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Funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Mary pugna.

Nunc rursus auctum & in
II. Of Blessed Memory, From the Royal Latinos versus translatum, Per T[homam]
Palace of Whitehall to the Collegiate D[empsterum ] S.P.M.' B.P.P.
Church at Westminster.... London Arctanni Francorum.

Anno Printed, and Edinburgh Re-printed ... M. DC. XXXI. 8°, A-E 4 in eights. In1695. 4°, 2 leaves.

scribed to Captain Alexander Bruce. MARY MAGDALEN.

D. Laing, part 4, No. 783.
Marie Magdalens Lamentations for the MORE, SIR THOMAS.
Losse of Her Master Iesvs.

Thomae Mori Epistola ad Germanū
Disce mori mundo vivere disce Deo.

Brixiū : qui quum Morvs in libellum London, Printed by Adam Islip for Ed. eius, quo contumeliosis mendacijs in. ward White, 1601. 4°, A-H in cesserat Angliam : lusisset aliquot epi. fours, A 1 and H 4 blank. Without pre- grammata annis ab hinc plus septē: . fixes. Marsh Library Dublin.

Apud inclytam Londini urbem. M.D.XX. MILTON, JOHN.

[Col.) Londini in Edibus Pynsonis. 4", Joannis Miltoni Angli Defensio pro

a-g 2 in fours, 8 2 with the device. Populo Anglicano: contra Claudii ARO MURDER.


nimi, alias Salmasii,
Defensionem Regiam.

A Most Execrable and Barbarovs Myrder
Londini, Typis Du Gardianis. Anno Do-

done by an East-Indian Devil, or a Native mini 1651. 4, A-P in fours.

of Java-Major, in the Road of Bantam,

Aboard an English Ship called the Coster; MISSALE.

on the 22. of October last. 1641. Missale ad vsum insignis ac præclare

London, Printed for T. Banks Iuly ecclesie Sar. ... cosummatū in alma Pari.

1642. 4°, 4 leaves. With a cut on title. siensi academia. Anno ...M. ccccc. xvi. (Col.) Impressum parisiis. ... Anno dnī


The First Lecture touching Navigation millesimo qugētesimo deciinosexto. Die Võ. xxij. mēsis Augusti. 8o. Title and

Read Publiquely at Sr Balthazar Gerbiers Calendar, 8 leaves : a-v 4 in eights :

Academy . . . Printed at London for

Robert Ibbitson .
A-I in eights: A-H in eights. Printed

1649. 40, A-C in in two columns, with cuts, in black and

fours, C 4 blank. Dedicated by Gerbier red inks.

to Sir Henry Fane Junior, Treasurer of Sothebys, Feb. 15, 1881, No. 291.

the Navy. MISSELDEN, EDWARD, Merchant.

Free Trade. Or, The Meanes to make

The Temporysour (that is to saye: the
Trade florish. Wherein, The Causes of

obseruer of tyme, or he that chaungeth the Decay of Trade in this Kingdome,

with the tyme.), Compyled in Latyn by are discouered : And the Remedies alsó

the excellent clarke Wolfgangus Musto remooue the same, are represented. ...

culus, and trāslated into Frenche by M. London, Printed by Iohn Legate for

Vallerain Pullain. And out of Frenche Simon Waterson . 1622. 8°, A-K4

into Inglishe by R. P. 1555. (Quot. from in eights, A 1-2 and K 4 blank. Dedi.

3 Kings, 18.] Imprinted, Anno Domini. cated to Prince Charles from the author's

1555. In the Moneth of Julij. 8', Ahouse at Hackney.

H in eights. Black letter.

The Temporizer ends on G 8, and sheet ! MISSON, F. M.

is occupied by “An Excellent admonicion Memoires et Observations Faites par un and resolucion of ... Celius secundus Voyageur en Angleterre. ... A La Haye, Curio," translated out of French by R. P.

M. DC. XCVIII. 12o. With a frontis. | NETHERLANDS. piece, map, and numerous plates.

True Recitall of the Confession of the MONRO, JOHN.

two Murderers John de Paris, and Iohn Nova & Artificiosa Methodus Docendi de la Vigne : Touching the horrible Linguam Latinam ; Seu Institutio Gram.

Murder committed vpon the person of maticæ Compendiaria, Ad Puerorum cap.

Mr. Iohn de Wely, a Merchant-Jeweller tum summo studio accommodata. Lon. of Amsterdam : Together with the sendini:

MDCLXXXVII. 4°, A-L in tence giuen against them at the Court of fours. Dedicated to Sir Andrew For. Holland, at the Hage, the 16. day of May, rester, B. M.

1616. And Executed vpon them the same MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER.

day. 4°, A-C in fours. Woodcut on

title. Britwell. Cerasvm et Sylvestre Prvnym, Opvs

Communicated by Mr. W. ChristiePoematicvm. De Virtutum & vitiorum Miller.





Barnevelt displayed : Or The Golden Week, 1695. [Col.] London, Printed Legend of New St. Iohn, found out in for Tho. Thunder. 1695. 4°, 2 leaves. the vnited Prouinces of the Low-Coun. tries. Comprehending A short Rehear. NEWTON, SIR ISAAC. sall of the Noblenesse, Vertues, and

Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia MatheActions of Mr. Iohn of Barnevelt, late

matica. Autore Js. Newton, Trin. Coll. Cantab. &c.

Anno Aduocate and Speaker for the Prouinces

. . Londini, of Holland and West-Friesland ... Trans

MDCLXXXVII. 4°, A–30 in fours. With

With lated out of Dutch. London, Printed by

diagrams, including a folded one. G. Eld, for Nathanael Bytter, 1619.

verses by E. Halley. 4°, A-F in fours.

NORDEN, JOHN, of Hart Hall. Five New Letters from Ostend, sent by

A Christian Familiar Comfort and Insome English Soldiers which were in the covragement vnto all English Subiects, late Battel before Mons, to their Friends

not to dismaie at the Spanish threats. in London. With Allowance. London:

Whereunto is added an admonition to all Printed for D. M. 1678. 4°, 4 leaves.

English Papists, who openly or couertly

couet a change By the most vnNEW ENGLAND.

worthie I. N. Printed at London for J. The Present State of New England, With

B. 1596. 4°. Title, dedication to the Respect to the Indian War. Wherein is

Queen, &c., 3 leaves: B-G in fours, G 4 an Account of the true Reason thereof, blauk. (as far as can be Judged by Men.) Together with most of the Remarkable Pas- NORDEN, JOHN, Topographer. sages that have happened from the 20th of

England. An Intended Guyde, for EngJune, till the 10th of November, 1675.

lish Travailers. Shewing in generall, Faithfully Composed by a Merchant of

how far one Citie, & many ShireBoston, and Communicated to his Friend Townes in England are distant frõ anin London. London. Printed for Dor

other, . : Inuented & Collected, By

Iohn Norden. man Newman, 1676. Folio, A-E,

Printed at London by 2 leaves each.

Edward All-de... 1625. 4°. Title A Continuation of the State of New

and dedication, 2 leaves, and 40 engraved

leaves. England ; Being a Farther Account of the Indian Warr, And of the Engage. NORRIS, JOB. ment betwixt the Joynt Forces of the A Lash for a Lyar : Or, The Stayner United English Collonies and the In- Stayned, Being An Answer to a false and dians, on the 19th of December 1675. ... scandalous Pamphlet, Entituled The With all other Passages that have there Triumph Stayned, Lately published by Hapned from the 10th of November, 1675.

Mr. George Masterson,

Masterson, (pretended to the gth of February 1676. Together

Preacher of the Gospell at Shore-ditch.) with an Account of the intended Rebel- London, Printed for J. Hornish, lion of the Negroes in the Barbadoes. Febr. 22. 1647. 4°, A-B in fours. London, Printed by T. M. for Dorman NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Newman, : 1676. Folio, A-E, 2 A Brief Account of the Virtues of the leaves each.

Famous Well of Astrop, Not far from The Barbadoes letter is signed G. W. Oxford, of late so much' frequented by NEWS.

the Nobility and Gentry. By a Learned News from Whetstones Parke, Or, A Re- Physician. London, Printed in the Yeer lation of the Late Bloody Battle there,

MDCLXVIII. 4°, 4 leaves. between the Bawds and Whores, and how The Northamptonshire Wonder, Being A both Parties after a sharp Dispute, and True and Strange Relation of one Mr. much loss on either side, were at last Stephen Pain, A Farmer of Rowell in Reconciled by the Mediation of the Pimps Northamptonshire, who lay in a Trance and Hectors. With the Articles of Peace for 3 Days & 3 Nights, London : concluded

upon between them. London; Printed and Sold by Edward Midwinter Printed for D. M. 1674. 4°, 4 leaves. .. 1710. 8°, 4 leaves. Good News for Batchelors and Maids : NOWELL, ALEXANDER. Or, The best Jewel at Last. Being A A Catechisme, or first Instruction and Lottery for Husbands and Wives, which Learning of Christian Religion. Transis to be drawn at Cuckold-makers-hall, lated out of Latine into Englishe. [By on Thursday May 16 in the Whitsun- Thomas Norton.] At London. Printed

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yeare, 1647.

by Iohn Daye . . . An. 1570. 4°, A-Y in æde diui Pauli Londinensis habita. in fours.

[Col.] Impressa Londini. Anno Verbi NUNS.

incarnati. M. D. xviij. Nonis Decembris The Manner of Visiting the Monasteries

per Richardum Pynson. 4. A, 6: of Discalced Nyns. Printed in the Year

B, 4, B 4 blank. MDCLXIX, 4°, A-B in fours.


Anglicae Descriptionis Compendium. Per OVERTON, RICHARD.

Gulielmum Paradinum Cuyselliensem. An Appeale from the degenerate Repre. Parisiis, . . . 1545. . . .80, A-I in sentative Body the Commons of England fours, I 4 with Errata. ... to the Body Represented The free

PARLIAMENT. people in general of the . . . Kingdome

A Remonstrance Or The Declaration of of England and Dominion of Wales. And

the Lords and Commons ... 26. of May. in especiall, To his Excellency, Sir

1641. In answer to a Declaration under Thomas Fairfax. ... By Richard Over

His Majesties Name concerning the busi. ton, Prisoner in the infamous Goale of

nesse of Hull, .. London printed for Newgate. . . . London, Printed in the

Iohn Franke. 1642. 4°, A-C in fours. 4°, A-E in fours, E 4 blank, and the title.

The Declaration agreed upon by the Com

mittee of the House of Commonsappointed OVIDIUS NASO, P.

to sit in the Guildhall in London, to con. Ovid De Arte Amandi, And the Remedy sider of the Safety of the Kingdom, and of Love Englished. As also the Loves of

of the City of London. And

of the preHero & Leander A Mock-Poem : To

serving the Priveledges of Parliament. gether with Choice Poems, and Rare Master Wilde Serjeant at Law, sitting in Pieces of Drollery. London, Printed in

the Chair of that Committee. 6 Jan, the Year, 1672. 12°, A-G 6 in twelves.

1641. London, Printed for Joseph HunThe Hero and Leander has a separate title.

scott, 1642. A broadside. OXFORD, UNIVERSITY OF.

The Parliaments Resolution, For the The Judgment and Decree of the Uni

speedy sending an Army into the North : versity of Oxford Past in their Convoca

The Earl of Essex to be the Generall ; tion July 21. 1683, Against certain Per

and that the Earl of Bedford be Generall nicious Books and Damnable Doctrines

of the Horse. Also, The Trve Relation of Destructive to the Sacred Persons of

a Fight Performed at New-Castle, be. Princes, their State and Government,

tween the Earle of New-castle with 500. and of all Humane Society. Rendred

Cavaleers, and the Town and Colliers of into English, and Published by Com

New-Castle. . . . London, Printed for G. mand. Printed at the Theater, 1683.

Tomlinson, 1642. [July.) 4°, 4 leaves. Folio, 6 leaves.

The headline on A 2 is: Newcastles LaOXFORDSHIRE.

mentation and Hulls Preservation. The Reqvests of the Gentlemen of the

A Declaration of the Lords and Commons Grandjury of this County of Oxford.

in Vindication of divers Members of their Set under the hand of sixe of them, and

House, From A false, and scandalous presented to the Commissioners, Pamphlet, Intituled, The humble Petition Printed by His Majesties Command at of Captain William Booth. Which, Oxford Decemb. 19. By Leonard Lich

Together with an Affidavit annexed, was field ... 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

delivered to His Majestie at York. LonGod's strange and terrible Judgment

don, . . . July 22. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. in Oxford-shire : Being a true Relation

The humble Answer of the Lords and How a Woman at Atherbury, having Commons . . . To the Message of the 25 used divers horrid Wishes and Impreca- of August, received from his Maiesty,... tions, was suddenly Burn'd to Ashes all August 30. London Printed for Iohn on one side of her Body, when there was Wright, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. no Fire neer her, London : Printed A Declaration of the Lords and Comfor D. M. 1677. 4°, 4 leaves.

mons : • , Concerning an insolent Letter.

London, Printed for J. Wright, 14. PACE, RICHARD.

Septemb. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Oratio Richardi Pacei in Pace Nvperime A Declaration of the Lords and Commons composita et fædere percusso : inter

Concerning His Maiesties ProclamaAngliæ regem, et Francorum regem tion, and the Declaration of the County

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of Essex, to the Earl of Warwick Lord Brief Review. continued unto this Lieutenant of that County. With the present Year. London : Printed by Approbation of both Houses of Parlia- M. S. for Tho. Jenner . . . 1654. 48, ment, Concerning the Declaration of the A-H in fours. With engravings. County of Essex. London : Printed for The latest date here is the 22d april, 1653. Tho. Banks, Novemb. 4. 1642. 4°, 4 A Perfect List of the Lords of the Other leaves.

House, and of the Knights, Citizens, and A Declaration of the Lords and Commons

Burgesses, and Barons of the Cinque Porte, ... for the Association of all well-affected

now Assembled in this present Parliament persons in Lincoln-shire, and other parts

holden at Westminster, for the Commonadjacent. With instructions to the

wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Lord Willoughby, ... Likewise an Order

Jan. 27. 1658. London, Printed by T. of both Houses, for removing the Pri

N. for Thomas Gould, at the sign of the soners out of Lincoln Castle, and for the

Church in Chancery-lane, 1659. A large speedy fortifying of the same. Ian. 11.

broadside. Printed for 1. Wright . . . 1642. 4°, 4 PENNSYLVANIA. leaves.

The Frame of the Government of the Two Ordinances of the Lords and Com.

Province of Pennsilvania in America : mons. For the Assessing all men of

Together with certain Laws Agreed upon ability, within the Counties of Northamp- in England By the Governour and Divers ton, Leicester, Derby, Rutland, Notting

Free-Men of the aforesaid Province. To ham, Huntingdon, Bedford, and Bucking- be further Explained and Confirmed by ham, As also, for the Association of

the first Provincial Council and General the severall Counties aforesaid, Lon- Assembly that shall be held if they see don, Printed for Iohn Wright. . .. lan

meet. Printed in the Year MDCLXXXII. uary 17. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

Folio, A-D in twos.

Sothebys, July 13, 1881. W. Penn's copy Certaine Propositions of both Houses of

with his bookplate. Parliament, Concerning the raising of

A farther Account of the Great Divisions Horse, Horse-men, and Arms, for the de

among the Quakers in Pensilvania, &c. fence of the King, and both Houses of

As appears by Another of their Books ... Parliament. London, Printed for Ioseph Some Reasons and Causes of the late Hunscott. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

Separation that hath come to pass at A Declaration of the Lords and Commons

Philadelphia, . . . London, Printed for Concerning His Majesties Proclama- J. Dunton, . 1693. 4°, A-C in fours, tion for adjourning the Terme to Oxford. PENRI, JOHN. Ordaining that no Judge,

A viewe of some part of such publike sume to repaire to the said City of Oxon.

wants & disorders as are in the seruice London, Printed for Iohn Wright.

of God, within her Maiesties countrie of Ianuary 23. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

Wales, together with a humble Petition, A Declaration and Ordinance of the Lords vnto this high Court of Parliament for and Commons ... For new Loans, and their speedy redresse. Wherein is shewed, Contributions, as well from the united not only the necessitie of reforming the Provinces of Holland, as from England state of religion among that people, but and Wales, for the speedy relief of the also the onely way, in regard of submiserable and distracted estate of the staunce, to bring that reformation to Protestants in the Kingdom of Ireland. passe. [Privately printed at Coventry,

London, Printed by J. R. for Edw. March, 1589.) 8o. A, 4 leaves : B, 2 Husbands, Feb. 2. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. leaves : C-G in eights: H, 3 leaves. A Declaration of the Lords and Commons PEPYS, SAMUEL, F.R.S.

Concerning a printed paper intitled, Memoires Relating to the State of the A Letter sent from the Kings Majesty to Royal Navy of England, For Ten Years, the Lords of the Privy Counsell of the Determin'd December 1688. Quantis Kingdome of Scotland. As also, Another

modestiis vacant,

Cic. Tusc. Disp. Paper in forme of a Petition directed to Printed Anno MDCXC. 8°, B-S 4 in the Lords of His Majesty's Privy Coun- eights, a folded table in L, and the titlesell. London, Printed for Iohn page. With a portrait of Pepye. Francke, and Edward Husbands. 1642. PETITIONS. 4°, 4 leaves.

A Collection of the several Late Petitions Former Ages never Heard of,

&c. to the Honourable House, Viz. I.

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The Ladies Petition. II. The Batchelors sold neer Temple Barre, 1648. 4°, 4
Remonstrance. III. The Chaplains Pe- leaves. Cut on title.
tition. IV. The Poets Proposal. V. The The account of the fight is subscribed
Widows Petition. VI. An Act drawn up

John Wilson. by a Committee of Grievances. With An PRAYER. Addition, never before Printed, of a Pre- An order for Prayer and Thankesgiuing face and a Catalogue of above Forty Peti- Set foorth by Authoritie Anno 1594. tions, ordered to be drawn up, and Pre- And renewed with some alterations vpon sented to the Honourable House at their the present occasion. Imprinted at Lonnext Sessions. [London, 1693 ?)

? 4o. don by the deputies of Christopher Barker, Title and Preface, 2 leaves: the Petitions, 1598. 4°, A-D in fours. 12 leaves, each with its separate signa- Preces Privatæ in Studiosiororum gratiam tures and colophon.

collectæ, & Regia authoritate approbatæ The imprint on the general title in the

Londini. Excudebat Gulielmus Seres copy used was cut off. Each of the Peti.

Anno Domini. 1573. Sm, 89, A-B tions, here formed into a volume, was issued independently; as a collection, they are

in eights: A (repeated)-Y in eights: Aa exceedingly rare.

-Hh in eights, the last leaf with the

colophon only. PETTUS, SIR JOHN

Herbert (edition of Ames, p. 702) says, Fodinæ Regales. Or The History, Laws

“Printed again in 1574;” but the only and Places of the Chief Mines and Mine

difference is that the copies dated 1574 havo ral Works in England, Wales, and the the last figure of the date on the title English Pale in Ireland. As also of the

altered. Mint and Mony. With a Clavis Explain- PRESBYTERY. ing some difficult Words relating to The Tertian-Ague Growing into an Inde. Mines, &c. By Sir John Pettus, Knight. pendent Feaver, Spreading it selfe not London: Printed by H. L. and R. B. for only over the Persons, but over the minds Thomas Basset . M.DC.LXX. Folio, A of that fanaticall Faction occasioned by -Ii, 2 leaves each, besides title and por- the Revivification of Sf Iohn Presbyter trait by Sherwin. Ii 2 has the Errata.

London, Printed Anno Dom. 1647. PETTY, SIR WILLIAM.

4°, 4 leaves. Hiberniæ Delineatio quoàd Hactenus PURCHAS, SAMUEL, of St. John's Collicuit, Perfectissima Studio Guilielmi lege, Cambridge. Petty Eqtis Aurati. Cum Privilegio Re- A portrait of Purchas, copied from the gis. Continens tabulas sequentes

frontispiece to his Pilgrims, was given in

the second edition of Boissard's Icones, Folio, 36 maps and the title,

published by De Bry's son-in-law, William PHALARIS.

Fisher, in 1628. See Corney's Curiosities The Epistles of Phalaris ... 1699.

of Literature Illustrated, 1838, p. 101: Falsely attributed to the Tyrant of Agrigentum, but in reality a forgery of the 14th R. J. or 15th century.

The Trades Increase. London, Printed PLANTATION WORK.

by Nicholas Okes, and are to be sold by Plantation Work The Work of this Gene- Walter Burre. 1615. 4', A-H in fours, ration. Written in True Love to all such

A i blank. as are weightily inclined to Transplant From the Preface this tract appears to be themselves and Families to any of the a translation, or rather, perhaps, an abEnglish Plantations in America.

stract, from Pelidorus. London, Printed for Benjamin Clark ... R. T. 1682. 40, A-C 2 in fours.

The Anabaptists Lying Wonder Attested POYER, JOHN.

by his Brother Independant, ... In AnThe Declaration and Resolution of Col.

swer to a Deceitful Pamphlet, intituled, Iohn Poyer, Governour of Pembroke

The Eminent Hand of God.

By T. R. Castle, concerning the Kings Majesty,

Printed in the Year, 1672. 4, A-B in and both Houses of Parliament; and his

fours. Propositions to the Western party, touch- RANDOLPH, BERNARD. ing, his present proceedings. Together The Present State of the Islands in the with a full and perfect Relation of the Archipelago, (Or Arches) Sea of Constanlast great Fight, betwixt the Forces of tinople, and Gulph of Smyrna; with the the said Col. Poyer and Col. Fleming . Islands of Candia, and Rhodes. Faith. London Printed for R. W. and are to be fully Describ'd by Ber. Randolph ...


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