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gentleman, containing an immense number of The Hon, and Rev. R. Bagot, to Lady gold, fiver, copper, and brass coins, of very Harriet Villiers, youngest filter of the Earl of encen: dates: she latest appears to be of Julius Jersey. Cælur. There are a great number of coins of George Bramwell, erg. of the Inner TemiRomuar kings, prætors, &c. &c. some of the ple, to Miss Bidwell, eldest daughter of Dit perfect are those of Romulus and Remus, Thoms B. efq. chief clerk in the secretary Thele coirs have probably lain buried for of state's office for foreign affairs. Hearly 1900) years. It would appear that they Thomas Whately, efq, of Grafton-Street, were brought over by the Romans at the Westminster, to Miss Paulina Dawson, eldest linic of their first descent in this kingdom ; daughter of William D. esq. of Islington. from ebeir being found not far from the Roc John Bresley, esq. to Miss Holmes, daughmun causeway leading from Old Ford in a ter of Mr. H. surgeon, lately of Bingham, direct line to Whitechapel, it seems as if an Nottinghamthire. encampment had been formed on this spot. At illington, E. A. Whytt, esq. of St. ou Ford was originally the only entrance Switchin's-lane, to Miis Gordon, daughter of ato London, and continued to be fu during the late Capt. Peter G. 02 Suxoa heptarchy, whilst they held the At Waltham-abbey, James Alexander Gokingdom of Wedex, Enex, &c. and as late min, efq. of the royal artillery, to Miss as the reiga of King John, the pafiage was Matthews, dau?hter of Francis M. esg. of thought of such importance, that a large Coftram, near Portsmouth. eattle, forts, &c. were erected, the remains of Mr. Tillotson Laycock, of Great Pulteneywhich are now standing ; but fince that pe- ftreet, Golden-Square, to Miss Sayer, of Leiriod, the road leading from Stratford has been cester-place. made, and the Old Ford paffage consequently Mr. Henry Moole, of Bernard-street, Ruffel. neglected, and almost forgotten.

square, to Miss Wilkinson, only daughter of MARRIED.

William W. esq. of Lamb's Conduit-ftreet.

At Knebworth, Herts, J. Adolphus Young, William Darley, esq. of York-street, to efq. of Great James-Street, Bedford-row, to Miss Farno, eldest daughter of Joseph F. esq. Miss Frances Haggard, eldest daughter of of the Exchequer-office, Dublin.

William Henry H. efq. of Knebworth-place. At Cranbrook, Mr. James Blacket, of St. G. Seabrook, esq. to Miss Pickford, daughMargaret's-hill, Southwark, to Miis Margaret ter of Thomas P. eig. of Market-street, Herts, H. Ralph, duughter of the Rev. E. R. of Capt. G. Prescott, of the 4th garrison batMaidstone, Kent.

talion, to Miss H. Skinner, youngest daughter At Enfeld, William Bond, esq. of Elm- of Lieutenant-col. S. of the royal engineers. esttage, Whetstone, to Miss Pottinger, only. T. A. Harvey, Miss É. Dodd, daughdaughter of Christopher P. esq. late of Thur. ter of R. D. esq. marine painter, Parliamentftos, Suffolk.

street. George Caunten, ciq. late of Prince of At Camberwell, Mr. Thomas Payne, of Wales's Island, in the East Indies, to Miss Upper Thames-street, to Henrietta, second Lucy Elliot, fifter of Captain E. of the royal daughter of William Orme, esq. of Dulwichnavy.

William Robert James, esq. of Serle-Street, The Rev. Edmund Watts, of Southampton. to Mifs Maria Hodges.

Atreet, to Miss Reeve, daughter of the late Mr. Williams, linendraper, of Oxford-street, Andrew R. esq. of Reading, Berks.

Mifs Darbyshire, eldest daughter of Mr. D. Captain Boys, of the royal navy, to Mifs taz-broker, of Little Friday-ftreet, Cheaplide. Vulliamy, eldest daughter of Mr. V. of Ken

William Edward Rudolit, esq. to Miss fington Gravel-pits. Cordelia Philipps, youngest daughter of John Hurry Athby, esq. of St. Andrew's-court,

Holborn, to Miss Bell, of Colebrook-cerrace, John Posey Wint, cfq. of the inand of Illington. Jamaica, to Miss Bailey, daughter of the late At Clapham, Joshua Margery, esq. to Miss William B. cfq. of Kingiton, in the fame Sherwood. iland.

William Edward Rudolf, esq. to Miss C. Urid Nicholl, efq. of Doctor's Commons, Philipps, youngest daughter of John P. esq. nephew to Sir John N. his Majesty's advocate

DIED. sentral, to Mics Sarah Oddie, fecond daughlet of Henry Hoyle O. era of Carey-street. In York-place, Pentonville, Mrs. Dolber,

Lieut. Col. J. Conway, late of the 53d wife of John Englith D. esq. the eldest son of regiment, to Miss Eliz. M'Arthur, only Sir William D. bart. Mrs. D. was grandLughter of John M'A. elg. of York-place, daughter to Hallett, esq. of Cannons, Perthus-square.

Edgware, and had 70,0001. to her fortune. John Hughes, era to Mrs. Rebecca Hol- Edward Wbiraćer Gray, M. D. senior secreland, relia of Williain H. erg. of Calcutti. tary of the royai society, and keeper of the

Capt. Hunt, of the royal iavy, to Mrs. department of natural history and antiquities Struck, telia of Wemyss 0. elç.

at the British Museum, 59.



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The Rev. William Gillbank, rector of St. In Great Ormond-street, Samuel Solly, efq. Ethelburg, eldeit son of the late Thomas G. In Sloane-square, Col. Robson, many years elq of York.

in the service of the East India Company, and At Chelsea, William Ranfor, esq. late of the late lieutenant-governor of St. Helena, 70. Old jewry

At Bath, Arthur Acheor, Earl ot Gosford, In Portman-square, Föhn Moffat, esq. one Viscount Gosford, of Market-hill, and gover. of the oldest directors of the Sun Fire Insur- nor of Arma h. He fucceeded his father ance Office, 76.

Archibald, the lie Viscount, sept. 5, 1790; Mr. Seflini, son of Mr. S. late of the married, in 1774, Millicent, daughter of Opera-house.

Lieutenant-general Edward Pole, and by her In Gre:t Mary-le-bonne freet, C. Price, has issue fou. sons anj three daughters, viz. esq formerly a lieutenant on board of the For. Archibald, Lord Gosford; married, July 20, midable.

1805, Miss Sparrow, only daughter of Rubert Mrs. Totory, wife of Capt T. of the royal Sparrow, era of Worlingham, in Suffolk; savy, and daughter of George Chamberlaine, Arthur, deceased; Arthur Pole, decealed; eiq, of

Edward; Olivia, married, March 14, 1796, Mrs. Towje, wife of Ms. T. of Fishmongers'. Rubert Bernard Sparrow, of Abingdon, in hall.

Huntingdonshire, efq.; Mary, married, Feb. At the Rer foh. Bramston Stane's, Forest. 19, 1803, Lord William Bentinck, governor hall, Eficx, Samuel Niwion, tlq. of Portland- of Fort St. George, in the East Indies, second place.

fon of William, Duke of Portland, K. G. and la Bishopsgate Areet, Mr. Rich. Chan bers, Millicent. The Earl of Gostord lived many brother of the late Sir Robert C. chief judge years, after he was married, on the Continenty of the Supreme court of judicature, at Calcutta, and was conlidered one of the most elegant and of the late Mr. William C. interpreter of and best bred men of the age He was above the same court, 68.

60 years of age, and had been, for some At Little Bushey, Herts, Mis Willett, wife months, in a declining state of health. of Thomas W. eių.

At Brompton, Mrs. Neville, lady of Rich. At Hammersmith, Mr. Themas W.Fin, for- N. esq. of Furnace, county of Kildare, Ireland merly one of his Majelty's mefiengers. This lady was the beautiful Miss Bowerman,

At Edmonton, Mrs. Baršer, relict of the of the county of Cork. late Edward B. esg. of Potier Newton, near In Norfolk-ftreet, Mrs. Beckett, of the Leeds, 60.

Grove. Dorking, relict of John B. esq. late. In Sloane-street, Mrs. Powna!l, reliet of of the fame place, 76. Governor P. of Overton-house, Bedfordshire, At Aldenham-lotige. Herts, George Mason, 70.

esq: 71, well known for his valuable col.ecIn Crown street, T. Marfo, esq.

tion of old English and Foreign Literature, Stephen Cazalt, eiq. 76.

and author of “ An Ellay on Delign in GarIn York-place, Portman-square, Mis Ann dening," first published in 1768. without his Jemima Nickelson, eldest daughter of Lieute- name; and “ Appendix to the same:" "A nant-colonel N.

British Freeholder's Answer to 1 Paine;" In Rathbone-place, Mrs. Kid, mother of A Supplement to Johnson's Englith DictionDr. K. profeltos of chemistry in the university ary,” 4to.; “ Poems, by Thomas Hocelere, of Oxford.

with a Peace, Notes, and Gloflary, 1796;" Mrs. Harper, wife of Mt. 'Alexander H of 410. “ Lile o Richard Earl Howe, 1803," 8vo. the Jerusalem coffee houte, Cornhill. who purchased Mr. M.'s paternai citate at

In the New Inn, Mr Bailey, attorney. Porters, 1772. Mr M. was eldest son of a The body lay for some days in state, at bis difiiller at Deptford-bridge, whose widow re. chambers, in the New Inn, from which it married Dr. Jubb, late Hebrew protefior at was conveyed to St. Clement's church-yard, a Oxford He has left his landed property to distance of about fiity yards, in a hearie and his brother's son, and has provided handsomely fiz, followed by leveral mourning coaches and for a natural daughter. four.

At Larnbeth, the infant Dsugbrer of the At Phillimore-place, KenGngton, C.7. P. Hon. Hugh Percy.-Captain Jabn Lermour, of Barlow, third son of Mr. B. 17.

the ro,al navy. In Charles ftreet, Manchester-square, the In . Sontague-street, Mayor Wysell Major, Datoager Lucy Head, solict of Sir Edmund elq. Solicitor of excise. H.

At Buih bill, Edmonton, Stepben Briggs, In Staples Inn, Ifaat Reed, efq. eminently efq. 73. crítinguished for his knowledge of ancient At his house, near Kenfington Gravel-pits, Englith authors, and for his judicious annota- Thomas Coombe, efq.; his residence ia Londoa, tions on Shakespeare.

was No. 4, Cork-street, Burlington-gardens. In Fleet-lane, Mr. Samuel Chifnry, a cele- His fortune resulted from an ignoble trade, brated jockey, anthor of a publication entitled (that of a tailor,) if in a columercial county « Genius genuine," and investor of the pa. Jike Lngland any trade can be deemed ignoble Suns bits.

that is carried us with waduity, liberality,


and fair-dealing. With more than an ample death. His father had many years before died income, in full health of body and ease of of the same disorder; and the stone which mind, of exaberant spirits, and bieffed with was taken from him was confidered of extrathe friendihips of many good and even titled ordinary magnitude, but that which has, since families, Mr. Coombe retired to apparent hap- Mr. Towle's death, been extracted, far furpiness and leisure at Kensington, with an pafled it, both in fize and weight. It was amiable wife and an only fin. But in an evil nearly as large as an egg, and weighed uphour, listening too credulously to a plausible wards of three ounces, with rugged-edged sure projed, be sunk vast sums of money in a mine, face; so that the pain which it must hare whence not a thilling ever rofe again. The occafioned to the good man was most excrüfirf grievous shock, on his being certified of ciating. He has often been seen, while in his lols, and his subsequent settled chagrin, wardly enduring the severest torture, endea. preyed most fatally on his peace of mind. vouring, by reviving cheerfulness, to mitigate Lols of spirits, sleep, appetite, and ftrength, the anxiety his friends experienced for him. progressively and rapidly ensued, till he Indeed he was, when in health, a molt en. breathed his laft heavy figh, dying literally of 'tertaining and instructive companion, ever a broken heart! His health, friends, an enor- ready to communicate knowledge from the Dious forture, and fill tweeter enjoyments, abundant stores of his mind; fond of society, were by one fal paflion, the thirit of gain, efteemed by the wife and good of cvery de all rendered ineffe&tual; and a hazardous fpe- nomination ; and.enlivening every party to culation in a mini ruined his sublonary com- which he was invited, by pleasing urbanity forts irretrievably!

and the most charte effufions of attic wit. His [Perticulars of the Rev. Thomas Tewle, zoboje advice was eagerly fought in cases of difficultý, deab is recorded at p. 597 of the laft volume. he being, as it were, the chamber-counsellor This accomplished scholar, who had for fonie of Diffenters, and none more fic than he for yems pat been the father of the. Diffeuting that office; for, if the proper ftudy of manMinisters, was born February 15, 1724. His kind is man, he certainly had prosecuted that parents being persons of considerable refpecta- ftudy to the utmost. Ás Mr. Towle knew bility and property, having determined to de- the value which was set upon his judgment, Vote him to the service of the faučtuáry; he was in general very cautious in giving his placed hins under the superintendance of the opinion, without fifting every subject to the Rer, Mc Taylor at Deptford, a gentleman bortom. He was, in religious principles, a of very remarkable attainments in mathema- Calvinist, not believing it poflible to defend tical and classical knowledge. At this femi- the omniscience of the Deity, without emsity for Diffenting Ministers he made confi- bracing those doctrines. As a preacher, his derable proficiency in literature. After leav. sermons were very methodical and exact, ading the academy at Deptford, Mr. Towie drefled mostly to the understanding; indeed, coupleted his Audies under the care of Dr. his opinion was, that Ministers should chiefly Marnott, who presided over the regular dif- aim to elucidate the Scriptures; and with this senting seminary in London. For this gentle. view he had for many years been engaged in man, who was at that time the best Greek an exposition of the Bible, and having gone scholar amongst the Diflenters, Mr, T. enter- through the whole of the Old festament, had tained the atmott veneration, dever mentione proceeded fome way through the Gospel of St. ing his same but in terms of the higheft Matthew in the New Testament. But it was respet. He had been for perhaps more than in prayer he was most peculiarly admired. Lale a century minister of the Independent The fublimity, pathos, humility, and devo. congregation, meeting formerly in Ropema- tion he displayed in his adorations, confeffions, ler salley, Little Moorfields, near where the petitions, and intercesions, could not fail to Ramith chapel now ftands. In 1764, the influence the affe&tions of those who had the building being very much decayed, a new happiness of uniting in his addreffes to the meeting house was built, to which he contri- Throne of Gráce. Mr. Towle was" an unbuted 1001 by the congregation at Alderman wearied scholar, and in the knowledge of the bor Poflerns and at which he regularly Claffics and general Literature, perhaps non officiated i wice every Sunday. But a few years of his contemporaries furpassed him. He was Ence, Mt. Barber's congregation at Founders- a man of an independent fortune and high hull, Lothbury, being deprived of their place fpirit, till broken by illness and severe do. of rurftip, united themselves to Mr. Towle's meftic troubles. But, as his character, drawn church; and the two pastors divided the work by more mafterly hands, will appear in the of the minhitry between them, Mr. Fowle Funeral Sermon which will soon be publifhed, preaching in the morning, and Mr. Barber in the writer of this article forbears to expathe afternoon, till within the last two years, tiate on this subject. He is not known to kuring which Mr. Towle had been unable to have published any thing bot an Ordination odciate, and not part of the time confined Sermon at Thaxted in Ěnex, and two Fue to his bed, languithing under a complication nerat Orations over his reverend brethren, of aforters, the chiel of which was the ftone Edward Hitchin, B. D. and Samuel Morton the ladder sad which terminated in his Savage, D.D. He married, about the year Mo., No. 153.




1746, Miss Sarah Brent, of Horsley-down, In 1749, Sir Roger Newdigate was admitted a sensible and agreeable lady, by whom to the degree of LL.D. at Oxford; and, on the he had two sons; one died an intant, the 31st of January, 1750, upon a vacancy made other survives. She died, aged 50, May 7, by Lord Cornbury's being called to the House 1778, sincerely lamented by him. He was of Peers, he had the honour to be returned 'buried with her, Dec. 10, in Bunhill-fields, the first upon the poll for a burgess for the when the Rev. Mr. Kello, of Bethnal-green, University of Oxford. Such is the noble exdelivered an appropriate aduress over the grave; ample of independence in elections, set to all and on the following Sunday a Funeral Ser- electors by that learned and respectable body, mon was preached in his Meeting-house by the that to declare, to canvass, to treat, or even Rev. Me. Kingsbury of Southampton, to a to be seen within the limits of the Univerfity, crowded auditory

during a vacancy, would be, in any candidate, (Furt!er particulars of Sir Roger Newdigate, a forfeiture of all favour, and an utter excluwhoje dearb‘is mentioned at p. 398 of our last fion. By this diftinguished conduct, invariavolume. He was the seventh child, and young- bly pursued, by the honour they confer on est son, of Sir Richard N. bart. by his second the object of their choice, they reflc& the lady. E1 zabeth, daugliter of Sir Roger Twisden, highest honour on themdlves. Thus honoured bart. Sir Richard died in 1727 ; and was was Sir Roger Newdigare, not knowing that fucceeded in title and cftate by his firth (then he was proposed, supported, and elected, till the oldest surviving) fon, Sir Edward Newdi. he received a letter from the vice-chancellor gate, who died in 1734, and was succeeded by one of the esquire beadles; and in the same by his youngest son, Roger, who was as that nianner, without application or expence what. time a King's scholar at Weitaiiniter-school, foever, he was re-elected in 1754, and again where, ty his own choice, he continued three in 1761, and in 1768; and for the fifth time years, and became a member of University. in 1774, being then absent in Italy, which he college, Oxford, and made the tour of France had re-visited that summer. On the diffoluan, Italy. Soon after his return, he had the tion of that parliament, in 1780, after 35 years honour to be unanimously elected knight of service in parliament, advanced in years, and, tlie shire for the county of Middlesex, upon his health affected by a town lite, much illa vacancy by the creation of the Right Hon. health of his family, and withing for repose, William Pulteney Earl of Bath, in 1742; he solicited his dismission, and retired from and in 1743 he married Sophia, daughter of public life. In 1776, he married his second Edward Conyers, of Cupt-hall, in the county lady, Hefter, daughter of Edward Mundy, of of Essex, esq. ; who, after a long-continued Shipley, in Derbybire, esq. and after to Ed. ftate of ill-health, died in 1774, and was ward Miller Mundy, esy. knight of the thire buried at Harefeld, where is het monument, for that county, who died Sept. 30, 1800. In a white marble vale, with a female figure in 1786 he built a villa, in a beautiful fituation, basso relievo recumbent; on the top an angel which overlooks the valley of the river ColJeaning on an extinguished torch; on the ney, within a mile of Uxbridge. Two royal plinth are these lines from Petrarch: visits to the Lord Keeper Egerton at Hare* Per me non pianger piu ch' mici di ferli field, the mansion of the late baronet, arc Morendo eterni e nel eterno lunie

recorded in the 3d volume of “ Queen Eliza. Quando moftrai chiuder g!' occhi gli asperfi." beth's Progresses," 1601 and 1602; where we On a tablet underneath:

find also that Sir Roger was once pofsefled of “ In memory

an account in MS. of this visit, with a colof his most truly amiable,

lection of the complimentary speeches with much and long-loved wife,

which, as was customary on these occations, Sophia, Lady Newdigate,

the was addressed. The MS. is unfortunately daughter of Edward Conyers,

but Sir Roger Newdigate recollected that of Copped-hall, Eilex, Esquire, the Queen ysas first welcomed to a farm-house, by Matilda, daughter of

now called Dew's farm, by several allegorical William Baron Lempiter,

persons, who attended her to a long avenue born Dec. 20th, 1718,

of trees leading to the house, which obtained married May 21ft, 1743,

from this circumstance the name of Tbe Queen's died July 9th, 1774.

walk. Four trees of this avenue still remain, Sir Roger Newdigate, Baronet, and the greater part yere standing not many witli many tears, erected this monument."

years ago.


ERRATA. In the Remarks on Earl Spanhope's Theory of Tuning, the title in the Table of Contents, instead of " Defence of,” should have run, "i Remarks on Earl Sianbope's Syden,&c.

Also, in the Remarks, page 550, col. 2, line 23, for sbeje," read*** aben."**



WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South

Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly arcthenticated, and jent free of Poftuge, are always thankfully received. Thore arte mare particularly acceptable which defcribe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to cnincat Gi remarkable Characters recently deceased.

xonTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. and two of his dwighters by a former wife, THE annual account of the fate of the were published on the same day.

charitable institution at Bamburgh-castle, At Morpeth, Jages Downing, efq. of for the reliet of the Sick and Lame Poor, Church-house, Merton, Surry, to Miss Tyler, from the 17th of O&ober, 1805, to the 17th Second daughter of the late James T. esq. of of O&tober, 1806, is as follows :-Left upon Whaltun. the books, oa. 17, 1805, 74 ; out-patients Died.] At Stamfordham, Mrs. Walker, wiadmitted fince, 1163; in-patients, 66; toral, dow of the late Mr. Robert W. of Sunderland, 1303. Of these were discharged cured, 1028; common brewer. This unfortunate lady was relieved, 184; dead, 14; sent to the New. reading by the fire, near midnight, when her aitle Infirmary, 2; remaining upon the gown caught the filame; and there being only books, 75; besides 52 poor women delivered a servant girl up, who, instead of artisting her, at their own houles.

ran in terror into the street, to call for help, The Bills of Mortality for Newcastle, for she was so dreadfully burnt as to cause her 1306, give the following results :-St. Nicho. death about five o'clock in the morning. hus. Baptisms, 122 ; burials, 83.-All Saints, At Durham, Mrs. Elliot, wife of Mr. Wm. Baptisms, males, 279; females, 254 : total, E. -Miss Isabella Burnell, eldest daughter of 533 ; increased, 5. Burials, males, 67 ; fe- Mr. B. 39.-Mrs. Redhead, 93. mules, 35; total, 122 ; decreased, 10. Áfar. At Hexham, Mr. Lancelot Bell. riages, 831 ; decreased, 5.--St. John's. Bap- At Hareup, near Alnwick, Mr. Luke Scott, tisms, males, 81 ; females, 54; total, 135. At Berwick, Mr. Ralph Wait, 78.-M. Barials, males, 72; females, 60 ; total, 132. John Newcombe, 62.- Mrs. Bruce, wife of Marriages, 110. - St. Andrew's. Baptisms; Mr. James B. 37.-Mrs. Elliott, fitter to the males, 55 ; females, 56; total, 111. Burials, late Mr. Byram, 88. She was left alone in males, 62; females, 52; total 114. Maro her room when her clothes accidentally took riages, 4-6

fire, and he was so dreadfully burnt that the It appears, from the report of the Durham expired in a few hours.—Mrs. Graves, daughInfirmary, that 66 in-patients, and 174 out- ter of Jolin Proctor, erg. 40. patients, have been admitted from Nov. 22, At Windy Nook Heworth, Mary, widow 1805, to Nov. 22, 1806, in addition to those of Mr. Joseph Walton, 100. who remained on the books at that time ; in At Newcastle, Mrs. Embleton, school-mirall, 267. Of these 207 have been cured, 13 tregs.-Mr. George Richardson, many years relieved, 11 incurable, 4 irregular, and 10 have master of the charity-school of St. Andrew's died; 29 remain on the books ; 49 children párish.-Mr. John Stoker, ship owner. Mr. have been inoculated for the cow-pox. We Leishman.-Mr. William Bilton. Mrs. Mary me happy to observe both' the funds and the Burne, 51.- Mr. John Woodman, of the Role slefulnes of this valuable inftitution to be and Crown, 54.--Master Stephen Wright, son increafing .

of John W. esq. Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. A. Tinwell, At Gainflaw, near Berwick, Robert Ogle, schoolmaster, to Miss Margaret Bolden. --Mr. esq. of Eglingham. Robert Storey, surgeon, to Miss Spencer, of At Low Row, near Lanchester, Durham, Bithopwcarmouth. -Capt. Thomas Ridley, to Mr. William Wood. Mifs Ann Donkin.

At Claypeth, Mrs E, Atkinson, wife of Af Durham, Hilkiah Hall, efq. to Miss Mr. W. A fen. 82. Felling

· At Darlingtun, Mils Eliz. Appleton, second At EaEngton, Brigade-major Mills, fon of daughter of Mr. A. bookseller. Heary M. esq. of Wellington, to Miss Jane At Brinkbourn Abbey, Mr. Crofier, wife of Rosinlon, daughter of Gcorge R. csq. of Tiene Mr C. yo-Lodge, near Sunderland.

At Garden-house, ncar Newcastle, Mr. Jof. At Sunderland, the Rev. Mr. Millar, of Atkinson, 76. Nevakle, to Mid Donnison, of the Shake- * At Felton, Mts. Harrison, fifter to Mrs. fpexc inn, Sunderland.

* Grey of the Angel inn, vo. A Bensik, Mr. George Davidson, to Mrs. At Haggeriton, Mr. James Crawford, 57. Ata Hai Tbe hagas of the bridegroom, many years Ateward to Sir Carnaby Huggeriton

M 2


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