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an, 219

Tombuctoo, Description of, 17, Why should a whole family suffer

. .
36, 64, 69, 84

disgrace for the crimes of an
The sights that I have seen, 49 individual, 61
Tygress, enormous one, 111 Woman, Poetry on, 100

Wild Beasts, 111, 112, 176
Unlucky Man, The History of Waller the Poet and King

James 2d. 200
Virtue, inflexible, Narrative of

a Merchant, 97

Young, Dr. Anecdote of, 32
Vespatian, Emperor, Anecdote
of, 135


Zelindas Plaint sang in the
Wordsworth's White Doe, a Slave, 144

Poem, 44, 54, 67


The Proprietor at the conclusion of this First Volume, begs leave
to return thanks for the encouragement he has received. To accom-
modate the Newsmen, the first Number of the Second Volume,
will be published at No. 6, Gilbert's Passage, Portugal Street, un
Saturday the 4th of January, and continued weekly.

G. Stobbs, Printer,
Catherine Street, Strand

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