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By Rev. W. C. LUKIS, Great Bedwyn.—*Ancient Pax, found at East Grafton. *Large number of Engravings, Lithographs, Drawings, &c., (many of which are by the donor.) *Eight Rubbings, from Monumental Brasses, viz. :-Eleanor de Bohun, Duchess of Gloucester, 1399, in Westminster Abbey. Robert de Waldesby, Archbishop of York, in Westminster Abbey, 1397. John Estney, Abbot, from ditto. Sir Wm. Calthorpe, 1420, Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. Robert Baynard, Esq. and Wife, 1501, Lacock, Wilts. Nicholas Aumberdene, c. 1350, Taplow, Bucks. Thomas Chichele, 1400, Higham Ferrars, Northamptonshire. John Brown and Wife, All Saints', Stamford, 1480.

By Rev. J. E. Jackson, Leigh Delamere.—Painting of Farleigh Castle, when entire, 1645. Old Manor House at Norton, near Malmesbury. Leigh Delamere Old Church, taken down in 1846. *Silver Coin, &c.

By MR. CUNNINGTON, Devizes.-Roman Urn, found at Rushall, (restored.) Silver Model of a Romano-British Urn, from Stonehenge. *Ancient British Sepulchral Urn, found at Beckhampton. *Fragments of ditto, found at ditto. *Bellarmine, or Long Beard, found at Devizes Castle. Mazer, in Maple wood, with silver rim and foot: -legend round the rim

“Thy blessing O Lord, grante mee and mine,

Thatt in life and death, Wee maye be thine.”

Septarium, from the Oxford clay, Trowbridge, (diameter about three feet.) Fossil Jaw of Crocodile, from the Oxford clay, Chippenham. Ammonites Lewesiensis, chalk marl, near Calne. Ditto Calcareous grit, Seend. Ammonites Giganteus, Portland Oolite, Tisbury. Ammonites rostratus, Upper Green sand, Devizes, (large specimen.) Ditto, Upper Green sand, Devizes. Ammonites rusticus, chalk, Roundway. Ammonites biplex, Kimmeridge clay, Potterne, (very large specimen.) Ammonites perarmatus, Calcareous grit, Seend, (two specimens.) Ditto, Portland Oolite, Swindon, mouth perfect.) Ammonites Gualteri, Oxford clay, Trowbridge. Ammonites Königi, Oxford clay, Chippenham, (large specimen.) Ammonites rostratus, (mouth perfect.) Humerus of Saurian,

Kimmeridge clay, Wootton Bassett. Vertebra of Saurian, Kimmeridge clay, Wootton Bassett. Ditto, Foxhangers, near Devizes. Nautilus elegans, chalk marl, near Calne, (two specimens.) Iron Pyrites, Baydon, Wilts. Turrilites tuberculatus, chalk marl, near Calne. Inoceramus involutus, chalk flint, Baydon. Ditto, Boyton. Glass Case containing 108 specimens of Fossil Sponges from the Upper Green sand, and 380 from the chalk flint of Wiltshire. Belemnoteuthis Antiquus, Oxford clay, Chippenham. Fossil Tooth of Rhinoceros tichorinus, Bulford. Ditto, Bradford, (four specimens.) Case containing 55 specimens of Ventriculites, from the chalk flint of Wiltshire. Case containing 17 specimens of Choanites Königi, (a species of Sponge.) Two Drawings, shewing enlarged exterior view and sections of ditto, with spiral vessel. Case containing 22 specimens of Fossils, from the Oxford clay, Chippenham. Case containing 108 specimens of Fossil Terebratulæ, from the Upper Green sand of Wiltshire.—Volume, published by the Palæontographical Society, in which some of these specimens are engraved. Drawing of Stonehenge, by Cattermole. Ditto, Devizes Market Cross, &c., by Bartlett. Minute Photograph of Stonehenge. View of Stourhead Gardens, Wilts. Engraving of St. James's Church, Devizes, by Pye, (artist's proof.) North East View of St. John's Church, Devizes, drawn and engraved by James Waylen, Esq. St. John's Church, Devizes, East View, original drawing, by John Britton, Esq., 1805. Engraving from the above, by J. C. Smith, for Britton's “Beauties of Wiltshire.” Bronze Celt, from Abury. Model of an Ancient British Necklace, found at Upton, Wilts, by the late Mr. Cunnington, of Heytesbury. Asbestos Cloth, found in a barrow at Upton, Wilts, by the late Mr. Cunnington, of Heytesbury. British Stone Celt, from Manningford. Weapon, formed of Jade, from the South Sea Islands. Two large Flint Spear Heads, from North America. One fine Stone Celt, from North America. Three small Arrow Heads, one large ditto. Plaster cast of Stonehenge. Medallion of Ray. Ditto (brass,) found at Wardour.

BY JOHN BRITTON, Esq., F.S.A., Burton Street, London._*Bust of himself, modelled by Scouler. Portrait of Robert Elliot, of Chippenham, painted by Provis. Views of two Cromlechs in Cornwall. British Urn, from near Silbury Hill. Three Views of Salisbury Cathedral. Models of North Porch, St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. Chapter House, Salisbury. Fonts in Winchester Cathedral, and Wrington Church. Bronze Celts, from Ireland, &c.,

BY THE REV. A. FANE, Warminster.-—*Twenty-six specimens of Wiltshire Ventriculites and Sponges, from Boyton.

BY THE REV. A. C. SMITH, Yatesbury.—*Two Roman Sepulchral Urns, (one containing human bones,) found near Bromham.

BY THE REV. J. WILKINSON, Broughton Gifford.—*Model of a Skew Bridge, at Broughton Gifford. British and Roman Coins.

BY THE REV. G. STALLARD, Marlborough.—*Engravings, Mace of the Corporation, and View of St. Mary's Church, Marlborough ; five Wiltshire Fonts; Cromlech at Clatford, &c.

By Mr. A. STRATTON, Rushall.—*A large collection of Bronze, and other Roman Antiquities. Fibulæ, Rude Quern, Stone Celts, Anglo-Saxon Weapons, Implements, &c., in iron and bronze.

BY MR. G. FALKNER, Devizes.—*Five Rubbings from Monumental Brasses.—Sir Edward Baynton and Family, 1578, Bromham, Wilts. Elizabeth St. Amand, c. 1490, Bromham, Wilts. John Baynton, Esq., 1516, Bromham, Wilts. William Chaucey and Wife, 1524, Charlton, Wilts. John Kent, Esq. and Wife, 1630, St. John, Devizes, Wilts. Rubbing from a Carving on the wall in Bromham Church.

By W. TINKER, Esq., Conock.—*Small Iron Spear Head, found near Ellbarrow. *An Instrument for working wax on Tablets, from Ellbarrow. *Rude Iron Weapon, (supposed to have been used at the time of Monmouth's rebellion) found in a house at Imber, after a fire. *Bronze Fibula.

By MR. W. P. HAYWARD, Wilsford.Ancient British Arrow Heads, (four specimens.) Celts, (supposed British, three specimens.) *Pair of Querns, found on the Down, near Wilsford. Sling Stones, (four specimens.) Bronze Ring Small Iron Spear Heads, (three specimens.) Long Iron Spear Head, from Rushall Down. Long Bronze ditto, from Wilsford Down, (in fine preservation.) Card of 14 Articles ---Five Fibulæ. Bronze Key. Two Bone Pins. Small Silver Medallion. Twisted Ring. Two Armlets. Fragment of ditto. Small object of Bronze. Horse Shoe, and six Implements of Iron, probably of the Anglo-Saxon period. Eagle's Head of Bronze, and Bone Pin. Fragments of an Ancient Earthen Strainer. A large Collection of Gold, Silver, and Copper Coins, of Roman and other periods. Rude British Urn. Case of Egyptian Antiquities. Four American Arrow Heads, of Flint.

By G. E. SLOPER, Esq., Devises.-Eleven Wiltshire Tradesmen's Tokens.

BY MR. G. E. SLOPER, JUN., Devizes.-Five Cases of Coleopterous Insects. Three ditto Lepidopterous ditto.

By MR. FALKNER, Devizes.—Specimens of the Stones of Stonehenge. Bones, found in the area of Stonehenge. Shells from the centre of Silbury Hill. Four specimens of Druid Sandstone, or Sarsen Stone, from Abury. Ground Plan of the Druidical Temple at Abury, (drawing.) *Ditto ditto in Plaster. Two Drawings of large stones, at Abury. Two Views of Stonehenge. Bones, from the excavation at Silbury Hill. Ground Plan and Sections of Silbury Hill, (two sheets.) Slice from the excavation at Silbury Hill, showing the natural ground, and the artificial portion of the hill. Compressed Turf and Moss, from the centre of Silbury Hill. Globular and Pear-shaped Flints, from Tan Hill. Four Plates of Forameniferous Shells of the chalk flint, with a description by D' Orbigny. Part of a Leaden Coffin, found at Roundway, Wilts, (supposed to be a Roman interment,) also some of the substance found lying on the floor of it. *Roman Coins, found on Salisbury Plain. Sixteen Numbers of the Archæological Journal, and Evelyn's Sylva. Concrete,

Concrete, from the base of one of the stones at Stonehenge. A Case, containing a large number of Fossils from the chalk, chiefly Foramenifera, Terebratulæ, and Spicules of Sponge. Another Case, containing numerous minute Corallines. A small Case, containing numerous minute Corallines. Another Case of Corallines and Terebratula. Five smaller Cases. Fossil Jaw of a Fish from the chalk, one-eighth of an inch long, containing twelve teeth. *Drawing of a Cromlech.

By Mr. R. STRATTON, Broad Hinton.—*Two Bellarmines, or Long Beards, found at Broad Hinton.

BY MR. PINNIGER, Beckhampton.--Ancient British Urn, found at Beckhampton. Ancient Iron Lock and two Keys. Ancient Iron Horse Shoe. Ancient Iron Spear Head.

BY MR. B. HAYWARD, Easterton.-Small Ancient Shield of Bronze. Fibula, (with perfect spring.)

BY THE REV. E. WILTON, West Lavington.--Fossil Wood, with Teredo, (new species,) Upper Green sand, West Lavington. Tobacco Stopper, temp. James 1st., found at West Lavington. Five Cards of Fibulæ, Armlet, &c., from ditto. Two Impressions of Ancient Seals in Gutta Percha. Bronze Figure of Minerva. Bronze Key. Bronze Celt, from Lavington Downs. One Leaf of a Diptych, found at Market Lavington. Five Ancient Documents relating to the Castle of Devizes. Fourteen Wiltshire Tradesmen’s Tokens. *Medals dug up at West Lavington.

By Miss HUGHES, Brock Street, Bath.—*Seventy-two Ancient Deeds, chiefly relating to the Westley family.

BY THE REV. J. WARD, Wath, Yorkshire.-*Fifty Casts and Impressions of Seals, anciently used by monastic and other bodies, in the county of Wilts.

By F. A. S. LOCKE, Esq., Rowde Ford.—*Roman and other Coins, found in the neighbourhood of Devizes.

By W. E. TUGWELL, Esq., Devizes.—*Roman and other Coins.

BY THE REV. E. J. PHIPPS, Stansfield, Suffolk.-*The Booke of Constitutions of the Fraternity of the Mercers of the Boroughe of Devizes." *Impressions of Ancient Seals, Ancient Deeds, &c.

By DR. THURNHAM, Wilts County Asylum.—*Impressions of Ancient Seal. Eight Stone Implements and Weapons, from Denmark. Two Stone Spear Heads, from North America. Two Sling Stones, from Worle Hill. Eleven small Flint objects, Arrow Heads, &c. Two Bronze Celts, from Yorkshire. Bronze Armilla, (Roman) found at Farndale, North Riding of Yorkshire.-(See Archæological Journal, vol. 8.) Large Flat Ring, of Bronze, (Roman.) Circular Cup of Bronze, with Bone Pin, (Roman) from the Rhine. Circular Anglo-Saxon Fibula, from Bedfordshire. Large Oval Bronze Fibula, from Norway. Small Card of Bronze, and other objects, from tumuli, in Norway. Small Card of Bronze and other objects, from tumuli in Livonia. Iron Sword, from

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