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Villare Anglicum . . . Published by the rium Pastorale, &c. There is also a short appointment of the Eminent Sir Henry Glossary. Spelman, Knight ... The second Edi. The Faerie Qveene. Disposed into twelue tion corrected and amended. . . . Lon- bookes, Fashioning XII. Morall vertues. don, Printed by T. H. for Robert Pawlett,

London Printed for William Ponsonbie. . 1678. 8°, A-Ff in eights, besides 1596. 4°, A-00 in eights. title and preface, 3 leaves.

The dedication to the Queen is on the

back of the title, as in the first 40. On Oo SPELMAN, JOHN.

8 recto occurs : "A Vision vpon the con. Ælfredi Magni Anglorum Regis Invic

ceipt of the Faery Queene,” and “Another tissimi Vita Tribus Libris Comprehensa,

of the same," the latter signed with

Raleigh's initials, but both by him ; and A Clarissimo Duo Johanne Spelman Hen

these are followed by six 6-line stanzas rici F. primum Anglice conscripta, dein subscribed Hobynoll, and addressed To the Latine reddita, & Annotationibus illus- learned Shephcard, which conclude the trata ab Ælfredi in Collegio Magnæ Aulæ

volume. Universitatis Oxoniensis Alumnis. Ox- (ii.) The Second Part of the Faerie onii ... 1678. Folio.

Qveene. Containing the Fourth, Fifth,

and Sixth Bookes. By Ed. Spenser. ImSPENCE.

printed at London for William Ponsonby. Lucky Spence's last Advice. A sheet in

1596. 4°, A-Kk 4 in eights. verse. [Circa 1700.]

Spencer Redivivus Containing the First SPENCER, BENJAMIN, M.A.

Book of the Fairy Queen, His Essential Vox Civitatis, Or, Londons Complaint Design preserv'd, but his obsolete Lan. against her Children in the Covntrie. . . guage and maner of Verse totally laid Taken from her own mouth, and written aside. Deliver'd in Heroic Numbers, by Benjamin Spencer, Master in Arts. By a Person of Quality. . . . London,

London, Printed by E. P. for Wil- Printed for Thomas Chapman, ... 1687. liam Hope, ... 1636. 4°, A-E in fours, 89, A-Q 4 in eights, Q 4 blank. A l and E 4 blank.

An Original Canto of Spencer: Design'd SPENCER, JOHN.

as Part of his Fairy Queen, but never Kania Kai Palaia. Things New and Old.

Printed. Now made Publick, by Nestor

Ironside, Esq;
Or, A Store-house of Similies, Sentences,
Allegories, Apothegms, Adagies, Apo-

Ficta voluptatis causa sint proxima Veris.

Hor. logues, Divine, Morall, Politicall, &c.

The Third Edition. London, Printed for With their severall Applications. Col- James Roberts . . M.DCC.XIV. (Price lected and Observed from the Writings 6d.) 4`, A-D in fours, D 4 blank. and Sayings of the Learned in all Ages

By S. Croxall. to this present. By John Spencer, A Another Original Canto of Spencer: Delover of Learning and Learned Men.

sign'd ..
Deus nobis hæc otia fecit. Virgil.

Quanto rectius hoc ... Hor.
Eclog. 1.

London ; Printed for James Roberts ... London, Printed by W. Wilson and J.

M.DCC. XIV. 4°, A-D in fours.' Streater, for John Spencer, at Sion Col- This second hoax, it is likely, did not ledge. MDCLVIII. Folio. Title and dedi- prove so successful as the first. Spenser's cation, preceded by two blanks, 4 leaves : imitator seems to have been equally igno. Thomas Fuller to the Reader, 1 leaf :

rant of his style and his versification, or at

least incapable of following either. B—Qqqq in fours : (a)-(c) in sixes.


An Elegie on the Mvch Lamented Death The Works of that Famous English Poet, of the Right Honorable Sir Arthur Mr. Edmond Spenser. . . . Whereunto is Chichester Knight, Lo. Baron of Belfast, added, An Account of his Life ; With Lo. high Treasurer of Ireland, one of the other new Additions, never before in Lords of his Maiesties most Honorable Print. London : Printed by Henry Priuie Counsell, and of the Counsell of Hills for Jonathan Edwin ... 1679. Warre. Honor sequitur fugientem. By Folio. Plate of monument and title- Alex. Spicer. Printed at London by M. page, 2 leaves : A-Zzz in fours : Aaa F. for Robert Bird, . . . 1625. 4°, A-D (repeated), 4 leaves : Bbbb-Hhhh 2 in in fours, first and last leaves blank. In fours: Aaaaa-Ccccc in fours.

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This is much more complete than the The whole of the tract, except the leaf earlier folio editions, as it includes the of dedication to the Duke of Buckingham, tract on Ireland and Bathurst's Calenda. | is within mourning borders.





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An Elegie on the Mvch Lamented Death STAFFORD, ROBERT.
of the Right Honovrable Sir Arthur Chi. A Geographicall and Anthologicall de-
chester . . . By Alex. Spicer. Aprill 12. scription . . . London, Printed by N. 0.
Printed in the yeare of mourning. 1643. for Iohn Parker, 1618. 4°, A-K
40, A-D in fours, title on A 3, A 2 and in fours.
D 4 blank. B. M.

A reissue of the unsold copies of 1625.

Pacata Hibernia . . . 1633.

In a copy of this volume on sale by The sale of Salt. Or The seasoning of Sotheran & Co. in 1879, the imprint preSoules. Namely such, as for whom the sented this curious variation :

*London, chapmen here doe come, and whom the Printed by A. M. and part of the impres

sion made over to be vented for the benefit Author, which taketh the name of a

of the children of John Mynshew, deSalter, is willing, what in him lieth, to

ceased.” season with the Salt of the Word, written by Iohn Spicer, Minister of the STAFFORD, WILLIAM, Viscount. word of God at Leckhamstead in the

The Speech of the Lord High Steward, County of Buckingham. . . . London,

in Westminster Hall, at the time of his Printed by Nicholas Okes, and are to be pronouncing the Judgment of the House sold at the signe of the Crowne in Paules of Peers, against the Lord Viscount StafChurchyard, 1611. 8o, black and white ford, The seventh of December, 1680. letter. A, 4 leaves : B-Cc in eights.

London, Printed by the Assigns of John Interspersed with verse. Dedicated to

Bill, . 1680. Folio, A-C, 2 leaves Sir Anthony Greeneway, Sir Francis each, including a printed leaf before the Cheyney, and Sir Richard Ingoldsby,

title. three of the Justices of the peace for The Speech of William Late Lord VisBuckinghamshire. Br. Museum.

count Stafford, on the Scaffold on Tower. SPON, ISAAC, M.D., Fellow of the College Wednesday, Decemb. 29, 1680. Printed ,

Hill, Immediately before his Execution, of Lyons. The History of the City and State of

by the Original Copy. London: Printed

for W. Bailey, in the year 1680. Folio, Geneva, From its First Foundation to

A-B, 2 leaves each. this present Time. Faithfully Collected from several Manuscripts of Jacobus

Animadversions on the Last Speech of

William Viscount Stafford who was beGottofredus, Monsieur Chorier, and Others London, Printed for Bernard headed on Tower-Hill for High-Treason White. MDCLXXXVII. Folio, A-Kk in in conspiring the Death of the King, &c. fours, besides the title-page, except that

on Wednesday, December 29th. 1680. A has only 2 leaves. With a frontis- [Col.] London, Printed for R. Baldwin, piece, two views of Geneva, and a map of

1680. Folio, 4 leaves. the country adjacent.

The Tryal of William Viscount Stafford

for High Treason, In Conspiring the SPRAT, THOMAS. The Plague of Athens, which hapned in

Death of the King, The Extirpation of

the Protestant Religion, the Second Year of the Peloponesian

Upon an

Impeachment by the Knights, Citizens, Warr. First described in Greek by

and Burgesses in Parliament ... In thé Thucydides ; Then in Latin by Lucretius.

Name of Themselves and of all the ComNow attempted in English, By Tho.

mons of England: Begun in WestminsterSprat. London, Printed by E. C. for

Hall the 30th day of November 1680, and Henry Brome . . . 1667. 40, A-E in

continued until the 7th of December folfours, A 1 with imprimatur and E 4 with

lowing, . . . Also the manner of his ExeAdvertisements.

cution on the 29th of the same Month. The Second Part of the Relation of the

London: Printed by the Assigns of John late Wicked Contrivance against the Bill . . . 1684. Folio, A-3 K in twos, Lives of several Persons, by forging an first and last leaves blank. Association under their Hands: Being farther Account of the said Forgery, and

Strange and Wonderful News, from the of the Two Authors of it, Stephen Black

Lords in the Tower, Or a Dialogue behead, and Robert Young, . Written

tween them and my Lord Staffords Ghost.

London, Printed for T. B. 1681. A folio

In the by the Bishop of Rochester,

Savoy : Printed by Edward Jones. 1693.

The copy used ended imperfectly on X 4. Stafford-Shires Misery, Set Forth in A





true Relation of the Barbarous Cruelty of the Forces Raised against the Parliament. Sent in Letter from Stafford, by Captaine William Robinson, to a Gentleman in London, and to be presented to Mr. Speaker. Published according to Order. London, Iuly 20. Printed by G. Dexter, 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. The Battaile on Hopton-Heath in Staffordshire, Betweene His Majesties Forces under the Right Honourable the Earle of Northampton, and those of the Rebels, March 19. Together with A Letter from the Lord Compton now Earle of Northampton. Printed by H. Hall. M.DCXLIII. 4°, A-B 2 in fours, B 2 blank, The Staffordshire Maid. Printed and sold in Aldermary Church Yard London. A ballad, with cuts. Ouvry Cat. No. 92. STAGE. The Antient and Modern Stages survey'd. Or, Mr. Collier's View of the Immorality and Profaness of the English Stage set in a True Light. . . . London, Printed for Abel Roper, . 1699. 8. A, 8 leaves: a, 8 leaves: B-Aa in eights. Dedicated to the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex. STALBRIDGE, HENRY. The Epistel Exhortatorye of an Inglyshe Chrystian vnto his derely beloved countrey of Ingland, agaynst the pompouse popysh Bishops therof, as yet the true membres of theyre fylthye Father the great Antychryst of Rome. Made by Henry Stalbrydge. [Quot. from Jer. L.) No place, printer's name, or date. 8°, 36 leaves. Collier's B. C. ii. 384. STAMPE, WILLIAM. A Treatise of Spiritval Infatvation, Being the present visible Disease of the English Nation. Delivered in severall Sermons at the Hagve in Holland in the Yeare 1650. By William Stampe, D.D. the imprisoned, plundered, exilde Minister of Gods word at Stepney nere London... Hagve. Printed by Samuel Broun English Bookeseller. 1650. 12°, A-N in twelves.

There were two editions printed at the

Hague, the other undated. STANBRIDGE, JOHN. The longe accydence newly correcte. [This title is on a ribbon over a page-cut. The colophon is :) Thus endeth the accydence Enprynted at London By Wynkyn de Worde. 4o A, 8: B, 4. With the printer's large device on B 4

[The Accidence. At the end occurs :] Enprynted at London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the George by Rycharde Pynson prynter vnto the kynges noble grace. 4o. A, B6, C4 Grenv. Coll.

Wanting the titlepage on A 1. The Heber copy also wanted it. In the lower left-hand corner of several of the pages is

the catchword Stam. accidence. Here begynneth the Accedence diligently correcte and poynted. [This is over a cut of a schoolmaster and nine pupils.] 4°. Lambeth (a fragment). Accidentia ex Stanbrigiana editione nuper recognita & castigata lima Roberti Whitintoni Lichfeldiensis ... [Col.] Imprynted at Londo by me Wynkyn de Worde in Flete strete at the sygne of the Sonne. 4o. Ao, Bo, C4 Grenv. Coll. Paruulorum institutio ex Stambrigiana colectione. [Col.] Explicit. Impress. per me Richardum Pynson regium Impressorem. 4°, A-B in sixes. With the greater part of the title occupied by a large common cut, which recurs on the back. Grenv. Coll. Paruulorum institutio ex Stābrigiana collectione. [This is on a ribbon over the common page-cut.

At the end occurs :] Imprynted at London in Flete strete / at the sygne of the Sone by Wynkyn de Worde. The yere of our lorde. M.ccccc.xxi. 4o. A5, B4. Grenv. Coll. Uocabula magistri Stābrigi primū iam edita sua saltē editione. [This is on a ribbon over a common page-cut. At the end we have :] Enprynted by Wynkyn de Worde / dwellynge at London in the Flete strete at the sygne of the sonne. The yere of our lorde god. M.ccccc. &. x. 4o. AC, B4, CS, D4 With the last leaf occupied by the large device. Grenv. Coll. Vocabula Magistri, Stābrigii, nuper emendata ac edita. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. [Col.] Imprinted at London in Poules churchyarde at the signe of the Lambe, by Abraham Vele. 4°, A-E in fours. Grenv. Coll.

With a preface to the reader by Thomas Paynell. Vocabula Magistri Stanbrigii nuper emendata ac edita. Licensed to Thomas East, 20 March, 1586–7. Stanbrigii Embryon Relimatym .. London, Sumptibus Clement Knight . An. Dom. 1629. 4°. Harl. MS. 5927 (the orig. title).

Grenv. Coll.


[blocks in formation]


Stanbrigii Embrion Relimatvm, sev voca- With a portrait of the author by Faithorne bularium metricum olim à Johanne Stan- and prints of the philosophers separate brigio digestum, Nunc vero locupletatum, from the letterpress. defæcatum, legitimo nec non rotundo ple- In four Parts. Parts 1 and 2, A (not rumque carmine exultans, & in majorem marked)-Yy, 2 leaves each : Part 3, dated Pueritiæ balbutientis usum undequaque

1659, 3 A-3 F, 2 leaves each : Part 4, also

dated 1659, 4 A-5 X, 2 leaves each. Part accommodatum, extrema opera & indus- 3 has the Eleatic Sect and Part 4 the tria Ioh. Brinslæi. London, Printed by Sceptic. T. W. for Tho: Knight and are to be sold

STANYHURST, RICHARD. by Humphery Blunden ... 1647. 4°,

Richardi Stanihursti Dubliniensis De Repartly black letter, A-H in fours. Lat.

bvs In Hibernia Gestis, Libri Qvatvor, and Engl.

Ad carissimum suum fratrem, clarissiSTANDFAST, RICHARD.

mumque virum, P. Plunketvm, Domi. A litle handfull of Cordiall Comfortes,

num Baronem Dunsaniæ. Accessit his &c. by Richard Standfast. Licensed to P.

libris Hibernicarum rerum Appendix, ex Stephens and C. Meredith, 26 Oct. 1638.

Silvestro Giraldo Cambrensi peruetusto Two Books, Vizt. A Little Handful of

scriptore collecta. Cum eiusdem Stani. Cordial Comforts. And A Caveat against

hvrsti adnotationibus. Omnia nunc pri

mum in lucem edita. Antwerpiæ, Apud Seducers. Whereunto are Annexed The Blind Mans Meditations. By Richard

Christophorum Plantinum. M.D.LXXXIIII. Stand fast, . . . London, Printed by Tho

4°, A-Z in fours : a-1 in fours. mas Mabb, for Edward Thomas,

Hebdomada Mariana, Ex Orthodoxis Ca1665. 12°, A-D 6 in twelves, and A-D

tholice Romane Ecclesiæ Patribus colin twelves, besides the general title.

lecta : In memoriam septem festorum

Beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ, per singulos STANHOPE, MICHAEL.

hebdomadæ dies distributa, Auctore Cures without Care : Or A Symmons to

Richardo Stanihursto Hiberno Serenissiall svch who finde little or no helpe by

morum Principum Sacello. Antwerpiæ, the use of ordinary physick to repaire to

M.DC.IX. 8°, A-Q in eights. With the Northerne Spaw. Wherein by many woodcuts. Dedicated from Brussels to precidents of a few late yeares, it is evi- Isabella Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain. denced to the world, that infirmities in their owne nature desperate and of long

STAPLETON, THOMAS. continuance have received perfect re

A Fortresse of the Faith First planted covery, By vertue of Minerall waters amonge vs englishmen, and continued

hitherto in the vniuersall Church of neare Knaresborow, in the West-riding

Christ. The faith of which time Protesof Yorkeshire. Faithfully collected for the publique good by M. St.

tants call Papistry. By Thomas StapleLondon, Printed by William Iones, dwell

ton Student in Diuinite. . . . Imprinted ing in Red-crosse-street. 1632. 4°, A-E

at Antwerpe, by Ihon Laet, with Priuiin fours. Dedicated to Thomas Lord

lege. 1565. 4°, a-z in fours, and AaWentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse,

Ss in fours. Dedicated to the deceived

Protestants of England, from Antwerp, STANLEY, SIR LEWIS.

17 Oct, 1565. To the Kings most Excellent Majestie.

Tres Thomae, Sev De S. Thomæ AposThe humble petition and information of

toli rebus gestis. De S. Thoma ArchiSir Lewis Stanley, Knight, Vice-admi

episcopo Cantuarensi & Martyre. D. rall of Deuon, touching his owne beha

Thomæ Mori Angliæ quondam Canceluiour in the charge committed vnto him,

larij Vita. . . . Dvaci, Ex officina Ioannis for the bringing vp of Sir Walter Raleigh, and the scandalous aspersions cast vpon

Bogardi. 1588. 89, A-M 4 in eights : him for the same. [Col.] Imprinted at

a--s 4 in eights : t-v 2 in eights.

The works of Stapleton were published London by Bonham Norton and Iohn at Paris in a collected form, 1620, folio, Bill ... Anno 1618. 4°, A-C 2 in 4 vols. fours, A blank. Without any regular STAR. title.

A Christian coniecture of the newe blasSTANLEY, THOMAS, the Younger. inge starre. A ballad. Licensed to R. The History of Philosophy, The First Jones, 16 Jan. 1577–8. Part, Containing the Italick Sect. Lon- A coniecture of all blazinge starres in don, Printed for Humphrey Moseley and generall. Licensed to Thomas WoodThomas Dring. Anno Dom. 1660. Folio. cock, 1 July, 1578.




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A small Treatis of the Crinitall Starre the Statutes made in the parlyamentes which appeareth this present moneth of from the begynnynge of the

fyrst yere of October. Licensed to R. Watkins, 1 the raigne of kynge Edwarde the thyrde Nov. 1580.

tyll the begynnyng of the xxxiiii. yere of An admonicon to Englande, by the blas- the most gracyous raigne of our soueraigne inge Starre. A ballad. Licensed to. H.

lorde kyng Henry the .viii. [a large cut Kyrkham, 7 Dec: 1580.

representing a king on his throne with

sceptre, &c.] Cum priuilegio. [London, STARBUCKE, WILLIAM.

William Middleton, 1544 ?) Folio. Title A Spirituall Song of Comfort, or Incour

and table, 6 leaves : A, 6: B, 4:8, 4: agement to the Souldiers that now are

* 2: A-U in sixes : X-Ý, 4 each : gone forth in the Cause of Christ. Printed

A-Y in sixes (Statutes to Henry 6): in the yeere wherein Antichrist is falling.

A-H in sixes, I-K in fours, with the A sheet subscribed William Starbucke.

colophon on K 4: Imprynted at London With four cuts. Ouvry Cat. No. 23. by Wyllyam Medelton Cum priuilegio STAR-CHAMBER.

Regali (Statutes to Rich.3): The Statutes Star - Chainber Cases. Shewing what

of Henry VII., A-L in sixes. Cavses properly belong to the Cognizance Sotheby's, July 26, 1881, No. 1803, wantof that Covrt. Collected for the most ing Statutes of Henry VIII. pa out of Mr. Crompton, his Booke, en

This rare volume is not noticed by Her.

bert, unless it is the same as that which he tituled The Iurisdiction of divers Courts.

describes as “ Year Books 12, 14, 19, Hen. London, Printed for Iohn Grove ... 1630. VI.” &c. at p. 576, in which case his copy 4°, A-H in fours, first and last leaves must have been a mere fragment. blank.

A Colleccion of al the statutes (from the STARKEY, GEORGE.

begynning of Magna Carta vnto the yere Royal and other Innocent Bloud crying of our Lorde, 1557) which were before aloud to Heaven for due vengeance. that yere imprinted. In ædibus Humbly represented to the Right Hon- Richardi Tottelli. Cum priuilegio. ourable the Lords and Commons assem- [Col.] Imprinted at London by bled in Parliament. And with all humble Richard Tottyll. And finished the 16. dutifull submission dedicated to the two day of October. Anno domini. 1557. High and Mighty Princes, James Duke Cum priuilegio. Folio. 1, 8 leaves : of York and Henry Duke of Gloucester, A-3 Y in eights : Zzz; 4 leaves, and two his Sacred Majestyes Royal Brethren. leaves more marked 7, London, Printed by A. Warren for Daniel

A Collection of all the statutes (from White . 1660. 4°, A-F in fours.

the begynning of Magna Carta vnto the Starkey, who describes himself as a true honourer and faithful friend of his country,

yere of our Lorde. (1557.) Whiche were dates from St. Thomas Apostles, June 18,

before that yere imprinted. . . . In ædi1660.

bus Richardi Tottelli. 1559 Cum priuiSTATIONERS' COMPANY.

legio. (Col.] Imprinted at London To the honourable House of Commons in

by Richard Tottell . . . 1559. 4o. 1, 6

leaves : A-4 D 4 in eights. this present Parliament assembled. The humble Petition of the Company of Sta- A Collection of all the Statutes, from the tioners of the City of London. [January, beginning of Magna charta, vnto this 1643.] A sheet. B. M.

present yere of our Lorde God. 1574. In STATIUS, P. PAPINIUS.

ædibus Richardi Tottelli. Añ. 1574. vi. Pvblii Papinii Statii Sylvarum Libri v.

cessimo sexto Iulij. Cum priuilegio. Cum Notis ad marginem Commentarii

Folio. 1, 8 leaves : A-4 Q in eights. vice. Quas undecunque collegit Thomas

Noua Statuta [from 5. Ed. 3 to 22 Edw. Stephens, Scholæ Bvriensis Moderator.

No place, printer's name, or date. Cantabrigiæ, Apud Thomam Buck

Circů 1485-90.) Folio. A-E in eights Anno Dom. MDCLI. 8°, A-P in eights, with Table or Index, but 9 leaves in A: P 8 with the Errata.

the text, a-z in eights : 3, &c. 16 leaves : With commendatory verses by J. Duport

-99 5 in eights, kk 3 blank. Br. and others. On the flyleaf of the copy here

Museum and Inner Temple. used occurs, in a small and clear hand: Ex dono Editoris. On sign. M'4, with a new De termino hillarii anno henrici sexti title, comes the Achilleis.

xxxiii'. [W. de Machlinia, circů 1480.] STATUTES.

Folio. a, 7 leaves : b-h in eights, but The great boke of statutes coteynyng all two extra leaves in h. Br. Museum.



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