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ture after the State is admit-
ted to the Union to carry into
effect the provisions of this


1. The judicial power of the State

shall be vested in Supreme
Court, District Courts, Pro-

bate Courts, etc.
2. The Supreme Court.-Its juris-

diction and terms.
3. Election of judges.
4. The State shall be divided into

judicial districts.
5. Jurisdiction of District Courts.
6. The judges of Supreme and Dis-

trict Courts.--Their compen-

7. Probate Courts.-Jurisdiction of.
8. Justices of the peace.-Jurisdic-

tion of.
9. Other judges.
10. In case of vacancy, how filled.
11. Judges may not hold two offices.
12. Judicial districts may



shall commence on
Monday in January.

the first

School Fund, Education and Science.
1. The Legislature shall estalish

a uniform system of public

2. The proceeds of such lands

granted by the United States,

to be used for public schools.
3. Legislature shall make such

provision by taxation, etc.
4. The University of Minnesota.
5. The permanent school fund of

the State may be loaned upon
interest at five per cent.

13. Clerk of District Court.
14. In legal pleadings the style of

15. Court commissioner.

Elective Franchise.

1. Qualifications for voters.
2. Treason or felony debars from

voting, unless.
3. For the purpose of voting no

person shall lose residence by
reason of absence while in

service of the United States.
4. Soldiers, etc., of the United

States not residents of this

5. During election day voters

privileged from arrest.
6. Elections to be by ballot.
7. Electors shall be eligible to

8. Women may vote for school

9. The official year of the State

Finances of the State, Banks and Bunk-

1. All taxes to be raised by the

State shall be as nearly equal

as may be.
2. The Legislature shall provide

for an annual tax sufficient
to defray the expenses of the

3. Laws shall be made taxing

all moneys, etc.
4. Laws shall be passed for taxing

.notes, bills, etc.
5. For defraying extraordinary ex-

penditures the State may con-
tract a public debt not to ex-

ceed $250,000.
6. In regard to contracting debts.
7. What debts may be contracted

in time of war.
8. The money

arising from any
loan shall be applied to the

objects specified.
9. No money to be paid out of the

treasury except by appropria-

10. The State shall never give or

loan its credit.
11. A detailed statement of money

drawn from the treasury to

be published.
12. Safe keeping of school funds,



13. The Legislature may pass

general banking law.
14. Hospitals for the insane, blind,

15. The Legislature shall not

thorize any county, township
or city to issue bonds.

Amendments to Constitution.
1. The Constitution may



Corporations Having no Banking Privi-

1. Corporations defined.
2. They shall not be formed under

special acts.
3. Each stockholder in a corpora-

tion shall be liable for the

amount of stock owned.
4. Lands taken for a public way

shall have a fair compensa-


Counties and Townships.
1. New counties may be organized.
2. When a city may be organized

into a separate county.
3. Municipal and other towns may

be organized.
4. Election of county and town

5. County and township powers of

local taxation.
6. How money may be drawn
from county

7. The county of Manomen is


2. It may be revised.


Miscellaneous Subjects.
1. The seat of government of the

State to be the city of St.

2. Those residing on Indian lands.
3. The uniform oath or affirma-

4. Seal of State.
5. The Territorial prison to be one

of the State prisons.


1. To avoid inconvenience arising

from a change from Territo-

rial to State government.
2. Territorial laws not repugnant

to this Constitution shall re-

main in force.
3. All fines accruing to the Terri-

tory shall accrue to the State.
4. Other changes from Territory

to State.
5. All Territorial officers, civil and

military, shall continue tc

hold office, etc.
6. First session of the Legislature

of Minnesota.
7. Election laws hall continue in

8. Disposal of this Constitution.
9. For the purposes of the first

10. For the purposes of the first

election of the members of
the Senate and the House of

11. In regard to certain counties.
12. Apportionment of Senators and

Representatives at the first

13. The returns of the Twenty-sec-

ond district.
14. State shall be divided into the

following judicial districts.


The Militia.
1. Be organized, disciplined and


Impeachment and Removal from Office.
1. What officers may be im-

2. Removal of inferior officers.
3. Not to exercise duties of office

after impeachment.
4. Lieutenant-Governor not to act

as a member of the court in
trying Governor for impeach-

20. The duty of judges and clerks

of election.
21. The returns of said election for

and against this Constitution
22. What is to take place if the

Constitution is not accepted.
Amendment to section 10, arti-
cle 9 of this Constitution.

6. The people have the inherent

right to regulate the internal

7. The State is inseparable from

the Union.
8. Those who are citizens of this

9. The military shall be subordi-

nate to the civil power.
10. Treason against the State de-

11. The people have the right to as-

semble peaceably to consult

for the common good.
12. The right to bear arms.
13. Freedom of speech and of the

14. No person shall be deprived of

life, liberty or property except

by due process of law.
15. There shall be neither slavery

nor involuntary servitude ex-

punishment for
| 16. No ex
post facto



15. Which may elect one prosecut-

ing attorney.
16. Time of a certain election.
17. Those who may vote at the

18. In voting for and against the

adoption of this Constitution.
19. At said election the polls shall

be open, etc.


1. Distribution of powers.
2. Boundaries of the State.
3. Bill of rights.
4. Legislative department.
5. Executive.
6. Judiciary.
7. Corporations.
8. Education.
9. Militia,
10. The Penitentiary and Prisons.
11. Levees.
12. Franchise.
13. Apportionment.
14. General provisions.
15. Amendments.


law to be
| 17. Private property shall not be

taken for public use without

just compensation.
18. No religious test as a qualifica-

tion for office shall be required.
19. Duelling prohibited.
20. The term of all officers will be

for some specified period.
21. The writ of habeas corpus shall

not be suspended.
22. No person shall be put in jeop-

ardy twice for the same ot-


Distribution of Powers.
1. Shall be divided into three dis-

tinct departments, the Legisla-
tive, Judicial and the Execu-

2. They shall not exercise the

duties of each other's depart-


Boundaries of the State.
3. The boundaries of the State.
4. The Legislature shall have the

power to take additional terri-
tory for the State.


Bill of Rights.
5. All political power vested in the


23. Unreasonable seizures and

searches prohibited.
24. All courts shall be open and

right and justice administered

without sale or delay.
25. The right to defend in any civil

26. Excessive bail shall not be re-

27. How a person shall be proceeded

28. Cruel punishment shall not be

inflicted nor excessive fines im-

29. Excessive bail shall not be re-

30. No imprisonment for debt.
31. The right of trial by jury.
32. The enumeration of rights in this

Constitution not to impair
others retained by the people.


Legislatice Department.
33. The power of the same is vested

in the Legislature.
34. Members of the Legislature

chosen every four years.
35. Senators the same.
36. The first regular session of the

Legislature, when to be.
37. Elections for members to be held

in the counties and districts

provided by law.
38. Each house shall elect its own

officers and judge of the quali-

fications of its members.
39. The Senate shall choose a presi-

dent pro tempore.
40. Members of the Legislature

shall take the following oath.
41. To be eligible for member of the

42. To be exigible to be a Senator.
43. No person liable as principal for

public moneys unaccounted for
shall be eligible to a seat in

either house.
44. Bribery, perjury, etc., debar

from office.
45. Members of the Legislature not

eligible for any other office, etc.
46. The pay of the same.

| Section
47. They may not take fees or re-

48. In certain cases they are privi-

leged from arrest.
49. The House of Representatives

shall have the sole power of

| 50. Those liable to impeachment.
51. Judgment in such cases not to

extend further than removal

from office.
52. The Chief Justice to preside

when the Governor is tried.
53. Judges of the Supreme Court

may be removed from office.
54. The majority of each house to

constitute a quorum.
55. Each house to determine the

rules of its own proceedings.
56. The style of the laws shall be.
57. Neither house shall adjourn for

more than three days.
58. Sessions to be open except in

certain cases.
59. Bills may originate in either

60. No law shall pass except by

61. No law shall be revised or

amended by reference to its

title only.
62. How bills shall be voted for in

the Legislature.
63. Appropriation bills to fix a defin.

ite sum to be drawn from the

64. Appropriation bills passed after

adoption of this Constitution
shall not remain in force for

more than six months.
65. In regard to the final passage of

a measure.
66. In regard to granting a dona-

tion or gratuity.
67. New bills not to be introduced

during the last three days of

the session.
68. Appropriation and revenue bills

shall have precedence.
69. General appropriation bills shall

contain, etc.
70. Revenue bills, etc., to become a

law must have at least a three-
fifths vote of the members of
each house.

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11. Every bill shall have a title.
72. Every bill to be signed by the

73. The Governor may veto, etc.
74. No bill shall become a law until

referred to a committee of each

75. No general law shall be enforced

within sixty days after its

70. Voting by the Legislature shall

be viva voce.
77. The Governor shall issue writs of

elections to fill vacancies.
78. In regard to the reduction of sal-

aries of public officers.
79. Delinquent tax lands to be sold.
80. Laws shall be passed to prevent

the abuse by cities, towns, etc.,
of their powers of assessment

and taxation.
81. The Legislature shall not au-

thorize the permanent obstruc-
tion of any of the navigable

waters of the State.
82. In regard to bonds and security.
83. Laws shall be enacted to secure

the safety of persons from fire
in hotels and other public

84. Non-resident aliens not to hold

land in the State.
85. In regard to public roads being

worked by county prisoners.
86. Care of the insane.
87. No special or local laws shall be

enacted for the benefit of indi-

viduals or corporations.
88. General laws shall be passed

under which local and private

interests shall be provided for. I
89. There shall be appointed in each

house a standing committee on

local and private legislation.
90. Local or private laws shall not

be passed in any of the follow-

ing cases.
91. County laws shall be uniform.
92. The Legislature shall not au-

thorize payment to any person
of the salary of a deceased of-


ficer beyond the date of his

93. It shall not retire any officer on

part pay.
94. No laws to distinguish between

the rights of men and women

to acquire property.
95. State lands not to be donated

directly or indirectly to cor-

porations cr private individuals,
96. Extra compensation not to be

granted to any officer, agent,

97. The Legislature shall have no

power to revive any remedy

may have become
barred by lapse of time.
98. Lotteries not allowed.
99. The Legislature shall elect cer-

tain officers.
100. Obligations and liabilities of

persons, corporations, etc.,

shall not be released.
101. The seat of government.
102. When general elections shall be

103. In cases not provided for in the

Constitution the Legislature
may determine the mode of

filling vacancies.
104. The statutes of limitations in

civil causes shall not run

against the State.
105. A census to be taken every ten

106. State librarian.-His duties and

compensation.-Office may be

filled by a woman.
107. In regard to stationery, print-

ing, etc.
108. The salary of the officer to

cease with his office.
109. No legislator or public officer

may be interested in any con-

tract with the State.
110. Private roads to be provided for.
111. In regard to the sale of lands

in pursuance of a decree of

the court.
112. Taxation shall be uniform and

equal throughout the State.
113. The statement of money ex-

pended during a session shall
be published by the auditor.

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