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Thomson's Seasons is as eminently a religious, as it is a descriptive poem. Thoroughly impressed with sentiments of veneration for the author of that assemblage of order and beauty which it was his province to paint, he takes every proper occasion to excite similar emotions in the breasts of his readers. Entirely free from the gloom of superstition and the narrowness of bigotry, he every where represents the Deity as the kind and beneficent parent of all his works, always watchful over their best interests, and from seeming evil still educing the greatest pofsible good to all his creatures. In every appearance of nature he beholds the operation of a divine hand; and regards, according to his own emphatical phrase, each change throughout the revolving year as but the “ varied God.” This spirit, which breaks forth at intervals in each division of his poem, shines full and concentred in that noble bymn which crowns the work. This piece, the sublimest production of

its kind since the days of Milton, should be considered as the winding up of all the variety of matter and design contained in the preceding parts ; and thus is not only admirable as a separate composition, but is contrived with mafterly skill to strengthen the unity and connexion of the GREAT WHOLE.

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Thus is planned and constructed a Poem, which, founded as it is upon the unfading beauties of Nature, will live as long as the language in which it is written shall be read. If the

perufal of it be in any respect rendered more interesting or instructive by this imperfect Effay, the purpose of the writer will be fully answered.

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Allan delin.

Caldwall Sculp

June 1.1778. Publishd as the Ad directs by JMurray.N32 Fleel Street, London,

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