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tion of similar societies in the provinces, mittee for Foreign Missions appointed and would be glad to co-operate with by the last Conference desire to place such societies in furtherance of their before the friends of the Church the great purpose, the dissemination of the interesting circumstances which Heavenly Doctrines. The Secretary of transpiring in Italy, Copenhagen, and the Society is T. H. Elliott, jun., 122 Stockholni, and to solicit their con. Eaglefield Road, London, N.

tinued encouragement and support. The

readers of the Repository will be aware SILENT MISSIONARIES.- -An allusion that Signor Scocia, although labouring is made in the Report of Mr. Gunton's indefatigably at translation, had not missionary labours to the “Silent for a considerable time preached or Missionaries” sold at the close of the lectured in Turin, and had concluded lectures. These Silent Missionaries are that the tone of mind prevalent in that three very excellent books, which are got city was not adapted at present to up in elegant form, and sold after make such efforts effectual. lectures under cost price. They can The New Church friends in Florence also be obtained of Mr. Speirs through have thought it would be well to try the booksellers at a very cheap rate. that city, and Professor Scocia has taken These works

the Brighton up his abode at Via Giotto, where also Lectures," by Dr. Bayley; the “Spiri- La Nuova Epoca is published. tual World and our Children there," The Rev. A. Ford, who has long by Chauncey Giles ; and the “Future resided in Florence, and done all that Life,” which is a popular edition of kindness and zeal for the truth could Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell. The do to advance the truth in a quiet war; circulation of these works cannot be and a small company of New Church otherwise than useful, and might be friends who have been in the habit of extensively promoted by members of the worshipping with Mr Ford at his house, New Church everywhere.

countenancing and encouraging

Professor Scocia in his new field of TO THE EDITOR. -Dear Sir,--A report labour. in the January number of the Intellectual A hall has been taken for public wor Repository represents me as having saidat ship on Sunday afternoons at three, in Alloa that spiritual bread (referred to in the house No. 6, on the first toor in Matt. iv. 4) is “truth from the Word, the Via degli Archibusieri, one of the and this leails into the affection of most convenient and most frequented good.”. As the internal sense of the parts of Florence. The hall will con. Word is here involved, I wish to be veniently seat more than sixty persons, allowed to correct this statement. The and on the first Sunday in January object of my discourse was to show that 1875, when service began, a respect

no more be saved by good able and attentive audience of Italians, alone than by faith alone. What I French, Americans, and English, quite really said was, that spiritual bread is filled the room. goolness, which the text shows is not The first discourse was on the true suflicient to support spiritual life, un character of the Second Coming of the less conjoineil with the Divine Truth of Lord. Professor Scocia showed the the “Word of God.” The same report irrationality of expecting the Lord's repeats a statement which has appeared advent on a literal cloud, and by the before in your pages, namely, that the Science of Correspondence the meaning name of the new Association in the of what the Divine Word teaches upon North is “The Scottish Association of that subject. He then proceeded to point the New Church." As the seconder of out that Swedenborg was an instrument the motion fixing the name of our chosen by the Lord Himself to untold Association, I am able to say that the the truths of the New Dispensation, and real name is “The Scottish Association his preparation to do it effectually by of the New Jerusalem Church,” which the opening of his spiritual sight. thus preserves the name given by Divine He gave a brief biographical description authority in the Word to the New of Swedenborg ; but concluded by showChurch,

ing that the whole work was of the

Lord, who was blessing the world by ITALY AND SCANDINAVIA.--The Com- higher perceptions of truth, and very





effectively quoted the words of the to keep my promise to come to StockPsalmist : Unless the Lord build the holm, in order to attend a New Church house, they labour in vain that build meeting which was to be held there on it. This discourse of Professor Scocia the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of October. was heard by all present with the most Hoping that this meeting would be the profound attention.

forerunner of the coming glorious day of On the 10th of January the second the New Jerusalem in Sweden, I was discourse was delivered. Its subject glad to go to the fatherland of the great was chiefly on the connection between Herald of the Lord's Second Coming. With this and the eternal world, and an great pleasure I give our dear friends of explanation of the manner in which the New Church in England an account Swedenborg as to his spirit communi- of this meeting, by translating a notice cated with the inner world, and saw from one of the Swedish newspapers, the wonders of heaven. This discourse, which runs as follows:like the first, was heard with an atten- ** A Meeting of Swedenborgians, that tion which left nothing to be desired. is to say, confessors of the religious doc

Professor Scocia will continue his trines of the celebrated Swedish learned discourses every Sunday afternoon at Emanuel Swedenborg, who lived in the three, in the same hall, No. 6, first storey, last century, has taken place in the city Via degli Archibusieri (Gunner Street). on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of October. His labours in translation and in the (The Swedenborgians call themselves issue of his magazine still continue. “New Churchmen.") The meeting,

We are delighted to observe that Mr. which Mr. Laurell had advertised in Mullenseifen has sent about £15, and many of the Stockholm newspapers, was Mr. Mittnacht, of Stuttgart, 500 lire, or on the first day attended by 50 to 60 perabout $18, to aid the Italian Mission. sons, and on the two other days by about

Our worthy friend and fellow-labourer, 80. Two peasants from the neighbourthe Rev. Mr. Boyesen, continues his hood of Enköping attended the meeting services at Copenhagen with increasing and signed their names as members of success, and is translating the work on the Society. Mr. Laurell, who had Conjugial Love, as well as seeing the summoned the friends to come together, True Christian Religion and the Divine explained that he had requested them to Providence through the press.

He has, assemble in order to give them an opporbesides, undertaken, at the request of tunity to be acquainted with each other, the Swedish friends of the New Church and to unite in the great work of making in Stockholm, and not only commenced the doctrines of the New Church known a Society there, but arranged to visit to their fellow-men. Pastor Boyesen them from time to time.

He is a We subjoin his letter, which will best Norwegian by birth, and for some years inform our friends of his labours; and we has been minister of a Swedenborgian most earnestly request those friends who Society in Copenhagen. He had been aided us last year to lend assistance to invited hither to attend the meeting. these worthy brethren, as well as all others The Rev. Mr. Boyesen delivered a lecture who value the eternal truths of the New appropriate to the occasion, and in conDispensation, and who also admire good clusion expressed his hope that this men faithfully struggling under diffi- meeting would be a blessing not only to culties to serve the Lord and promote the friends of the New Church, but also the highest good of mankind.

next addressed the meeting.

to the Swedes in general. When Pastor

Boyesen had finished his lecture, Pro. Missionary Visit to Sweden.

fessor Cronhamn rose to ask him if he, “Dear Friends,—In my report to the besides his translating and missionary Intellectual Repository last year, I men- work in Denmark, would sometimes tioned that at a meeting of New Church come and preach publicly in Stockholm. friends in Copenhagen, there was con- This proposal was unanimously adopted, cluded to be held a similar one at Stock and as the Rev. Mr. Boyesen consented to holm this year. For several reasons I come, about 500 Rigsdalers yearly (about did not think that there was going to be £28) was subscribed to cover the expenses any meeting at Stockholm this year; connected with the journey to Stockholm but some days ago I got an invitation and the preaching there. At the profrom our zealous friend, Mr. C. Laurell, posal of Mr. Laurell, those who attended

a son.


the meeting formed a Society, which,

Births. under the name of The New Church

On the 16th October 1874, the wife Friends, is to meet at Stockholm every of Mr. Jno. Macgallon, Barclay Street, Sunday: Pastor Boyesen was elected Paisley, of a daughter. President of the Society ; Mr. Thyboni, On the 27th October 1874, the wife Royal Chamber Musician, Vice-Presi- of Mr. Caldwell

, Stevenson Street, dent and Leader; Mr. Abrahamsen, Paisley, of a son. Secretary, and Professor Cronhamn,

On the 4th November 1874, the wife Treasurer.

of Mr. Murray, Castlehead, Paisley, of 66.It is told that in London alone there are eight Swedenborgian congregations, On 24th December 1874, at 4 Law. and in North America such congrega- ford Road, Kentish Town, Mrs. J. tions are alnıost innumerable. Here in Gallico, of a daughter. Sweden there is none, but we

On the 2nd January 1875, the wife told that in Skaane, Westergötland, of Mr. Leggatt, Barclay Street, Paisley, and other places, the Swedenborgians of a son. are not so few in number. In Chris

On 11th January 1875, at Priory tianstad there is a Society, which has Cottage, Blantyre, near Glasgow, Mrs. caused many of Swedenborg's theological J. F. Potts, of a son (Rudolph). works to be translated from Latin and printed in the Swedish language. They

Marriage. say that even several ministers in this country favour the Swedenborgian On the 26th December 1874, by the doctrines, and preach in that spirit. Rev. John Presland, brother of the Some ministers who are still living, and bride, Mr. Edward M. Pulsford, Leader others who long ago are dead, have of the New Church Society at St. published several pamphlets in which Heliers, Jersey, to Ruth, second daughter Swedenborg's doctrines are advocated. of Mr. Thomas Presland, of 8 Lady About fifty years ago, a clergyman by Margaret's Road, Kentish Town. the name of John Thybeck was pended because he preached the Sweden

Obituary. borgian doctrines, but afterwards he published many writings, in which he ber, Maggie (aged 24), the

Departed this life, on the 23rd Decem.

eldest defended this doctrine. Some of these daughter of Mr. Fleming, the President writings were assailed, but they were not of the Paisley New Church Society; condemned by any court of justice.'

and on the 26th of the same month, “Before leaving Stockholm I delivered Mrs. Fleming, his wife (aged 56), three lectures, and the attendance received her "call into the other life. increased every day. Those friends who This double bereavement is softened by were present were mach interested, and confident hopes that the departed were full of hope for the future. There is fitted by all the spiritual discipline good reason to believe that the New which is incident even to the most reChurch will make good progress in tired domestic life, to enter into a state Sweden when a Society has been formed, in which the gentle affections cultivated and the friends of the Church can have in a loving home will have a wider public worship every Sunday. —A. Ta. BOYESEN."

range and a more extended ministry. J. BAYLEY, Chairman.'

They rest from the trials of this R. L. TAFEL, Secretary.

life, but are not sleeping, nor far

removed from the sorrowing family and Subscriptions are requested to be sent friends who know how precious in the to Mr. Watson, the Treasurer, 19 High- New Church are the words of the Lord, bury Crescent, London, N.

“I am the Resurrection and the Life.

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SPIRITUAL MIRACLES. The general proposition, stated on pp. 5, 6 of the Intellectual Repository for January, asserted (1) that the Lord's miracles were representative of His spiritual operations; (2) that the spiritual operations thereby typified are supernatural; (3) that the spiritual operations thus represented continue to be performed. It was also stated that this view would supply a reason for the fact that “faith

was the prerequisite of the literal and typical miracle, as it is ever a prerequisite of the spiritual miracle; and further, why so many of the most remarkable miracles wrought by the Saviour were witnessed only by those who already believed in Him, and, still further, why the Lord's immediate followers possessed and continued to exercise similar supernatural, or miraculous, powers.

We have already shown that “the Lord's miracles were illustrative rather than evidential ;" we have now to show that “the spiritual operations thereby typified are supernatural."

One of the doctrines which are peculiar to Christianity is that of the "new birth”-regeneration. The notion of God being incarnated was not altogether new : various mythologies had taught it; Buddhism was built up on this notion in respect of Chrishria. The moral precepts uttered by the Saviour had at least their counterparts in moral maxims of various teachers. Both heathen philosophers and the earlier writers in the Talmud anticipated, in many respects, the ethics of the Gospel. Nor did the notion of exorcism originate in New Testament times. In teaching the necessity of a "new birth,” how


ever, the Divine “Householder” had brought forth from “ His treasure” a new thing. The doctrine has proved as startling to every new learner as it did to Nicodemus. “Ye must be born again," was a new message delivered to mankind.

In teaching this doctrine the Saviour provided a new basis for Christian morals. All previous systems of morals contemplated the possibility of building up a reformed nature on the basis of the old nature. Christianity lays the axe to the root of the tree by insisting on the birth of a new nature. The old nature of selfish and worldly loves was thus pronounced incapable of developing the graces of the Christian character; the reformation must begin in a re-formation of character, the birth in the soul of an entirely new quality of affection, thought and life, to be afterwards matured into “a new creature in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Just as the old nature—“ born of the fiesh" -had its impulses, its instincts, its enthusiasms, all leading to the ultimate gratification of self; so the new nature—yevvnoj avubev, born from abore-should have its impulses, its instincts, its enthusiasms, leading to self-denial as to the lower nature, the sacrifice and consecration of self to goodness and to God. Regeneration was to consist in the beginning, formation, birth and development of a new will, a new understanding, and a new life, which, as they come from heaven, were to be devoted to heavenly things. This was to be in the case of all the fulfilment of the prayer of the Psalmist, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me (Ps. li. 10); it was to be the accomplishment to the Christian of the Divine promise, “ A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you ; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh" (Ezek. xxxvi. 26).

This new birth is ever described as a supernatural work. Those thus “ born from above” are described as “ born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God" (John i. 13): they had “ received the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” The Spirit itself bore witness to their spirit that they were the children of God; “and if children, then heirs, heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ” (Rom. viii. 16, 17); they had become “partakers of the Divine nature,” they were “sons of God” because “ born. of God.” The possibility of this spiritual life is mercifully implanted in all. In the conception of this new nature there co-operate something Divine from the Eternal Father and something human in the receptive soul. That something Divine is

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