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the correspondents, or others, may have the liberality to contribute them gratuitously, as it is hoped may not unfrequently be the


Such a form of publication presents the advantage of being open not only to original and finished Articles, as the History of an entire Parish or Manor, a series of Historical Papers, or an account of the Geology, and Botany, &c., of the County at large; but also to communications of a less original and elaborate character: as

for example, extracts from, or abstracts of, rare and expensive · Books already published upon Wiltshire; casual notices and de

scriptions, however brief, of Antiquities or objects of Natural History; accounts of local customs, etymologies of names, or other miscellaneous notices upon any of the various subjects embraced within the Title of the Society: even to queries on obscure points, such as may elicit an answer in some following number. Attention is particularly requested to the Rule which forbids the introduction of political, or religious discussions. It is hoped that such a work may not only be a means of providing popular amusement and instruction, but may also serve as a valuable assistant to those who may hereafter undertake the more serious task of finishing the History of the County.

The present number will, therefore, be succeeded by others, in the same form, and at a low price to the public. The Members of the Society will receive their copies gratuitously. The publication will be continued, whenever by contributions or correspondence, material of sufficient amount and interest shall have accumulated to justify the issue. In the infancy of the Society it is impossible to give any pledge for its fixed and periodical appearance. But it is hoped that communications will flow in abundantly: and we would invite the Members, and others, whether resident in, or only connected with the County, to further this object in any way that may

be most suitable to their own convenience. It is respectfully suggested that, in order to assist this experiment most effectually, those who take an interest in the History and Antiquities of Wiltshire, natural or archæological, will support the Society by becoming Members.

[blocks in formation]

Persons desirous of joining the Society are requested to write to that effect, inclosing a Post OFFICE ORDER for the amount, to MR. WILLIAM CUNNINGTON, Devizes.

Articles of correspondence intended for insertion, may be addressed to the Rev. W. C. LUKIS, Great Bedwyn; or to the Rev. J. E. JACKSON, Leigh Delamere, Chippenham.

Orders for the “WILTSHIRE MAGAZINE," to be sent through the County Booksellers, to Mr. HENRY BULL, Saint John Street, Devizes.


I. This Society shall be called “The Wiltshire Archeological and Natural History Society.Its object shall be

1. To collect and publish informationOn the Antiquities of Wiltshire; including Ancient Monuments, Architecture, Manorial History, Ecclesiastical History and Endowments, Records; and all other matters usually comprised under the name of Archæology.

On the Natural History of the County: its Geology, Botany, Ornithology, &c.

2. To preserve, by the formation of a Library and Museum, illustrations of its History : viz., published works, manuscripts, drawings, models, and specimens, &c.

II. The society shall consist of a Patron; a President, elected for three years ; Vice-Presidents; general and district or local Secretaries; and a Treasurer elected at each anniversary meeting: with a Committee of twelve, six of whom shall go out annually by rotation, but may be re-elected. No person shall be elected on the committee until he shall have been six months a member of the society.

III. Anniversary general meetings shall be held for the purpose of electing the officers, of receiving the report of the committee for the past year, of reading papers and reports, and of transacting all other necessary business, at such time and place as the committee shall appoint, of which meeting a fortnight's notice shall be given to the members.

IV. All members shall have the privilege of introducing one friend to the anniversary and general meetings.

V. The committee is empowered to call special general meetings of the society, upon receiving a requisition signed by ten members. Three weeks' notice of such special meeting, and its object, shall be given to each member.

VI. The property of the society shall be deposited at Devizes, and shall be vested in thirteen trustees, in trust, for the purposes of the society; and shall not be disposed of or made applicable for any other purpose, except with the consent of five-sixths of the subscribers; and shall not be disposed of or severed, so long as any society exists in the county, having in view objects similar to those of this society; and whenever the number of the trustees shall be reduced to five, the vacancies shall be supplied at a general meeting.

VII. The affairs of the society shall be directed by the committee (of which the officers shall be ex-officio members), who shall have the management and application of the funds of the society; and meetings of the committee, shall be held monthly, or quarterly, as may be found expedient, for receiving reports from the secretaries and sub-committees, and for transacting other necessary business : three of the committee shall be a quorum; members may attend the committee meetings after the official business has been transacted.

VIII. The chairman at meetings of the society shall have a casting vote, in addition to his vote as a member.

IX. One (at least) of the secretaries shall attend each meeting, and shall keep a record of its proceedings. All manuscripts, and communications, and the other property of the society, shall be under the charge of the secretaries.

X. Candidates for admission as members, shall be proposed by two members at any of the general or committee meetings, and the election shall be determined by ballot at the next committee or general meeting; three-fourths of the members present, balloting, shall elect. The Rules of the Society shall be subscribed by every person becoming a member.

XI. Ladies shall be eligible as members of the society, without ballot, being proposed by two members, and approved by the majority of the meeting.

XII. Each member shall pay ten shillings and sixpence on admission to the society; and ten shillings and sixpence as an annual subscription; which shall become due on the first of January in each year, and shall be paid in advance.

XIII. Donors of ten guineas, or upwards, shall be members for life.

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