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The Stores of Vessels are designated by the Figures ] and 2 :—

1. Signifying that the Vessel is well and sufficiently found.

2. That she is deficient in either quantity or quality.

Vessels Bestohed to, or Continued on the Character A, will have the number of years for which they are restored or continued inserted separately under the number originally assigned, in the tenth column; where the term in the latter case has expired, the Letter " C " only will be placed before the figure denoting the number of Years for which Continuation had been allowed.

Vessels marked "S S." with a date, in red, denote that they have been surveyed at that time in accordance with the second Clause of the Rules, Sec. 60.

The mark [B. S.] denotes that the vessel is classed subject to Biennial Survey. The mark \Expl. B,$.) denotes that the vessel is built experimentally, and classed subject to Biennial Survey. See Section 31.

British North-American built vessels, opened as required by the Rules, Sec. 63, will be marked in the Register " S.S " with the number of years that may elapse before they are again opened, and the year of survey ; thus—" S.S.59—3Yrs

When the term "almost Rebuilt" is used, it implies large repairs, but that the Rules for Restoration have not been fully complied with.

The figbres in the Tenth Column, to vessels in the JE Class, imply that they were originally classed A, for that number of Years. The cipher 0 in this Column indicates that (from inferior construction) there were No "number of Years first assigned."

Ships built under Special Survey will be shown by a Cross, thus >j«.

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In the Second Column.

K Ketch

Lr Lugger

Pol Polacre

S Ship

Sew Screw

Sk Smack

Sp Sloop

sheathed d.—doubled

—c.f.—copper fastened

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-M.—sheathed with Marine Metal

-YM—sheathed with Yellow Metal G. Iron— sheathed with

Galvanized Iron Z.—sheathed with Zinc r.—Felt.

C.lm.—Coppered to light water or ballast mark.
C.T.—Copper Bolts substituted for Treenails.

In the Third Column. Sailing Vessels thus distinguished, " A P. 30 H." denote that they are Fitted with Auxiliary Steam Power, equal to 30 Horses.

In the Fourth Column. H.P.—Horse Power. M.C.—Machinery certified. Where two Tonnages are given, the upper one is the Measurement by the old Act, the under one is that by the new Act, which commenced the 1st January, 1836.

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In the Fifth Column. The Timber of which vessels are built is marked by the following Italic Letters:

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RP Red Pine

YP Yellow Pine

S Spruce

Sb Sabicu

SI Saul

T. Teak

lain Tamarac

WII. Witch Hazel

WO White Oak

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In the Eighth Column:—U.S. for American Property.

In the Ninth Column (Surveying Ports):

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. Aberdeen . Aberystwith . Alloa . Arbroath . Bangor .Banff , Barmouth . Barnstaple . Beaumaris . Belfast .Berwick . liideford . Belgium . Elyth . Boston . Bridgewater . Bridport . Bristol . Cardigan . Cardiff . Chepstow . Chester S Clyde ( Glasgow, &c. .. Cork . Cowes .. Dover

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In the Eleventh Column.

The Figures under the Character denote either the Year, or the Month of the current

Year, in which the Vessel was last surveyed.

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