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"A great

Delectable for Ladies and Gentlewomen. for John Sweeting : 1641. 4°. A, 2
London, Printed by R. W. for Giles Cal- leaves : B-I 2 in fours.
vert, at the sign of the black Spread RALEIGH, SIR WALTER.
Eagle, at the West end of Pauls, 1661.

The Historie of the World . . [Col.] 8o. A-S in eights. Bodleian. Dedicated to the Dutchess Dowager of

London Printed by William Iaggard for Richmond and Lenox, the Dutchess of

Walter Burre ... 1621. Folio. Title Buckingham, and the Lady Jane Lane, the and leaf of verses, 2 leaves: A–5 Z in Lady Mary Tufton, and the Lady Agnes sixes : 1–2 1, 6 leaves each: *_**, 6 Walker. At the end occurs :

leaves each. Feast made by George Nevill Chancellor of England, and Arch-Bishop of York, in the

The History of the World. London dayes of Edward the Fourth, 1468.” printed for Sam: Cartwright at ye hand &

Bible in Ducke lane R; Best at Graies RACSTER, JOHN. A Booke of the Seven Planets, Or, Seuen

Inn gate & I. Place at Furnivalls Inn gate wandring Motiues, of William Alablasters

in Holborne. 1652. Folio.

Mind of the frontispiece, 1 leaf : engraved wit, (Aut mentiuntur papistæ.) Retro

and printed titles, 2 leaves : A-B in sixes: graded or remoued, by John Racster.

C, 4 leaves : Contents, a in sixes and b, 8 Melius est claudicare in via quam currere leaves : the History, A-S in sixes: T, 4 extra viam. August. At London, Printed leaves: V, 4 leaves: Aa-Ll in sixes : Mm, by Peter Short for Andrew Wise,

8 leaves: Nn, 4 leaves: 00--Uuuu in sixes:

no X-Z: Aaaaa-Zzzzz in sixes: Chronolo1598. 4°, A-M in fours, M 4 blank.


gical Table, and Alphabetical Table, a, Dedicated to the Earl of Essex, whose

leaves : aa, 6 leaves : (*), 6 leaves : (**), 8 arms are on the back of the title.

leaves. With the eight maps. On A 4 occur 4 lines of verse headed

The History of the World . :: London “Ad Lectorem Epigranıma Authoris."

Printed for R. White I: Place & G. Dawes. RADCLIFFE, ALEXANDER.

1666. Folio, A-7 K in fours, besides The Works of Capt. Alex. Radcliffe in

portrait, engraved and printed titles, and One Volume. The Third Edition

to The Mind of the Front.,” 4 leaves more. Augmented. London, Printed for Richard Wellington,

The History of the World, ... The MDCXCVI. 8°, A-I in

Eleventh Edition, printed from a Copy eights, and A-I in eights, besides the

revis'd by Himself. "To which is prefix’d, general title.

The Life of the Author, newly compil'd, The Ramble: An Anti-Heroick Poem.

from Materials more ample and authenTogether with Some Terrestrial and

tick than have yet been publish'd ; By Carnal Ejaculations. By Alexander Rad- Mr. Oldys . . . London:... MDCCXXXvi. cliffe, of Greys Inn, Esq.

Folio. Two vols. Portrait by Vertue. Semel insanivimus omnes. London, Printed for the Author, and are

Sir Walter Rawleighs Ghost, Or Englands to be sold by Walter Davis in Amen Forewarner. Discouering a secret ConCorner. 1682. 8', A-I in eights, first sultation, newly holden in the Court of leaf blank. Dedicated to Lord Annesley.

Spaine. Together, with his tormenting

of Count de Gondomar, and his strange RAINOLDE, RICHARD.

affrightment, Confession and publique reA booke called the Foundacion of Rhe

cantation : laying open many treacheries torike, because all other partes of Rhe

intended for the subuersion of England, torike are grounded therevpon, euery

Cresce, Cruor Sanguis satietur sanguine parte sette forthe in an Oracion vpon

cresce, questions verie profitable to bee knowne

Quod spero sitio, vah sitio, sitio. and redde ; made by Richard Rainolde Vtricht, Printed by John Schollem. Maister of Arte of the Uniuersitie of 1626. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. Cambridge. 1563.

Mens. Marcij. vij. Sir Walter Raleighs Instrvctions to his Imprinted at London, by Ihon Kingston. Sonne : and to Posteritie. The second 4°, black letter. A, 4 leaves : A-Q 2 in Edition, Corrected and enlarged accordfours. Dedicated to Robert Dudley, Earl ing to the Authors owne Coppy. Lonof Leicester.

don: Printed by Beniamin Fisher, RALEIGH, GEORGE.

1632. 89. A, 6 leaves, title on A 2: BAlbania : Or, Certaine Concernments of

D 6 in eights. With a portrait. Great Britanny. With an Explication of The Life and Death of Mahomet, The the present state thereof ; Truely repre- Conquest of Spaine together with the sented under the faigned Person of Alba- Rysing and Ruine of the Sarazen Empire, nia. By George Raleigh. London, Printed Written by St Walter Raleigh Kt. Lon

[blocks in formation]

don, Printed by R. H. for Daniel Frere The Cabinet-Council : Containing the

Anno Dom. 1637. 12o. A, 6 leaves, Cheif Arts of Empire, and Mysteries of including a portrait : B-N 6 in twelves. State ; Dis-Cabineted in Political and Dedicated by the publisher to Carew Polemical Aphorisms, grounded on AuthoRaleigh, Esq.

rity, and Experience; And illustrated The P[rerogative of Parliaments in Eng

with the choicest Examples and Historiland. Proved in a Dialogve betweene a

cal Observations. By the Ever-renowned Covnsellovr of State, and a Ivstice of

Knight, Sir Walter Raleigh; Published Peace : Written by the worthy Knight,

by John Milton, Esq; Quis Martem tunica Sir Walter Raleigh. Dedicated to the

tectum London, Printed by Tho. Kings Majesty, and to the House of Par

Newcombe, for Tho. Johnson ... 1658. liament now assembled. Preserved to be

8o. A, 4 leaves: B-0 4 in eights. With now happily (in these distracted Times) the common portrait by R. Vaughan. Published And Printed 1640. 4°, A-I

With a short preface by Milton, in which

he states that the MS, had been some time in fours, and a leaf after I 4 unmarked.

by him, and that, finding it among other The Prince, Or Maxims of State. Writ- papers, he thought it an injury to the ten by Sir Walter Rawley, and presented

author to withhold it any longer from the

public. to Prince Henry. London, Printed

The Secrets of Government, And MisMDCXLII. 4°, A-G in fours, first and last leaves blank.

teries of State, Plainly laid open, in all

the several Forms of Government in the The Arraignment and Conviction of S Christian World. Published by John Walter Rawleigh, at the Kings Bench- Milton, Esq; Printed in the Year, 1697. Barre at Winchester, on the 17. of Nouem- 80. A, 4 leaves: B-Q in eights. ber. 1603. Before the right Honorable With the preface signed John Milton, the Earle of Suffolke, Lord Chamberline, where it is said that this tract by Raleigh the Earle of Devonshire, Lord Henry

was found by him among his papers. Howard, Lord Cecill, Lord Wotton, Sir Remains of St Walter Raleigh ; ... LonJohn Stanhope Lord Chiefe Justice of the don: Printed by Iohn Redmayne for Common-Pleas, Popham and Andrewes, Margaret Sheares .. 1664. 12. A– Justice Gandy, Justice Warberton, Sir M 6 in twelves : the Prerogative of ParWilliam Wade, Commissioners. Coppied liaments, A-F 6 in twelves. by Sir Tho: Overbvry. London, Printed Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh ... With by William Wilson, for Abel Roper . the Addition of some Letters never Anno Dom. 1648. 4o, A-E in fours. Printed before. London, Printed for Judicious and Select Essayes and Obser

Henry Mortlock . . . MDCCII. 12o. A, vations. By that Renowned and Learned

4 leaves: B-0 in twelves. With a porKnight, Sir Walter Raleigh. Upon

trait. The first Invention of Shipping, An Introduction to a Breviary of the The Misery of Invasive Warre. History of England With the Reign of

The Navy-Royall and Sea-Service. King William the I. Entitled the ConWith His Apologie for his voyage to queror. Written by Sir Walter Raleigh, Guiana. [Quot. from Horace-Virtus re- st. And Dedicated to the then Earl of cludens, &c.] London, Printed by T. W. Salisbury. London, Printed for Sam. for Humphrey Moseley, ... 1650. 8o. A, Keble ... 1693. 8o. A, 4 leaves, A 6 leaves, A 6 blank: A–G in eights, G 8 with a portrait of Raleigh : B-F in blank : E.ccellent Observations, &c. (a new eights. title), A, 4 leaves: B-D 4 in eights : The

An Essay on the Ways and Means to Apology, A-E 4 in eights. With a por- Maintain the Honour and Safety of Eng. trait by R. Vaughan.

land, to encrease Trade, Merchandize, The Marrow of Historie, Or an Epitome Navigation, Shipping, Marriners and Seaof all Historical Passages from the Crea

Men, in War or Peace: Written by Sir tion, to the end of the last Macedonian Walter Raleigh, Kt. With Useful ReWar. First set out at large by Sir Wal

marks and Observations on our Harbours, ter Rawleigh, And now Abreviated by A. Ports, and Havens, Principally those of R[osse.] London, Printed by W. Kent: By Sir Henry Sheers. London : Du-gard, for John Stephenson, ... 1650. Printed in the Year, 1701. Price 6d. 4°, 12°, A-Bb in twelves, last leaf blank.

10 leaves. With a portrait. Dedicated by Rosse to RAM, WILLIAM. the Earl of Thanet.

Rams little Dodeon. A briefe Epitome

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of the new Herbal, or History of Plants RAMUS, PETER, of Vermandois. Wherein is contayned the Disposition and The Logike of the Most Excellent Philotrue declaration of the Phisike helpes of sopher P. Ramvs Martyr: Newly transall sortes of herbes and Plants, under lated, and in diuers places corrected, after their names and operations, ... Collected the minde of the Author. Per M. Roll. out of the most exquisite newe Herball

, Makylmanæum Scotum, rogatu viri or History of Plants, first set forth in the honestissimi, M. Ægidij Hamlini. ImDutch or Almayne tongue, by ... Reim- printed at London by Thomas Vautrollier bert Dodeon : . And lately translated dwelling in the Blackefrieres. 1581. Cum into English by Henry Lyte, Esquire : Priuilegio. 8o, A-G 3 in eights. Dedi

°And now collected and abridged by Wil- cated to Mr. Robert Wykes of Donington, liam Ram, Gent. Pandit Oliua suos co. Gloucester, Esquire. Ramos. Imprinted at London by Simon The Arte of Arethmetike written in Latin Stafford, dwelling in the Cloth-Fayre, at

by Peter Ramus and translated into Engthe signe of the three Crownes. 1606. 4°, lishe by William Kempe. Licensed to black letter, A-C in fours : D-R in

Robert Dexter, 17 Jan. 1591-2. eights: S, 4 leaves. Br. Museum.


A wofull and sorrowfull complaint of A Warning to come ovt of Babylon, In a Robert Randall and Thomas Randall his Sermon preached by Master Andrew son who were executed at Sainct Thomas Ramsay, Minister at Edinburgh ; At the of Wateringes the xxjth of Februarij 1593 receiving of Mr. Thomas Abernethie, (-4.] Licensed to John Danter, 23 Feb. sometime Jesuite, into the societie of the 1593-4. truely reformed Church of Scotland.

RANDOLPH, BERNARD. [Quot. from Luke xv. 10.) Printed at Ed

The Present State of the Morea, called inburgh, in King James his College, by George Anderson. 1638. 40, A-F 3 in


Anciently Peloponesus. Which hath been

near Two Hundred Years under the Turks fours, and the title.

Dominion ; and is now very much DepoRAMSAY, JAMES, Merchant of Am

pulated. After several Years Observaboyna.

tion, from 1671, to 1679, Faithfully DeBloudy Newes from the East-Indies :

scrib'd. By Ber. Randolph. Printed at Being a true Relation, and perfect Ab- Oxford, 1686. 40, A-C in fours. stract of the cruel, barbarous, and inhu

RANDOLPH, THOMAS. mane proceedings of the Dutch-men against the English at Amboyna : With

Certaine verses or a songe in Prayse of a a Discovery of the Hollanders pretended

Pott of good Ale. Licensed to Richard plot :. London, Printed for George

Badger, 22 June, 1629. Horton, 1651. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. The Ex-ale-tation of Ale, The anciant RAMSAY, WILLIAM.

Lickquor of this Realme. Or, A cleare

definition of its efficacious opperation in Astrologia Restaurata, Or, Astrologie Re

severall Pates, Arts, and Professions. stored : Being an Introdvction to the General and Chief part of the Language

London, Printed by T. Badger, 1646. 8o,

A in eights, A 8 blank. B. M. of the Stars. In Four Books. . Ву William Ramesey, Gent. Student in As

Aristippvs, Or The Iouiall Philosopher : trologie, Physick, and the most Heavenly

Domonstrativelie proouing, that Quartes, and Sublime Sciences. Published by

Pintes, and Pottles, Are sometimes necesAuthority. London, Printed for Robert

sary Authours in a Scholers Library. White, 1653. Folio. Title, &c., 4 leaves:

Presented in a priuate Shew. To which a-d in fours: B-2 S in fours: 2 T in

is added, The Conceited Pedlar. With a frontispiece.

Omnis Aristippum decuit color & status

& res. Mans Dignity and Perfection vindicated. Semel insaniuimus. Being some serious thoughts on that London, Printed by Thomas Harper, for Commonly Received Errour touching the Iohn Marriot, and are to be sold by Infusion of the Soule of Man, By Richard Mynne, at his shop in Little William Ramesey . . . London, Printed Britayne, at the signe of Saint Paul. for Samuel Brookes, : : . 1661. 8o. A, 4 4°, A-F in fours, F 4 blank. leaves: B--H 4 in eights. Dedicated to Sotheby's, June 1, 1877, No. 690. Edmond Wilde Esq., High Sheriff of Aristippus Or The Ioviall Philosopher : Bedfordshire, with an epistle prefixed Demonstratively prooving ... To which from Ferdinando Gorges.

is added The Conceited Pedlar. Omnis


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Aristippum ... Dvblin, Printed by the The Ranters Recantation; And their Society of Stationers, Printers to the Sermon Delivered at a Meeting on TuesKings most Excellent Majesty. 4°, A- day last, in White-Chappel, being the 17 E in fours.

of this instant December. . . . Likewise, RANTERS.

The apprehending of some of them ; their The Ranters Religion. Or, A faithfull

Tryal, London, Printed for G. H. and infallible Narrative of their damnable

MDCL. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. and diabolical opinions, with their detest

The Ranters Bible. Or, Seven several able lives & actions. With a true dis

Religions by them held and maintained. covery of some of their prodigious pranks,

With the full particulers of their Strange and unparalleld deportments, with a

Sects and Societies ; Published by Mr. paper of most blasphemous Verses found Gilbert Roulston, a late Fellow-Ranter. in one of their pockets, against the Ma

London, Printed by J. C. and are to be jesty of Almighty God, and the most sold in Cornhil, near the Exchange, and at sacred Scriptures, rendred verbatim. Pub

Temple-Bar, 1650 (Dec. 9.] 4°, 4 leaves. lished by Authority. London, Printed

B. M. for R. H. 1650 [Dec. 11.] 4°, 4 leaves. RAPHAEL, D. Woodcut on title. B. M.

Determinatio D. Raphaelis Comensis The Ranters Ranting : With the appre

Canonici Regularis, facta super contractu hending, examinations, and confession of

matrimoniali Clementiss. Henrici AnIohn Collins, I. Shakespear, Tho. Wiber

glorum Regis Octaui, Qui contraxit ton, and five more which are to answer

cum Fratrissa, de mente Theologorum. the next Sessions . .. Set forth for the [Col.] Impressum, & ab eodem recogfurther discovery of the ungodly crew.

nitum, emēdatum, & ampliatum, Die. 18. London Printed by B. Alsop, 1650. 4°,

Octobris. 40, A-E in fours. 4 leaves. With a cut on the title. B. M.

B. M. The Arraignment and Tryall With a De- RATCLIFFE. claration of the Ranters. Also, several

A Radcliffe maides Resolucion. Licensed Sentences proceeding at the Sessions in

to John Wright Junior, 14 October, 1639. the Old Baily, and Councel of War; their

The True Relation of the Tryals at the protestations and the hanging of one up

Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, ... of by the Thumbs; with divers Penalties to Elizabeth Wigenton for Whipping a Girl be inflicted upon others. The dancing

to Death at Rateliffe. And John Peetly, and revelling of Dr. Buckeridge and his for shooting a Gentleman in Queen-street. Wife, and other Gent. dancing all in Also the Account of the Proceedings with white, in Berkshire, and their Christmas one John Bully a Popish Priest. .. Carol. Printed by B. A. and pub- (1680.] Folio, 2 leaves. lished according to order. 1650. 4°, 4 RATCLIFFE, THOMAS. leaves. With a large cut on title. B. M. A Short Svmme of the Whole Catechisme. The Rovting of the Ranters Being A full First gethered by Mr. Thomas RatRelation of their uncivill carriages, and

liffe Minister of Gods word in Saint blasphemous words and actions at their Saueries in Southwarke. London Printed mad meetings, their several kind of by Edw: All-de for Henry Gosson musick, dances, and ryotings, and their 1620. 8°, A-C 4 in eights. Black belief and opinions concerning heaven

letter. and hell. With their examinations. RATE. Published by Authority, and Printed by The Rates of the Custome howse, LiB. A. [Nov. 19, 1650.) 4°, 4 leaves. censed to John Allde in 1561-2. With an engraving on title. B. M. The Rates of His Maiesties, Customes, The Ranters Declaration, with their new As the same are now established by His Oath and Protestation; their strange Majesty, ... Together with the Act of Votes, and a new way to get money;

Parliament, concerning Custom and Extheir Proclamation and Summons ; their cise, and Imposition on Tar and Iron; new way of Ranting, never before heard And the Act concerning Bullion. of; their dancing of the Hay naked at Edinburgh. Printed by Andrew Anderthe White Lyon in Peticoat-lane ; son, Anno Dom. 1670. ... 8o. A, 3 Imprinted at London, by J. C. MDCL.

leaves : B-H 4 in eights. 4°, 4 leaves. With a large cut on the

A Rate for expences.

Licensed condi, title. B. M.

tionally to John Allde, 26 Nov. 1582.




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Comedy. As it is Acted at the Duke's The Svrveyor in Foure bookes. London Theatre. London, Printed by T. M. for Printed by W. Stansby for W. Burre. W. Cademan ... 1677. 4°. A, 2 leaves : 1616. Folio, A-X 3 in sixes, including

B-K 2 in fours. the portraits of the author and Prince

The English Lawyer; A Comedy : Acted Charles.

at the Royal Theatre. Written by Edward Dedicated to Prince Charles, after which

Ravenscroft, Gent. London, Printed by comes a preface dated from the author's

J. M. for James Vade ... 1678. 4o. lodging at the house of Mr. Roger Burgis, against Salisbury House gate in the Strand, A, 2 leaves : B—K in fours, K 4 blank. Nov. 6, 1616.

Dame Dobson : Or, The Cunning Woman. RATSEY, GAMALIEL.

A Comedy As it is Acted at the Duke's Twoo Ballets of Gamaliell Ratsey and

Theatre. By Edward Ravenscroft, Gent. Snell his Companie [sic] who were exe- London, Printed for Joseph Hindmarsh, cuted at Bedford. Licensed to Thomas

Bookseller to His Royal Highness . Pavier, 2 May, 1605.

1684. 4°. A, 2 leaves : B-K in fours. RAUNCE, JOHN, of Chipping-Norton.

Titus Andronicus, Or The Rape of LaAstrologiá accusata pariter & Condem

vinia. Acted at the Theatre Royall, A nata. Or The Diabolical Art of Judicial

Tragedy, Alter'd from Mr. Shakespear's Astrologie, Receiving the Definitive Sen

Works, By Mr. Edw. Ravenscroft. Lontence of Final Condemnation : . . . By

don, Printed by J. B. for J. Hindmarsh, John Raunce, Sometime a practitioner of

1687. 4°, A-H in fours.
Astrologie, and Student in the Magick
Art. London, Printed by J. Clowes, for

The London Cuckolds. A Comedy, As
W. Learner, at the Blackmore in Bishops-

it is Acted at the Theatre Royal. By gate-streete. 1650. 4°, A-F 2 in fours,

Edward Ravenscroft, Gent. London, F 2 blank. B. M.

Printed for Jos. Hindmarsh ... 1688.

4°, A-K in fours.
Calendarium Londinense Verum or Ra-

The Canterbury Guests : Or, A Bargain vens Almanack for yo Year 1683. An

Broken. A Comedy. Acted at the Theatreengraved sheet in compartments. Bag

Royal. Written by Edward Ravenscroft. ford Papers (a fragment).

London, Printed for Daniel Brown .

1695. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-I in fours. The Right Ravens for ye Year 1699. An engraved sheet. Dagford Papers.

Dedicated to Rowland Eyre Esq.

The Anatomist : Or, The Sham Doctor. RAVENSCROFT, EDWARD.

Written by Mr. Ravenscroft. With The The Careless Lovers : A Comedy Acted at the Duke's Theatre. Written by

Loves of Mars and Venus. A Play set to

Musick. Written by Mr. Motteux. As
Edward Ravenscrofte, Gent. London,
Printed for William Cademan ... 1673.

they are Acted together at the New 4°, A-L in fours.

Theatre, in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields.

London, Printed, and are to be Sold by Mamamouchi, Or the Citizen turn'd Gen- R. Baldwin, . . . 1697. 4o. Title and tleman. A Comedy Acted at the Duke's dedication to Thomas Ravenscroft, High Theatre. By Edw. Ravenscroft, Gent. Sheriff of Flintshire, 2 leaves : a*, 2 London, Printed for Thomas Dring leaves : B*-L* 2 in fours: Motteux's 1675. 4°, A-K in fours. Dedicated to

play, A-H 2 in fours, and a, 2 leaves Prince Rupert.

with a dedication to Colonel Codrington. King Edgar And Alfreda.

A Tragi- The Italian Husband. A Tragedy, Acted Comedy, Acted at the Theatre - Royal. at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields. Written by Edward Ravenscroft, Gent. By Mr. Edw. Ravenscroft. London, . . . London, Printed for M. Turner . Printed for Isaac Cleave, MDCXCVIII. M.DC. LXXVII. 4°, A-K in fours, and a, 4°, A-H in fours, H 4 blank, and the 2 leaves.

title. Dedicated to Mr. Henry Conyers. The Wrangling Lovers: Or, The Invisible RAWLET, JOHN, B.D. Mistress. A Comedy Acted at the Dukes- Poetick Miscellanies of Mr. John Rawlet, Theatre. Written by Edward Ravens- B.D. And late Lecturer of S. Nicholas croft Gent. : . London, Printed for

Church in the Town and County of NewWilliam Crook . . . 1677. 4°, B-L in Castle upon Tine. . . . London, Printed fours, and the title.

for Samuel Tidmarsh ... 1687. 8o. Tom Essence : Or, The Modish Wife. A Portrait by R. White, 1 leaf : title, Epi

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