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Revenge of a Spanish Lady on a man who boasted of

her favours, N. 611.
Rosicrusian, a pretended discovery made by one, N. 574.
Royal progress, a poem, N. 620.

St. Paul's eloquence, N. 633.
Satire, Whole Duty of Man turned into one, Ņ. 568.
Scarves, the vanity of fome clergymen's wearing them,

N. 609.
Scribblers, the most offensive, N. 582.
Self-love, the narrowness and dangers of it, N. 588.
Seneca, his faying of drunkenness, N. 569.
Shakespear, his excellence, N. 592.
Shalum the Chinese, his letter to the Princess Hilpa be-

fore the flood, N. 584.
Sight (second) in Scotland, N. 604.
Singularity, when a virtue, N. 576. An instance of

it in a north-country.gentleman, ibid.
Socrates, his saying of misfortunes, N. 558.
Space (infinite) Sir Isaac Newton's noble way of con-

sidering it, N. 564.
Spartan justice, an instance of it, N. 564.
Spectator breaks a fifty years filence, N. 556. How he

recovered his speech, ibid. His politics, ibid. Lo-
quacity, ibid. Of no party, ibid. A calamity of
his, 558. Critics upon him, 568. He sleeps as
well as wakes for the public, 599. His dream of
Troplonius's cave, ibid. Why the eight volume pub-

lished, 632
Spleen, its effcets, N. 558.
Stars, a contemplation of them, N. 565.
Sublime in writing, what it is, N. 592.
Syncopifts, modern ones, N. 567.
Syracujan Prince, jealous of his wife, how he served
her, N. 579.

TEMPER (serious) the advantage of it, N. 598.
Tender hearts, an entertainment for them, N. 627.
Tenure, the most flippery in England, N. 623.
Thales, his faying of Truth and Falsehood, N. 594.
Theatre, of making love there, N. 6c2,


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on her

Torre in Devonshire, how unchaste widows are punish

ed there, N. 614. Townly, Frank, his letter to the Spectator, N. 560. Tully praises himself, N. 562. What he said of the

immortality of the soul, 588. Of uttering a jest, 616. Of the force of novelty, 626. What he re. quired in his orator, 633.

V UBIQUITY of the Godhead considered, N. 571. Far

ther considerations about it, 580. Verfes by a despairing lover, N. 591. On Pbebe and

Colin, 603. Translation of verses pedantic out of
Italian, 617. The royal progress, 620. To Mrs.

grotto, 632.
Vice as laborious as virtue, N. 624.
Vision of human misery, N. 604.
Vulcan's dogs, the fable of them, N. 579.

West-ENBORNE, in Berkshire, a custom there for wi.

dows, N. 614. What Lord Coke said of the widow's

tenure there, 623. Whichenoure bacon flitch, in Staffordshire, who entitled

to it, N. 607. Whole Duty of Man, that excellent book turned into a

fatire, N. 568. Widows club, an account of it, N. 5610 A letter from

the president of it to the Spectator about her suitors, 573. Duty of widows in old times, 606. A cur. tom to punish unchasłe ones in Berkshire and Devonsoire, 614. Instances of their riding the black ram

there, 623. Writing, the difficulty of it to avoid censure, N. 568. Work neceffary for Women, N. 606.

X XENOPHON, his account of Cyrus's trying the virtue of a young Lord, N. 564.

Z' ZEMRODE, (Queen) her story out of the Persian tales,

F 1 N 1 s.

N. 578.

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