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partments in the cornice, which are embellished with as many coats of arms carved and blazoned in their proper colours.

At the upper end of the Hall there is an ascent of three steps which run through the whole breadth ; near which is a beautiful Gothic window in a recess, which demands the attention of the curious.

This superb Room is beautified, and improved, by completing and painting the wainscot and roof, and the addition of a great number of Portraits of emia nent perfons, who were educated at the College, which are disposed in the following manner.

[blocks in formation]

upper End.

Compton, Bishop of London. Corbet, Bishop of Norwicho

HENRY VIII. a Full Length. King, Bp., Duppa, Bp. (Cardinals Feļl, Bp. | Morley, Bp. Boulter, Abp. of Lond. of Winton. Wolley. Sof Oxon. of Winton. lof 'Armagh. Dr. Aldrich, Dean A Bult of his

Dr. Atterbury, Dean of Christ Church. MAJESTY of Christ Church, On the South Side, beginning at the 1 Ortbe Norrb Sjäd, beginning at the

lower End. Sir John Skinner, Chief Justice of Dolben, Abp. of Yonk. the Court of Exchequer.

Sir J. Trelawney, Bp. of Winton. Agar, Archbishop of Cashel. Wood, Bp. of Litchfield and Cov. Peter Martyr, Canon of Ch. Ch. Gilbert, Abp. of York. Clavering, Bp. of Peterborough. Drummond, Ab. of York. Morton, Bp: of Meath. A Bust of Geo. I. in Marble. Sir Gilbert Dolben.

Blackbourn, Abp. of York, King, Bishop of Chichester, Cox, Abp. of Cashel. Right Hon. Geo. Grenville, Hooper, Bp. of Bath and Wells. Tanner, Bishop of St. Afaph, Dr. Stratford, Canon of Ch. Ch, Robinson, Abp. of Armagh.

John Freind, M. D. Stone, Abp. of Armagh.

Dr. Buíby, Maft.of Weft. School. Efte, Bp. of Waterford.

Mr. Locke.
Benson, Bp. of Gloucester, Fuller, Bishop of Lincoln.
Barrington, Bp. of Salisbury. King, Bp. of London, an Origiral.
A Buft of Geo. II. in Marble. Dr. Freind, Maft. of Wet. School."
Wake, Abp. of Canterbury. Hickman, Bp. of Londonderry,
Potter, Abp. of Canterbury. Dr. Nicol, Canon of Ch. Ch.
Trevor, Bp, of Durham. Gastrel, Bp. of Chester,
Markham, Abp. of York. Dr. Sprat, Archdeacon of Rochest.
Smalridge; Bp. of Bristol. Sir J. Dolben, Preb. of Durham

Dr. Thomas Burton.
Richard Frewin, M. D.
Mr. Allop.
Dr. John Pelling.
Werbore Ellis, Esq.
Lord Visc: Stormont.

Over these.
Over tbefe.

Griffith, Bp. of St. Afaphi..
Sanlerfon, Bp. of Lincoln. Smith, Bp. of Gloucester.
Weffaling, Bp. of Hereford. James, Bp. of Durham.
Piers, Abp. of York.

Ravis, Bp. of London. Heton, Bp. of Ely.

Bancroft, Bp. of Oxford. Howson, Bp. of Durham. Matthews, Abp. of York, Godwin,sen. Bp.of Bath and Wells.' Godwin, jun. Bp. of Landaft

Over the Screen, and on each Side, in the following Order. Ellis, Bp. of Kildare. Lord Arlington. Boyle, Earl of Orrery. Harky, Earl of Oxford.. Lord Mansfield, Sir Dudley Carlcton.


[blocks in formation]

The Church of this College, which is the Cathe. dral of the diocese, is on the

east of the grand Quadrangle, a venerable structure, originally the Church of St. Frideswide's Monaftery. The roof of the Choir is a beautiful piece of stone-work put up by Cardinal Wolsey, who also rebuilt the Steeple. The east window was painted by Mr. Price, senior, of London, after a design of Sir James Thornhill, representing the Epiphany. In the Dormitory, which is an aisle on the north fide of the Choir, is the Tomb of St. Frideswide, who died A. D. 739. At the north corner of the west end, is a window curiously painted, representing St. Peter, delivered out of prison by the Angel. Beside the principal figures, there are "a considerable number of Roman Soldiers in various sleeping attitudes, admirably well drawn: and, though a very linall portion of the glass is stained, the colours are brilliant, and the whole appears very lively. It was painted by J. Oliver, in his eightieth year, and given by him to the College in the year 1700. In this and other parts of the Church are some inonuments, no less reinarkable for their elegant infcrip tions than their beautiful structure. In the aisle, fouth. of the choir, is a good Portrait, in the first window, of Robert King, who was the last Abbot of Ofeney, and the first Bishop of Oxford..

In the Tower are ten celebrated' Bells, brought from Ofeney Abbey, as was the great Bell called Tom, above mentioned..

In this Church, choir service is performed every day at ten and five; except on Sundays and Holy days, when it is at eight in the morning.

Three sides of Peckwater Court are uniform, de. figned by Dr. Aldrich, then. Dean, as eminent for his skill in Architecture as for his knowledge in most other branches. Each side contains fifteen windows in front. The lower -story is ruftic, in which are

D 6.


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