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These are the sacred feelings of thy heart, Be greatly cautious of your sliding hearts : Thy heart inforın'd by rcason's purer ray,

Dare not th' infectious sigh ; the pleading look, O Lyttleton, the friend ! thy passions thus Downcast, and low, in meek subinission drest, And meditations vary, as at large,

But full of guile. Let not the fervent tongue, Courting the Muse, through Hagley Park thou Prompt to deceive, with adulation smooth, Thy British Temple! There along the dale, (stray'st; Gain on your purpos'd will. Nor in the bower, With woods o'er-hung and shagg’d with inossy rocks, Where woodbines faunt, and roses shed a couch, Whence on each hand the gushing waters play, While Evening draws her crimson curtains round, And down the rough cascade white-dashing fall, Trust your soft minutes with betraying man. Or gleam in lengthen'd vista through the trees, And let th' aspiring youth beware of love, You silent steal; or sit beneath the shade

of the smooth glance beware; for 'tis too late, Of solemn oaks, that tuft the swelling mounts When on his heart the torrent-softness pours. Thrown graceful round by Nature's careless hand, Then wisdom prostrate lies, and fading fame And pensive listen to the yarious voice

Dissolves in air away: while the fond soul, Of rural peace: the herds, the flocks, the birds, Wrapt in gay visions of unreal bliss, The hollow-whispering breeze, the plaint of rills, Still paints th’illusive form ; the kindling grace; That, purling down amid the twisted roots Th’inticing smile; the modest-seeming eye, Which creep around, their dewy murmurs shake Beneath whose beauteous beams, belying heaven, On the sooth'd ear. From these abstracted oft, Lurk searchless cunning, cruelty, and death : You wander through the philosophic world ; And still false-warbling in his cheated ear, Where in bright train continual wonders rise, Her syren voice, enchanting, draws him on Or to the curious or the pious eye.

To guileful shores, and meads of fatal joy. And oft, conducted by historic truth,

Ev'n present, in the very lap of love You tread the long extent of backward time: Inglorious laid ; while music flows around, Planning, with warm benevolence of mind, Perfumes, and oils, and wine, and wanton hours; And honest zeal unwarp'd by party-rage,

Amid the roses fierce Repentance rears Britannia's weal; how from the renal gulf

Her snaky crest : a quick returning pang [still, To raise her virtue, and her arts revive.

Shoots through the conscious heart, where honour Or, turning thence thy view, these graver thoughts And great design, against the oppressive load The Muses charm : while, with sure taste refin'd, Of luxury, by fits, impatient heave. You draw th' inspiring breath of ancient song ; But absent, what fantastic woes, arous'l, Till nobly rises, emulous, thy own.

Rage in each thought, by restless musing fed, Perhaps thy lov'd Lucinda shares thy walk, Chill the warm cheek, and blast the blooin of life? With soul to thine attun'd. Then Nature all Neglected fortune flies; and sliding swift, Wears to the lover's eye a look of love ;

Prone into ruin, fall his scorn'd affairs. And all the tumult of a guilty world,

'Tis nought but gloom around : the darkend Sun Tost by ungenerous passions, sinks away.

Loses his light. The rosy bosom'd Spring The tender heart is animated peace;

To weeping fancy pines ; and yon bright arch, And as it pours its copious treasures forth,

Contracted, bends into a dusky vault. In varied converse, softening every theme, All Nature fades extinct ; and she alone You, frequent pausing, turn, and from her eyes, Heard, felt, and seen, possesses every thought, Where meeken'd sense, and amiable grace, Fills every sense, and pants in every vein. And lively sweetness dwell, eprapturd, drink Books are but formal dulness, tedious friends; That nameless spirit of ethereal joy,

And sad amid the social band he sits, Unutterable happiness ! which love,

Lonely, and unattentive. From his tongue Alone, bestows, and on a sarourd sex.

Th' unfinish'd period falls: while, borne away Meantime you gain the height, from whose fair brow On swelling thought, his wafted spirit flies The bursting prospect spreads immense around : To the vain bosom of his distant fair; And snatch'd o'er hill and dale, and wood and lawn, And leaves the semblance of a lover fix'd And verdant field, and darkening heath between, In melancholy site, with head declin'd, And villages embosom’d soft in trees,

And love-dejected eyes. Sudden he starts, And spiry towns by surging columns mark'd Shook from his tender trance, and restless runs Of household smoke, your eye excursive roams: To glimmering sbades, and sympathetic glooms; Wide-stretching from the hall, in whose kind haunt Where the dun umbrage o'er the falling stream, The hospitable genius lingers still,

Romantic, hangs; there through the pensive dusk To where the broken landscape, by degrees, Strays, in heart-thrilling meditation lost, Ascending, rougircns into rigid hills;

Indulging all to love: or on the bank O’er which the Cambrian mountains, like far clouds Thrown, amid drooping lilies, swells the breeze, That skirt the blue horizon, dusky rise.

With sighs unceasing, and the brook with tears. Flush'd by the spirit of the genial ycar,

Thus in soft anguish he consumes the day, Now from the virgin's cheek a fresher bloom Nor quits his deep retirement, till the Moon Shoots, less and less, the live carnation round; Peeps through the chambers of the fleecy cast, Her lips blush deeper sweets; she breaths of youth; Enlightend by degrees, and in her train The shining moisture swells into her eyes,

Leads on the gentle hours; then forth he walks, In brighter flow; her wishing bosom heaves Beneath the trembling languish of her beam, With palpitations wild; kind tumults seize With soften'd soul, and wooes the bird of eve Her veins, and all her yielding soul is love. To mingle woes with bis: or while the world From the keen gaze her lover turns away,

And all the sons of care lie hush'd in sleep, Full of the dear ecstatic power, and sick

Associates with the inidnight shadows drear; With sighing languishment. Ah then, ye fair! And, sighing to the lonely taper, pours


His idly-tortur'd heart into the page,

His brightest fames extinguish'd all, and all Meant for the moving messenger of love;

His lively moments running down to waste. Where rapture burns on rapture, every line

But happy they! the happiest of their kind! With rising frenzy fird. But if on bed

Whom gentler stars unite, and in one fate Delirious Aung, sleep from his pillow flies,

Their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend. All night he tosses, nor the balmy power

'Tis not the coarser tie of human laws, In any posture finds; till the grey morn

Unnatural oft, and foreign to the mind, Lifts her pale lustre on the paler wretch,

That binds their peace, but harmony itself, Exanimate by love : and then perhaps

Attuning all their passions into love; Exhausted nature sinks a while to rest,

Where friendship full exerts her softest power, Still interrupted by distracted dreams,

Perfect esteer enliren'd by desire That o'er the sick imagination rise,

Inetlable, and sympathy of soul; And in black colours paint the mimic scene. Thought meeting thonght, and will preventing Oft with th' enchantress of his soul he talks ;

will, Sometimes in crowels distress'd; or if retir'd With boundless confidence: for nought but love To secret winding Dower-enwoven bowers,

Can answer love, and render bliss secure. Far froin the dull impertinence of man,

Let him, imgenerous, who, alone intent Just as he, credulous, his endless cares

To bless himself, froin sordid parents buys Begins tu lose in blind oblivious love,

The loathing virgin, in eternal care, Suatch'd from her yielded band, he knows not how, Tell-merited, consume his nights and days : Tirough forests huge, and long intravel'd heaths Let barbarous nations, whose in human love With desolation brown, he wanders waste,

Is wild desire, fierce as the suns they feel; In night and tempest wrapt; or shrinks aghast, Let castern tyrants, from the light of Heaven Back, from the bending precipice; or wades Seclude their bosom-slaves, meanly possessid The turbid streain below, and strives to reach Of a inere, lif«less, viulated form: The farther shore ; where succourless, and sal, While those whom lore cements in holy faith, She with extended arms his aid implores;

And equal transport, free as Nature live, But strives in vain : borne by th' ontrageous flood Disdaining fear. W'bat is the world to thum, To distance down, he rides the ridgy wave, Its pomp, its pleasure, and its nonsense all! Or whelm'd beneath the boiling eddy sinks. Who in each other clasp whatever fair These are the charming agonies of love,

High fancy forms, and lavish hearts can wish ; Whose misery delights. But through the heart Something than beauty dearer, should they look Should jealousy its venom once diffuse,

Or on the mind, or mind-illumin'd face; 'Tis then delightful misery no more,

Truth, goodness, honour, harmony, and love, But agony unmix'd, incessant gall,

The richest bounty of indulgent Heaven. Corroding every thought, and blasting all

Meantiine a smiling offspring rises round, Lore's paradise. Ye fairy prospects, then, And mingles both their graces. By degrees, Ye bels of roses, and ye bowers of joy,

The human blossom blows: and every day, Farewel! Ye gleamings of dieparted peace, Soft as it rolls along, shows some new charm, Shine out your last! The yellow-tinging plague The father's lustre, and the mother's bloom. Intergal vision taints, and in a night

Then infant reason grows apace, and calls
Of livid gloon imagination wraps

For the kind hand of an assiduous care.
Ah, then ! instead of love-enliven'd cheeks, Delightful task ! to rear the tender thought,
Of sunny features, and of ardent eyes

To teach the young idea how to shoot,
With flowing rapture bright, dark looks succeed, To pour the fresh instruction o'er the mind,
Suffus'd and glaring with untender fire;

To breathe thenlivening spirit and to fix A clouded aspect, and a burning cheek,

The generous purpose in the glowing breast. Where the whole poison'd soul, malignant, sits, Oh, speak the joy! ye whom the sudden tear And frightens love away. Ten thousand fears Surprises often, while you look around, Invented wild, ten thousand frantic views

And nothing strikes your eye but sights of bliss, Of horrid rivals, hanging on the charms

All various nature pressing on the heart :
Por which he melts in fondness, eat him np An elegant sufficiency, content,
With fervent anguish, and consuming rage. Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books,
In vain reproaches lend their idle aid,

Ease and alternate labour, useful life,
Deceitful pride, and resolution frail,

Progressive virtue, and approving Heaven. Giving false peace a moment. Fancy pours, These are the matchless joys of virtuous love ; Afresh, her beauties on his busy thought,

And thus their moments fly. The seasons thus, Her first endearments twining round the soul, As ceaseless round a jarring world they roll, With all the witchcraft of ensnaring love.

Still find them happy; and consenting Spring Straight the fierce storm involves bis mind anew, Sheds her own rosy garland on their heads : Flames through the nerves, and boils along the Till evening comes at last, serene and mild ; veins ;

When, after the long vernal day of life, While anxious doubt distracts the tortur'd heart: Evamour'd more, as more remembrance swells For ev'n the sad assurance of his fears

With many a proof of recollected love, Were ease to what he feels. Thus the warm youth, Together down they sink in social sleep ; Whom love deludes into his thorny wilds, Together freed, their gentle spirits fly Through flowery-tempting paths, or leads a life To scenes where love and bliss immortal reign. Of fever'd rapture, or of cruel care ;


Minutely faithful : such th' all-perfect Hand!
SUMMER. 1727.

That pois'd, impels, and rules the steady whole.

When now no more th' alternate Twins are fir'd,
And Cancer reddens with the solar blaze,
Short is the doubtful empire of the night;

And soon, observant of approaching day,
The subject proposed. Invocation. Address to Mr. The meek-ey'd morn appears, mother of dews,
Doddlington." An introductory retlection on the Till far o'er ether spreads the widening glow;

At first faint-gleaming in the dappled east : motion of the heavenly bodies; whence the succession of the Seasons. As the face of Nature in this And, from before the lustre of her face, season is alınost uniform, the progress of the poem Brown night retires : young day pours in apace,

White break the clouds away. With quicken'd step, is a description of a summer's day. The dawn. Sun-rising. Hymn to the Sun. Forenoon. Sum

And opens all the lawny prospect wide. mer insects described. Hay-making. Sheep-Swell on the sight, and brighten with the dawn,

The dripping rock, the mountain's misty top shearing. Noon-day. A woodland retreat.

Blue, through the dusk, the smoaking currents Groupe of herds and flocks.

A solemn grove : And from the bladed fitld the fearful hare (shine; how it affects a cont inplative mind, A cataract, and rude scene. View of Summer in The wild deer trip, and often turning gaze

Limps, au kward ; while along the forest-glade the torrid zone. Storm of thunder and lightning. A tale. The storm over, a serene after- The native voice of undissembled joy ;

At early passenger. Music awakes noon. Bathing. Hour of walking. Transition

And thick around the woodland hymns arise. to the prospect of a rich well-cultivated country ; Rou'd by the cock, the soon-clad shepher leaves which introduces a panegyric on Great Britain.

His mossy cottage, where with Peace he dwells; Sun-set. Evening. Night, Summer meteors.

And from the crowded fold, in order, drives A comet. The whole concluding with the praise His Rock to taste the verdure of the morn. of philosophy.

Falsely luxurious, will not man awake;
And, springing from the bed of sloth, enjoy

The cool, she fragrant, and the silent hour,
From brightening fields of ether fair disclos'd, To meditation due and sacred song?
Child of the Sun, refulgent Summer comes, For is ihere ought in sleep can charm the wise ?
In pride of youth, and felt through Nature's depth : To lie in dcad oblivion, los ng half
He comes attended by the sultry hours,

The fleeting moments of too short a life ; And ever-fanning breezes, on his way ;

Total extinction of the plighten'd soul ! While from his ardent look, the turning Spring Or else to fer-rish vanity alire, Averts her blushful face; and earth and skies, Wilder'd, and tossing through distemper'd dreams? All siniling, to his hot doininion leaves.

Who would in such a gloomy state remain Hence, let ine haste into the mid-wood shade,

Longer than nature craves ; when every Muse Where scarce a sun-beam wanders through the And every blooming pleasure wait without, gloom;

To bless the wildly devious morning walk? And on the dark green grass, beside the brink

But yonder comes the powerful king of day, Of haunted stream, that by the roots of oak Rejoicing in the east. The lessening cloud, Rolls o'er the rocky channel, lie at large,

The kindling azure, and the mountain's brow And sing the glories of the circling year.

Illum'd with fluid gold, his near approach Come, Inspiration! from thy hermit seat,

Betoken glad. Lo! now, apparent all, By mortal seldom found : may fancy dare,

Aslant the dew-bright Earth, and colour'd air, From thy fix'd serious eve, and raptur'd glance He looks in boundless majesty abroad ; Shot on surrounding Heaven, to steal one look And sheds the shining day, that burnish'd plays Creative of the poet, every power

On rocks, and bills, and towers, and wandering Exalting to an extasy of soul.

streams, And thou, my youthful Muse's early friend, High gleaming from afar. Prime cheerer Light! In whom the human graces all unite :

Of all material beings first, and best! Pure light of mind, aud tenderness of heart; Ffux divine; Nature's resplendent robe ! Genius, and wisdom; the gay social sense, Without whose vesting beauty all were wrapt By decency chastis'd; goodness and wit,

In unessential gloom; and thou, O Sun ! In seldom-meeting harmony combin'd;

Soul of surrounding worlds ! in whom best seen Unblemish'd honour, and an active zeal

Shines out thy Maker ! may I sing of thee? For Britain's glory, liberty, and man:

"Tis by thy secret, strong, attractive force, O Doddington! attend my rural song,

As with a chain indissoluble bound, Stoop to my theme, inspirit every line,

Thy systein rolls entire; from the far bourne And teach me to deserve thy just applause. Of utmost Saturn, wheeling wide his round

With what an aweful world-revolving power Of thirty years; to Mercury, whose disk Were first th' unwieldy planets lanch'd along Can scarce be caught by philosopbiceye, Th' illimitable void! Thus to remain,

Lost in the near effulgence of thy blaze. Amid the flux of many thousand years,

Informer of the planetary train ! That oft has swept the toiling race of men,

Without whose quickening glance their cumbrous And all their labour'd monuments away.

Were brute unlovely mass, inert and dead, [orbs Firm, unremitting, matchless, in their course; And not, as now, the green abodes of life! To the kind-temper'd change of night and day, How many forms of being wait on thee! And of the seasons ever stealing round,

Inhaling spirit; from th’unfetter'd mind,

By thee sublim'd, down to the daily race,

From mortal eye, or angel's purer ken ; The mixing myriads of thy setting beam.

Whose single smile has, from the first of time, The vegetable world is also thine,

Fillid o'ertlowing, all those lamps of Heaven, Parent of Seasons! who the pomp precede

'That beam for ever through the boundless sky: That waits thy throne, as through thy vast do. But, should he hide his face, th' astonish'd Sun, main,

And all the extinguish'd stars, would loosening reel Annual, along the bright ecliptic road,

Wide from their spheres, and Chaos come again. In world-rejoicing state, it moves sublime.

And yet was erery faultering tongue of man, Mean-time th' expecting nations, circled gay Almighty Father! silent in thy praise, With all the various tribes of foodful earth, Thy works themselves would raise a general voice, Implore thy bounty, or send grateful up

Evin in the depth of solitary woods A common hymn : while, round thy beaming car, By human foot untrod; proclaim thy power, High-seen, the Seasons lead, in sprightly dance And to the quire celestial thee resound, Harmonious knit, the rosy-finger'd Hours, Th' eternal cause, support, and end of all! The Zephyrs floating loose, the timely Rains, To me be Nature's volume broad-display'd ; Of bloom ethereal the light-footed Dews,

And to peruse its all-instructing page, And soften'd into joy the surly storms.

Or, haply catching inspiration thence, These, in successive turn, with lavish hand, Some easy passage, raptur'd to translate; Shower every beauty, every fragrance shower, My sole delight, as through the falling glooms Herbs, flowers, and fruits; till kindling at thy Pensive 1 stray, or with the rising dawn touch,

On fancy's eagle-wing excursive soar. From land to land is fush'd the vernal year. Now flaming up the Heavens, the potent-Sud Nor to the surface of enliven'd Earth,

Melts into limpid air the high-rajs'd clouds, Graceful with hills and dales, and leafy woods, And morning fogs that hover'd round the hills Her liberal tresses, is thy force confir'd :

In party-colour'd bands; till wide unveild But to the bowel'd cavern darting deep,

The face of Nature shines, from where Farth seems, The mineral kinds confess thy mighty power.

Par stretch'd around, to meet the bending spherc. Effulgent, hence the veiny marble shines;

Half in a blush of clustering roses lost, Hence labour draws his tools; hence burnish'd War Dew-dropping Coolness to the shade retires ; Gleams on the day; the nobler works of Peace There, on the verdant turf, or flowery bed, Hence bless mankind, and generous Coinmerce By gelid founts and careless rills to muse ; The round of nations in a gotden chain. [binds While tyrant Head, dispreading through the sky,

Th' unfruitful rok itself, impregu'd by thee, With rapid sway, his burning influence darts In dark retirement forms the lucid stone.

On man, and beast, and herb, and tepid stream. The lively dianiond drinks tly purest rays,

Who can unpitying see the flowery race, Collected light, compact; that, polish'd bright, Shed by the morn, their new-flush'd bloom resign, And all its native lustre let abroad,

Before the parching beam ? So fade the fair, Dares, as it sparkles on the fair-one's breast, When ferers revel through their azure veins. With vain ambition emulate her eyes.

But one, the lofty follower of the Sun, At thee the ruby lights its deepening glow,

Sad when he sits, shuts up her yellow leaves, And with a waving radiance inward Aames. Drooping all night; and, when he warm returns, From thee the sapphire, solid ether, takes

Points her enainour'd bosom to his ray. (retreats; Its hue cerulean ; and, of evening tinct,

Home, from his morning task, the swain The purple-streaming amethyst is thine.

His flock before him stepping to the fold : With thy own smile the yellow topaz burns,

While the full-udder'd mother lows around Nor deeper verdure dyes the robe of Spring,

The cheerful cottage, then expecting food, When first she gives it to the southern gale, The food of innocence and health ! 'l'he daw, Than the green emerald shows. But, all combin'd, The rook and magpie, to the grey-grown oaks Thick through the whitening opal play thy beams; That the calm village in their verdant arms, Or, flying several from its surface, form

Sheltering, embrace, direct their lazy flight; A trembling variance of revolving hues,

Where on the mingling boughs they sit ernbower'd, As the site varies in the gazer's hand.

All the hot noon, till cooler hours arise. The very dead creation, from thy touch, Faint, underneath, the household fowls convene; Assumes a mimic life. By thee refin'd,

And, in a corner of the buzzing shade, In brighter mazes the relucent stream

The house-dog, with the vacant greyhound, lies, Plays o'er the mead. The precipice abrupt, Out-stretch'd, and sleepy. In his slumbers, one Projecting horrour on the blacken'd food,

Attacks the nightly thief, and one exults Softens at thy return. The desert joys

O'er hill and dale; till, waken'd by the wasp, Wildly, through all his melancholy bounds. They starting snap. Nor shall the Muse disdain Rude ruins glitter; and the briny deep,

To let the little noisy summer-race Seen from some pointed promontory's top,

Live in her lay, and flutter through her song: Far to the blue horizon's utmost verge,

Not mean, though simple; to the Sun ally'd, Restless, reflects a floating gleam. But this, From him they draw their animating fire. And all the much-transported Muse can sing, Wak'd by his warmer ray, the reptile young Are to thy beauty, dignity, and use,

Come wing'd abroad; by the light air upborn, Unequal far; great delegated source

Lighter, and full of soul. From every chink, Of light, and life, and grace, and joy below! And secret corner, where they slept away

How shall I then attempt to sing of Him ! The wintery storms; or rising from their tombs, Who, Light himself, in uncreated light

To higher life; by myriads, forth at once, Invested deep, dwells awefully retir'd

Swarming they pour; of all the vary'd hues

Their beauty-beaming parent can disclose.

Let no presuming impious railer tax Ten thousand forms! ten thousand different tribes! Creative Wisdom, as if aught was form'd People the blaze. To sunny waters some

In vain, or pot for admirable ends. By fatal instinct Ay; where on the pool

Shall little haughty Ignorance pronounce They, sportive, wheel; or, sailing down the stream, His works unwise, of which the smallest part Are soatch'd immediate by the quick-ey'd tront, Exceeds the narrow vision of her inind? Or darting salmon. Through the green-wood glade As if upon a full-proportion'd dome, Some love to stray; there lodg'd, amus'd and fed, On swelling columns hear'd, the pride of art! In the fresh leaf. Luxurious, others make A critic fly, whose feeble ray scarce spreads The meads their choice, and visit every flower, An inch around, with blind presumption bold, And every latent herb: for the sweet task,

Should dare to tax the structure of the wbole.
To propagate their kinds, and where to wrap, And lives the man, whose universal eye
In what sort beds, their young yet undisclos'd, Has swept at once th' unbounded scheme of things;
Employs their tender care. Some to the house, Mark'd their dependence so, and firm accord,
The fold, and dairy, hungry, bend their fight; As with unfanltering accent to conclude
Sip round the pail, or taste the curdling cheese : That this availeth pought? Has any seen
Oft, inadvertent, from the milky stream

The mighty chain of beings, lesse ning down
They meet their fate; or, weltering in the bowl, From Infinite Perfection to the brink
With powerless wings around them wrapt, expire. Of dreary nothing, desolate abyss !

But chief to heedless flies the window proves From which astonish'd thought, recoiling, turns ?
A constant death ; where, gloomily retird, Till then alone let zealous praise ascend.
The villain spider lives, cunning, and fierce, And hymns of holy wonder, to that Power
Mixture abhorr'd! Ainid a mangled heap

W'hose wisdom shines as lovely on our minds, Of carcascs, in eager watch he sits,

As on our sailing eyes his servant Sun. O'erlooking all his waving suares around.

Thick in yon stream of light, a thousand ways, Near the dire cell the dreadless wanderer oft Ipward, and downward, thwarting, and convolvid, Passes, as oft the ruffian shows lois front;

The quivering nations sport ; till, tempest-wing'd, The prey at last ensnar'd, he dreadful darts, Fierce Winter swecps them from the face of day. With rapid glide, along the leaning line ;

Ev'n so luxurious men, unheeding, pass And, fixing in the wretch his cruel fangs,

An idle summer life in fortune's shine, Strikes backward grimly pleas'd: the fluttering wing A season's glitter! Thus they matter on And shriller sound declare extreme distress, From toy to toy, from vanity to vice; And ask the helping hospitable hand.

Till, blown away by Death, Oblivion comes Resounds the living surface of the ground: Behind, and strikes them from the book of life. Nor undelightful is the ceaseless hum,

Now swarms the village o'er the jovial mead : To bim who uses through the woods at noon: The rustic youth, brown with meridian toil, Or drowsy shepherd, as he lies recliud,

Healthful and strong; full as the summer rose With half-shut eyes, beneath the floating shade Blown by prevailing suns, the ruddy maid, Of willows grey, close-crowding o'er the brook. Half naked, swelling on the sight, and all

Gradual, from these wbat numerous kinds Her kindled graces, burning o'er her check. Evading ev'n the microscopic eye! (descend, Ev'n stooping age is kere: and infant-hands Full Natore swarms with life; one wondrous mass Trail the long rake, or, with the fragrant load Of animals, or atoms organiz'd,

O'ercharg'd, amid the kind oppression roll. Waiting the vital Breath, when Parent- Heaven Wide flies the tedded grain; all in a row Shall bid bis spirit blow. The hoary fen,

Adrancing broad, or wheeling round the field, In putrid steams, emits the living cloud

They spread their breathing harvest to the Sun, Of pestilence. Through subterranean cells, That throws refreshful round a rural smell: Wbere searching sun-beams scarce can find a way, Or, as they rake the green-appearing ground, Earth animated heaves. The flowery leaf

And drive the dusky wave along the mead, Wants pot its soft inhabitants. Secure,

The russet hay-cock rises thick behind, Within its winding citadel, the stone

In order gay. While, heard from dale to dale, Holds multitudes. But chief the forest-boughs, Waking the breeze, resounds the blended voice That dance unnumber'd to the playful breeze, Of happy labour, love, and social glee. The downy orchard, and the melting pulp

Or rushing thence, in one diffusive band, Of mellow fruit, the nameless nations feed They drive the troubled flocks, by many a dog Of evanescent insects. Where the pool

Compellid, to where the mazy-running brook Stands mantled o'er with green, invisible,

Forms a deep pool; this bank abrupt and high, Amid the floating verdure millions stray.

And that fair spreading in a pebbled shore. Each liquid too, whether it pierces, sooths, Urg'd to the giddy brink, much is the toil, Inflames, refreshes, or exalts the taste,

The clamour much, of men, and boys, and dogs, With various forms abounds. Nor is the stream Ere the soft fearful people to the flood Of purest crystal, nor the lucid air,

Commit their woolly sides. And oft the swain, Though one transparent vacancy it seems, On some impatient seizing, hurls them in ; Void of their unseen people. These, conceal'd Embolden'd then, nor hesitating more, By the kind art of forming Heaven, escape Fast, fast, they plunge amid the flashing wave, The grosser eye of man: for, if the worlds And panting labour to the farthest shore. In worlds enclos'd should on his senses burst, Repeated this, till deep the well-wash'd fleece From cates ambrosial, and the nectar'd bowl, Has drunk the flood, and from his lively haunt He would abhorrent turn; and in dead night, The trout is banish'd by the sordid stream; When silence sleeps o'er all, be stunn'd with noise. I Heavy, and dripping, to the breezy brow

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