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often chimerical

93. The Prejudices and Caprices of Criticism

94. An Inquiry how far Milton has accom-

modated the Sound to the Sense

95. The History of Pertinax the Sceptick..

96. Truth, Falsehood, and Fiction, an Alle-


97. Advice to unmarried Ladies MR. RICHARDSON

98. The Necessity of cultivating Politeness JOHNSON

99. The Pleasures of private Friendship-

the Necessity of similar Dispositions

100. Modish Pleasures...

101. A proper Audience necessary to a Wit JOHNSON

102. The Voyage of Life.......

103. The Prevalence of Curiosity-the Cha-

racter of Nugaculus......

104. The Original of Flattery-the Meanness

of venal Praise....

105. The Universal Register, a Dream...

106. The Vanity of an Author's Expectations

-Reasons why good Authors are

sometimes neglected..


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