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say, that the mystery of iniquity began in his time? Why did Saint John say in his first EpiAtle , that Antichrist was already come into the World? He was come in his fore-runners, faith Bellarmin. I acknowledge it: But do the forerunners use to go 2000. gears before him, whose fore-runners they are? Types indeed are and may be two or 3000.

years before those perfons of which they are Types. But 'tis not so with fore-runners. Why is Antichrist represented as a Beast, if he be but one single man? Is it not usual in Prophetical visions, to represent an Empire, i. e. all the successive Kings of that Empire, by a Beast? So the Monarchy of the Babylonians and Allyrians with all their Kings, is represented to us by the first Beast, in the leventh Chapter of Daniel, which was like to a Lion : The Empire and Emperors of Persia , by only one Bear ; and fo of the rest. At least, this makes it undeniably clear , that there is no neceffity, that we should understand one single person by those two Béafts in the Revelation, that represent Antichrist. How can this be reconciled with that which these men have confessed, that the fourth Beast of Daniel, and the first Beast in the thirteenth of the Revelation , all are the same beast ? Seeing the fourth Beast in Daniel by their own confession signifies an Emi pire, and a series of men; 'tis necessary also that the first Beast in Saint John Thould fignify a series of Kings and Tyrants.

'Tis true, the Scripture often speaks of Antichrisi, as of a particular person. It calls him the man of Jin, a King, a Horn, &c.' 'But it speaks of Empires also in the same manner. They are Kings, the ten Horns are ten Kings. They are


not be a

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the way :

beasts, and one Beast in the singular number The Empire of Persia is one Beasi ; that of the Greeks is another į the Empire of the Roman: makes the fourth Beast. The Spirit faith concerning the seven Heads of the Roman Empire, the seven Heads are feven Kings; i:e: they are

seven sorts of Governours and Governments. That Anti- II. Antichrist must be a few, of the Tribe of chrift muft Dan. of a mean birth, and must Jógle himself the Jew. Meffiab of the tews. Where are the proofs of

this? He must be a Iéw and of the Tribe of Dan, because it is written, Dan shall be a Serpent by

and an Adder in the path, that biter Jer.8.16.

the Horses heels. The snorting of bis Horses was
heard from Dan. Doth this deserve a confuta-
tion? And because some of the ancients have
been taken with these visions, muft we there-
fore receive them as Oracles ? Among the things
that are certain Bellarmin places this, that Anti
christ shall be a Tew, but doth not give us any
Thew of proof for it, besides the testimony of
the Ancients. But as to that, we must take all
or nothing, Either the Authority of the An-
cients muit be wholly received in this matter
else be wholly weak. If we must admit what
the Ancients have said concerning Antichrif,
we must believe, that it will be the Devil that
shall incarnate himself in the bofom of a false Vir.
gin, as the Son of God did in the bosom of a
Chalt oñe: We must believe that Nero was Anti-
chrift. In a word, we must admit of a hundred
dreaming opinions about it, which åt this day
are unanimously rejected. If the Authority of
the Fathers be not good in many places, 'tis good
in none , 'tis doubtfull every where. We must
Have proofs drawn from the Scriptures; tothew


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us that Antichrist must be a lew. But see Bellarmines great proof. : III. Antichrist must be received by the fews as Antichrift their Messiah. And the fews would never ac- muft not knowledg any for their Mejsiab that was a stran-vedbycibe ger, uncircumcised, and one that was not of Jens as their own nation. But where do they find this , Mellishi that the Jews must receive Antichrist for their Meffiab. These Gentlemen, that have a more piercing light than the Angells themselves., find it in those words of our Saviour I am come in my Father's name,



have not received me; if another come in his own name bim you will receive. He that will come in his own name, and whom the Jews will receive , Thall be Antichrift, who will call himself the Meffiah. Have these men any shame left in them, to put this at the head of such a proof, viz. Sunt alia duo certiffi- Romie

. there are two things most certain, of which Cap. 13. this is one ? Have not the Jews already received Sect

. prae a very great Number of false Meffiab's ? Did they not follow their famous Barchocheva in the reign of Adrian , by whose orders more than a million of Jews that revolted from all parts under the conduct of this false Messiah, were Mallacred? Why must he of whom Iefus Christ speaks, be Antichrift?

IV, But Antichrist nånsi have his seat at lern- Amrithiis Salem. Therfore he must be accounted by the have his ļews for the Meffial. Another Chimæra. If the leat at Tid

Tufalem. Messiah must have his feat at Ierusalem, why do they make him to come forth from among the ten Horns, i. e. from, among the ten Kings that must divide the Roman Empire at this day, vizi Germany? For that only at this day doth sublilt under the name of the Roman Empire. What

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conne&tion, what coherence can a lew fitting in Ierusalem have, with the ten Horns and the ten Kingdoms of Germany? Why did they acknowledg a little before, that Antichrist must be the lafi King that shall possess the Roman Empire ? What is there in common between the Roman Empire, and the Empire of a lew that must reign at Ierusalem? Is it, perhaps, because Antichrist hall reign in Germany? By the same reason the Persian Empire must have been the same with the Allyrian , because the Persians did extend their dominion in all places, where the Asyrians once did reign. This dream is founded on what St. Paul saith, that Antichrist must fit in the Temple of God; and on what the H. Ghost faith, that the two Witnesses whom Antichrist should say, should lie dead on the place of the great City where 7. Christ was crucified ; now he was crucified at Ierusalem. As to the first, we say, that the Temple of God can by no means signify the Temple at Ierufalem , which was no longer the Temple of God lince God caused this voice to be heard there, Leins depart bence; since God hath entirely abollisht the Mosaical service, fince the Law was abrogated, and the Gospel Establisht. The Temple of God is the very Christian Church wherin the throne of Antichristianism is raised up. And as for that city in the Revelation, where Jesus Christ was crucified , 'tis the Roman Empire in which the Saviour of the World was crucified, 'tis also the Empire of Antichrist , who hath crucified Jesus Christ in crucifying his subjects. ferufalem is never called the great City, without the addition of the Holy City.

V. Antichrist must hate Idols, and not be, an Idolater. Why then is Babylon called the mother


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of whoredoms ? Who doth not know, that in Antiebrin
a spiritual sense Whoredom signifies Idolatry ? be an lua-
Why do they confess, that we must understand
that place in Daniel concerning him, that he Dan. 11.
Thall worship Mabuzims? These Mabuzims, 38.
whatever they be, are they not Idols?

VI. He must deny the coming of Christ in the He mult flesh, St. fohn doth not say so. He saith indeed, nor dený that he that denies, that lesus Christ is come into ming of the World, and who doth not acknowledg an

rbe Acth incarnate God, is Antichrift, in the sense wherin the fame Apostle faith there are many Antichrifts, and in that sense wherin they that overthrow the foundations of the Chriftian Religion are Antichrists.

VII. He shall abolish the sacrifice of the Mass He is not and shall make men renounce their Baptism. This thc Mais, is not faid in any place. It is true, 'tis said of Antiochus , that he shall cause the daily facrifice to cease, which he also did. It is true also, that in so doing he was a Type of Antichrift, who hath caused the true sacrifices to cease, which are prayers to God, to substitute in their place the worship of Mahuzims, and Demi-Gods.

VIII. He is to overcome three Kings, viz. How Are those of Lybia, Ethiopia and Egypt. It is true also, to overthat this is exprefly spoken concerning Antio throw chus , and that it agrees to Antichrift , as to the Kings, person of whom Antiochus was the Type. And it is very certain , this hath been accomplisht in the Roman Antichristian Empire, in what sense foever we understand it. For the Court of Rome hath destroyed three Kingdoms in Italy, that of the Lombards that of the Goths, and before these that of the Greeks. These are the three Kingdoms which the Pope hath ruin’d, to usurp his Tem

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