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Titles, Authors' Names, &c. of the Pub»

lications reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For Remarkable Passages in the Criticitms and
Extracts, see the INDEX, at the End of the Volume.

O For the Names, also, of the Authors of new Dissertations,
or other curious Papers, published in the Memoirs and
Transactions of the Scientific Academies at Home or
on the Continent, and also for the Titles of those Dissertations,
&c. of which Accounts are given in the Review,—see the
Index, printed at the End of each Volume.

^BDOLLATIPH. See mite.

Abridgment of Modern Determina-
tions, Vol. IV. 431
Account of Military Events, Nui. XI.

an.: XII. 495
Mgypt, History of, by Abdollariph, 357
Africa, Voyage to, 449
Agriculture. See Gkenligt, Tatbam,

Naib, Varro,
Alfred, an Epic Poem, 179
Alfes, Misire del, 117
America, Agriculture of. S;e Tatbam.
Angela, Michael, li Heads from, 155
Angler's Pocket Bo..k, 10s
Angling, Practical Observations on,


Animadversions on the Curate of Blagdon,


Annulet dt Cb'mie, Noj. 118—>I»J,


Appeal to Experience, 430
'to the Society of Frien«,
Pa't I. 429
Arebalologia, Vol. XIII. concluded, 30
Arit, Thomas, proceedings against, let

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F*x\ Sketch of the Duke of Bedford,


France, History a', 389

■ ■ and Spjin, War between, Me-

moirs of, 541

-, Institute of. Sep Memoirs.

Frederic William II. Hittorjr of, J14

Frmcb Republic, Sue of, 184

Frere't Man of Fortitude, 27

Friends. See Appeal.
Furies, Masks of. See B'ottiger.
Further Observation! on the Poor at
Kingston) 4x9

Hill (John) on tbe Morals of the Poor,


Hill (D.) on the Use of Oxygen, 44a

Hint of the Chmnn Army, 44?

Hints for increasing the Splendonr of

lltuminitione, J0j

Histoire tfaturelle. See M:ntaigu. -

Home's Translations^ of Martena on ^

Privateers, 149

Hull's Translation^ of Baudelocque on Q

the Caeiarean Operation, 407

Huttou on the Principles of Bridget,


Gardner on the Cow-Pox, 440

Geniis, Madame, La Bruyere tbe Less,


George III. R-ign of, Memoirs of, 7$

German Grammar, 387

Gilbert's Lm of Evidence, New Edit.


Giraanne, Duchess of. Statistical Con.

panmn, X17

Glasses Louisa, xd Edit. 107

Gleanings from Books on Agriculture,


Gt-lzvin's Thoughts on Parr'a Sermon,

Goldsnitb's Crime' of Cabinet), 105
■•'a Trantlaiicn of Hauterive's
Stare of the French Republic, 184
Gonorrhoea. See Wbatily.
O- -.'. 1 History of the Rebellion in
Irel nd, 374

G'ety on 'he Income Tax, 31 j

Greece, Travels in, Jj

Gregg's Hierogamy, 109

Gr n's Ch'm stry, trsn-I t-J, 106

Grt,t on the Duties of an Officer, 414
Gu-nard, Mad me. Memoirs of the Prin-
cess 4: Lambal'e, 533

Jaeqtti'i Translation of Lxmbert'a
Svttem of tbe World,- 93

James's Essay on Jonah, 319

Idyls, j14

Illuminations. See Hints.

Impolicy of returning Bankers to Parlia-

ment, j|j

Income Tax. See Gray.

Indian Glossary, Aa±

Ins lute, National, Memoirs of, Vol, III.

Inter/11, New Tables of, 318

Johnston's Translation of'i As-

ihenology, 44

'• (Dr.) Essay to perpetuate

Peace, ,6f

Jonob, Essay on, 319

fonts'* Edit, of Bacoo'a Essays, 444

- Gul. Landatio, xao

(H.r.) See miiiams.

Ireland, Rebellion in. See Gordon, Mnt-

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grave, paulfie'd, TfutnsbenJ.

Ireland's Mutiut Scaxrola, . 43 j

Irrigation, National. See Taxitm.
Italy, Travels in, 491

Julian and Agnes, 0,7

Ju-jintlcPreceptor, VoL I» lid

fftfy't Military Observations, 424

Hsm/>nrgb, Tiavels from, 503

Hade's E-say nn Scep"ui«m, 19s

Harris's Works and Life, 1

Hautcrivt on the S'ate of "he French

rUcuhlic, 184

lUrgattb'f Let'fr to Prrcivsl, 441
Hebretes. See Priestley.

UirauJ't Digest 01 inc Starr.p I...wt,


Hewlett's S-rm n, »zi

Uifrogosny, 109

Hijkwijs, Liwi respecting, 4,4

Kelly's Introduction to Spheric?, id Edit.


——'s Element: of Book-keeping-,


Kingston, Poor of. See Poor,

la BrLytre »ke he%t, in

La Fonta ne's Family Pictures, 531

La Grange's Manual of Chemistry,


La Harpt'%

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Mackrrrtb'i Historical Account of Bona-
parte, 11 &
Magellan's First Voyage round theWnrl.1,


Magnetism, Animal, History of, 440

Mahr.esl >ry. Lord, his Edition of Mr.

Harris's Works, 1

Man ni Fortitude, 17

Mariner's Vocabulary, 2c8

Marsh's Translation of Michaelis on the

Ne* Testament, 11, 175

Martens on Privateers, 149

Mechanic, a Poem, US

Mechanics. See Fenivick.
Jlfrr/rVa-me'rical Address to the Students

at Edinburgh, 43S

Me.r. Remarks on Lyeophron, 364

Memoirs of the National Institute,

Vol. III. 507

- of the Princess de Lamballr,

-" 533

■ of the late War between Fiance

54 >


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Mitre's British Matiner'i Vocabulary,


aV»re, Mrs. See flrrr. See Spencer.

Morlefs Mechanic] a Poem, 211

Msselef on Translating the Scripture!

in'o Chinese, 95

M sgrave't (Sir Richard) Memoirs of

Irish Rebellioas, 274

•i— See Caulficld. See T«t»i.


Msitiui Scavolj, 43j


Narrative of the Trial of Sir Edward
Crosbie, ,. 104

Nasb's Address to the Board of Agricul-
ture, 207

Natural Histoty, Philosophy of, 415

Naval Guardian, cd

Nemnieb't Travels from Hamburgh to

. EiigUnd, 503

New Instructions for Playing Eillarda,


New Testament. See Marsh.

Nichols's Eaition ot Swift's Works, rat

Nubalson'i Translation of Fourcroy's
Svnopric Table? of Chemistry, 274

Nisbett Uji the Coming ot the Messiah,


Noebden's German Grammar, 387

Normal Schools, Sittings of, 454

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248, 445—447'
Settlements. See /tinr'.
^besbcrd's Visitation Charge, 428

Sheridan'. Dictionary. See Salmon.
Ships. Abandonment of, Law of, 104
Sittings of the Normal Schools, 459

Striae's. Account of Riven, <tl

Haves. Ste Barclay.
Smsllie's Philosophy of Natural History

V 1. II.

Smith's Semens, Vol II.

Sonnini't Travels in Greece,

Stheby's Julian and Agnes,

— 's Poetic Epistle to Sir G

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Philosophical Transactions, Pert Hi

1801. «9«

PI ill fortsCul. Junes tittdalh, »io
Pigaf-.ttas Voyage round the World,

finkftm's Abstract of hit Cause, 431
Pitt, Mr. Three W^rds to, »n

Poemt- See filxgerald, Pye, Barrow.

Morlty, Fisher, burgei. frail, Bray,

OgJvil, Sctkety, Trtsham.
Poor, a Poem, 3'<>

. , Morals cf. Sec Ml.

——, it Kingston on Hull, further

Ohs-rvations on, 429

Prr trail. See Dudley, Remarks,


Political Economy, Principles of, 467

Pvtveil«n the Ble, 441

Pratt"* Bread, or the Poor, a Poem,


Precis dts Eitrr.etr.en. M'u'it aires, Nos. XI,

and XII. 495

Priestley on the Knowltge of the He-

brews, 53

Privateers, Ess~.y on, 149

Proceedingi against Aril, Ioi

Profusion of Paper-Money, &c. a 16

Prussia. See FriJtrie.

fje't Alfred, 179

—"—, Satirical Epistle to, aiz

Xa'ntford'i Memoirs of Transact! nj at

St. Domingo, 333

Pamtgate, Recreatinnt at, 4-9

Ranken'i History of France, Vol. I. 589

Remarks on the Poor La*e, 472

Revelation of St, John compared, 427

Richard the First, a Poem, 187

Rivers, Account of, 411

Roberts's Indian Glossary, 444

Robespierre, Death of, 499

Rodolpbo, a Romance, so 1

Rneley en the Dropsy of the Brain, 439

Spencer's Truths,
Spherics. See Kelly, Laws. Digest of, 431

Statistical Observer's Compinion, siy
Stoddart's Local Scenery in Scotland,

St'.rcb's Pictuie of I'etersbiirgh, 138
Stovin on the of Slips,

Strameycr. See Ballhorn.
Strnve on (he Physical Education of
Childien, 4*

S Astnrnoloey, 44.

Sturges on the Residence of the Clergy,


. Obiervations on Ditto, it.

Surrender of Calais, 4 jS

Swift's Works, New Edition, 193

Saint Domingo. See Rainsfard.

Saint John. See Revelation.

Salmon's Edition of Sheridan's Pronounc-
ing Dictionary, 109

Riti'i al Epistle to Mr. Pye, atl

Saunders on the Poor Laws, 433

Scepticism, Ess>y on, 191

Sealant. See Stoddart.

Sct-tt's Sermon tefore the Society of
Mi'»i > s, no

Scriptures, Translation of, into Chincfe,
See Mai.'ey. Sec Sct:t.

Tableaux de Famil/e,


Tales, Fables, and other Verses, cor.
Tate's Fast Sermon, no

Tatbam on National Irrigation, 69

on the Agriculture of America,

204, 106

Taylor's Translations of Aristotle, 215

Tetm Report', Vol I. 45

Three W.irds to Mr. Pitt, 113

Tubes, Law of, 433

TovjnsbeiscTs Part of a Letter, 310


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