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I. LETTERS FROM FRANCE; containing Observations made in that Country during a Journey from Calais to the South, as far as Limoges ; then back to Paris; and then, after a residence there of three months, from Paris through the Eastern parts of France, and through part of the Netherlands ; commenoing in April, and ending in December, 1827. By John M. COBBETT, Student of Lincoln's Inn. Price Four Shillings.

II. THE LAW OF TURNPIKES ; or, an Analytical Arrangement of, and Illustrative Commentaries on, all the General Acts, relative tu Turnpike Roads. By WILLIAM Cobbett, Jun. Student of Lincoln's Inn.-Price 3s. 6d. in boards.

This work, which has been brought to a price calculated to place it within the reach of numerous persons, contains every particle of the General Turnpike Laws now in force. There are, altogether, five Acts passed since 1822, inclusive. Two of these Acts are of great length, and the last of them repeals nearly one-half of the clauses in the first. So that to take them as they are, they are calculated to do, for the common reader, nothing but bewilder him, and lead him into error. In this work, the repealed clauses in the first Act, and the repealing clauses in the second Act, are left out ; and nothing but is now law is retained;

but the whole of what is now law is retained, and in the very words of the Acts.Then, in order to make the divers matters as clear as possible, all the clauses of the Acts, which relate to one matter, are brought together under one head. So that the reader, by looking at any particular head, finds there all the Acts say relating to one matter, or branch of the subject; and, for the purpose of aiding the reader, and saving his time, there is, prefixed to each head, or branch, a short commentary, showing the true intent and meaning of the several clauses which follow under that same head, or branch of the subject.

III. A FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain Instructions for the Learning of French. Price Five Shillings.

All that I shall ask of the Public is, that those who are expending, or bave been expending, money, for the purpose of obtaining a knowledge of the French language, for themselves, or for their children: all I ask is, that these persons will first read steadily through all that they find in the first fifty pages of any other French Grammar; and that they will then read steadily through the first fifty pages of my Grammar. If this were done by all such persons, there would, I am convinced, be þut one French Grammar in use, in a very short time. Any person, who has never studied French at all, will be able, by such reading, to form a competent judgment. He will find, that, from other Grammars, he by such reading, get no knowledge

at all of the matter; while, from mine, he will get at some knowledge of it. Those, who understand the subject, I request to compare what they find in my Grammar on those difficult parts, the IMPERSONALS, the TWO PAST TIMES OF THE VERBS, and the 'PARTICIPLES : I request them to compare these parts of my Grammar with what they find, as to the same matters, in any other Grammar.

WM. COBBETT. IV. COBBETT'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR:_This 'Work has been published to the amount of fifty-five thousand copies, without ever having been mentioned by the old shuffling bribed sots, called Reviewers. To this new edition are added « Six Lessons to Statesmen." Here the reader will see what pretty stuff is written


( (ін ) by Speakers of the House of Commons, by Secretaries of State, by Commanders of Armies, by Bishops of the Church of England. The main thing, however, is this, that any person wko has a mind to do it, may have a competent knowledge of the English language in the course of a twelvemonth by the means of this Book.-Price Three Shillings.

V. COBBETT'S COTTAGE ECONOMY.-It is well known, that this Work treats of the making of Beer and of Bread; of the keeping of Cows, Pigs, Bees, and Poultry. This new edition sets to rights all matters relative to Straw Plat. Experience has fully proved, that to equal the Italians, we must use the straw of wheat as the Italians do. This new edition of Cottage Economy contains a detailed account of the manner of sowing the wheat in order to get this fine straw. And, indeed, it contains an account of every thing necessary to be known, relative to this matter.-Price Two Shillings and Sixpence.

VI. COBBETT'S SERMONS.—There are twelve of these, in one volume, on the following subjects : 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty; 2. Drunkenness; 3. Bribery; 4. Oppression ; 5. Unjust Judges ; 6. The Sluggard ; 7. The Murderer; 8. The Games ter ; 9. Public Robbery; 10. The Unnatural Mother; 11. The Sin of For. bidding Marriage;

12. On the Duties of Parsons, and on the Institution and object of Tithes.-These Sermons were published separately; while selling in Vumbers, some of them exceeded others in point of sale; but upon the whole, considering them as independent publications, upwards of a hundred and fifty thousarad of these Sermons have been sold.-Price Three Shilling's and Siapence.

VII. YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AMERICA.--This Work was written at the end of the first year of the Author's residence in Long Island. The present is the third edition. It contains a journal of the weather for that year; and it contains a journal kept by an intelligent person, who went to visit the settlement of Mr. BIRKBECK. It contains a description of the Agriculture, the Roads, the Manors, the Government, the Laws and Customs of the country. The Author published the work there as well as here. He gives an account of his own experiments in the cultivation of the Swedish Turnip, which be there cultivated by transplantation under that burning'sun, and the field-cultivation of which useful plant he was the first to introduce into that country. The accounts of cultivating cabbag'es should be read by every farmer, This book contains all information necessary for those who are about to emigrate to America. It lays all the disadvantages, as well as the advantages, before them. It tells thém no romantic tale ; but brings them fairly acquainted with the people and with the country.Price Five Shillings.

VIII. AMERICAN SLAVE 'TRADE; or, an Account of the Manner in which the Slave Dealers take Free People from søme of the United States of America, and carry them away, and sell them as Slaves in other of the States; and of the horrible Cruelties practised in the carrying on of this most infamous traffic with Reflections on the Project for forming a Colony of American Blacks in Africa, and certain Documents respecting that Project. By Jesse TORREY, Jun. Physician. With Five Plates. To which are added Notes, and a Preface, by Wm. COBBETT.-Price Two Shillings, in boards.

IX. TULL'S FAMOUS WORK ON THE HORSE-HOEING HUSBANDRY. This Work, which was in an old fashioned folio volume, Mr. COBBETT has republished, in a close printed octavo volume. From this work he learned all his knowledge of the principles of Agriculture. All the numerous volumes on this science, which he had read before he read this work, he found of no value. He was anxious, therefore, to enable others to dip at the same fountain, at which he had dipped himself, and which had been to him the cause of so much delight. Tull was the father of the Drill Husbandry, not only in England, but in the world. His book is a book of real knowledge. The style, itself, is a thing infinitely useful for young people, in this day of affected expression and false ornament in writing; but the philosophy of the work is inestimably valuable. There is a short Introduction by Mr. COBBETT, containing an account of experiments of his own, and of others, founded on Tull's principles. The work is extremely interesting, as containing the History of the discovery of the Drill Husbaadry.-Price Thirteen Shillings and Sixpence.

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(iv) X. MR. JAMES PAUL COBBETT'S RIDE OF EIGHT HUNDRED MILES IN FRANCE, Second Edition, Price Two Shilling's and Sixpence. This Work contains a Sketch of the face of the Country, of its Rural Economy, of the Towns and Villages, of Manufactures and Trade, and of such of the Manners and Customs as inaterially differ from those of England: Also, an Account of the Prices of Laud, House, Fuel, Food, Raiment, Labour, and other Things, in different parts of the Country; the design being to exhibit a true picture of the present State of the People of France. To which is added, a General View of the Finances of the Kingdom.

XI. THE POLITICAL REGISTER-Is published in Two Editions, the one price Sixpence, not having any Stamp, cannot go postage free, and, therefore, is to be obtained in the country by those only who live in or near large Towns, to which parcels are sent. Bui, for the convenience of those who are to be reached in no other way than by cross-posts, a Stamped Edition is published, and may be obtained as Newspapers are. The stamped Edition is One Shilling.-Any of the Back Volumes, of recent date, may be had by application at the Office as above.

Just published,"price Threepence, No. XI. (to be continued Monthly) of



Showing how that event has impoverished and degraded the main body of the People in those Countries; in a series of Letters, addressed to all sensible and just Englislımen. By WILLIAM COBBETT.

Printed and Published by William Cobbett, 183, Fleet-street; and sold by all Booksellers and Newsmen,

[ENTERED AT STATIONERS' HALL.] A French Edition of the HISTORY of the PROTESTANT “REFORMATION” is published in Monthly Numbers, price Fourpence each; and, may be had as abuve.


Printed and published by WILLIAM COBbert, No. 183, Fleet-street.

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