, wct by lsabell his wief had issue Sr William [6], wch by lsabell, daughter h coheire of John Lord Mules, had issue William Lo. Botreaux 7, wch by Elisab. daughter & heire of Sr Raph Dawbeney, had issue William, Sr Raph, & John. Wiil'm Lo. Boireaux 8 maried Elizabeth, daughter & coheire of Sr John Sant Loe, [&] had issue William 9 Lo, Botreaux, [wcb] by Elisabeth, daughter of John Lord Beaumont, had iflue Margaret, wief of Robert Lord Hungerford.

John Botreaux, 3 sonne of William Lord [Botreaux], & Elisabeth Dawbeney, dwelled in this place in Kinge Henry 6 tyme; afterwards Sr Phillip Courtenay, 2 sonne of Sr Phillip, of Powderham, dwelled at this place; hee maried [Elizabeth], daughter of ..... . Hingeston, of Wonewell, & had

issue John, & Phillip, of Loughtor. John Courtenay, of Molland, maried Jone, daughter of Robert Bret, of Pillond, & had issue Phillip, wch had issue Robert, wth by Dorothe, daughter of Sr Hugh Pollard, had issue Phillip.

Molland Sarazen. 122 Molland Sarazen, or Molland Champeaux, of the names of his inhabitants; Raph Saracen held it, anno 27 of Kinge Henry 3 ; Raph Champeaux held it, anno 24 of Kinge Edw. 1; & dwelled at Champelston, w,hin the fame; David Champeaux, 1 of Kinge Edw. 2; Robert Champeaux, 8 of Kinge Edw. 2; & John Loterell, anno 19 of Kinge Edw. 3.

This land hath bine diverse discerns in the name of Columbe. Hugh Columb, of Holland, sonne of John, maried Alis, daughter & heire of John Walter, of Combe, & of Alis his wief, daughter & heire of John Collacot, & had

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