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1409 Hercules and Lycas.—This group obtained for the artist

the appointment of travelling student of the Royal

Academy . . . H. Timbrel

"Alcides snatch'd him, as with suppliant face
He strove to clasp his knees and beg for grace:
He toss'd him o'er his head with airy course,
And hurled with more than with an engine's force."

Garth't Ovid's Metamorphoses, book ix.

1410 Statue in marble of Helen unveiling herself to Paris E. H. Baily, R.A.

1411 A marble figure, Cupid . . . —Puttinati

1412 Model, the full size, of the Right Rev. Samuel Butler, D.D.,

late Lord Bishop of Lichfield, and formerly Head
Master of Shrewsbury School; to be executed in
marble, and erected to his memory in St. Mary's
Church, Shrewsbury . E. H. Baily, R.A.

1413 A group, in marble, of maternal love . . E. B. Stephens

1414 Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness . E. B. Stephens

1415 Study of the head of his late Majesty William IV., for a

colossal statue executing in granite . S. Nixon

1416 Hope, a marble statue . , , F. Thrupp

1417 Nymphs bringing lilies to Alexis—a basso-relievo F. Thrupp

1418 Faith shows the promises to the pilgrim kneeling at the

foot of the cross—a bassorrelievq, in marble F, Thrupp

1419 The warder . , . .OR, Smith

"Blow, warder, blow thy sounding horn."

1420 A colossal statue, in plaster, of Hector reflective P. Park

1421 A guardian angel—infancy . W. C. Thomas

1422 The pleasures of hope . . P.Hollins

"Sleep, image of thy father—sleep, my boy,
No lingering hour of sorrow shall be thine.
* * * *

Bright as his manly sire the Squ shall be
In form and soul."

1423 A Guardian angel—age . . jy. Q. Thomas

1424 Samson about to burst his bonds . . J. Legrew

"And the Philistines shouted against him; and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, and the cords that were upon his arms became as flax that was burnt with fire."—Judges, chap, xv., ver. 14.

1425 Bas-relief from Homer . . J. G. Lough

The scene is supposed to lie principally in the eighth book of Homer: Juno and Minerva prepare to aid the Grecians, but are restrained by Iris, s*nt from Jupiter. The night puts an eud to the battle. On either side of Night, who is just emerging above the horizon, in the centre, are introduced episodes; on the left, looking at the bas-relief, Death and Sleep carrying off the dead body of Sarpedon; and on the right, Venus wounded.

1426 The broken pitcher ... . W. C. Marshall

1427 Model of children and dog, now being executed in marble

for His Excellency the Earl de Grey, to be placed at his . seat, Westpark' . . J. Farreil 1428

1429 1430 1431


1433 1434 1435 1436

1437 1438 1439 1440

An unfinished marble bust of Edward Cooke, Esq., of the

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law . J. E. Carew

Marble bust of the Right Hon. Mr. Justice Perrin C. Moore

Marble bust of His Grace the late Duke of Norfolk J. Francis
Marble bust of Sir Henry Marsh, Bart., State Physician

to Her Majesty in Ireland . . C. Moore

Marble bust of James Montgomery, Esq., executed by
public subscription, and to be placed in the Hall of
the Cutlers' Company, Sheffield . . E. Smith

Bust, in marble, of Caswallon . . W. Jones

Marble bust of Lord Compton . . L. M'Donald

My darling boy, a group in marble . . E. G. Physick

Model of children and goat, now being executed in
marble, for His Excellency the Earl de Grey, to be
placed at his seat, Westpark .
Bust, in marble, of Juno
Marble bust of Wynne Ellis, Esq., M.P.
Marble bust of Mrs. Henry Labouchere

Hero and Leander

J. Farrell P. J. Chardini D. JV. Sievier T. Campbell . G. Nelson TV. Spence


1442 Model of Eleanora sucking the poison from the wound

of Prince Edward . . T*. tVoolner

1443 Bust, in marble, of the late Walter De Winton, Esq., M.P.,

of Mecslough Castle, Radnorshire . J. E. Thomas

1444 Marble bust of Hebe . . . . A. Gatley

1445 Bust of — Marsh, Esq. . . T. Smith

1446 Bust of Mrs. Thomas Powell . . J. G. Lough

1447 Bust of James Barston, Esq., Barrister-at-Law . T. ftlilues

1448 Bust, in marble, of Joseph Wilson, Esq., of Highbury S. Joseph

1449 Marble bust of P. Miller, Esq., M.D. . E. B. Stephens

1450 Marble bust of the Very Rev. the Dean of Exeter E. B. Stephens

1451 Bust of the Rev. John Martin, Chancellor of the Diocese

of Exeter, &c. &c. &c. . . S. J. B. Haydon

1452 Bust of Thomas Slingsby Duncombe, Esq., M. P. A. Hone

1453 Posthumous bust, in marble, of the late Sir

Doyle, Bart. .

1454 Marble bust of His Grace the Duke of Leinster

1455 Bust of Sir George Clerk, Bart., M.P.

1456 Bust of Charles Few, Esq.

1457 Viola's sister—study of a head

"She pined in thought."

1458 Marble bust—Lavinia

1459 The prodigal son . . .•

"And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servan my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hung

"I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee,

"Arid am no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired servants,"


E. Davis C. Moore TV. C. ftlarshall F. S. Archer F. ftl. Aliller

N. Palmer J. Hancock

ts of

1460 Mazeppa . . . . .J. TVyatt

"The sight renewed my courser's feet,
A moment staggering feebly fleet,
A moment with a faint low neigh
He answered, and thus fell.''—Byroiit Mazep-po.

1461 Model of a horse . . H. Taylor

1462 Medallion of an artist . . . R. Ring wood

1463 Music—a centre to a salver, executed in silver TV. F. Woodington

1464 Medallion of a gentleman . . Durham

1465 Medallion, in marble, of a young lady . F. M. Miller

1466 Marble bust of Mrs. Robertson, of Dulwich Wood House P. Park

1467 Marble bust of the Baboo Dwarkanauth Tagore, voted by

his fellow townsmen for Calcutta . . H. TVeekes

1468 Bust, in marble, of Miss Helen Faucit . J. H. Foley

1469 Napoleon, designed for a public monument . Count D'Orsay

1470 The death of William Rufus . . J. H. Nicholson

1471 Hero and Leander—sketch for an alto-relievo . F. M. Miller

"On her lover's bosom breath'd her last."

1472 Bust, in marble, of His Grace the Duke of Wellington E. TV. Physick

1473 Bust, in marble, of B. Hopkinson, Esq. . T. Milne*

1474 Bust of Nicholas Carlisle, Esq. . . F. S. Archer

1475 Bust of Miss E. Rylance . . A. Gatley

1476 Bust of John Dickens, Esq. . S. J. B. Haydon

1477 Bust, in marble, of John Todd, Esq., of Tranby Park,

Yorkshire T. Earle

1478 Marble bust of a lady . . . . C. Moore 1470 Bust, in marble, of innocence . . P. J. Chardini

1480 Bust of Edward Bullock, Esq. . . . T. Butler

1481 Bust of George Robert Rowe, Esq., M.D., F.S.A., of

Chigwell, Essex . . C. A. Rivers

1482 A posthumous bust of Abraham Raimbach, late a Corre

sponding Member of the Institute of France, and Hon.
Member of the Academies of St. Petersburg, Vienna,
Geneva, and Amsterdam . . D. TV. Raimbach

1483 May morning . . . . TT'.C. Marshall

1484 Posthumous bust, in marble, of his son . D. Dunbar

1485 Prospero relating his adventures to Miranda . J. H. Foley

1486 Equestrian statue of Her Majesty . P. J. Chardini

1487 Model of a greyhound and hare . . T. Jkfilnes

1488 Miniature full-length figure of Miss Blanch Kelly

Amelia and Gertrude Mac Carthy

1489 Paris .... TV.Spence

1490 Ulysses watching Argus die . . TV. Spence

1491 Lieutenant-General Count D'Orsay . Count D'Orsay

1492 Sketch of the late Sir F. L. Chantrey, R.A. . J. Legrew

1493 The spirit of the calm—sketch for a small statue F. M. Miller

1494 Figure in marble of Patroclus slain . W. Scoular

1495 Equestrian statue of H.R.H. Prince Albert . P. J. Chardini

1496 Christ and Mary . . . H. C. Shcnton, jun. 1497 Marble bust of a lady . . S. Manning

1498 Group of the captured stag . . T. Milnes

1499 Model of a stag . . . . T. Milnes

1500 A sketch . . . E. Richardson

1501 Statue of a boy, part of a group . . H. Kaehler

1502 Marble bust of a gentleman . . . N. Palmer

1503 Bust, in marble, of Mrs. Todd, of Tranby Park, Yorkshire T. Earle

1504 Posthumous bust of the late Col. Vans Agnew, K.C.B. J. Ternouth

1505 Bust of Francis Bennock, Esq. . . W. C.Marshall

1506 Bust of His Grace the Duke of Wellington . P. J. Chardini

1507 Bust, in marble, of His Grace the Duke of Northum

berland . . . J. G. Lough

1508 Marble bust of the late Rev. Charles Manning, A.M. S. Manning

1509 Marble bust of Emily, daughter of the late James Henry

Blake, Esq., Q.C. . . C. Moore

1510 An original bust of Charles Dickens, Esq. (Boz) P. Park

1511 Bust of a gentleman . . A. Gatley

1512 Marble bust of Matthew, son of William Hunter

Baillie, Esq. . . . . C. Moore

1513 Marble bust of the Earl of Shaftesbury . H. Weekes

1514 The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Llandaff, in marble W. Behnes

1515 Bust, in marble, of the late Sir David Wilkie, R.A. S. Joseph

1516 Marble bust of the Earl of Tyrconnel . . E.Davis

1517 Marble bust of Mrs. Ellis . . . D. W. Sievier

1518 Bust of Mrs. James Jay . . . T.Butler

1519 Count D'Orsay, in plaster . . W. Behnes

1520 Sir William Follett, in marble . . W. Behnes

1521 George Grote, Esq., in marble . . W. Behnes

1522 Bust of Edmund Orrnond Lyne, Esq. . J. Edwardu

1523 Lord Lyndhurst, in plaster . . . W. Behnes

1524 Bust, in marble, of Kiallmark . . E. H. Baily, R.A.

1525 Bust, in marble, of Thalberg . E. H. Baily, R.A.

1526 Bust of Lieut-General Sir Howard Douglas, Bart.,

G.C.B., &c. &c. &c. . . R. Westmacott, A.

1527 Bust of Mrs. Lingen . T. Butler

1528 Psyche . . . .E.G. Papworih

1529 Bust of B. Greenough, Esq., F.R.S., F.G.S. R. Westmacott, A.

1530 Bust of the Right Hon. Lord John Russell . R. Westmacott, A. WITH THEIR PLACES OF ABODE.

*#* The Figures at the End of the Exhibitors' Names refer to the corresponding Numbers in the

Catalogue, specifying their respective Performances.

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