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11. This proclamation shall immediately be translated into Icelandic, and posted up in the most public places, so that the natives may be convinced that nothing will be done prejudicial to their liberty, nor to their disadvantage in any shape whatever.

In case it can be proved that any person shall have acted against the tenor of this proclamation, the person or persons proving the same shall receive a reward of fifty rix-dollars.



N° 2.

. Reikevig, June 26, 1809.

1. Iceland is free and independent of Denmark.

2. All public officers, who are natives of Iceland, who remain faithful to their own country, and who will make oath to execute their functions, shall receive their full salaries.

3. All public officers, who are natives of Iceland, and who remain pacific, shall be respected.

4. All pensions to widows, infants, or officers retired from office, shall be paid.

5. The officers in different ampts or districts shall take care that an honest and sensible person is chosen, who is well acquainted with the situation of his country, and who is to represent his own district. All laws and acts are to come from such representatives. They are to be maintained at the expence of the state, and to be established on the same footing as those were before the island became dependent on the Kings of Norway.

6. Every officer under government, who wishes to remain in his situation, shall notify the same in a letter to me. A fortnight is allowed in the nearest places and seven weeks in the most distant for the purpose, unless bad roads or other insurmountable obstacles should make it impracticable to furnish an answer so soon; but in such case the reasons for the delay must be communicated at the bottom of the letter. Officers, not remaining in office, cannot expect any assistance from the present government, and other officers will be appointed in their places.

7. None but natives can be members of the legislative body, or represent the people in their respective districts,

8. Iceland has its own flag.

9. Iceland shall be at peace with all nations, and peace is to be established with Great Britain, which will protect it.

10. Iceland shall be set in a state of defence.

11. All hospitals and schools shall be established on a better footing than what they have been hitherto.

12. All debts due to the former Danish government, or the factors connected with Danish mercantile houses, shall not be paid; nor any money which there is a possibility of remitting to Denmark. Every person so indebted is exempt from paying the sums due. But should any such debtor attempt to pay any part thereof, at any time, he shall be compelled to pay the whole amount to the present government.

13. All kinds of grain shall by no means be sold at exorbitant prices.

14. All Icelanders are exempted from one half of their taxes till the 1st of July, 1810.

15. The inhabitants can proceed uninterruptedly from place to place and trade wherever and with whomsoever they please, except Danish merchants not resident in Iceland.

16. Till such time as the natives shall send in their representatives, all public officers, and persons who have money due from government, may address me for the same, and they shall be paid.

17. No man shall be judged or punished, after the representatives are assembled, without being found deserving of punishment by twelve of his fellow-citizens.

18. Every public officer, of whatever denomination, shall endeavour to prevent all communication with Danish ships. A specification shall be given in of what grain is necessary for each district, so that it may be transported thither before the setting in of the winter; and care shall be taken that hereafter the island shall be supplied with corn for one year to come.

19. No Icelander must, on account of the late liberty being granted, presume to offend or assault a person for being a Dane, nor for having held a situation under the king, nor for having been in the employment of, or connected with, a Danish mercantile house, provided they do not interfere with the political affairs of the island.

*** The number of representatives to be sent are three from the southern ampt, one from the eastern ampt, two from the northern, and two from the western ampt.



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