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Considerations on the late Negociation with France, in the House of

Peers - Apology by Lord Grenville for the Omission of certain papere
in the Number of those laid before the House. The Ends in view,
and the principle on which the British Ministry acted during the
whole of the Negociation-Review of the Negociation, in the four
different Stages into which Lord Grenville divided it.-Causes of the
Rupture of the Negociation.Address to His Majesty on the Subject
of the Negociation, moved by Lord Grenville.- Observations on the
Address, and the Subject of the Address by Lord Hawkesbury-Lord
Sidmouth-Lord Eldon-And the Earl of Lauderdale - Address
carried, Nem. diss.-Address to the same effect moved in the House
of Commons by Lord Howick.Conduct of the English Ministry in
the Negociation vindicated.-Speeches on the present Question by Lord
Yarmouth--Sir Thomas Turton-Mr. Montague-Mr. Whitbread-

· Mr. Canning-Lord Henry Petty-and Mr. Perceval Address
carried, Nem. diss........

...... 52

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The insatiable Ambition and insiduous Policy of France. -No Alternative

for Britain between Resistance and Submission.-The first Attentions
of the Legislature called to the State of the Army and Navy.
Ordnance Estimates moved in the House of Commons, by Mr. Calcraft.
- Resolutions moved thereon-agreed to.-Motions by Lord Castle
reagh, for the Returns of the Effective State of our Military
Establishment-agreed to.-Army Estimates.---Number and Disposition
of the Volunteers. -Result of the Alteration that had been made in
the Recruiting System.-Observations by Lord Castlereagh on the
Statements that had been laid before the House by the Secretary at
War.- Reply to Lord Castlereagh, by Mr. Windham.New System
for Recruiting the Army vindicated.-Strictures on that System
by Mr. Perceval.Mr. Perceval answered, and the New System
defended by Lord Howick.-Remarks by Sir James Pulteney.-Speech
of Sir John Doyle.-Observations by Mr. Johnstone-Mr Rose-
and Mr. Thornton.The New System defended by Lord H. Petty
The Resolutions agreed to.-Navy Estimates moved by Mr. Thomas
Grenville.--New Arrangement proposed for a clear Statement of the
Naval Estimates in future.- Resolutions moved by Mr. Grenville,
agreed to.-Sums for Miscellaneous Services moved by Mr. Vansittart-
among these a Sum in Addition to what had been granted before to
the Roman Catholic college at Maynooth-Which gives rise to anima-
ted conversations on this Subject:- The Speakers ; Mr. Perceval-Mr.
Banks-Lord Stanley-Sir John Newport - Mr. Grattan, Lord
Mahon-Mr. Wilberforceand Lord Howick.All the Resolutions
moved by Mr. Vansittart, agreed to......................... 72


Finances of the country.-Supplies.-Ways and Means.- Plan of Finance,

with its Object, proposed by Lord Henry Petty.- Eleven Resolutions
relating to his Plan laid on the Table for the consideration of the
House of Commons ---Objections to the Plan by Mr. Johnstone and
by Lord Castlereagh.-Resolutions relating to a Plan of nuce,
submitted to the House by Lord Castlereagh, in place of that of Lurl
H. P.-Objections to Lord H. Pi's Plan by Mr. Long-Lori H.
P.'s Plan defended by Mr. Tierney,and by Lord H P . himself. -
Farther Reasoning against Lord H. Pis Plan by Lord ('astlereagh -
Fundamental Error in Lord Ci's Plan of Finance pointed oui by Mi.
Giles.--Lord H. Pi's Plan defended by Mr. David Gidily.- Rull
tions on Lord H. P.'s Plan reported and agreed to.Plan oj tunince

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Bill for the Abolition of the Slare Trade, brought into the House of Peers

by Lord Grenville.- Motion for appointing a Day for the second
Reading of the Bill. Communications on this Subject betureen His
Majesty and Foreign Powers.—Second Reading of the Bill.-Speakers
in favour of the Bill-and Speakers against it.-Religious and Moral
Plan for the gradual Abolition of Slavery, by Lord Sidmouth.-Net
Clauses introduced into the Bill.-The Bishop of London's Lamente-
tion respecting the Paucity of Churches and Ecclesiastics in our West-
India Islands.-- Emphatic Declaration against the Bill, by the Earl of
St. Vincent .-The Bill passed in the House of Peers, and sent dourn to
the House of Commons.--Speakers pro and con.-Council heard against
the Bill. - Second Reading of the Bill.-Debate on the Question for
going into a Committee.--The Question carried--and passed into a Lav.
-Motion for a gradual Abolition of Slavery in our West - India colonies,

by Lord Percy-supported by Mr. Sheridan-but not pressed, for the

present, by Lord Percy against the general sense of the House.... 110

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Qualities required in a Statesman placed in a new and diffeull Situation.

---Characters of Mr. Charles Fox and the Marquis of Lansdown.-
Folly of going to War with France in 1793.- Advantages of Unani-
mity and Perseverance in one Plan or System.-- Unsteadiness and Va-
cillation in the Conduct of Great Britain and of Russia.- Different
Enterprises.-- Individual Interests pursued by the Allies.-Constant
Designs of Russia on the Ottoman Empire.-The present Crisis deemed
favourable for their Completion.-War between the Russians and Turks.

- Revolution at Constantinople.- Fruitless Erpedition to the Dar-

· danelles under the Command of Admiral Sir Thomas Duckworth.---

3 X 3



State of Europe after the Peace of Tilsit.-War against the commerce of

England.- Decrees of Buonaparte blockading all the Ports of Britain,
and the British Dominions, in every part of the Globe.- Enforced with
greater and greater rigour.- Effects of these on English Commerce.-
Counteracted by British Orders of Council.-General Christophe, the

most powerful chief in St. Domingo, a friend to the English-his

liberal and wise policy.-Capture of the Dutch Island of Curaçoa.-

Transactions in the East Indies.- Consequences of the Massacre, and

Insurrection, at Vellore.--Dundie Khan.- Major-general Dickens.-

His unskilfulness, and wanton disregard to the lives of the Officers and

Privates under his command.............................: 225


General Elections.- Important change in public opinion, respecting 72

usual Majority in the House of Commons.-Westminster Election.-
Meeiing of Parliament.-- His Majesty's Speech. Debates thereon, in
both Houses.Measure for obviating the inconveniencies respecting pri-
vate Bills, arising from the late Dissolution of Parliament.- Debate
thereon.Appointment of a new Committee of Finance. - House of
Commons, in a Committee of Supply.- Army and Navy Fstimates.-
New Military Plan for recruiting and reinforcing the Army.Irish
Arms, and Insurrection Bills.- Motion by. Lord Cochrane, for disco

vering to the Public what Sinecure Places, Pensions, Sc. were held by

Members of Parliament.Bill against the granting of offices in Re-

version, thrown out of the House of Lords. Address by the House of

Commons to His Majesty, on the subject of granting Places in Rerer-

sion.Notice by Mr. Bankes of a Motion against Places in Reversion,

to be made by him early in next Session of Parliament. Prorogation of

Parliament ............................................ 235


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