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A booke called the deluding world, by A Juniper Lecture. With the description John Taylor. Licensed to Henry Gosson, of all sorts of women, good and bad. 11 April, 1639.

From the inodest, to the maddest, from A Dialogue betwene Tom Tell Troth and the most civill, to the Scold Rampant, Downe Right Dicke showing the reioycing

their praise

and dispraise compendiously of the Country people for the downe fall

related : The third Impression, with of Monopolies and proiects, by John Tay

many new Additions. Also the Authors lor, Licensed to John Okes, 11 May,

advice how to tame a Shrew, or vex her. 1639.

London: Printed for William Ley, and A booke called A Discourse betwene the

are to be sold at his

shop in Pauls Church

yard, neer Pauls Chaine. 1652. (Nov. Beggar, the theife and the Hangman; by

9.] 12°, A-G in twelves, G 12 blank, John Taylor. Licensed to John Okes,

A l occupied by a frontispiece. Br. 27 July, 1639.

Museum. A booke called a Dialogue betwene Life Dedicated "To as many as can read and Death, by John Taylor. Licensed (though but reasonably) it makes no great to John Okes, 26 August, 1639.

matter whether they understand, or no." Certain verses vpon the warlike fight of

Verbum Sempiternum. The Third Edithe Spaniards and Dutchmen the 11th of tion, with Amendments. London, PrinOctober last, with the Copper Plate there

ted for Tho. James ... 1701. 86, or at of, by John Taylor. Licensed to John least A-S in eights, first leaf with ImOkes, 20 Nov. 1639.

primatur, second with half-title, third Divers Crabtree Lectures. Expressing

with portrait of the Duke of Gloucester,

and last of s blank. the severall Languages that shrews read to their Husbands, either at morning, TAYLOR, JOHN, of York, Apothecary. Noone, or Night. With a pleasant Rela- Spadacrene Anglica, The English Spaw, tion of Shrewes Munday, and Shrewes Or, The glory of Knaresborough, SpringTuesday, and why they were so called. ing from severall famous Fountains there Also a Lecture betweene a Pedler and his adjacent, called the Vitrioll, Sulphurous, wife in the Canting Language. With a and dropping Wells, and also other Minenew tricke to tame a Shrew. Printed at rall Waters. Their nature, Physicall London by I. Okes, for John Sweeting, use, Situation, and many admirable Cares and are to be sold at his shop in Corne- being exactly exprest in the subsequent hill, neare Popes-head Ally at the signe Treatise of the learned Dr. Dean, and the of the Crowne, 1639. 12°, A-L in sedulous observations of the ingenious twelves. In prose. Bodleian.

Michael Stanhope Esquire. Wherein it The Introduction is signed Mary Make- is proved by Reason and Experience, that peace.

the Vitrioline Fountain is equall (and The Womens sharpe revenge: Or an an- not inferiour) to the Germane Spaw. . swer to Sir Seldome Sober that writ those

Published (with other additions) by Iohn railing Pamphelets called the Juniper and

Taylor Apothecary in York. And there Crabtree Lectures, &c. Being a sound

Printed by Tho: Broad, being to be sold Reply and a full confutation of those

in his Shop at the lower end of StoneBookes: with an Apology in this case for

gate, near to Common-Hall-Gates. 1649. the defence of us women. Performed by 4°, Á-F in fours. Mary Tattle-well, and Joane Hit-himhome, Spinsters.' Imprinted at London [TAYLOR, RICHARD.) by I. O, and are to be sold by Ia. Becket

The Sale of Esau's Birth-right: Or, The at his shop in the inner Temple-gate.

New Buckingham Ballad To the Tune of 1640. 12°, A-K in twelves. In prose.

the London Gentlewoman, or Little Peggy Bodleian (imperfect).

Ramsey. [1679.] A folio leaf. This volume is prefaced by "The Epistle TAYLOR, ZACHARY, M.A. of the Female Frailty, to the Mal-Gender, The Devil Turn'd Casuist Or The Cheats in Generall,” dated “From our Mannor of Make-peace: Dated the third day of

of Rome Laid open, in the Exorcism of a Gander-month, in the year of Jubile, not

Despairing Devil, at the House of Thomas of Juniper. Mary Tattle-well. Joane Hit- Pennington in Orrel in the Parish of him-home. Spinsters.” Then follows the Wigan and County of Lancaster, By Epistle to the Reader in verse.

Zachery Taylor, N.A. Chaplin to the Certain verses vpon the fast, by John right reverend Father in God, Nicholas Taylor. Licensed to Henry Gosson, 13 Lord Bishop of Chester, and 'Rector of July, 1640.

Wigan. . . . London, Printed for Peter

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Buck, . 1696. 4°, 4-D in fours, A 1 TENURES, with the half-title. Lambeth.

Tenir per seruice de chiualer : ... Tenir The Surey Impostor : Being an Answer per graunt sergeanti. . . . No place, &c. to a Late Fanatical Pamphlet, Entituled

(London, about 1520.] Folio, A in sixes. The Surey Demoniack. By Zach. Tay

Lambeth. lor, A.M. And one of the King's Preachers TERENTIUS AFER, PUBLIUS. in the County-Palatine of Lancaster. [Vulgaria Therentij.' The colophon on London, Printed for John Jones,

the verso of the last leaf but one is : Vul. and Ephraim Johnson, Bookseller in garia Therentij in anglicanā lingua Manchester. MDCXCVII. 4, A-K in traducta londonijs Impressa in abchirche fours, A 1 with a woodcut frontispiece. lane / per_me Guillelmu, faques nor

Folio. Without catchwords. TAYLOUR, CHARLES.

Four sheets of 6 [the first and probably A True and Perfect Narrative of the Strange and Unexpected Finding the

last deficient], 8, 6, and 4 = 26 leaves to Crucifix & Gold-Chain of that Pious

a complete copy, but only b and c marked.

The last leaf is blank. Corpus Christi Prince, St. Edward the King and Con

College Cambridge. fessor, which was found after 620 Years

This is the copy referred to by Herbert, Interment: And Presented to His Most

p. 310, as preserved among the MSS. It Sacred Majesty, King James the Second. is still so; nor is any other, I believe, London, Printed by J. B. . . . 1688. 4°, known. Communicated by Mr. W. Aldis A-E in fours, half-title on A 1.


Flovres for Latine speakyng gathered TELFAIR, ALEXANDER, Minister of oute of Terence, and the same translated Kerrick.

into englysshe, together with the expoA True Relation of an Apparition, Ex- sicion and settyng foorth as well of suche pressions and Actings, of a Spirit, which

latine wordes, as were thought nedefull infested the House of Andrew Mackie in

... by Nicholas Vdall. Newly corrected Ring-croft of Stocking, in the Paroch of

and imprinted. Anno. M.D.lx. [Col.] Kerrick, in the Stewartry of Kirkcud

Imprinted at London in Fletestrete, in bright, in Scotland 1695. ... Edinburgh, the house late Thomas Berthelettes. Cum Printed by George Mosman, ... 1696.

priuilegio : Anno M.D.LX. 8', black 4°, A-B in fours.

letter, A-B 4 in eights, and A-Aa in TEMPLE, SIR JOHN.

eights. H. Pyne, Esq. The Irish Rebellion : Or, An History of

This and the other early editions contain

selections only from three of the Comedies. the Beginnings and first Progresse of the

The same is the case with that of 1568. Generall Rebellion raised within the

Flowers or eloquent phrases of the Latin Kingdom of Ireland, upon the three and twentieth day of October, in the Year,

Speach, gathered out of all the sixe

Comedies of Terence :... Imprinted at 1641. Together with the Barbarous Cruelties and Bloody Massacres which

London by Thomas Mar[s]he. Anno. ensued thereupon. By Sir Iohn Temple

1575. Cum Priuilegio. 8o. A, 4 leaves : Knight, Master of the Rolles, and one of

A (repeated)-D1 2 in eights. his Majesties most honourable Privie The First Comedy of Pvb. Terentivs, Counced within the Kingdom of Ireland. Called Andria, Or, The Woman of Andros, London, Printed by R. White for Samuel English and Latine : Claused for such as Gellibrand, . . . 1646. 4o. (a)—(b) in

would write or speake the pure Language fours : A-Ggg in fours.

of this Author, after any Method what

soeuer, but especially after the Method of TEMPLE OF BRASS.

Dr. Webbe. Priuiledged by Patent from [The Temple of Brass) Explicit the temple

his Maiestie. London, Printed by Felix of bras. Here next foloweth a tretyse / Kyngston for Philip Waterhouse, . whiche John Skogan Sente ynto the 1629. 4° T, 4 leaves : TT, 4 leaves : lordes and gentilmen of the kynges hows/ A-Bb 2 in fours, first leaf blank, and exortyng them to lose no ty me in theyr last with Errata. yougthe / but to vse vertues. . . . [W.

The Second Comedie of Pvb. Terentivs, Caxton, circa 1478.] 4°, 24 leaves. Publ.

Called Evnychvs, Or, The Eunuche, Lib. Camb. and St. Albans Grammar School

English and Latine :

The vses (both imperfect).

whereof the Reader may finde in the This volume comprises “The good counceyl of Chaucer,” “Thenuoye of Chaucer to

Epistle before the first Comedie.. Skogan," &c.

London, Printed by A. I. and are to be




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sold by Nicholas Bourne 1629. 4o. colours. This was, no doubt, the dedi. T, 4 leaves, including a duplicate title:

cation-copy to the Corporation. A-Gg in fours, Gg 4 blank.


The Perfect Horseman Or the Experienc'd A ballett made by one beyinge greatly

Secrets of Mr. Markhams 50 Years Pracimpoverysshed by the viage prepared to tice. The printed title adds :) Never Terra Floryday. Licensed to A. Lacy in

Printed before. And now Published by 1564.

Lancelot Thetford, Practitioner in the THALIA.

same Art for the space of Forty Years.

London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley Thalia : Or the Spritely Muse, Poems on

... 1656. 8°, A-M in eights, including Several Occasions. Translations from

a woodcut frontispiece. Martial. Paraphrases on Ovid and Tibvl. lvs ; and Burlesque Verse on Diverting THINNE, THOMAS, of Longleat. Subjects. By, a Nobleman of Fifteen, A True and Impartial Account of the who designs shortly to appear in Print. cruel and_bloody Murther, committed London : Printed by R. Tookey, and are upon the Body of Thomas Thin, Esq; to be sold by S. Malthus

On Sunday last, being the 12th of this Folio. Title and Contents, 2 leaves : present February, 1682. betwene the A-1, 2 leaves each.

Hours of Seaven and Eight at Night, Several of the pieces relate to places and who was barbarously and inhumanely incidents in Ireland.

Butcher'd in his own Coach, . . . Printed THEMILTHORPE, NICHOLAS, Es- for J. Deacon, at the Rainbow, in Holquire, of England.

bourn, 1682. 4°, 4 leaves.
The Posie of Godlie Prayers. With a THISTLEKEEPER.
devote Epistle before the Booke, and
after the Booke a perfect Table.

A ballad.
The Thisselkepers wealthe.

Licensed to John Danter, 21 Nov. 1593. printed in Aberdene, By Edward Raban, 1636. 12°, A-Y in sixes. Printed THEWTOBOCUS. within borders.

A Booke of a Giant called Thewtobocus. THEOCRITUS.

Licensed to Edward Allde, 8 February,

1614–15. The Idylliums of Theocritus, with Rapin's Discourse of Pastorals. Done into Eng- THOMAS, GABRIEL, of the Society of lish. Hic igitur versus. Oxford, Friends. Printed by L. Lichfield for Anthony An Historical and Geographical Account Stephens Bookseller near the Theatre. of the Province and Country of Pensil. 1684. 8o. A, 4 leaves : (a)-(i 2) in vania; And of West-New - Jersey in fours : A (repeated)—U in fours.

America. The Richness of the Soil, the Dedicated to Arthur Charley of Trinity Sweetness of the Situation, the Whole. College, Oxford, by Thomas Creech.

somness of the Air,

The strange THESES.

Creatures, The Natives, ... The Theses Philosophicæ, Quas . . . Propug- first Planters, . . . As also a Touch upon nabunt Adolescentes Magisterii candi- George Keith's New Religion, : With dati, ex Academia Iacobi Regis hoc Anno a Map of both Countries. By Gabriel 1620. Edinbvrgi, Excudebat Andreas Thomas, who resided there about Fifteen Hart. Anno 1620. 4°, A-E 2 in fours, Years. London, Printed for, and sold by E 2 blank, besides title and dedication. A. Baldwin, ... 1698. 8°. A, 4 leaves: Printed within borders.

B-E 4 in eights: The Account of WestIllustrissimo Senatori Edinburgensi ac

New-Jersey, with a new title, F-H in Clarissimis Dominis. D. Archibaldo

eights, H 8 blank. With a folded map. Mure, A Thorntoun, Equiti Aurato, : ..

The first portion is dedicated to W. Penn, Necnon Ornatissimis & Colendissimis

the second, to the Proprietors of West-New

Jersey. Dominis, Gulielmo Meinzies, : : , Servi vestri humilimi [Here follows a


Thomae Thomasii Dictionarivm svmma long list of names.] Theses Philosophicæ. Edinburgi, Excudebant Hæredes

fide ac diligentia accvratissime emenAndreæe Anderson.

datvm, Anno Dom.

Qvinta editio ... CantaM.DC.XCVIII. A large sheet.

brigiæ, Ex officina Iohannis Legati. 1596. D. Laing, 1879, No. 2360, printed on

Extant Londini, ad Insigne Solis in cæsatin, and richly decorated with armorial miterio D. Pauli. 4o. TT, 4 leaves, first bearings, flowers, and devices in gold and blank: A-Bbb 4 in eights.

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Crouch, . . . 1666. 89, A-N in eights, The historie of Italie, a boke excedyng besides the frontispiece, Dedicated to profitable to be redde: Because it in- William, Earl of Craven. treateth of the estate of many and diuers common weales, how thei haue ben,


Hymnvs Tabaci, Avtore Raphaele Thorio. & now be gouerned. Anno Domini.

Londini, Impensis Johannis Waterso[ni.] M.D.XLIX. 40, black letter. A, 4 leaves, A 4 blank : 4 leaves marked 1-4:A-3 I

1626. 8°, A-E 4 in twelves. in fours. (Col.] Imprinted at London THORNDIKE, HERBERT. in Fletestrete in the Hovse of Thomas An Epilogue to the Tragedy of the Church Berthelet. Cum priuilegio ad impri- of England, London, Printed by J. mendum solum. Anno. M.D.XLIX. Dedi

M. and T. R. for J. Martin; . . . M.DC.LIX. cated to John, Earl of Warwick.

Folio. Title, 1 leaf : a-f, 2 leaves each : The Historye of Italye. ... Imprinted

B–5 P, 2 leaves each. at London in Flete-strete next to Saient THORNTON, JAMES. Dunstons Church by Thomas Marshe. The ruefull report of the desperate deathe [Col.] Imprynted at London in Flete- of James Thornton, A ballad. Licensed strete next to Saincte Dunstons Churche

to R. Jones, 9 July, 1580. by Thomas Marshe. Anno Domini. 1561. THOROTON, ROBERT, M.D. A, 3 leaves (A 4 blank): Table, 4 leaves :

The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, ExA-3 I in fours. 4°.

tracted out of Records, Original Evidences, Principal Ryles of the Italian Grammer,

Leiger Books, other Manuscripts, and Londini, In ædibus H. Wykes.

Authentick Authorities. Beautified with (Col.] Imprinted at London in Flete

Maps, Prospects, and Portraitures. stretē by Henry wykes Anno.

London, Printed by Robert White, for M.D.LXVII. 4°, A-00 2 in fours, besides

Henry Mortlock, 1677. Folio. title and dedication.

Printed title, 1 leaf : Dedications to GilTHOMPSON, THOMAS.

bert, Archbishop of Canterbury, and W. The English Rogue A New Comedy. As Dugdale, 2 leaves : folded map of the it was acted before several Persons of county : (a) 4 leaves : B-Rrr in fours : Honour with great applause. . Written Sss, 6 leaves. by T. T. Licensed according

to Order. With plates separate from letterpress at London, Printed for William Thackeray pp. 89, 99, 106, 165, 199, 223, 253, 281, at the Golden Sugar-loaf and William

311 (2), 459, 489, 491, 499, 505, besides 4

leaves of Arms and an extra slip (sometimes Whitwood at the Golden Lyon in Duck

wanting), and the Index, 18 leaves. Lane, 1668. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-I in fours.

THORPE, SERGEANT. Dedicated by Thomas Thompson to his Sergeant Thorpe Judge of Assize for the honoured friend and patroness Mrs. Alice

Northern Circvit His charge, As it was Barret.

delivered to the Grand-Jury at Yorke Thompson Tell-lyes. Or An Answer to Assizes the twentieth of March, 1648. Titus Tell-trvth. To the Tune of, Hail Clearly epitomizing the statutes belongto the Mirtle Shades. London Printed for ing to this Nation, which concerns (& as G. Parker. A sheet in verse. [Circâ a golden rule, ought to regulate) the 1682.]

severall estates and conditions of men. THOMSON, GEORGE.

And (being duly observed) do really proDe Antiqvitate Christianæ Religionis

mote the Peace and Plenty of this Comapvd Scotos. Avthore Georgio Thomsono

mon-wealth. London, Printed by T: W: Scoto. Romae, M.D.XCIIII...

for Matthew Walbancke, and Richard leaves. Italic letter.

Best_at Grayes-Inne Gate, 1649. 4°,

A-D in fours.
Loimotomia : Or the Pest Anatomized THRENODE.
in the following particulars, viz. 1. The

Threnode : Or, Englands Passing-Bell. Material Cause. 2. The Efficient Cause.

[Quot. from Psalm 80, 3, and Quarles 3. The Subject Part. 4. The Signes of the

Eleg.] London, Printed in the Year Pest. ... Together with the Authors M.DC.LXXIX. 4°, A-D 2 in fours. In Apology against the Calumnies of the Galenists : and a Word to Mr. Nath: THROCKMORTON, FRANCIS. Hodges, concerning his late Vindicia A discouerie of the treasons practised and Medicince. London, Printed for Nath: attempted against the Queenes Maiestie

4°, 6

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and the Realme by Francis Throckmorton, tory of Titles, And His Review thereof: who was for the same arraigned and con

London, Printed by Iohn Bill. demned in Guyld Hall, in the Citie of M.DC.XIX. 4°. TT, 4 leaves, first blank: last past. 1584. No place or printer's TIMBERLAKE, HENRY. London, the one and twentie day of May a-e 2 in fours : A-Gg 2 in fours. name. 4°, A-D 2 in fours. Roman letter. The last two leaves are occupied by

A True and strange discourse of the

trauailes of two English Pilgrimes : what ayers. A ballad of the traditor Frauncis Throk

admirable accidents befell them in their morton. Licensed to T. Nelson, 19 July,

iourney to Jerusalem, Gaza, Grand Cayro, 1584.

Alexandria, and other places. Also what

rare Antiquities, Monuments, and notable A Ballet of Throkmorton. entitled. Comme

memories..., they sawe in Terra Sancta, after. Comme after, &c. Licensed to R.

... A discourse of no lesse admiration, Jones, 6 Aug. 1584.

then well worth the regarding ; written THUCYDIDES.

by one of them ; on the behalfe of himThe hystory writtone by Thucidides the selfe, and his fellowe Pilgrime. Imprinted Athenyan of the warre, which was be- at London, for Thomas Archer, . . . 1603. twene the Peloponesians and the Athe- 4°, black letter, A-D 2 in fours. Grenv. nyans, translated oute of Frenche into Coll. Sir C. Isham, &c. the Englysh language by Thomas Nicolls

A Trve and strange discourse. Lon. Citezeine and Goldesmyth of London. don Printed for Thomas Archer, Imprinted the xxv. day of July in the

1608. 4°, A-F 2 in fours. Grenv. Coll. yeare of oure Lord God a Thousande, fyue hundredde and fyftye. [Col.] Imprinted

A Trve and straunge Discourse of the at London in Flete-strete, at the signe of

Trauayles of two English Pilgrimes : the Sunne, ouer against the Counduite,

London, Printed for Thomas Archer... by Iohn Waylande. (1550.) Folio, black

1611. 4°, black letter, A-E in fours, letter, A-00 in sixes : Pp. 4 leaves, in

first and last leaves blank, cluding the colophon. With three stanzas TIME. of 7 lines on the back of the title. Dedi. Tempora labuntur, otherwyse ye Image cated to Sir John Cheke.

of tyme. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1566. The colophon bere given is taken from the titlepage preserved in Harl. MS. 5919.

Tyme tryeth all thinge. A ballad. Li

censed to John Allde in 1570. It is there pasted on to the foot of the leaf, and is in the same type as the rest. Her

TIMES. bert places the book under Wayland. It seems to have been Bagford's practice, in

The Times Dissected. Or, A Learned many cases, to annex the colophon in this Discovrse of Severall Occvrrences Very way.

worthy of Speciall Observation, To deter Eight Bookes of the Peloponesian Warre evill men, and incourage good. Printed Written by Thvcydides the sonne of Olorys in the yeare, 1641. 40, A-B 2 in fours. Interpreted with Faith and Diligence Im- TINDALL, SIR JOHN. mediately out of the Greeke By Thomas

A Trve Relation of the Grovnd, Occasion, Hobbes Secretary to ye late Earle of Deuonshire. London Imprinted for

and Circumstances, of that horrible Mur

ther committed by Iohn Bartram, Gent. Richard Mynne . . . M DC XXX IV. Folio. Engraved title by T. Cecill, 1 leaf: A, 4

vpon the body of Sir Iohn Tyndal of Linleaves : (a)—(c) in fours : a folded map :

colns Inne, Knight: One of the Masters

of the Honorable Covrt of Chancery, B-3 Z in fours, but an extra leaf in 3 Z.

the twelfth day of this instant Nouemb. Dedicated to the Earl of Devonshire.

Written by way of Letter from a GentleWith three maps besides that mentioned

man to his Country friend. Together above.

with the Examination of the said BarTILENUS, DANIEL, Silesius.

tram, taken before the right Honourable, Parænesis ad Scotos, Genevensis Doc- Sir Fra. Bacon Knight, his Maiesties trinæ Zelotas. Audreapoli, ... CI.CI.C.xx. Atturney Generall : and Sir Henry Yel89, A-E in eights, A blank.

verton Knight, his Maiesties Sollicitor Herbert cites, I believe in error, an edi- General, according to speciall, directions tion of this in 1570.

giuen by his Maiestie in that behalfe. TILLESLEY, RICHARD, D.D., Arch- London, Printed by Iohn Beale. 1616. deacon of Rochester,

4°, A-D in fours, first and last leaves Animaduersions ypon M. Seldens His- blank. Br. Museum.

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