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cat. 113. But it cannot oblige to fin,


Papists. Protestants should not marry
Obedience is due to God in whatsoever be with papists, con. xxiv. 3,

is pleased to command, con. ii. 2. cat. Pardon. See sin.
104. Christ hath performed perfect obe Passions, to be restrained, cat. 135 136.
dience to the law for us in our nature, Passover, one of the types and ordinances by
con. viii. 4. cat. 38, 39. 48, 97. And which the covenant of grace was admi-
by it purchased an everlasting inheri nistred under the law, con. vii. s. cat.
tance in the kingdom of heaven for the
elect, con. viii. s cat. 38. His obedience Patience, patient bearing of the hand of
is imputed to believers, con. xi. 1. cat. God, a duty, cat. 135. patient bearing
70. He hath not abolifhed, but much and forgiving of injuries, a duty, ibid.
strengthened the obligation to the obedi Peace of conscience, See conscience.
ence of the moral law, con. xix. s. Pedo-Baptism, Sce infants.
Good works done in obedience to God's Perseverance of saints. They whom God
commands, are the fruits and evidences hath accepted in Christ can never totally
of a true faith, con, xvi. 2. cat. 32. or finally fall away from the estatc of grace,
How the sincere, though imperfect obe con. xvii. i. cat. 77, 79, Upon what
Jience of believers, is accepted and re their perseverance depends, con. xvii. 2.
warded, con. xvi 6.

cat. 79. How far they may fall, con. vi. Obedience is due to the lawful commands of 5. xi. s. xii. 2. xvii. 4. xviii. 4. cat. 78.

a magistrate, con. xxiii. 4. cat. 121, They are always kept from utter despair,

con. xvii. 4. cat. 81. How they are reOffices of Christ, of Mediator. See Media covered when they fall under God's fa

His prophetical office, cat. 43. therly displeasure, con. xi s. xiii 3.
Priestly, cat. 44. And kingly, cat. 45. Three persons in the Godhead distinguished
The Old Testament in Hebrew, is that to by personal properties, con. ii. 3. cat. 6,

which the church is finally to appeal in 10. The equality of the persons proved,
controversies of religion, con. i. 8. The cat. 11 The personal union of the two
administration of the covenant of grace, natures in Christ, con. viii. 2. cat. 36,
under the law, is called the Old Telta 37. By reason of this union, the proper
ment, con vii. 5.

works of each nature are accepted of God, The ordinances of God given by Chrit to and relied on by belicvers as the work of

the visible church, con. xxv. 3 The or the whole perfon, con viii. 7. cat. 40.
dinances under the law, con. vii. 5. cat. Phyfick to be used moderately, cat 135.
34. Those under the gospel, con vii. 6. Lascivious pictures discharged, cat. 139.
cat. 35. Which are fewer, and admini Poligamy unlawtul, con. xxiv. s. cat. 139.
stred with more simplicity, and less out The Pope has no power or jurisdiction over
ward glory; yet in them grace and salva civil magistrates or their people, con.
tion are held forth in more fulness, evi. xxii. 4. He is in no finse head of the
dence and efficacy, ibid. All God's ordi church, but is antichrift, con. xxv. 6.
pances, especially the word, facraments Powers ecclefiaftical or civil, not to be op,
and prayer, are the outward and ordina-

posed upon presence of Christian liberty,
ry means of salvation, cat. 154 How con. xx. 4 power of the keys, Sec keys.
they are made effectual, con. xxv. 3. Praises to be joined with prayer, cat 196.
cat. 155, 101, 182. The neglect, con The praise of any good, we either are, have,

tempt or opposing them, sinful, cat. 109. or can do, not to be ascribed to fortune, Original corruption, Sec corruption original idols, ourselves, or any other creature, lin, Sec sin.

cat. 105



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Prayer, What, cat. 178. The duty of all · The profession of the gospel is adorned by

men, con. xxi. 3. To be made to God good works, con. xix. ä. And ought to only, and why, con. xxi. 2. cat. 179. be attended with a conversation in holia That it may be accepted, it is to be made ness and righteousness, cat. 112, 167. in the name of Christ, by the help of the Property in goods and possessions not inSpirit, con. xxi. 3. cat. 178. What it is fringed by the communion of faints, to pray in the name of Christ, cat. 180. con. xxvi. 3. Why prayer is to be made in his name, Prophecies. The covenant of grace admicat, 181. How the Spirit helps to pray, nistred by prophecies under the law, con. cat. 182. How prayer is to be made, vii. s. cat. 34. con. xxi. 3. cat. 185. For what and for The Prophetical office of Christ, how excwhom we are to pray, con. xii. 4. cat.

cuted, cat. 43. 183, 184. Prayer not to be made for Propitiation. Christ's one only facrihce the the dead, nor for those of whom it may alone propitiation for all the sins of the be known that they have sinned the lin elect, con., xxix. 2. unto death, ibid. Prayer, now under the Protestants should not marry with papists, gospel, is not made more acceptable by 'con. xxiv. 4. any place in which it is performed, nor Providence, is God's most holy, wise and towards which it is directed, con. xxi. 6. powerful preserving, directing, disposing The rule of prayer, cat. 186.

and governing all his creatures and all The Lord's Prayer, How to be used, cat. their actions; according to his infallible

187. It is explained in the catechisin foreknowledge, and immutable decree; from question 188, to the end.

to the glory of his wisdom, power, juPreaching of the word, is a part of the or stice, goodness and mercy, con. v. 1.

dinary religious worthip of God, con. cat. 18. Events are ordered according xxi. 5. And one of the ordinances in to the nature of second causes, con.jij. which the covenant of grace is admini 1. V.2. God in his ordinary providence Itred under the New Tefument, con. vii. maketh use of means, yet is free to work 6. cat. 35. None are to preach the word, without, above and against them at his but ministers of the gospel, cat. 158. pleasure, con. v. 3. How providence is How they are to preach, cat. 159. How cxercised about sin, con. V. 4. See lin. the preacking of the word is made effec The actual influence of the Holy Spirit tual to salvation, cat. 155.

is required to do good works, con. xix. Predestination, con. iii. 3. 4. cat. 13. The 3. God's providence towards angels, cat.

doctrine of predestination how to be hand 16. Toward man when created, cat. 20. led, and what use to be made of it, con. God's providence is in a most special iii. 8.

manner over his church, con. V. 7. cat. Preparation required to the hearing of the

43, 45, 63. word, cat. 160. What preparation re Publick worship not to be neglected, con. quisite to the fabbath, cat. 117. What xxi. 6. to the Lord's supper, cat. 171.

Punishment. See lin. Prescience, See foreknowledge.

Purgatory, the scripture acknowledgeth no Priestly office of Christ, how executed, cat. such place, con. xxxii. 2.

Q Private worship in families daily, a duty, con. xxi. 6. cat. 156.

providences, sinful, cat. 113. Privileges of the invisible church and of the Quarrelling, and provoking words finful, visible, See church.

cat. 136. Prodigality, a sin, cat. 142.

Quellions that are curious or unprofitable


QUARRELLING at God's decrees and



cat. 44.

are to be avoided. cat. 113.

Reprobation, con iii. 7. cat. 3.

Resurrection of Christ, con. vii. 4. cat. $2.
READING the fcriptures, a part of reli The effect of his own power, cat. 552.

gious worship, çon. xxi. 5. How made It is a proof of his being the Son of God, effectual to salvation, cat. 155. It is the and of his fatisfaction to divine justice, duty of all to read them apart by them &c. ibid. It is an assurance to believers selves, and with their families, con. i. 8. of their resurrection, ibid. They have cat, 159. How the word of God is to fellowship with him in his resurrection, be read, con. xxi. 5 cat. 157.

con. xxvi. I. He rose again for their Rebellion, a fin, cat. 128.

justification, con. xi. 4. cat. 52. And Reconciliation with God purchased by through the virtue of his death and reChrift's facrifice of himself, con. viii. s. surrection they are fanctified, con. xiii.

1. cat. 75. I hey draw strength froma Recreations to be '

moderately used, cat. his death and refurrcclion for the mor. 135, 136. But not on the Lord's day, tifying of sin, and quickning of grace, con. xxi. 8. cat. 119.

cat. 52.167.
Redemption, how purchased by Christ, con. The Resurrection of the dead, of the just

viii. s. cat. 38, 39, 40. For all the elect, and unjust, con. xxxii. 2, 3. cat. 87.
and them only, con. iii. 6. To whom it Revelation. The divers ways of God's re.
is certainly applied, con. viii. 8. cat. 59. vealing his will, con. i. s.
Altho’ it was not actually wrought by Righteousness. Man was created righteous
Christ till after his incarnation; yet the after the image of God, con. iv. 2. cat.
virtue, efficacy and benefits of it, were 17. But by sin he fell from that origi-
communicated to the clect in all ages nal righteousness, con. vi. 2. cat. 25.
successively from the beginning of the And since the fall no man can attain to
world, con. viii. 6. How it is applied to righteousness by the moral law, cat. 64.
them, con. viii. 8. cat. 58, 59.

Nor by having righteousness infused in-
Regencration, See Effectual Calling.

to them, con. xi. 1. cat. 70. But those The Regenerate are all freely justified, con. whom God effectually calleth, he accep

xi. 1. See Justification. And fanétificd, teth and accounteth as righteous, by imcon. xii. 1. Sec Sanctification. The cor puting the obcdience and satisfaction of ruption of nature remains in them, and Christ to them, they receiving and rest. all the motions of it are sin, con. ix. s. ing on him and his righteousness by But it is pardoned and mortificd through faith, ibij. See Faitb, Imputa ion, JuftiChrift, ibid. The use of the moral law fication. Why the righteous are not de. to them, con, xix. 6. cat. 97.

livered from death, cat. 85. Their state Repentance, What, con. xv. 2. cat. 75. immediately after death, con. xxxii. 1.

Altho' it be no satisfaction for sin, nor cat. 86. At the resurrection and day of cause of pardon, yet no pardon without judgment, con. xxxii. 3. xxxiii. 2. cat. it, con. xv. 3. cat. 153. Nor codemna

87, 90, tion where it is, con. xv. 4, 9. It is e

S very man's duty to endeavour to repent Sabbath. By the law of nature, a due particularly of his particular fins, con. proportion of time ought to be set axv. 5. The doctrine of repentance to part for the worship of God, con. xxi. 7. be preached by every minister, as well as God hath in his word, by a positive and that of faith in Chrift, con xv. 1. Re perpetual commandment, Linding all pentance to be declared to those that are men in all ages, appointed one day in offended, who are thereupon to be re

seven for a sabbath to be kept holy to conciled, con. xv. 6.

himself, con. xxi. 7. cat. 20. 116.


cat. 117.

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Which was the last day of the week from Salvation, Not to be attained by men who the beginning of the world to the refyr do not profess the Christian religion be rection of Christ, and the first day ever they never fo diligent to live up to the since, and so to continue to the end of . light of nature, or the law of that religithe world, con. xxi. 7. cat. 116. How on which they profess, con. x.4. cat. 00. the fabbath is to be favelified, con. xxi. There being no salvation but in Christ

How it is profaned, alone, ibid. Who hath purchased it by cat. 116. Why we are commanded to his perfect obedience and sacrifice of himremember it, cat 121. The Lord's day felf, con. viii. s. cat. 83. For all the eis a memorial of our creation and re elect, and them only, con. ïïi 6. To demption, which contain a short abridg whom the outward means are made ef. ment of religion, ibid. What are the fectual for their falvation by the Spirit, reasons annexed to the fourth command

con. vii.

6. XXV. 3. cat. 154, 155, 161, the more to enforce it, cat. 120. Why 192. Who workcth in their hearts faith the charge of keeping the fabbath is di in Jesus Christ, con. xiv. 1. cat. 73. rected to governors of families and other Which is necessarily required of them superiors, cat. 118.

for their justification and falvation, con. A Sacrament. The institution, nature and vii.

3. xi. 1. cat. 32, 71. The Spirit aleuds of it, con. xxvii. 1. cat. 162. The so workeih repentance, and infuseth all parts of a facrament, con, xxvii. 2, cat, or her faving graces, con, xiii. 1. cat. 32, 193. There are only two facraments in 75, 76, 77. Which necessarily accompa. stituted by Christ, con. xxvii 4. oat. 104. ny faith, con. xi 2. cat. 73. The Spirit Which are only to be dispensed by mini likewise essables them unto all obedience sters of the word lawfully ordained, con. and the practice of holioess, which is the xxvii. 4. How they are made effectual way that God hath appointed them to to salvation, con. xxvii. 3. cat. 101. salvation, con. xii. s. cat. 32. Elect inThe facraments of the Old Testament fants dying in infancy are regenerated were the same for substance with those of

and saved by Christ thro' the Spirit, &e. the New, con. xxvii. s. , Wherein the coll. X. 3: facraments of baptism, and of the Lord's Sanctification, what, cou. xiii. 1. cat 75. Infupper agree, cat. 176. Where in they feparably joined with juflification, cat. difier, cat, 177.

77. Wherein they differ, ibid It is Sacrifice. The covenant of grace was adn i throughout in the whole man, con. xiii.

niftred under the law by facrifices, con. 2. cat. 75. But in this life it is not pervii. 5. viii. 6 cat. 34. Which signified feat in any, con. xiii z cat. 77. Whence Christ to come, ibiul. Who hath fully this imperfecti in proceeds, con. xiii. 2. satisfied the justice of bis Father, in his cat. 78. i hrough the continual supply once offering himself a sacrifice without of itrength from the sanctifying Spirit of spot to God, coo. viji s. cat. 44. There Christ, the faines grow in grace, perfectis no real facrifice made for sin in the ing holiness in the fear of God, con xiii. Lord's supper, cçn. xxix 2. That fa 3. At death they are made perfed in hocrament being irAtituted for the perpe lincís, con, xxxii. 1. cat. 86. And at the tual remembrance of Christ's one only day of judgment they shall be fully and facrifice in his death, con, xxix. 1. cat. fir ever freed from all sin, cat. 90. 168. To which the mass most abomi Satisfaction. Repentance is no satisfaction nably injurious, con xxix. 2.

for fin, coni. xv. 3. Nor good works, Saints, Sec Believers, Communion They and why, con. xvi. 5. Neither we nor

are not to be worshipped, con. xxi. cat. any other creature can make the lealt saXOS.

tisfaction for sin, cat. 194. Christ alone


hath made a proper, real and full fatis nature conveyed to all their posterity, faction to the justice of his Father by his con. vi. 3. cat. 22, 26. Who are thereobedience and sufferings, con. viii. s. xi. by bound over to the wrath of God and s. cal. 38, 71. Which fatisfaction is im curse of the law, con vi. 6. cat. 27, puted to believers, they receiving and 194. From the original corruption of resting on Christ and his righteousness nature, all Actual Sins procced, con. vi. by faith, con. xi. i cat, 70.

4. Cat. 25. Which are not all equally Scandaluus, not to be admitted to the Lord's hainous, cat. 150. The aggravations of table, con xxix. 8. cat 13.

sin, cat. 151. The demerit of every sin, Scoffing und Scorning, sinful, cat. 113. 145. con. vi. 6. cat. 152. Punishments of sin The scripture, Why necessary, con i. 1. in this world, con. V. 5,6. xvii. 3. xvij.

What books to be owned for scripture, 4. cat. 28, 83. In the world to come, con. i. 2, 3 cat. 3. How proved to be con. xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2. cat. 29, 86, 89. the word of God, con i. 5. cat. 4. Upon Sin is pardoned for Christ's fake alone, what authority the feripture ought to be con. xi. 1. XV. 3. cat. 70. See Justificabelicved and obeyed, con. i 4. The suf tion, Satisfaction. Every man bound to ficiency and perfection of the scripture, pray for pardon of fin, con. xv. 6. God eon i. 6 cat. 2, s. Its perspicuity, con . continues to pardon the sins of those xvii. The infallible rule of interpreting that are justified, con. xi. 5. How parscripture, is the scripture itself, con. i. don of sin is to be prayed for, cat. 194. 9. 'I be scripture is the only rule of The sin unto death, con. xxi. 4. cat. faith and practice, con. i. 2. cat. 3, 5. 183. Believers have the dominion of And of worship con, xxi. 1. cat. 108, the whole body of sin destroyed, and the

109. The Spirit speaking in the serip lusts thereof more and more weakened tures, is the supremc judge of all coli and mortified, con. vi. 5. xiii. 1. cat. 75. troversies in religion, con i. 10. The See Mortification, Sanctification. How original text of the scriptures, is that to providence is exercised about sin, con. v. which the church is finally to appeal, 4. Why God permitted the fin of our con. i. 8. But they are to be translated first parents, con. vi. 1. Why he leaves into vulgar languages, con. i. 8. cat. his children to fall into fin, con. v. 5. 156. Because all sorts of people have an Why and how finners are hardned, con. interest in them and are commanded to V. 6. cat. 68. read them, ibid. How they are to be Sins against the first commandment, cat. read, cat. 157. The illumination of the

105. Against the second, cat. 109. A. Spirit of God is necessary for the faving gainst the third, cat. 113. Against the understanding of the feriptures, com. i. fourth, cat. 119. Sins of inferiors, cat.

How the reading of the 128. Sins of superiors, cat. 130. Sins of word is made effectual to falvation, cat. equals, cat. 132. sins against the fixth 155 Misinterpreting, milapplying, or commaniment, cat 136. Against the any way perverting the word, or any seventh, 139. Against the eighth, cat. part of it to profane jells, is linful, cat. 142. Against the ninth, cat. 145. A. 113.'

gainst the tenth, cat. 148. Sin, what, cat. 24. Originalsın, what, cat. 25. Sincerity. Believers love Christ in sincerity's

The sin of our first parents, con. vi. 1. cat. con. xviii. 1. They are never utterly 21. By it they fell from their original dettitute of Sincerity of heart, con. xviii.* righteousness, and communion with God 4. Ministers ought to preach sincerel, . and had their natures wholly corrupted, cat. 159. We are to pray with sincericon. vi. 2. cat. 25, 27. The guilt of this ty, cat. 185. God is pleased to aceept fira is imputed, and the corruption of and reward che good works os believers

6. cat. 157

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