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Montague-house, Jan. 29, 1807. ceived the princess of Wales's letSire, -I hasten to acknowledge ter, in which she intimates her in. the receipt of the paper, which, by tention of coming to Windsor on your majesty's direction, was yes. Monday next ; and his majesty, terday transmitted to me by the wishing not to put the princess to lord chancellor, and to express the the inconvenience of coming to this unfeigned happiness, which I have place so immediately after her illderived from one part of it. I ness, hastens to acquaint her that he mean that which informs me that shall prefer to receive her in Lon. your majesty's confidential servants don upon a day subsequent to the have at length thought proper to ensuing week, which will also better communicate to your majesty their suit his majesty, and of which he advice, " that it is no longer neces- will not fail to to apprize the prin. sary for your majesty to decline receiving me into your royal pre

(Signed) GEORGE R. sence." And I therefore humbly. To the princess of Wales. hope that your majesty will be graciously pleased to receive, with fa- Windsor Castle, Feb. 10, 1807. vour, the communication of my in- As the princess of Wales may tention to avail myself, with your have been led to expect, from the majesty's permission, of that advice, king's letter to her, that he would for the purpose of waiting upon fix an early day for seeing her, his your majesty on Monday next, if majesty thinks it right to acquaint that day should not be inconvenient; her, that the prince of Wales, upon when I hope again to have the hap- receiving the several documents piness of throwing myself, in filial which the king directed his cabinet duty and affection, at your majes. to transmit to him, made a formal ty's feet.

communication to him, of his inYour majesty will easily conceive tention to put them into the hands that I reluctantly name so distant a of his lawyers; accompanied by a day as Monday, but I do not feel request, that his majesty would sus myself sufficiently recovered from pend any further steps in the busithe measles, to venture upon so ness, until the prince of Wales long a drive at an earlier day. should be enabled to submit to him Feeling, however, very anxious to the statement which he proposed to receive again as soon as possible make. The king therefore conthat blessing, of which I have been siders it incumbent upon him to so long deprived, if that day should defer naming a day to the princess happen to be in any degree incon- of Wales, until the further result of venient, I humbly entreat and im- the prince's intention shall have plore your majesty's most gracious been made known to him. and paternal goodness, to name

(Signed) GEORGE R. some other day, as early as pos. To the princess of Wales. sible, for that purpose. I am, &c.

Montague-house, Feb. 12, 1807. (Signed) C. P.

Sire,– I received yesterday, and To the king

with inexpressible pain, your majes

ty's last communication. The duty Windsor Castle, Jan. 29, 1807. of stating, in a representation to The king has this moment re- your majesty, the various grounds



upon which I feel the hardship of Montague-house, Feb. 16, 1807. my case, and upon which I confi- Sire,-By my short letter to your dently think that, upon a review of majesty of the 12th instant, in anit, your majesty will be disposed to swer to your majesty's communicarecal your last determination, is a tion of the 10th, I notified my induty I owe to myself: and I can, tention of representing to your manot forbear, at the moment when I jesty the various grounds, on which acknowledge your majesty's letter, I felt the hardship of my case ; to announce to your majesty that I and a review of which, I confipropose to execute that duty with, dently hoped, would dispose your out delay.

majesty to recal your determination After having suffered the punish- to adjourn, to an indefinite period, ment of banishment from your ma• my reception into your royal prejesty's presence for seven months, sence; a determination, which, in pending an inquiry which your maaddition to all the other pain which jesty had directed, into my con, it brought along with it, affected duct, affecting both my life and me with the disappointment of my honour ;-after that inquiry hopes which I had fondly cherished had, at length, terminated in the with the most perfect confidence, advice of your majesty's confiden- because they rested on your majestial and sworn servants, that there ty's gracious assurance. was no longer any reason for your Independently, however, of that majesty's declining to receive me; communication from your majesty, -if after your majesty's gracious I should have felt myself bound to communication, which led me to have troubled your majesty with rest assured that your majesty mucli of the contents of the present would appoint an early day to re- letter. ceive me ;-if after all this, by a Upon the receipt of the paper renewed application on the part of which, by your majesty's comthe prince of Wales, upon whose mands, was transmitted to me by communication the first inquiry bad the lord chancellor, on the 28th of been directed, I now find that that last month, and which communipunishment, which has been in- cated to me the joyful intelligence, Hicted, pending a seven months in that your majesty was “advised, quiry before the determination, that it was no longer necessary for should, contrary to the opinion of you to decline receiving me into your majesty's servants, be conti- your royal presence,” I conceived nued after that determination, to myself necessarily called upon to await the result of some new pro- send an immediate answer to so ceeding, to be suggested by the much of it as respected that intelliJawyers of the prince of Wales ; it gence. I could not wait the time is impossible that I can fail to assert which it would have required to to your majesty, with the effect due state those observations, which it to truth, that I am, in the consci- was impossible for me to refrain ousness of my innocence, and with from making at some period, upon a strong sense of my unmerited suf- the other important particulars ferings,

which that paper contained. AcYour majesty's much injured cordingly, I answered it immedişubject and daughter-in-law, C.P. ately; and as your majesty's graTo the king

cious and instant reply of last


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Thursday fortnight announced to jesty; it was most unlike every me your pleasure that I should be thing which I had ever experienced received by your majesty on a day from your majesty's condescension, subsequent to the then ensuing feeling, and justice; and I found, week, I was led most confidently from that paper, that it was to your to assure myself that the last week confidential servants I was to ascribe would not have passed without my the length of banishment from your having received that satisfaction. I presence, which they at last advised therefore determined to wait in your majesty it was no longer ne. patience, without further intrusion cessary should be continued. I upon your majesty, till I might perceive, therefore, what I always have the opportunity of guarding believed, that it was to them, and myself from the possibility of being to them only, that I owed the promisunderstood, by personally ex. tracted continuance of my sufferplaining to your majesty, that, ings and of my disgrace; and that whatever observations I had to your majesty, considering the whole make upon

the paper so communi. of this proceeding to have been cated to me on the 28th ult., and instituted and conducted under the whatever complaints respecting the grave responsibility of your majes. delay, and the many cruel circum. ty's servants, had not thought pro. stances which had attended the per to take any step or express any whole of the proceedings against opinion upon any part of it, but me, and the unsatisfactory state in such as was recommended by their which they were at length left by advice. Influenced by these senti. that last communication, they were ments, and anxious to have the op. observations and complaints which portunity of conveying them, with affected those only, under whose the overflowings of a grateful heart, advice your majesty had acted, and to your majesty, what were my were not, in any degree, intended sensations of sarprise, mortification, to intimate even the most distant and disappointment, on the receipt insinuation against your majesty's of your majesty's letter of the 10th justice or kindness.

inst., your majesty may conceive, That paper established the opi- though I am utterly unable to ex. nion, which I certainly had ever press. confidently entertained, but the That letter announces to me, justness of which I had not before that his royal highness the prince any, document to establish, that of Wales, upon receiving the seveyour majesty had, from the first, ral documents which your majesty deemed this proceeding a high and directed your cabinet to transmit important matter of state, in the to him, made a personal communiconsideration of which your ma- cation to your majesty of his intenjesty had not felt yourself at liberty tion to put them into the hands of to trust to your own generous feel- his lawyers, accompanied by a reings, and to your own royal and quest, that your majesty would susgracious judgment. I never did pend any further steps in the busibelieve that the cruel state of anx- ness, until the prince of Wales iety in which I had been kept ever should be enabled to submit to your since the delivery of my answer, majesty the statement which he (for at least sixteen weeks) could proposed to make; and it also anbe at all attributable to your ma- nounces to me that your majesty


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therefore considered it incumbent these communications, we learnt on you to defer naming a day to that his royal highness had adopted me, until the further result of the the only course which could, in our prince of Wales's intention should judgment, with propriety be folhave been made known to your lowed. When informations such as majesty,

these had been thus confidently alThis determination of your ma- leged and particularly detailed, jesty, on this request mada by his and had been in some degree suproyal highness, I humbly trust your ported by collateral evidence, apmajesty will permit me to entreat plying to other facts of the same you, in your most gracious justice, nature, (though going to a far less to reconsider. Your majesty, I am extent,) one line only could be pur. convinced, must have been surprised sued. at the time, and prevailed upon by “ Every sentiment of duty to the importunity of the prince of your majesty, and of concern for Wales, to think this determination the public welfare, required that necessary, or your majesty's genc. these particulars should not be rosity and justice would never have withheld from your majesty, to adopted it. And if I can satisfy whom more particularly belonged your majesty of the unparalleled the cognizance of a matter of state, injustice and cruelty of this inter- so nearly touching the honour of position of the prince of Wales at your majesty's royal family, and, such a time and under such circum- by possibility, affecting the successtances, I feel the most perfect con- ' sion of your majesty's crown. fidence that your majesty will hasten “ Your majesty had been pleased, to recal it.

on your part, to view the subject in I should basely be wanting to the same light. Considering it as a my own interest and feelings, if I matter which, on every account, dedid not .plainly state my sense of manded the most immediate investhat injustice and cruelty; and if I tigation, your majesty had thought did not most loudly complain of it. fit to commit into our hands the Your majesty will better perceive duty of ascertaining, in the first inthe just grounds of my complaint, stance, what degree of credit was when I retrace the course of these due to the information, and thereby proceedings from their commence. enabling your majesty to decide ment.

what further conduct to adopt reThe four noble lords, appointed specting them.” by your majesty to inquire into the His royal highness then, pursuicharges brought against me, in ing, as the four lords say, the only their report of the 14th of July course, which could in their judglast, after having stated that his ment, with propriety, be pursued, royal highness the prince of Wales submitted the matter to your mahad had laid before him, the charge jesty:-Your majesty directed the which was made against me by inquiry by the four noble lords.--lady Douglas, and the declaration The four lords in their report upon in support of it, proceed in the fol. the case, justly acquitted me of all lowing manner:

crime, and expressed (I will not “ In the painful situation in which wait now to say how unjustly) the his royal highness was placed by credit which they gave, and the

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consequence they ascribed to other upon the advice which your own matters, which they did not, how- confidential servants have given ever, characterize as amounting to you, that you need no longer deany crime. To this report I made cline seeing me ;--not to execute myanswer. That answer, together your intention and assurance, that with the whole proceedings, was you would receive me at an early referred by your majesty, to the day ;-because he has laid the doo same four noble lords, and others cuments before his lawyers, and of your majesty's confidential ser intends to prepare a further statevants. They advised your majesty, ment. And the judgment of your amongst much other matter, (which majesty's confidential servants, is, must be the subject of further ob- as it were, appealed from by the servations) that there was no longer prince of Wales, (whom, from this any reason why you should decline time at least, I must be permitted receiving me.

to consider as assuming the characYour majesty will necessarily ter of my accuser);—the justice conceive that I have always looked due to me is to be suspended, while upon my banishment from your the judgment of your majesty's royal presence, as, in fact, a punish- sworn servants is to be submitted to ment, and a severe one too. I the revision of my accuser's counthought it sufficiently hard, that I sel; and I, though acquitted in the should have been suffering that pu- opinion of your majesty's confidennishment, during the time that this tial servants, of all that should ininquiry has been pending, while I duce your majesty to decline seeing was yet only under accusation, and, me, am to have that punishment, upon the principles of the just laws which had been inflicted upon me of your majesty's kingdom, entitled during the inquiry, continued after to be presumed to be innocent, till that acquittal, till a fresh statement I was proved to be guilty. But I is prepared, to be again submitted, find this does not appear to be for aught I know, to another inenough, in the opinion of the prince quiry, of as extended a continuance of Wales. For now, when after as that which has just terminated. this long inquiry, into matters Can it be said that the proceed. which required immediate investi- ings of the four noble lords, or of gation, I have been acquitted of your majesty's confidential serevery thing which could call for my vants, have been so lenient and conbunishment from your royal pre- siderate towards me and my feel. sence ;-after your majesty's conti- ings, as to induce a suspicion that dential servants have thus expressly I have been too favourably dealt advised your majesty that they see with by them? and that the advice no reason why you should any which has been given to your ma: longer decline to receive me into jesty, that your majesty need no your presence ;-after your majesty longer decline to receive me, was had graciously notified to me, your hastily and partially delivered? I determination to receive me at an am confident that your majesty early day, his royal highness inter- must see the very reverse of this to poses the demand of a new delay; be the case—that I have every reas: desires your majesty not to take son to complain of the inexplicable any step; desires you not to act delay which so long withheld that


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