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commanded by the emperor Aler- COURT OF COMMON PLEAS. ander and the king of Prussia. You

Wardell v. Black. have added a new lustre to the 20. This was an action broughd glory of my eagles. You have shown by a gentleman residing at Ux. every thing of which French blood bridge, against the defendant, a is capable.

veterinary surgeon, to recover sixty “ The battle of Lutzen will be guineas, the value of a blood horse placed above the battles of Auster. killed by his unskilful treatment. litz, of Jena, of Friedland, and of In November last the horse was Moskwa.

not well, having an inflammation “ In the past campaign the enemy on the kidneys. The defendant was found no refuge against our arms employed to bleed the horse : he but in following the ferocious me- could not at first get blood : and, thod of his barbarous ancestors; with a view to accomplish his obarmies of Tartars burnt his fields, ject, struck the bleeding instrument his towns, the holy Moscow itself. so violently, that he did the animal Now they arrive in our countries, injury. The neck swelled, and the preceded by all that Germany, defendant attempted to pass seeth France, and Italy have of bad sub- ing up the wound. For that pur. jects and deserters, to preach re- pose he put a birch twig up the volt, anarchy, civil war, and mur- vein, which would not do; he then der. They are, in fact, the apostles tried a packing-needle, which also of all crimes. It is a moral fire failed, and resorted to another piece which they would light up between of birch stick. In the last applicathe Vistula and he Rhine, in order, tion the stick broke in the wound. according to the custom of despotic He then said he could not do what governments, to place deserts be.

was necessary to be done without iween us and them. Fools! they proper instruments, and he should know nothing of the attachment to come next day. The defendant their sovereigns, the wisdom, the

cime next day, but could do the spirit of order, and the good sense horse no good. The animal never of the Germanis; they know little ate after the attempt to bleed him, of the power and the bravery of the and four days after the neck mortiFrench.

fied, and he died. “ In a single day you have de- Mr. Sewell, a veterinary surgeon, ranged all these particidal conspi- stated that the defendant had noc

We will drive back these used proper instruments; but in Tartars to their frightful climates, want of better he might be justified who deserve not to be free.

in using those he did use. It was " Let them remain in their icy proved that the horse was sound deserts, the residence of slavery, of internally when he died. barbarism, and corruption, where There was no defence to the ac. man is reduced to the level of the tion, and the unskilfulness being brute. You have deserved well of evident, the jury gave a verdict civilized Europe.

for 631. “ Soldiers ! -Italy, France, and Germany, render you thanks.

POPULATION OF FRANCE. " From our imperial camp of 26. The population of France Lutzen, May 3d 1813.

was, in 1789, 26,000,000 indivi. (Signed) “NAPOLEON.” duais: some persons computed it at




only 25,000,000. The present popu. was entertained lest the conflagra. lation of the empire is 42,700,000, tion might be communicated to of which 28,700,000 are contained them. It was at length deemed in the departments of Old France. prudent to tow her to the western This estimate is not founded on shore, and scuttle her; which the mere conjecture, but on accurate artificers of the dock effected with census. It is an augmentation of their usual alacrity. . The Mag. 2700,000, or more than one-tenth dalen was a large three-miasted within 24 years.

vessel pierced for 20 guns, and was An awful catastrophe lately hap- laden with brandy from Bordeaux. pened in the bay of Brackless, county of Donegal. An unusual appearance of herrings (which for Hamburgh has again fallen into several years past had deserted the hands of the French. At the these shores) had collected all the very moment when we were led boats of the southern coast to the to believe that they were under bay. In the night, when the boats the protection of an irresistible Ruswere deeply laden, a storm arose, sian and Swedish force, their city the boats were unmanageable, in was occupied, on the morning of a moment all was confusion, and the 30th ult. by 5000 Danes, who death spread his terrors around. were followed in the evening of the Nearly 'sixty boats were wrecked; same day by 1500 French. The of some, and of their crews, not a city was taken possession of by the vestige remained! The morning French general Bruyere, in the presented a most dismal spectacle name of Bonaparte, as belonging of mangled corpses, torn nets, and to the French empire. General wrecks of boats. Forty-two indusa Tettenborn and his troops left it trious fishermen, who iiad left their the day before ; tbe Swedes had families the preceding evening previously quitted it. with the cheering prospect of re

The French general, however, turning with the means of a com- has not entered Hamburgh, as it fortable subsistence, were brought was supposed he would, clothed in

all the terrors of martial law, de.

stroying the property of the inhabi. JUNE,

tants, and sacrificing their lives to

his fury. It does not appear that 1. At two o'clock in the morn- he has even called upon them to ing (May 20) the inhabitants of deliver up their arms. Instead of Plymouth Dock were alarmed by a giving up muskets and bayonets, fire in Hamoaze. The bells of bullets and gun-puwder, Davoust the dîck-yard rang, to summon has, ex virtute offici, issued a crimithe officers and artificers of the yard nal information against all those who to their duty, who promptly at- possess, either for their own private tended the call. A fire had broken use, or for general dissemination, out on board the Magdalen, a fine any libels, books, pamphlets, porlarge American ship, prize to the traits, pictures, caricatures, poems, Superb of 74 guns; and as a great verses, &c. which have been pubmany other prizes, as well as men lished since the 24th of February, of war, were at the time close to when the allies became possessed the Magdalen, much apprehension of the city.--He does not appear


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home corpses.



to consider the place, as these pa- subscribed to the patriotic levies, pers describe it, "a well stored or otherwite distinguished themhive of war” filled with a citizen- selves against the French since the soldiery, and having on its ram- 24th of February. parts upwards of 200 pieces of can- A recent defeat of the French non. No, with that hatred of the at Halberstadt appears to have been liberty of the press, which charac- one of the most brilliant enterprises terizes Napoleon, and which, of of the campaign. General Czercourse, his satellites imitate, he con- nicheff, who directed this gallant templates Hamburgh as an im- and skilful operation, having crossmense depôt of inflammatory and ed the Elbe on the 28th ult. re• seditious publications : infiamma- ceived information of the passage tory, because they are calculated to of a large hostile convoy and park excite a spirit of resistance through- of artillery through the Brunswick out Germany; and seditious, be territory, as well as of the expected cause, having ihat effect, they tend arrival of the whole on the followto destroy the power of his master. ing night at Halberstadt.

He He considers a 48-pounder as an instantly formed the determination engine less to be dreaded than one to surprise this convoy. He had of those infiammatory folios; the under his orders about 400 regular whole burgher guard affects him cavalry and a body of Cossacks ; less than half a dozen of duodeci- and in thirty hours, in pursuance mos; and the desultory observa- of his design, executed a rapid march tions contained in various pam- of fifteen German miles (upwards of phlets “ strike more terror to the 70 English). About four o'clock soul of Richard” than the utmost in the morning of the 30th he disexertions of a regiment of Cos- covered the enemy encamped withsacks ; a pun is more an object of out the walls of the town, formed dread than a petard; and the point into a square, of which the convoy of an epigram more destructive constituted the centre. Notwith than the spear of a Polish lancer. standing the fatigue of his cavalry A proclamation of Davoust's im- from the extraordinary length of poses an extraordinary contribution' march, he attacked'the square, of 48 millions of francs on the cin which the


had strengthened tizens of Hamburgh, as a punish. with great art, and defended with ment for their conduct during the 14 pieces of cannon. He met at absence of the French from that first with a vigorous resistance ; city. The proclamation is dared but, having been apprised that the 7th inst. and the first instalment another convoy, protected by 4000 on the contribution was to be paid men, was approaching, he ordered on ihe 12th. The whole is divided his men to make a general and into six instalments, the last of simultaneous charge, which ultiwhich is to be paid on the 12th of mately succ

cceeded, just as the head July. The first three instalments of the second column had arrived. were to be paid in money: but for The result of this admirable affair the last three bills would be accept was the capture of 1000 men, 800 ed, payable at Paris at three months draft horses, and 14 cannon, 700 date. The proclamation particu- of the enemy killed, besides the larly directs the contribution to be destruction of the large park of levied on those persons who had artillery. The general of division,


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Ochse, a colonel, and several horses change in their position as renderwere among the prisoners. This ed it advisable for them to remove spirited enterprise reflects great from the field of battle, yet they honour on the Russian general. took up a new position at a short

Hamburgh and other papers to distance, in the greatest order, and the 30th ult. bring accounts of the ready for another contest. That battles of Bautzen and Wurtseen, the French ultimately gained the very different from the statements victory in these battles, there is no contained in the French papers. doubt, because they remained in In the affair of the 19th, instead of possession of the field of battle, a willing loss admitted by Bona- from which the allies retreated ; parte, it appears that Lauriston's but it appears to have been in corps of 12,000 men was routed; itself a barren triumph. Bonaparte that three divisions of Ney's corps acknowledges a loss of 11,000 or were also engaged; and that the 12,000 men, killed and wounded, final result was a complete victory and has no trophies to boast of; he on the part of the allies,' who took says, he could take no colours, ten pieces of cannon, 1500 prison- because the allies always carry ers, with two general officers, and them off the field of battle! and completely dispersed a column of he only took 19 cannon, because 9000 men. In the battle of the he wished to spare his cavalry. 20th, at Bautzen, the French were These reasons, co curious, and at repulsed in all their attempts to the same time so unusual in a force the position of the allies; French account of a battle, evident. and the battle was renewed with ly show that the victory in itself the greatest fury at four o'clock was of little value. It is remark. the next morning, the 21st. The able also, that he does not estimate enemy began by attacking the left the loss of the allies, or state his wing of the allies; but this was having taken any prisoners, except only a feint to cover their main wounded. The number of the design against the centre and the wounded of the allied force is said right. In the centre he was re- in a vague manner to be about pulsed with great slaughter, where 18,000 men, of whom 10,000 the allies had a most formidable were prisoners. The rest, he adartillery, which did dreadful execu- mits, had been carried off by the tion upon the assailants. On the allied army in carriages. It is * right he appears to have been suc- clear, therefore, that he was unable cessful. General Blucher com

to pursue, and that the allies re. manded here, and was driven from treated at their leisure and in good his position. This was, in fact, the order. On the 22d an affair took whole advantage obtained by the place at Reitzenbach, in which the French ; and even this was coun- allies were defeated. terbalanced by a forward move. There is a sort of theatrical ment of the allied left wing, which display of Bonaparte's sensibility prevented the French from pressing on the occasion of this tremendous any further on the right." Night waste of human blood, which is put an end to the conflict; and intended, we suppose, to divert the though the result of the combined attention of the French public attack on the right and centre of from his sanguinary ambition. the allies was to make such a Among those who were mortally,

(D 4) wounded



wounded was Duroc, the son of self with I leave a daughter behind a scrivener, and for many years a me--your majesty will fill the place of servile attendant on the tyrant, who a father to her!'-The emperor, in return had created him duke of grasping the right hand of the great Friuli. To this person, in his last marshal, remained for a quarter moments, Bonaparte paid a con- of an hour with his head reclined solatory visit; and the poor dying on his right hand in deep silence. wretch is described as carrying his The great marshal was the first adulation and servility to the very who broke this silence. Ab! sire;' borders of the grave; much like cried he, 'go away; this sight gives Pope's courtier, who expires utter- you pain!' The emperor, supporting ing his customary compliment himself on the duke of Dalmatia “ If where I'm going I can serve and the grand master of the horse, you, sir.” The scene, however, is quitted the duke of Friuli, without too much for the tender nerves of being able to say any more than Bonaparte; and he, who could these words : Farewell, then, my behold unmoved the wanton de- friend! His majesty returned to struction of so many thousands of his tent, nor would he receive any his fellow-creatures, for no other person the whole of that night.” object but to gratify his lust of power, this emblem of ferocious

ARMISTICE. and unrelenting cruelty, is over- A suspension of arms was agreed come by his feelings, and retires to on the 1st inst, and finally, on to his tent to indulge the luxury of the 4th, the armistice was signed ; grief alone.

a cessation of hostilities having preBut our readers shall receive viously taken place. It is to last to the narration in the language of the 20th of July ; six days notice of the Moniteur : “ As soon as the the recommencement of hostilities posts were placed, and the army is to be given ; and the besieged had taken its bivouaques, the em. fortresses are to receive provisions peror went to see the duke of Friuli. every five days. The terms are He found him. perfectly master of such as serve amply to show that himself, and showing the greatest Bonaparte, with all his boasting of sing froid. The duke offered his , late, has not been able to dictate hand to the emperor, who pressed conditions to the allies; who, on the it to his lips. – My whole life,' contrary, have procured an advansaid he to him, "has been conse- tageous line of demarcation for crated to your service ; nor do I their armies, at which they will be regret its loss, but for the use it still able to receive all necessary suc. might have been of to you!' cours. As, however, the French

Duroc,!! replied the emperor, reinforcements have the lesser diibere is a life to come : it is there stance to march, we should suppose you are going to wait for me, ad the armistice necessarily most fawhere we shall one day meet voorable to France, if we did not again!'-"Yes, sire ! but that will recollect a decree of the emperor not he yet these thirty years, when of Russia, dated December 12, you will have triumpbed over your commanding a levy of 300,000 en mies, and rialized all the kopes of men, who to be drawn, our country.--I have lived an bonest throughout the whole empire, in man-I have nothing to reproach my- one month from that date. Ale



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