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first and fourth, England ; second, lawful monies of Ireland, and all Scotland ; third, Ireland : and it such gold, and silver, and copper is our will and pleasure, that there monies as shall, on or after this day, shall be borne therewith, on an es be coined by our authority with the cocheon of pretence, the arms of like impressions, until our will and our dominions in Germany ensigned pleasure shall be otherwise declared, with the electoral bonnet. And it shall be deemed and taken to be is our will and pleasure that the current and lawful monies of the standard of the said united king- said united kingdom in Ireland; and dom shall be the same quartering all such monies as shall have been as are herein before declared to coined for and issued in any of the be the arms or ensigns armorial dominions of the said united kingof the said united kingdom, with dom, and declared by our proclathe escocheon of pretence there. mation to be current and lawful on, herein before described; and money of such dominions respecthat the union fag shall be tively, bearing our style, or titles, azure, the crosses-saltires of St. or arms, or ensigns armorial, or any Andrew and St. Patrick quarterly part or parts thereof, and all moper saltire counter changed argent nies which shall hereafter be coined and gules; the latter fimbriated of and issued according to such prothe second; surmounted by the clamations, shall continue to be law. cross of St. George of the third, ful and current money of such dofimbriated as the saltire. And our minions respectively, notwithstandwill and pleasure further is, that the ing such change in our style, tities, stile and titles aforesaid, and also and arms, or armorial bearings rethe arms or ensigus armorial afore- spectively as aforesaid, until our said, shall be used henceforth, as pleasure shall be further declared far as conveniently may be, on all thereupon. And all and every such occasions wherein our royal style monies as aforesaid shall be received and titles and arms or ensigns ar and taken in payment in Great Bria morial ought to be used. But, ne

tain and Ireland respectively, and vertheless, it is our will and plea- in the dominions thereunto belongsure, that all such gold, silver, and ing, after the date of this our procopper monies

as, on the day be clamation, in such manner, and as fore this first day of January one of the like value and denonrination thousand eight hundred and one,

as the same were receivedand taken were current and lawful monies of before the date hereof. And it is Great Britain, and all such gold, also our will and pleasure, that the silver, and


monies as shall, several dies and marks, 'which have on or after this day, be coined by

been used to denote the stamp-duaur authority with the like impres ties, and all other stamps and marks sions, until our will and pleasure and instruments, which, before the shall be otherwise declared, shall issuing of this our proclamation, be deemed and taken to be current shall have been in actual use for any and lawful monies of the said united public purpose, and in which our kingdom in Great Britain ; and that royal style and titles, or our arms or all such gold, silver, and copper mo ensigns armorial, or any parts or nies as, on the day before this first part thereof respectively, may be day of January one thousand eight expressed, shall not, by reason of hundred and one, were current and this our proclamation, or any thing

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therein contained, be changed or dated this day, appointed and de.
altered, until the same may be con-

clared that the arms or ensigns ar-
veniently so changed or altered, or morial of the said united Kingdom
until our pleasure shall be further should be as therein expressed: and
declared thereupon : but that all whereas, according to antient usage,
such dies, stamps, marks, and in- the ensigns, flags, jacks, and pen-
struments respectively, hearing our dants, worn by our ships, and ap-
royal style and titles, or arms or ens pointed as a distinction for the
signs armorial, used before this first same, ought not to be worn on
day of January one thousand eight board any ship or vessel belonging
hundred and one, or any parts or to any of our subjects, so that our
part of such style, titles, or of such ships and those of our subjects may
arms or ensigns armorial, shall have be easily distinguished and known :
the like force and effect as the same We have therefore thought fit, by
had before the said first day of Ja- and with the advice of our privy-
nuary instant.

council, to order and appoint the
Given at our court at St. James's, ensign, described on the side or

the first day of January, one margin hereof to be worn on board
thousand eight hundred and all ships or vessels belonging to any
one, in the forty-first year of of our subjects whatsoever; and 10
our reign.

issue this our royal proclamation to
notify the same to all our loving
subjects, hereby strictly charging

and commanding the masters of all
By the KING, A PROCLAMATION, merchant ships and vessels belong-
Declaring what Ensign or Colours ing to any of our subjects, whe-
Declaring what Ensign or Colours ther employed in our service or
shall be borne at Seu in Merchant otherwise, and all other persons
Ships or Vessels, belonging to any whom it may concern, to wear the
of His Majesty's Subjects of the said ensign on board their ships or
United Kingdom of Great Britain vessels: and to the end that none
and Ireland, and the Dominions of our subjects may presume, on
thereunto belonging

board their ships, to wear our flags, GEORGE R.

jacks, and pendants, which, accordWhereas, by the first article of ing to antient usage, have been apthe articles of union of the king- pointed as a distinction to our ships; doms of Great Britain and Ireland, or any flags, jacks, or pendants, in as the same have been ratihed and shape and mixture of colours so far confirmed by two acts of parlia- resembling ours as not to be easily ment, the one made in our parliadistinguished therefrom: We do, ment of Great Britain, and the other with the advice of our privy couinin our parliament of Ireland, it was cil, hereby strictly charge and com. provided, that the ensigns armorial, mand all our subjects whatsoever, Hags, and banners of our united that they do not presume to wear, kingdom of Great Britain and Ire. in any of their ships or vessels, our land should be such as We should jack, comnionly called the union appoint by our royal proclamation, jack, nor any pendants, nor any under the great seal of our said such colours as are usually borne by united kingdon : and whereas We

our ships, without particular warhave, by our royal proclamation, rant for their so doing from Us, or

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our high admiral of Great Britain, corner thereof, next the staff as or the commissioners for executing aforesaid, and in the other part of the office of high admiral for the the said jack shall be described the time being: and We do hereby also seal used in such of the respective further command all our loving sub- oífices aforesaid, by which the said jects, that without such warrant as ships and vessels shall be employed. aforesaid, they presume not to wear And We do strictly charge and comon board their ships or vessels any mand, that none of our loving subflags, jacks, pendants, or colours, jects do presume to wear any of the made in imitation of or resembling said distinction jacks, unless they ours, or any kind of pendant what shall have commissions of letters of soever, or any other ensign than mart or reprisals, or be employed the ensign described on the side or in our service by any of the before margin hereof, which shall be worn mentioned offices. And We hereby instead of the ensign before this require our high admiral, and comtime usually worn in merchant ships; missioners for executing the office saving, that for the better distinc- of high admiral, the governors of tion of such ships as shall have com our forts and castles, the officers of missions of letters of mart or re our customs, and the commanders prisals against the enemy, and any or officers of any of our ships for other ships or vessels which may be the time being, upon their meeting employed by the principal officers with, or otherwise observing, any and commissioners of our navy, the ships or vessels belonging to any of principal officers of our ordnance, our subjects, neglecting to wear the commissioners for victualling the ensign hereby appointed to be our navy, the commissioners of our borne as aforesaid, or wearing any customs and excise, and the com- fag, pendant, jack, or ensign, conmissioners for transportation for our trary hereunto, whether at sea or service, relating particularly to those in port, not only to seize, or cause offices, our royal will and pleasure to be forthwith seized, such flag, is, that all such ships as have com- pendant, jack, or ensign, worn conmissions of letters of mart, or re trary to our royal will and pleasure prisals shall, besides the colours or herein expressed, but also to reensign hereby appointed to be worn turn the names of such ships and by merchant ships, wear a red jack vessels neglecting to wear the enwith a union jack, described in a sign hereby appointed, or wearing canton at the upper corner thereof any flag, pendant, jack, or ensign, next the staff'; and that such ships contrary hereunto, together with and vessels as shall be employed the names of their respective masfor our service by the principal ters or commanders, unto our high officers and commissioners of our admiral, or commissioners for exenavy, the principal officers of our cuting the office of high admiral, or ordnance, the commissioners for the judge of our high court of advictualling our navy, the com- miralty for the time being, to the missioners for our customs and end that all persons offending may excise, and the commissioners for be duly punished for the same. And transportation for our service, re We do hereby command and enjoin lating particularly to those offices, the judge and judges of our high shall wear a red jack with a union court of admiralty for the time bejack in a canton at the upper ing, that they make strict inquiry

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concerning all such offenders, and closely the interests and affections
cause them to be duly punished : of my subjects, will, I trust, be
and all vice-admirals and judges of equally marked by that vigour, ener-
the vice-admiralties are hereby also gy, and firinness, which the cir-
required to proceed in the like cumstances of our present situation
manner, within the several ports peculiarly require.
and places belonging to their re The unfortunate course of events
spective precincts. And our fur- on the continent, and the conse-
ther pleasure is, that this proclama- quences which must be expected to
tion shall take place according to result from it, cannot fail to be mat-
the times hereafter mentioned ; vi- ter of anxiety and concern to all
delicet, for all ships in the Channel who have a just feeling for the secu-
or British Seas, and in the Northrity and independence of Europe.
Seas, after twelve days from the Your astonishment as well as your
date of these presents; and froin regret must be excited by the con-
the mouth of the Channel unto duct of those powers, whose atten-
Cape Saint Vincent, after six weeks tion, at such a period, appears to be
from the date of these presents ; and more engaged in endeavours to
beyond the Cape, and on this side weaken the naval force of the Bri-
the Equinoctial Line, as well in the tish empire, which has hitherto op-
Ocean and Mediterranean as else- posed so powerful an obstacle to the
where, after ten weeks from the inordinate ambition of France, than
date of these presents : and beyond in concerting the means of mutual
the Line, after the space of eight defence against their common and
months from the date of these pre- increasing danger.

The representations which I di-
Given at our court at St. James's, rected to be made to the court of

the first day of January, one Petersburg, in consequence of the
thousand eight hundred and outrages committed against the
one, in the forty-first year of ships, property, and persons of my
our reign.

subjects, have been treated with
the utmost disrespect : and the pro-
ceedings of which I complained have

been aggravated by subsequent acts His Majesty's Speech on the Meeting of

of injustice and violence.

Under these circumstances a con. Parliament, Monday, Feb. 2.

vention has been concluded by that My Lords, and Gentlemen, court with those of Copenhagen At a crisis so important to the in- and Stockholm, the object of which, terests of my people, I derive great as avowed by one of the contracting satisfaction from being enabled, for parties, is to renew their former the first time, to avail myself of the engagements for establishing, by advice and assistance of the parlia- force a new code of maritime law, ment of my united kingdom of Great inconsistent with the rights, and Britain and Ireland.

hostile to the intersts, of this counThis memorable æra, distinguish- try. ed by the accomplishment of a mea In this situation, I could not hesi. sure calculated to augment and con tate as to the conduct which it besolidate the strength and resources came me to pursue. I have taken of the empire, and to cement more the earliest measures to repel the




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aggressions of this hostile confede- provisions ; and of preventing, as racy, and to support those princi- far as it can be done by human foreples which are essential to the main- sight, the recurrence of similar diftenance of our naval strength, and ficulties. In these endeavours, and which are grounded on the system in every measure that can contriof public law so long established bute to the happiness of my people, and recognized in Europe.

the great end of all my wishes, you I have, at the same time, given may be assured of my cordial consuch assurances as manifest my dis- currence. position to renew my antient rela You may rely on my availing mytions with those powers, whenever self of the earliest opportunity which it can be done consistently with the shall afford a prospect of terminathonour of my crown, and with a ing the present contest, on grounds just regard to the safety of my sub- consistent with our security and hojects. You will, I am persuaded, nour, and with the maintenance of omit nothing on your part, that can those essential rights on which our afford me the most vigorous and ef- naval strength must always princifectual support in my firm deter- pally depend. mination to maintain to the utmost,

It will afford me the truest and against every attack, the naval most heartfelt satisfaction whenever rights and the interests of my em the disposition of our enemies shall pire.

enable me thus to restore to the Gentlemen of the House of Com- subjects of my united kingdom the mons,

blessings of peace, and thereby conI have directed the estimates for firm and augment those advantages the several branches of the public which result from our internal situaservize to be laid before you : tion, and which, even under all the deeply as I lament the continued difficulties of war, have carried to necessity of adding to the burdens so great an extent the agriculture, of my people, I am persuaded you manufactures, commerce, and rewill feel with me the importance of venue of the country. providing effectual means for those exertions which are indispensably requisite for the honour and security His Majesty's Speech on proroguing

the Parliamentas delivered by My Lords, and Gentlemen, Commission, Thursday, July 2. I am confident that


delibe My Lords, and Gentlemen, rations will be uniformly directed We have it in command from his to the great object of improving the majesty to acquaint you, that, on benefits of that happy union, which, account of the advanced period of by the blessing of providence, has the season, and the state of public now been effected; and of promot- business, he is induced to relieve ing, to the utmost, the prosperity of you from a longer attendance in every part of my dominions. parliament.

You will, I doubt not, resume His majesty highly commends the the inquiries which were so dili- : wisdom, temper, and diligence, gently prosecuted in the last session which have marked all your proof parliament, as to the best means ceedings; and particularly acknowof relieving my subjects from the ledges the assiduity and zeal with pressure of the present high price of which you have pursued the inves


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of the country,

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