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Layes, laws.

Make, a companion. Leach, physician.

Making, poetical composition. ) each-crafte, the art of healing, or of physic. Male, sometimes for mail. Leake, leaky.

Malefices, evil deeds. Leare, art, or learning.

Malengin, ill ictent. Leares, lessons.

Malengine, guile. Leasing, lying.

Malfont, a source of evil words. Leav'd, levied, raised.

Maliced, bore ill-will. Tedden, language, or dialect.

Muligne, grudge or oppose. Lee, the stream.

Malist, regarded with ill-will. Leefe, grateful, or dear.

Mall, a mallet, a blow, to maul. Legierdemayne, slight of hand.

Many, often used for company. Leke, leaky.

Mard, threw down. Leman, a sweetheart, a concubine.

Marge, brink. Lere, a lesson.

Marke-while, white mark. Lest, listen.

Mart, Mars, the god of war. Let, hindrance, to hinder.

Marlelied, hammered. Let be, or Lettbe, away with, let go, let alone. Martyrest, dost torment. Lett, to binder.

Matrhlesse, not paired, or alike. Levin, lightning

Mate, sad; did mate, did distress, or render sorrowLewd, often used for ignorant.

ful. Lewd word, impudent language.

Mathtravel, one of the three provinces, into which Lewdly, foolishly, impudently.

Wales was divided by Roderic the Great. Liagore, one of the daughters of Nereus.

Mavis, the cock-thrush, or song-thrush. Libbard, leopard.

Maugre, or Maulyre, in spite of, but sometimes Liefe, willing.

used as an imprecation. Lig, or Ligge, or Liggen, to be.

Maulgré, whether he would or not. Light, sometimes for lightly, nimbly.

May, maid, often used for can. Like to quell, like to die, or to be starved.

Meane, mien. Lilled, lolled.

Mear'd, divided. Lime-hound, a limer, or large dog, used in hunting Meare, limit, or boundary. the wild boar.

Measured, travelled. Lin, cease, or give over.

Medlel, mingled. Liveden, did live.

Medling, mixing. Livery and seisin, delivery and possession, a law | Meere, absolute, entire. term.

Meint, mingled. Lofty siege, lofty seat.

Melling, medling: Loos, praise.

Memories, sometimes for obsequies for the dead. Loose, solve, or explain.

Ment, mingled. Loosely, carelessly.

Mercífide, pitied. Lordship, sovereignty.

Meriment, mirth. Lore, left, or lost.

Mertians, inhabitants of Mercia, one of the kingLoring, instruction.

doms of the Saxon heptareby. Lorne, left.

Mery, pleasant, delightful. Lorrell, a loose contemptible fellow.

Mesprise, contempt, or neglect. Losell, a loose good-for-nothing fellow.

Mew, place of confinement. Lo'ste, loosed, dissolved.

Mewes, prisons. Loth, unwilling

Meynt, mingled. Lover, an opening in a cottage to let out the smoke, Mickle, much. and to let in the light.

Mieve, move.
Loves, sometimes for lovers.
Lout, bowed down, did homage.

Might, frequently used for should.

Mincing mireon, affected wanton. Lower, sometimes for low.

Minime, a little song; minim, a term in music. Lowled, did honour and reverence.

Miniments, toys, trifles. Lowling low, bowing low.

Minisht, diminished. Lug, a pearch or rod for land-measuring, contain Minstrales, minstrels. ing sixteen feet and a half.

Mirke, obscure. Luskissnesse, sluggishness, inactivity.

Mirksome, dark. Lust, sometimes for will, choice.

Mis, err. Lustihead, jollity.

Miscreance, or Miscrecunce, dispraise, or misbelief. Lustlesse, languid, or lifeless.

Misdeeme, judge wrongly of.
Lusty, lovely, handsome.

Miser, a miserable man.
Lybicke ocean, the quicksands called the Syrtes.
Lymiter, a friar licensed to beg within a certain dis- Mister, manner, kind.

Missayd, spoken otherwise, or the contrary. trict.

Mistreth not, signifies not. Lythe, soft and gentle.

Miswent, gone astray, wandered.

Mocks and mowes, insults by distortions of the face, Macerate, tear, distract.

making mouths. Muge, magician.

Moist daughters, the Hyades, a constellation of Mahound, or Mahoune, Mahomet.

seven stars in the head of the Bull. Make, sometimes to versify, to devise,

Mold, mole.

Pert, open.

Mome, a dull stupid blockhead.

Panachra, a sovereign remedy. Moniment, image, superscription, ornament. Pannikell, the brain-pan, the scull, crown of the More, often used for greatly, greater.

bead. Mores, roots.

Parbreake, vomit. Morion, head-piece.

Pardale, the panther. Mortall crime, mortality.

Paravaunt, peradventure. Most, often used for greatest.

Paravant, publicly. Most regiment, chief government.

Parget, varnish, or plaster. Mott, measured.

Part, sometimes for party. Mountenance, amount of.

Partake, to share, to make partaker, Mowes, months. See Mockes.

Partes entire, partes interiores, the inner parts. Moyle, defile.

Passing pries, passing price, surpassing, extraordiMuchell, much.

Hary. Munificence, defence or fortification.

Passion, often used for any commotion of the mind. Mured, enclosed.

Passionate, to express with affection.
My toward good, my approaching happiness. Passioned, disordered.
Mysterie, profession, trade, or calling

Fate, head.

Payne, labour. Namely, particularly.

Paysd, poised. Narre, nearer.

Peaze, violent blow, stamp, or weight. Nas, nehas, or has not.

Peece, castle, fortified place. Nahemore, not the more.

Peeres, fellows and companions. Nalite, natural.

Perdy, an old oath, or expletive. Ne brest, the meaner sort of men.

Peregall, equal. Ne desperate, neither despaired he.

Persant, piercing.
Neighbour town, next town.

Persue, pursuit.
Nephewes, used for grandchildren.
Nest, in familiar language for house.

Phantastes, the imagination.
Net, neat, clean.

Pight, placed, or fixed. Nett, pure, clean.

Pill, to take by extortion. New, sometimes for newly, lately.

Places, palaces. New in pound, anew in the balance.

Pled, pleaded, New-borne, regenerated.

Plight, plighted, folded. Necell, a new thing.

Pointed, appointed. Nigardise, niggardliness.

Poll, synonymous with pill, to take by extortion Nill, will not.

Polygony, a medicinal herb. Nis, is not.

Ponke, or Pouke, the fairy Robin Goodfellow, known Nobilesse, nobility, or nobleness.

by the name of Puck. Nonce, occasion.

Port, carriage, aspect. Northerne Wagoner, Bootes, one of the constellations. Portance, comportment. Nosethrils, nostrils.

Potshares, potshards. Not, knew not.

Pouke, see Ponke. Nought seemeth, is unseemly.

Pouldred, beaten to dust. Nould, would not

Pouse, pease. Noule, noddle.

Practicke paine, practice and endeavour. Noursle up, educate.

Prank, a mode of dressing the ruff. Nousled, nursed.

Pranke, an injury, or mischief. Noyd, annoyed, injured.

Pray, sometimes for a beast of prey. Nye, advance.

Prayde, preyed upon.

Preace, press or crowd. Obliquidi, oblique.

Preeving, proving, proof. On, sometimes for one.

Preif, proof. On high, highly, in high terms,

Preiudize, a conjecture, or judgment. On hight, aloud.

Prepense, to consider. Onely, sometimes for greatest.

Presage, to point out with the hand. Ordele, ordeal.

President, often for precedent. Oricalche, a sonorous metal, a species of brass. Prest, ready at hand, quick. Overcraw, crow over, or insult.

Pretended, held forth to view, stretched out. Overdight, covered over.

Preventing, coming before. Overgrasl, overgrown with grass.

Price, sometimes as a verb, to pay the price. Overhaile, draw over.

Pricking, spurring. Overture, an open place.

Prieve, prove; prieved, proved. Overwent, overgone.

Prime, morning, sometimes the spring, or prime of Ought, sometimes for owed; nothing, or not at all; the Moon. owned, or had a right to.

Principle unsound, bad beginning. Owoches, jewels.

Privie, secret.

Professe, to have the appearance of. Pace, land, country.

Proiect, throw. Paine, labour, difficulty.

Protense, stretching out, extent. Palmers weed, the dress of palmers, or pilgrims. Prowest, bravest.

Prope, to smooth or set in order.

Renverst, reversed. Pryse, to pay the price of.

Replevie, restore. Purpose, sometimes for conversation.

Repriefe, reproof; reprieved, reprored. Purchas, sometimes for robbery,

Reprize, to take again. Purposes, discourses.

Reseized, had possession again. Pyonings, works of pioneers

Resemblaunces, comparisons, or favours.

Resiant, resident. Quaile, to quell, or subdue,

Resolu'd, dissolved, or laid at ease. Quaint, hice, or shy.

Restless, sometimes for unceasing, and for resistless. Quar'le, quarrell.

Restore, sometimes as a substantive for restoration Quarrey, game or prey, a term in falconry,

or restitution. Quart, division, the fourth part.

Retraitt, picture, portrait.
Quayd, quailed, or subdued.

Retyre, retirement.
Queen, sometimes for quean, a term of reproach. Reverse, to cause to return.
Qucint, quenched, extinguished, sometimes strange, Revert, return.

Revest, clothe again.
Queint elect, quaintly or oddly chosen, motley. Revolt, to roll back.
Queine, please.

Rew, row.
Quest, a romance, an expedition, or adventure. Ribaudrie, ribaldry, obscenity.
Quick, to stir.

Rid, red, rad, be spoken of, or declared.
Quight, to release, or disengage.

Right, as an adverb, directly. Quip, to sneer at, or insult,

Ring, encircle. Quips, sneers, or taunts.

Rivage, the shore. Quire, company.

Rive, for riven, tórn. Quite clame, release and quit, law phrase.

Ronts, young bullocks. Quited, requited.

Roode, the cross or crucifix. Quooke, quaked.

Rosiere, rose-tree.

Rote, probably the psaltery, a musical instrument. Rablement, a crowd, or rabble.

Rovde, roved. Rafle, bereft, deprived.

Roved, shot with the rover, a species of arrow. Raile, flow.

Rout, a company Raine, reign, region.

Rownd, a kind of dance. Rakehell, rascal.

Rownded, whispered. Randon, random.

Royne, growl. Ranke, fiercely.

Ruddock, robin red-breast. Rapt, in a rapture.

Ruffed, ruffled, disordered. Rashly, at a ventare, inconsiderately.

Ruffin, reddish, ruftian-like. Raskall many, the rascality.

Ruinate, to fall, brought to ruin, thrown down. Raskall routs, the lowest mobs.

Rulesse, lawless. Rate, sometimes for manner.

Rybauld, scoundrel, ruffian. Kathe, early.

Ryven, torn, plucked. Rather lambs, lamhs ewed in the beginning of the year.

Sacred, sometimes for enchanted. Raught, reached.

Sacred ashes, ashes prostituted to impious rites, Rauran, a hill in Merionethshire.

cursed. Ray, defile, array or ornament, order.

Sad, grave of countenance or attire, heavy.
Rayle, to flow, to trickle down.

Sailes, often used for wings.
Rayne, realm or region, empire.
Rayons, beames, or rays.

Salewd, saluted.
Recoyle, retire, come back.

Saligunce, assault, or sally.
Recreant, one who yields, a coward or traitor. Salied, leaped.
Recuile, or Recule, to retreat, retire.

Salvagesse sans finesse, wildness without art.
Recure, recover, regain.

Salved, saluted. Recured, recovered.

Sam, together. Red, esteemed, considered as.

Samite, a half-silk stuff, glossy like satin. Redresse, put together.

Sardonian smyle, a distorted kind of laugh, said to Reede, precept or advice.

be produced by certain herbs growing in Sarı Regiments, governments.

dinja. Relate, to bring back.

Saw, sentence, decree. Relent, slacken, or remit, soften; sometimes for Say, or Sey, a thin sort of stuff. stopping, or to stay, abate.

Say, sometimes for assay, proof. Relide, joined himself.

Scand, climbed up. Reiv'd, brought to life again, reanimated.

Scarabee, beetle. Relyü'd, brought to life again.

Scarmoges, skirmishes. Remercied, thanked.

Scath, damage, hurt. Rencounter, an accidental combat or adventure.

Scatterlings, scattered or dispersed rovers, Renew, to tell from the beginning.

Scerne, discern. Kenfierst, reinforced.

Scorse, exchange Re'nforst, reinforced.

Scriene, screen. Renowmed, renowned.

Scrike, shriek.

Saine, say.

Scruze, squeeze ; scruzd, squeezed or pressed out. Sourse, source, original.
Seryde, descried.

Sownd, to sound, or try.
Scryne, an escritore, desk.

Soyle, the soil, sometimes the prey. Sdayned, disdained.

Space, to walk about, or roam about. Sea-bord, sea-bordering.

Spalles, shoulders. See, seat, sometimes used for sea.

Sparre the yate, shut the door. Seemlesse, unseemly:

Speckled, spotted, infamous, scandalous, Seenlyhed, seemly, decent appearance.

Spell, a verse, or charm. Seized, possessed.

Sperre, to fasten. Seiz'd, fixed ; seizing, fixing.

Spersed, dispersed, scattered. Selcouth, uncommon.

Sperst, dispersed. Selinis, or Selinus, a town in Cilicia.

Spilt, inlaid. Sell, saddle.

Sprent, sprinkled, or spread over. Seneschall, household steward, the master of the ce- Spring, or Springal, a young person. remonies.

Springals, young men.
Senseful, sensible.

Spyals, spies.
Sent, sometimes for scent, sensation, perception. Spyre, shoot forth.
Sere, withered.

Squib, any petty fellow.
Serve to, serve.

Squint eye, partial judgment. Severall, severally, asunder.

Squire, for square, rule. Sew, pursue, follow,

Stadle, support. Sewde, pursued.

Stal'd, stolen. Shame, sometimes for be ashamed.

Stales, devices, tricks. Shamefastness, shamefacedness.

Stanck, weary or faint. Shapt, shaped.

State, stoutly. Sheene, shining, fair.

Slates, state-canopies or pavilions, Shend, put to shame.

Stay, stop or catch. Shene, fair and shining.

Sted, station or place. Shent, reproached, blamed,

Steme, exbale or evaporate. Shere, transparent, clear.

Stemme, stem or stay. Sheres, cuts, divides.

Stent, stint, restrain. Shole, shallow.

Sterne, tail. Shope, shaped, framed,

Sterve, starve. Shrifts, confessions.

Steven, noise, Shright, shrightes, shriek, shrieks,

Stie, ascend. Shrill , to sound shrilly.

Stild, dropped. Shyne, light.

Strayt, street. Shyned, shone.

Stinted, left off. Sib, or Sibbe, related to, akin.

Stire, stir, move, incite. Sicker, sure, secure.

Stole, a long robe, or garment, reaching to the Sides, loins,

ancles. Siege, seat.

Slounds, times or occasions, fits. Sight, sighed.

Stoure, a fit. Sight, sometimes for opinion.

Storore, danger, or misfortune. Signe, the word, used in military affairs,

Straine, race, lineage. Sike mister men, such kind of men.

Streame, send forth. Sicker, sure, secure.

Streight behight, strictly commanded. Silent waves, still, quiet waves.

Strene, descent, race. Silly, for seely, harmless, innocent.

Stresse, distress. Silver sleepe, quiet sleep.

Stricken, wounded. Sin, often for since.

Strong, sometimes for strung. Singulfes, convulsive sobs or sighs.

Stryfull, strife-full, contentious. Sith, time, times.

Studde, stock or trunk. Sits, is becoming.

Sty, or Stye, to soar or ascend. Sleeping fame, fame of a person now dead. Subject plaine, plain beneath. Slight, art.

Sublime, used sometimes for haughty. Sly, finely wrought.

Succeed, approach. Snar, snarl.

Suddein, quick, ready. Snarled, entangled.

Suff raunce, forbearance, want of being taken care Snebba, chide or revile.

of. So goodly scope, so fair a prospect.

Suppress, kept under. Sodaine, sudden.

Surbet, wearied, or bruised. Sold to entertaine, to receive her pay.

Surprize, to seize. Somedele, somewhat, in some degree.

Surquedrie, or Surguedry, pride, presumption. Soote, sweet.

Swarved, moved out of place. Soothlich, soothly, truly.

Sweat and swinke, laboured hard. Sor'd, hurt, made sore.

Sweet teene, pleasing uneasiness. Sort, company.

Sæelt, swooned. Sovenance, or Sovenaunce, remembrance.

Swinck, labour. Souce, at, like a bawk at his prey.

Swinged, for singed.

Sybbe, related, akin.

Trow, believe, think. Syte, situation.

Truncked, maimed, deprived of the head.

Trye, tried, refined. Table, a picture or board on which pictures were Twight, twit, upbraid. painted.

Tydes, seasons. Takest keepe, takest care.

Tynde, kindled or lighted. Tapet, worked or figured stuff.

Tyned, lost, died. Tassel gent, a gentle tiercel, the male of the goss-Tyranne, tyrant. hawk.

Tyranning, acting the part of a tyrant.
Teade, torch.
Teemed, joined together in a team.

Vade, vanish.
Teene, sorrow, vexation, grief; sometimes to afford, Vailed, pulled off, laid down.
or stir up.

Vaine, idle. Teld, for told.

L'alew, value, sometimes valour. Tempereth, governs.

Valiaunce, valour. Tempest dred, dreadful tempest.

Varlet, page or squire. Termlesse, unlimited.

Vauncing, advancing. Terror, sometimes for religious awe.

Vayne, useless. Than, sometimes for then.

Vele, veil. The grosse, the whole.

Vellenage, servitude. Thee, thrive, prosper.

Vellet, velvet. Thewed ill, ill-bred, ill-mannered.

Venery, hunting. Thewes, manners, accomplishments.

Vented up, gave vent to, or lifted up. Thick, or Thicke, thicker.

Venteth, snuffeth in the wind. Tho, used for then.

Vertue, efficacy. Thrall, thrill, pierce.

Vertuous pray, virtuous recompense. Threasure, treasure.

Vetchie, of pease straw. Three square, triangular.

Vilde, vile. Thrillant, piercing.

Vine-propp elme, the elm that props up the vine. Thrilled, pierced.

Virelayes, a light kind of song. Thrilling, piercing.


, belonging to, or becoming a virgin. Thrilling throb, a piercing sigh,

Visnomie, countenance.
Thrist, thirst.
Thro, sometimes for throw, agony.

Umbriere, the visor of a helmet.
Throw, a short space, a little while.

Unacquainted, unusual. Thrust, thirst; thrustiness, the same,

Unbid, without saying his prayers. Thryse, a third part.

Uncouth, unknown, unusual. Thunder-light, lightning.

Undersong, to take in, entrap. Tickle, uncertain.

Undertake, to hear, or understand. Tide, tied.

Undertime, underntyde, the afternoon, toward the Tight, tied.

evening. Timely, according to proper time and measure. Uneath, scarcely; sometimes for underneath. Tinct, dyed or stained.

Uneven payre, unsuitably matched. Tind, kindled, excited.

Unhappic paine, unsuccessful endeavours. Tine, infame, rage.

Unhappy hower, misfortune. To-dashed, much bruised.

Unheale, uncover, expose to view, To-fere, together.

Unhcle, uncover. To-mirke, very obscure, or dark.

Unherst, taken from the berse. To-rent, entirely rent.

Unkempt, unpolished. Todde, bush.

Unkinde, unnatural. To-fore, before.

Unlast, unlaced. Tong, tongue.

Unnethes, scarcely. Tooting, looking about.

Unproved, untried. Tort, or Torte, injury, wrong.

Unprovided scath, unforseen mischief. Tortious, injurious.

Unreproved truth, sincerity. Tottie, or Totty, wavering.

Unshed, for shed or scattered. Trade, tread, footsteps.

Unthrifty scath, indiscreet mischief. Trainė, tail; sometimes deceit.,

Until, unto. Tramels, woven or plaited divisions.

Unvalewd, invaluable, Transmewd, changed, transformed.

Unwary, unexpected. Trast, traced.

Unwist, unknown. Travel'd, laboured, endeavoured.

Upbrayes, upbraidings. Treachelours, traitors.

Uphild, upheld. Treachours, traitors.

Upstaring, high advanced. Treague, a truce or cessation of arms.

Upstart, upstarted.
Trenchand, cutting.

Urchins, hedge-hogs.
Trentals, a popish service of thirty masses. Usage quaint, odd behaviour,
Tressed, withered and curled.
Troad, treading, footsteps, path.

Wacht, watched.
Trode, tread, or path.

Wae, woe.

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