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Dedicated to every Christian Reader, and e in sixes : A-Yy 2 in fours : Tomo namely to the Lady Anne Bacon, wife of Terzo, a-b in fours : A-Aa in fours : Sir Nicolas Bacon, by J. S.

Bb in sixes. BIBLE

BIRD, WILLIAM. The bryfe somme of the byble. Licensed The Magazine of Honour ; Or, A Treatise to John Tysdale in 1560.

of the severall Degrees of the Nobility of The whole story of the Bible cutt in this Kingdome, with their Rights and brasse peeces with sentences of scripture

Priviledges. of Knights, Esquires, Gentleand certain verses graven vnderneath

men, and Yeomen, and matters incident them. Licensed to Richard Badger, 24 to them, according to the Lawes and CusJan. 1636–7.

tomes of England. Collected by Master BIBLIANDER, THEODORE.

Bird, But, Perused and enlarged by that

Learned and Iudicious Lawyer, Sir Iohn A Godly consultation vnto the brethren Doddridge Knight, one of his Majesties aud companyons of the Christen relygyon. Iudges of the Kings Bench. Printed for By what meanes the cruell power of the William Sheares 1642. 8°. Title Turkes / bothe may / and ought for to be and Table, 2 leaves : B-0 3 in eights. repelled of the Christen people / Theodore On the flyleaf of the copy here employed Bibliander beinge the Author :.. [Col.]

"Narcissus Luttrell His Book Thus endeth The consultacion of Theo

1676." dore Bibliander translated owte of Latine BIRMINGHAM. into Englysshe and printed at Basill by A Letter written from Walshall, By A Radulphe Bonifante the yere of Worthy Gentleman to his Friend in Oxowre Lorde. M.D.xljj. Men, of Auguste. ford, concerning Birmingham. [Oxford. 8°, A-U in eights.

Printed in the yeare M.DC.XLIII. [April BICKHAM, GEORGE.

14.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. The Universal Penman ; Or, The Art of An Iron Rod for the Naylers and Tradeswriting made Useful to the Gentlemen neer Birmingham. (Quot. from and Scholars, as well as the Man of Busi- Malachi, 4.] In MS: April 22, 1655. ness, Exemplified in all the useful and A sheet. B. M. ornamental Branches of Modern Penman. | BISHOPS. ship. . . Written, with the friendly

Grace and Peace from God, &c. [This is Assistance of several of the most Eminent a headline, and on the third leaf occurs:] Masters, And Engraved, by Geo. Bick- An Exhortation to the Byshops to deale ham. The whole Embelish'd with beau

Brotherly with theyr Brethren. [On B i tiful Decorations for the Amusement of

there is a third headline :) An Exhortathe Curious. London:... 1743. Folio, tion to the Bishops and their Clergie to 212 leaves, besides the frontispiece. answer a little booke that came forthe the BIOCHIMO.

last Parliament, and to other Brethren The Royall Game of Chesse-Play, Some- to iudge of it answeared / and not to be times the Recreation of the late King, caryed away with any respect of man. with many of the Nobility. Illustrated No place, &c. [1572] 80, A-C 2 in with almost an hundred Gambetts. Being eights, and *, 2 leaves. Lambeth. the study of Biochimo the famous Italian : The preface is dated “From my chamber London, Printed for Henry Herringman,

in London / this 30. of September / in Anno.

1572." . . 1656. 8°. Portrait of Charles I. and title, 2 leaves : A-H in eights ;

A Dialogve. Wherin is Plainly laide I, 4 leaves : K, i leaf. Dedicated by

open, the tyrannicall dealing of L. Bi. Francis Beale to Montague Bertie, Earl

shopps against Gods children: with cerof Lindsey.

taine points of doctrine, wherein they With commendatory verses by R. Love- approoue themselves (according to D. lace.

Bridges his judgement) to be truely BIONDI, GIO. FRANCESCO.

the Bishops of the Diuell. (Quot. from L'Historia Delle Gverre Civili D'Inghil.

Malachi. 2. 7. 8. 9.] Sm. 8°, A-D in terra ... Scritta in tre volumi. Dal fours. Cavaliere Gio: Francesco Biondi ... In A Dialogve. Wherin is Plainly Layd Bologna, MDCXLVII. 4o. a, 4 leaves : aa, open the Tyrannical Dealing of Lord 6 leaves : aaa, 4 leaves; A-Ff 3 in Bishops against Gods Children. With fours : Table, a—b in fours, and c in Certaine Points of Doctrine, wherein they sixes : Tomo Secondo, a-d in fours, and approve themselves (according to Dr.





Bridges his judgement) to be truely the Folio. A, with title and following leaf : Bishops of the Divell. Published, by

a-C, 2 leaves each : B-Pp in fours : the worthy Gentleman Dr. Martin Mar. Index, 2 leaves. Prelat, Doctor in all the Faculties, Primat The copy here used has MS. notes of and Metropolitan. [Quot. from Malach. early date, said to be in Dryden's hand. 2, 7, 8, 9.] Reprinted in the time of

Commendatory Verses on the Author of Parliament, Anno Dom. 1640. 4°, A-D the Two Arthurs and the Satyr against 2 in fours.

Wit: By some of his particular Friends A republication of the original edition London : Printed in the Year MDCC. of 1589 in 80 to suit the circumstances of

Folio. A-H, 2 leaves each. the time. The tract contains a good deal of private history or scandal.

BLACKWELL, JOHN. The True Character of an Untrue Bishop. An Essay towards Carrying on the PreWith a Recipe at the end, how to recover sent War against France and other Puba Bishop if hee were lost. London, lick Occasions. As also, for Paying off Printed in the yeare 1641. 4°, A-B 2

all Debts contracted in the same, or in fours.

otherwise. And New-Coyning of all our An Apology for Bishops Or, A Plea for

Moneys. . . . By John Blackwell, &c. Learning, Against those Lying, Rayling, London, Printed for the Author, 1695. and Scandalous Libels, so frequent, in

8°, A-D in fours. despight of Learning and Learned Men. BLAEU, JEAN. Dedicated to all the Lovers of Learning Le Grand Atlas, Ov Cosmographie Blaand Vertue for the Reformation of the

viane. [A Amsterdam, chez Jean abuses and corruptions of these Times.

Blaeu, MDCLXVII.] Folio. 12 volumes. Printed in the yeare, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. With plates and maps. In verse.

“ The first Atlas of Scotland is contained Acts for the utter abolishing of Bishops

in this celebrated compilation, and owes its

existence to the exertions of Sir John Scot, out of the Churches of England and Scot

of Scotstarvet. Not only did he contribute land. . . . London, Printed for Thomas

a great amount of information to the text, Vatson, 1643. 4°, 4 leaves.

and pay for the engraving of the plates and

their revision by Scottish Geographers, An Apology for the Ancient Right and

Robert Gordon and his son, but to enrich Power of the Bishops to sit and vote in

the work, he tried a plan which met with Parliaments : As the first and principal more success 150 years later. The Synod of the three Estates of the Kingdome, ... of Scotland was prevailed upon to request With an Answer to the Reasons main- the Ministers to each supply a description tained by Dr. Burgess A Determi

of their several parishes. Mais cette

ordonnance, n'estant accompagnée ny de nation at Cambridge of the Learned and

prix ny de punition, pour accourager à y Reverend Dr. Davenant London, obeïr, elle à esté négligée par la plus Printed by W. Godbid for Richard grand' part d'eux.' Amongst those who Thrale, 1661. 4°, A-Q in fours. did reply was a Mr. Lauder.”—Quaritch's

Catalogue, May, 1879.
The Rights of the Bishops to Judge in BLAGRAVE, JOHN, of Reading.
Capital Cases in Parliament Cleared. Being
a Full Answer to Two Books Lately pub-

The Mathematical Iewel. Shewing the lished; The First Entituled, A Letter making, and most excellent vse of a sinfrom a Gentleman to his Friend, &c. The gular Instrument so called : in that it Other, A_Discourse of the Peerage .

performeth with wonderfull dexteritie London, Printed by Tho. Braddyll, for

whatsoeuer is to be done either by QuadRobert "Clavell, 1680. 8°. A, 4

rant, Ship, Circle Cylinder, ... The vse leaves : B-M 4 in eights, M 4 blank.

of which Iewel, is so abondant and

ample, that it leadeth any man practising BLACKALL, OSPER.

thereon, the direct pathway (from the Mr. Blackall's Reasons for not Replying first stoope to the last) through the whole to a Book, Lately Published, Entituled, Artes of Astronomy,

The most part Amyntor. In a Letter to a Friend. The

newly founde out by the Author Second Edition. London, Printed for 1585. Imprinted at London by Walter Walter Kettilby ... 1699. 89, A-C

Venge, dwelling in Fleetelane ouer against in fours.

the Maiden head. Folio.

Dedicated to Sir William Cecil. With BLACKMORE, SIR RICHARD.

two copies of verses by the Author, “The Prince Arthur ... The Second Edition

Authour in his owne defence,” and “The Corrected. . . . London : .. MDCXCV. Authours dumpe." Collation : 1 and 11,


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4 leaves each: A-Q 2 in fours. [Colophon Third Impression much Augmented. on Q 2 verso :) Imprinted at London by With an Additional Discovery of the Thomas Dawson for Walter Venge. With

severall Tooles, and Instruments in their many diagrams.

Forms and Figures promised. With BLAKE, W.

a Second Part, Containing Six Newer Silver Drops, Or, Serious Things. [This Peeces of Improvement. London, is a headline, there being no regular title, Printed for John Wright 1652. 4o. place, or printer's name. Circa 1680.] Engraved and printed titles, 2 leaves : 8°, A-T 3 in eights, besides 4 plates. dedication, 8 leaves : To the Reader, 6 Dedicated to the Ladies at Highgate

leaves: To the Nobility, &c., 3 leaves: To School, where Blake was housekeeper. the Inns of Court and Universities, 2 BLAND, TOBY.

leaves : other Epistles, 4 leaves : verses, A Baite for Momvs, So called Vpon occa- 2 leaves : the work, B-Pp in fours : sion of a Sermon at Bedford iniuriously Table, 6 leaves. With plates separate traduced by the factious. Now not from the letterpress at pp. 64 (with a altered but augmented. With a briefe presumed portrait of the author), 68, 130, Patrocinie of the lawfull vse of Philoso- and 200. phie in the more serious and sacred studie

BLOCHWICH, MARTIN. of diuinitie. _By Tobie Bland Chaplain to the right Honourable John Lord Saint

Anatomia Sambuci : Or the Anatony of John, Baron of Bletsoe. London

the Elder : Cutting out of it Plain, ApPrinted by John Wolfe. 1589. 4o. Title proved, and Specifick Remedies for most and to the Reader, 2 leaves : B-F in

and chiefest Maladies, . . . collected in fours, F 4 blank.

Latine By Dr. Martin Blochwich,

Translated for the benefit of all, BLANGDONE, BARBARA.

London, Printed for H. Brome, and An Account of the Travels, Sufferings & Persecutions of Barbara Blangdone. Given

Tho. Sawbridge, . . . 1677. 12°, A-L 6

in twelves, besides the title and following forth as a Testimony to the Lord's Power,

leaf. and for the Encouragement of Friends. Printed, and Sold by T. S. at the Crooked- BLOME, RICHARD. Billet in Holywell-Lane, Shoreditch, 1691. Britannia : Or, A Geographical Descrip8°, A-C 4 in eights.

tion of the Kingdoms of England, ScotBLAXTON, JOHN.

land, and Ireland, with the Isles and The English Vsvrer; Or Vsvry con

Territories thereto belonging. And for demned, By the most learned and famous

the better perfecting of the said work, Diuines of the Church of England, and

there is added an Alphabetical Table of Dedicated to all his Maiesties Subiects,

the Names, Titles, and Seats of the Nobifor the stay of farther increase of the

lity and Gentry that each County of same. Collected by Iohn Blaxton,

England and Wales is, or lately was, Preacher of Gods Word at Osmington,

enobled with. Illustrated with a Map of in Dorcet-shire. [Quot. from Calvin's

each County of England, besides several

General ones. The like never before Epist. de Vsura.] London. Printed by

Published. Iohn Norton, and are to bee sold by Iohn

London, Printed by Tho. Burton, in Wells. 1634. 4o. A, 4 leaves,

Roycroft for the Undertaker, Richard besides a leaf with an engraving, A hav

Blome. MDCLXXIII. Folio. A, 6 leaves : ing“ The Illustration,” in verse, and A 2

Crests and arms, 12 leaves: General map:

B-3 N in fours. With a series of maps the printed title. With verses by George Wither, Joshua Sylvester, F. Quarles, &c.

of the shires, and of Scotland, Ireland,

North Wales, the Orcades, &c. BLAYNEY, ALLAN.

Dedicated to Charles II. Festorum Metropolis. .

By Allan Blayney Master in Arts, late of Queens

Britannia : Or, The Kingdom of England Colledge in Oxford. The Second Edition and Dominion of Wales, Actually Surrefined. . . . London, Printed by T. M. for

vey'd : ... London: Printed for Abel Steven Chatfield ... 1654. 8°, A-H in

MDCXCVIII. Folio, A-H, 2 eights. Dedicated in this impression to

leaves each, and the 100 maps, as in the John Dutton of Shierbourn,co. Gloucester,

edit. of 1673. Esquire.

The Art of Heraldry, In Two Parts. The BLITH, WALTER.

First Concisely Comprehending all necesThe English Improver Improved or the sary Rules in the said Art, with many Svrvey of Hvsbandry Syrveyed. ... The useful Examples of Bearing, to facilitate

Swall ..


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way of Blazoning any Coat of Armor. BLOUNT, SIR HENRY. The Second Part giving a full Account of A Voyage into the Levant The third Priviledges, Dignities, &c. of the Nobi- Edition. London, Printed by I. L. for lity and Gentry of England. Together, Andrew Crooke, : . : 1638. 4°, A-Q with the Atchievements of each Degree, in fours. &c. . The whole Illustrated with Fifty

BLOUNT, THOMAS. two proper Sculptures, for the better Ex

Glossographia : Or A Dictionary, Interplanation thereof. London, Printed for Hannah Sawbridge, .

preting all such Hard Words, whether MDCLXXXV. 8°.

Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, A, 4 leaves : A-R in eights. Dedicated

Teutonick, Belgick, British or Saxon, as to Sir Henry Goodrick, of Ribston Park,

are now used in our refined English Yorkshire, Řt and Baronet.

Tongue. Also the Terms of Divinity, The Art of Heraldry ... The Second Law, Physick, ... With Etymologies, Edition. London, Printed for S. Briscoe, Definitions, Very useful for all such ... 1693. 8°, A-R in eights.

as desire to understand what they read. The Present State of His Majesties Isles

By T. B. of the Inner Temple, Barrister. and Territories in America .. With

London : Printed by Tho. Newcomb, and

are to be sold by Humphrey Moseley, New Maps of every Place. Together with Astronomical Tables, which will serve as

1656. 8°, A-Uu in eights. With a constant Diary or Calendar, . . . Lon

a copy of verses To his Honor'd Friend

Mr. T. B.” by J. S. don : Printed by H. Clark, for Dorman Newman, 1687. 8°. A, 4 leaves,

Glossographia : ... The Second Edition, B_U in eights, exclusively of 7 maps

more correct; wherein above Five hun. and a folded leaf after the Astronomical dred choice Words are added. ... LonTables. With a portrait of James II. don: Printed by Tho, Newcomb for

George Sawbridge ... 1661. 8°, A-Uu BLONDEL, DAVID.

in eights. A Treatise of the Sibyls, so Highly Celebrated, As well by the Antient Heathens,

Glossographia : ... The Fifth Edition, as the Holy Fathers of the Chvrch; Giy. with many Additions London : ing an Account of the Names and Num

Printed by Tho. Newcomb, and are to be bers of the Sibyls, Englished by

sold by Tho Flesher, 1681. 8°, AJ. D. London, Printed by T. R. for the

Zz 4 in eights. With the initials J. S. Author, MDCLXI. Folio. A-B, 2 leaves

enlarged into Jo. Serjeant. each : C-Qq in fours.

The Academy of Eloquence ... The Dedicated by John Davies of Kidwelly Fifth Edition, with Additions to Sir Edward Maunsell of Mavgam, co.

London, Printed for Chr. Wilkinson Glamorgan, and Sir Edward Maunsell of Mudlescomb, co. Carmarthen.

1683. 12o. A, 4 leaves : B-K in

twelves, BLOOD, JAMES.

The Third Edition with Remarks on the Life and Death of the Fam'd Mr. Blood ; Giving an Account of

Addition. [Quot. from Joel, 1, 2.] Lonhis Plot in Ireland, to surprize Dublin

don : Printed by M. Clark, and are to be Castle. Several transactions in his head

sold by H. Brome and C. Harper,

1680. 8°, A-M 3 in eights, besides quarters in the City. Rescue of Captain

porMason at Doncaster. Attempt on the

trait, frontispiece, and two plates.

The third part is called : Claustrum person of his Grace the Duke of Ormond.

Regale Reseratum Or The Kings Conceal. Seizing on the Crown and Scepter in the ment at Trent. Published by A[nne) Tower. The Second Edition, with Wyndham.]” large Additions. London : Printed for Animadversions upon St. Richard BaRichard Janeway, ... 1680. Folio, A- ker's Chronicle, and It's Continuation. E, 2 leaves each, but the leaf after the Wherein many Errors are discover'd, and title marked A.

some Truths advanc'd. By T. B. Esq. BLOUNT, CHARLES.

[Quot. from Cicero de Orat.] Oxon. The Miscellaneous Works of Charles

Printed by H. H. for Ric. Davis. 1672. Blount, Esq; ... To which is prefixed the

8o. A, 4 leaves : B-H in eights. Life of the Author, and an Account and A World of Errors Discovered in the Vindication of his Death. With the Con- New World of Words, Or General Engtents of the whole volume. Printed in lish Dictionary. And in Nomothetes, the year 1695. 8o.

Or The Interpreter of Law-Words and

Boscobel . . :




Terms. By Tho. Blount of the Inner Hystories. By Thomas Blundeuill of Temple, Esquire ... In the Savoy : Newton Flotman in Norfolke. Anno. 1574. Printed by T. N. for Abel Roper, Imprinted at London by Willyam Seres. 1673. Folio, A-E, 2 leaves each, and a 8°, romanlletter: A-H in fours. Dedileaf of F.

cated to the Earl of Leicester. BLOUNT, SIR THOMAS POPE. A Breife Description of Vniversal Mappes A Natural History: Containing Many

and Cardes, And of their Vse: And also not Common Observations : Extracted the Vse of Ptolemey his Tables. Necesout of the best Modern Writers. By Sir

sarie for those that delight in reading of Thomas Pope Blount, Baronet. Felix

Histories : and also for Trauellers by qui potuit Rerum dignoscere Causas. Virg.

Land or Sea. Newly set foorth by Thomas London: Printed for R. Bentley

Blvndeville of Newton Flotman 1693. 8', A-Hh 4 in eights. Dedicated

London Printed by Roger Ward, for to Henry Lord Capel, Baron of Tewks

Thomas Cadman. Anno. 1589. 4°, A-F bury.

2 in fours, besides a folded leaf in D.

Dedicated to Sir Francis Windham, “from BLUNDEVILE, THOMAS, of NewtonFlotman, co. Norfolk.

my poor swan's nest,” 17 Dec. 1588.

M. Blvndevile His Exercises, containing The Learned prynce. [ByįThomas Blun

sixe Treatises, the titles wherof are set devile.] Licensed to W. Seres, 11 May,

down in the next printed page : which 1561.

Treatises are verie necessarie to be read The foure chiefest Offices belonging to

and learned of all young Gentlemen that Horsemanship, That is to saie, The office

haue not bene exercised in suche disciof the Breeder, of the Rider, of the

plines, and yet are desirous to haue Keeper, and of the Ferrer. . . Contein.

knowledge as well in Cosmographie, Asing the Whole Art of Riding latelie set

tronomie, and Geographie, as also in the forth, and now newlie corrected, and

Arte of Nauigation, in which Arte it is amended . . . Imprinted at London by impossible to profite without the helpe of Henrie Denham, : ;

1580. 4°, black

these or such like instructions. To the letter: A-Gg in eights. With cuts. furtherance of which Arte of Navigation A new booke containing the arte of ryding, the said M. Blundevile speciallie wrote and breakinge greate Horses, together the said Treatises, and of meere good will with the shapes and Figures, of many and

dothe dedicate the same to all the young diuers kyndes of Byttes. Very necessary

Gentlemen of this Realme. London. for all Gentlemen, Souldyours, Seruing- Printed by John Windet . . . 1594. 4°, men, and for any man that delighteth in A-Yy in eights, first and last two leaves a horse. (Col.] Imprinted at London blank. With woodcuts and diagrams, by Willyam Seres dwellinge at the West those at signatures U, V 6, and Xx 2 ende of Poules, at the signe of the Hedge- having moveable pointers. At Tt 4 is a hog. 8o, black letter. A-B 4 in eights: folded leaf. A (repeated)-M in eights : The Third M. Blondevile His Exercises, ... The Book, A-F 4 in eights: the Figures of second edition, Corrected and augmented bits, 26 leaves. Dedicated to the Lord

by the Author. Imprinted at London by Robert Dudley. Grenv. Coll. and Douce Iohn Windet, . . . 1597. 40, A-3 D in Coll.

eights, besides 4 folded leaves in A-B A very briefe and profitable Treatise and 1 in E. declaring howe many counsells, and what- Mr. Blundevil His Exercises ... The maner of Counselers a Prince that will

seventh Edition corrected and somewhat gouerne well ought to haue. The Booke

enlarged by Ro. Hartwell Philomathespeaketh [6 lines of verse.] Imprinted at maticus. London, Printed by Richard London by William Seres. [1570.] 8°, Bishop, and are to be sold by Benjamin A-Q in fours. Dedicated by Blundevile

Allen. 1636. 4°, A-3 E in eights, to Robert Earl of Leicester. Lambeth.

title on A 2. With diagrams and folded The true order and methode of wryting plates. and reading Hystories, according to the The Art of Logike. Plainely taught in precepts of Francisco Patricio, and Acon- the English tongue, by M. Blundeuile of tio Tridentino, two Italian writers, no Newton Flotman in Norfolke, as well lesse plainly than briefly set forth in our according to the doctrine of Aristotle, as vulgar speech, to the great profite and of all other moderate and best accounted commodítye of all those that delight in Authors thereof. A very necessarie Booke

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