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dion be mentained among the Members of Christ, if there be oot Charity ; if Charity be wanting, all our Religion falls co the ground, and is nothing bow big foever our pretentions may be, as the Apostle plain lie tells us, i Cor. 13. and alto Colof. 3.14. Put on Charity which is the bond of perf.&ness; and chat as bove all these things spoken of before, giving Charit tie the prebeminence,

6. Ornam. A Aring of precious Pearls & Jeroels; bence lays Chriit of His Spouse, Song. 4. 9 Thod haft ravith my Heart, my sister, my Spoule, thou haft ravitht my Heart with one Chain of thy Neck, I will point at some of these precious Jewels that are a part of the Cbriftians adorning,



He precious Jewel of Chriftian.contentment,

or that hidden Pearl of inward satisfaction of mind with our Lort and Condition as God cari vech it out into us ; difficilia quæ pulchra, the belt things are manie times hardest to come by ; tbis is a rich purchase when poffeft, buc O what ie costs the Believer to come at the possession of it; the onreas fonable appetite of man, fill expe&eth more than he bath, though he gets more than be expected; few are contene with their present Lott, though they know not but the next change may be to their roin; the greatest contentment'that lome find, is to feed their discontented mind with the vain bopes of new things, and other things than now they enjoy, but

Chriftian that hatb the excellent Pearl of


contentment, bath greater riches than all the image Barie contentments, that ebe Fools Paradise can atz ford, for such is both the nature of changable things, and allo che genius of chapgable Man, chae bote changable things can never yeeld solid conteniment to bis changable mind, for whatever be bis Lotto Condition, be is still in fruntion to bave it orberwile, as laiib Horace, '

seedencmo quam fibi fortem
Aut ratio dederit, aut fors objecerit illi,

Gontentus vidusskos i, e.
so far mens fancies are abus'd,

That with their Lott, they're not content ... Neither that which themselves have choosid

Nor cbar wbicb Providence hath sent. And the weaker that the heart of man is, the greas ter proof is it of the strength of the grace of God, to arrive at contentment, bence the Apostle cris umpbs in this attainment, Phil.4.11:12. I have learns ed in what focver fate I am, there with to be content &c. but there is something to do ere ye come by this Jewel, therefore conlider these four Conditions of Sale,

1. Condit. Ye mus be diflatished and malcons tentented with your felves, because ye have taken so much caroal contentniene in worldlie things;have you not taken inordinat satisfaction in tbe embraces of your beautifull Wives; in the fight of your pleas fant pretty little Children; in your wife & wealthy Friends;inyoor rich Coffers in your flourishing Trade; in your honourable Preferments and orber worldlie Blefliegs; 1 say have ye nos blefled your selves :

thele, as if your blessedness did coolilt in them to the bazard of negle&ing Chrilt, and che tblags that are above, I dare lay at your latter end, when ye will tee this your way your follie; ye will refled on this with small contentment.

2. Genuit. For the future resolve on a deniedoels to worldlie enjoyments, under the wife conlideration of their Vanity, danger, & uncertainty of them, nilnon moriale tenemus, a loose grip of sublunarie contentations, will belp us to be the better content with alterations, and speciallie seeing it is not in our power to impede or avert the changes of our Lott, for no more can we hinder the constant changes & vicillitudes of the things under the Moon, then we can stop the Moons monthlie naotions and coorfes, which will observe her appointed changes wbitber we will or no.

3. Condis, Make a full unreferved reggnation & robmillion of your all to be ac Gods free difpofal;pai a subscribed blank in His hand te 68

up or exponge to alter and change as seemeth good in His Sight; in this case a Believer would have nothing to quars relor carp at, but be obliged to say under all emers" gencies and providences; I have said to the Lord, de as Thou wilt, therefore I will endeavoor to will what Thou dost,wbo does all things well & wisely.

4. Condır. Be thankfull in all things, and whatever may be the Revolutions and Changes of your Lott, though to the worse, yet bless God that it is not so ill as you deserve; if we were onder ehe doe confideration of our great and grievous guile, and

be Holiness, Justice and Power of that God

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we base offended, we would be afraid & ashamed to utter any complaints under the leverett cempoy al calamities we meet with, for drill chere is realon to say, it is of the Lords mercses rac ar: not consumed, Job 1:21. The Lord gave, and she Lord barb taken uwony, blef d be the Nawie ojibe Lord.

A lecond precious Jewel, is, the Spiritual Joy of the Holy Gboft

, chat sometimes so strongly pertutes the spirits of Believers with sensible sweet ravith. ments, that chey cannot fully express their joyous ens logom: nis; when they are upon their Selfsexaminatiy ons and when in the light of the Lord they come to read their Names written in the Book of Lite, by the legible characters of fucb and such graces in exercise, wbich are their clear evidences of an assured intereit in Chrift, Obow can they but rejoice with

joy unspeakable and full of glory, when they conlider that they were loft and are found again, tbat they were far off and are now broughe near, thao they were dead but now are alive, bow can their bearts but leap for j'y; and berein they share of some Jrops of the oyl of gladness that falls from Heaven, the glorified Saints and Angels there rejoicing over one Sinner that is converted unto God, Luke is. 7. 10. And this divine joy is such a marcbless pearl.cbat he joy of the world is but a contemptible peble in comparison of it; for the joy of the world is said to se as the crackling of thorns under a pet that foon pafleth away, Eccles. 7.6 and mof liklie will be followed with intollerable sorrows that never eva. -hibh, as Bucbanan says apud Jepbib.

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