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An Analysis and General Repository








if It is a peculiar characteristic of this Work, that every Volume is complete in itself.

Davidson, Printer, Serle's Place, Carcy Sireet.


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Aedeny, Royal, Exhibitiou of the, 300, Companies, new, 90, 503

Innovation, dangerous, 88

O'Higgins, General, 470
Connecticut, blue laws of, 145
Institution, British, the, 92, 190

Old worthy, Jovatban, letters of, 208, 330,
Accomplishments, female. 838
Conscience, the power of, 772

Insurance Companies, view of the, 835 442, 509, 354
Adersach, the socks of, 28
Cookery of our ancestors, 170
Irelaod, Sunday Walk jo. 187

Panjait, the, 453,
Adrertisements, singular, 657
Cordilleras, the, 119

Two Days' Journes io, 428, 459 Panorama of Edinborgh, 937
Airica, travels in, 250
Corn Monopoly, ovils of, 761
Irish l'easantry, 3

Mexico, 829
Alexander, Eniperor, a needutes of, 831 Corporativo Print, 718

Customs, &c. 18

Paper, lsistorical notice of, 753
Apena, the southeru states of, 40 Cossacks anecdotes of the, 194

the ancient, 440

Paris in London, 142
scenery of, 329
Costume, theatrical hints ou, 253
Italian Novels, 114, 152

Parry, Mr.J H., memoirs of, 125, 189
A atomical Invention, singular, 223 Country town, the, 75

James I., manners of the court of, 60, 825 Capt, Arctic voyages of, 687, 700,
Andes, the, 119

- Beauties and Authors, 035 Jacour, Chevalier de, anecdote of, 531 719
ANECDOTES, BOX MOTS, &c. in Creation, picture of the, 766

Joint Stock Conversation Society, 168 Paul's School, St., G!
every Namber
-, Martin's picture of the, 762 Joseph and his Brethren, Arabic tradi.

St, proposed alterations around,
Annual Biography, its piracies, 87 Crohoore of the Billbouk, a tale, 244

Lion of, 344

Asy Lay Bons, the, 139
Crusaders, amoury. &c, 474
Javius! who was, 502, 617

Peninsular War, anecdotes of the, 62
17 thecaries bill, on the, 268
Cuba, account of, 326
Jury, Grand, on the, 825

Pennie, Mr., memoir of, 795
Ardennes, aecount of the, 162
Day by the Danube, 161
Johnson, Dr, letter from, 588

Pennsylvania Hospital, 60
Ail, Joan of, 673
Death, ou the punishment of, 595
Jones, Paul, bravery of, 610

Petersburgh, St., amusemento al, 374
ASMODEL'S, the Rainbles of, 59, 76, 124, | Dead, burning of the, 840

Jesuits, conspiracy of the, 668, 682, 698,

police at, 274
218, 254, 280, 333, 380, 460, 760
Decameroa, Illustrations of the, 842


Pictures, the two, 757
- Queries anent, 205
Deguly, M., account of, 44
Jews, restoration of the, 735, 764

Pilgrimage, the, 348
a card from, 557
Deity, on the personification of the, 796 Kakabikka, falls of, 172

Pisa, amusements at, 533
Assurance, Essay on, 215
Denon, Bajon, memoir of, 300

Rent Indiaman, on the loss of the, 565 Pius VII, character of, 722
Life rates of,836
Dentists, a hint to, 43
Ketch, Jack, origin of, 792

Plague at Marseilles, 2013
Astrology. Sinith's defence of, 734
Deserter, the, 587, 604

Kneller, Sir Gudfrey, letters of, 363, 377 POETRY, original, in every nopuber.
Acrora Borealis, singular, 3
Diorama, the, 220
Knox, John, monument to, 605

Pompeii, excavations at, 623
Authors, eo tertaining and interesting, 268
Doe, Jobu, a tale, 279
Lacepede, Count de, 781

Pope's Letters, 351, 375
August, the estal 10th of, 837
Dollar, new academy al, 686
Laird of Inches, the, 710

Popery, character of, 393
Babylou, the walls of, 276
DRAMA, notice of, in every Number Lancashire Custoins, 679

Portnguese Habits, 14
Halloon, ascept, 574
.. degraded state of the, 187 Lee Peuny, the, 429

Press, the, 139, 155
Big an Tree. extraordinary, 17

Immorality of the, 375
Levant Company, the, 369

Parsons in South America, 171
Bastile, taking of the, 211
Dramatic Entertainments defended, 364 Leyden, the relief of, 674

Pyroligueous Acid, un, 158
Barbers, on the decline of, 177
Dress, ou the philosophy of, 764
Lieutenant, the, 57

Queensberry Family, anecdotes of the, 42
Bartholomer Fair, a song, 590
Druids, magic circle of the, 793

Linquiti, Chevalier, memoir of, 766 Query, geographical, 12
defended, 503
Dublin, the bay of, 204
Lisbon, customs at, 39

Rail Roads, 776
Beurde bistury of, 267

-, recollections of, 730, 748

LITERATURE and SCIESCE in every Rangoon, mission to, 834
Beacty, the art of, 320
Earthquake in Persia, 63


Ravenhill, Mr., memoir of, 621
| BEE, ibe, see the last leas in every Num. Eddystone Light-House, print of, 637

Literary Gazette, its origin, 188

Regent Street, new chapel in, 430
Edington, Bisbop, memoir of, GRO

Fund, the, 317

Reviewers, the mighty, 617
Bezoai Sarcophagus, the, 221
Edinburgh, High School, 799

Institutions, on the taste fur, Revolution, French, listory of, 513, 539,
- Mrs., letter from, 237
Education, remarks on, 291, 822, 838

703, 779

582, 565
s Leyptian Tomlis, 2:22
of the people, on the, 654 Loodon Bridge, 396

Rhodamaldi aud Geraldine, 92
Bell, Lady, ber pictures, 222
Egyptians, arts of the, 276

City Institution, 591

Richter. J. P.P., memoir of, 7NI
Bicsbe w, account of, 393
Emigration to South America, 646

and Paris contrasted, 29

Rio de Janeiro, account of, 97, 244
Luser tersus Stockdale, 445
Englishman in France, the, 177

Winter and Women, 104

Roche Abbey described, 71
bemian story, a. 746
Eugland in 1824, Politics of, 835

Principal Companies, 567

Rochester Cathedral, discoveries at, 94
Briabay Bazaar. 320

Epitaphs, curious, 127
- mode of life in, 345
Esquimaux, thie, 49

Longuemanne's Cunnynge Advertyzer, Rout, the, 796

Royal Institution, 821
Besaparte, nec totes of, 55, 65, 67, 131
Eternal Fire, the, 1
Lovers, all fated, 57

Rurus, William, character of, 457
15, 20, 215, 233
Excursion, a country, 633
Louis XV., Anecdotes of, 337

Russell Institution, the, 814
Redoo, people of. 546
Fairs, observations on, 618

XVI., coronation of, 346

Russia, travelling in, 293
de Hill, legend of, 146
Fall of Algiers, origin of the opera of, 78

trial and death of, 592

Sacrilege, French law against, 170
Ditaaris Marco, 477
Fanaticism, extraordinary, 657

aliecdotes of, 817, 836

Salem and its Museum, 620
Brande, Mr., lectures of, 109
Faraday, Mr., lectures of, 58
Lyra, infant, the, 442

Salisbury Crags, 801
boro, General, anecdote of, 781
FINE ARTS, see the respective subjects Mammoth Skeleton, 639

Sailors, characteristic anecdotes of, 37
Huil, account of, 97
Fleet Street, improvements in, 12 Manners, difference io, 713

Sauctuary, bistory of the, 807
Les Church, St. Window in, 829 Foote, Miss, and her adınirers, 10

Man of the Moon, the new, 127

Savonarola, the fanatic, 265
b-list Artists, Society of, 206, 220, 256
Fragment, a, 682
Margnte, view of, 637

Scott, Sir Walter, conversation with, 501
tone, the ancient, 417
Franklin Institute, the, 764
Marketing, instructions fur, 534

Sebastian's, St., storming of, 787
brit. Mr, memoir uf, 636
Freemasoury, on, 131
Martin, Mr. and his ridiculers, 508

Sell.lore the best Love, 370
skace's Original MSS. 608
Fuseli, Henry, memoir of, 284

Mechanics' Institution, London, 591 Sergeant's Rings, origin of, 166
Burmese, account of the, 771
Gallery, British, the, 45, 541

Memory, improvement of the, 539, 553 Settle, the artist, 71
, customs of the, 834
Gentlemen, Society for Idle, 331
Mendelsohn, memoir of, 196

Sex, on the treatment of the, 31
Priests, 834
Gentility, the mania for, 138

Metropolis, improvements in the, 608 Shakers, account of the, 394
, a practical. 33
Genius, Mr. Peonie on, 108
Mexicau Mioes, riches, 307

Shakspeare Forgeries, the, 110
Battles for 1825, 775
George IV., anecdote of, 762
Mexico, panorama of, 829

's Chair, 140
Taming Weli, acconnt of s, 189
Georgia, South, account of, 763

Miaulis to bis Crew, a Greek song, 70 Sheridan, R. B., anecdotes of, 611, 609,
Bros, the birth of, 91
German Literature, 362
Middletop Dale, account of, 115

696, 715, 725
byron, Lord, his letters to his mother, 28 Gibraltar, description of, 506

Miller, Joe, Redivivus, 179

Sherwin, the engraver, 55
and Sonthey, ib
Giles, St., Church of, 573
Minas Geraes, account of, 243

Shipping, history of, 631
-, Greek medal of, 45
Gurdale Scar described, 71
Mirabeau, anecdotes of, 338

Shoe, the little, å tale, 149
anecdotes of, 163, 326, 377 Glastonbury Abbey, 678

Mission to the Barman Empire, 833 Sidmouth Street, church in, 78
last days of, 24, 310
Graham, the aeronaut, ode to, 129

to Cochin China, 839

Skellig Rocks, the, 747
Ode on the death of, 738
Grauts, royal, curious, 690
Monday, St., in town, 414

Slave Trade, evils of the, 577, 594, 613,
and Campbell, 206
Greece, picture of, 785
Monk, General, letter of, 20

Calendar, the French, 751
Grograins, the, 692
Monkeys, anecdotes of, 151

Smuggler's Petition, the, 316
frastrophe, the, 124
Hairdressers, gentilities, &c. of, 217

Memoirs of, 777

Soane, Mr., bis soirée, 221
Catholic Chapel, Moorfields, 109
Hand-in-hand Gentility Club, 523
Mont Cenis, a sketch, 33

Society of Arts, premiums of, 365
miracles, 154, 187
Hamlet, observations on, 681
Monte Video, account of, 571

South Sea Bubble, 101
Charles I., letters of, 690
Hayana described, 325
Months, the mirror of the, 801

Sovereigns of the World, the reigning,799
-X, coronation of, 363
Hayclif Mine, phenoniena of, 115

Mummery for grown Gentlemen, 574 Spain, the war in, 259, 261
Chatsworth described, 116
Heart, the broken, 252

Museum, Britisb. bints for improving,841 Spider, avecdotes of the, 774
Campey Sweeps' Album, 79
Heath's Views of London, 108

defence of, 827

Spring Time, Balls, &c., 281
Sweepers avd Albums, 140 Hindoo Scenery and Customs, 769 Negro Crimes and Punishments, 620 Siage Troubles pot Stage Effecto, 74
Cherebyard, the, 27
Hippocratic Oath, 175
Netherlands, canals in the, 350

Morality, 109
ceneni's Danes, St., notice of, 89
Humourist's Will, a, 12
Newby, John, on stage morality, 91

on the state of the, 475
(vaks and Great Ceats, on, 58

Ice palace at St. Pelersburgh, 195 NIL-ADMIRARI, the, 76, 349, 429, 557, Soinerset House, a rhymer's rumble in,
xurde, Lord, anecdotes of, 435, 491 Improvements, new, remarks op, 255, 462 589, 604, 684, 700, 733, 749

Captain JD, memoirs of, 685 India, mode of life in, 345

remonstrance to the au. Steam Packet, the, 42
i cabats, ancient and modern, 108 Indians, Amorican, 136, 309, 329,339, 339 thor of, 717

Engine, new, 219
• (mon Councilman, adventures of a, 74
Indian Princes, inanners of the, 83 Normandy, antiquities of, 749

Vesselo; on, 560
pendium Stove, ebe, 79
Toserbal Machinc, lbe, 85

Nurse Craft and Nurkcry Literatures 162 Stourtou, Lord, murder bs a, 356



Street Music, nn, 318
Collet's Garland or Wild Flowers, 154 Journal of an Exile, 263

Reade'. Broken Heart, 614
Prenchiug in New York, 540 Collier's Port's Pilgrimage, 487

Joyce's Chemical Mineralogy, 312

Realities not a Norel, 602
Snspension Bridges, on, 469
Commo: Events, 19.
Jual Secundus, 441

Rerel's Wintor Pastlinen, 40
Surgeons, college of, 676
Complete Govoruegs, 822, 838

Judson's Mission to the Birman Empire, | Reynolds's Arithmetic, 280
Sweet Fifteen.a poeni, 330
Conway's Tales of the Ardennes, 161


Rhodes's Peake Scenery. 115
Talma, portrait of, 78
Cook's Voyages, 41
Juvenile Sketch Book, 441

Richardson's Soonets, 103
Tanner, John, account of, 340

Costello's Songs of a Stronger, 360 Keating's Expeditiou tu St. Peter's Rirer, Rio de la Plata, acconut of, 645, 571
Taylor, James, memoir nf, 689
Cousseignes' Sucre des Rois de Prance, 307 329, 338 341

Robiusou's Desigus for Villas, 637
Tecomseh, the death of, 381


Keelivine's Tales and Skelches, 650 Roche's French Molodies, 72
Telescopes, how to use, 711

Cuventry's Inquiry on Junins, 502 Kelly's Reminiscences, 714, 742, 761 Rolls's Legends of the North, 629
Thames Tunnel, 156
Crabb's Historical Dictionary, 41

Kempe's History of St. Martin-le Grand, Roscoe's Italian Novelists, 113, 152, 181
Theatre, morality of the, 121
Crusaders, Tales of the, 401, 420

801, 820

Rouillon's Polyclote, 653
Theatres, Watering Places, &c., 494 Curtis's British Entomology. 121 Kennedy's Instructions to Mothers, 57 Sunnuels's Life of Mendelsohn, 196
Tilloch, Dr., memo r of, 141
Dalby's Death of Aguirre, 709
Kitchiner on Telescopes, 710

Sayings and Doings, 81
Too much Money, a Christmas song, 29 Davis's Library of a Bibliomaniac, 133 Knight's Private Jourpal, 438

Scott's Winter Tales, 57
Toorkamans, account of the, 517
Dildin's, T. F., Library Companiun, 133 Laughing Philosopher, the, 212

Scrapiana Poetica, 441
Town, ramble from. 26

C. Comic Tales, 35
Laurel de Apollo, BI, 137

Segni's Expedition to Russia, GOL
Trees, remarkable, 180
Don Esteban, 258
Lanzi's Histoire de la Peintare, 44

Memoirs, 247, 261
Tribunals, secret, in Germany, 632
Doubleday's Babiogton, 472
Lawson's Lost Spirit, 629

Napoleon in Russia, 105, 183, 203,
Tuscany, festivals or, 53
Dowie's Prize Poeins, 80
Leigh's New Road Book, 473

Pa More, description of the, 705
Driver's Arabs, 437

Letters from the Irish Highlands, 2,18 Session of Parliament, 661.564
University Studies and Learning, 611
Druinmond's Origines, 275

on Entomology, 774


Life of Paul Jones, 600, 627
Vapours, noxious, uti

Dupiu's Commercial Power of Britain, | Letter to Sir Charles Long. 523, 512 Sberwood's Juliana Oakley, 186
Water, plans for supplying. 524

Mr. Canning, 427

Slave Colonies of Britain, C61
Colours, exhibition, 283
Duty of Early Rising, 681
Leiter Writer, Elegant, 652

Trade, works on the, 577,594, 613
Waterspout, nature of a, 103
Economist of Time, 427
Leper of Aoste, 137

Smiles and Tears, 51
Welsh, manners of the, 134

Edgeworth's Heury and Lucy, 423 Levant Company, Account of the, 369 Smith's Catechisın, 281
Wesley, Samuel, his reply to the Harmo. Ezau's Anecdotes, 394

Lexicou, the Liule, 362

Smithers's Liverpool, 257
nicon, 377
Emerson's Picture of Greece, 810
Linguist, the, 016

Songs of the Greek, 70
West's Gallery, 285
English Life, 7
Literary Souvenir, the, 786

South Sea Bubble, 101
Whirlpool described, 103
English in Italy, the, 6)2, 707

Lines on the Storm at Portland, 186 Southey's Tale of Paraguay, 499
Whitehaven, Paul Jonos's attack of, 809 Erans ou Geographical Terms, 162 Loudon's Encyclopædia of Agriculture, Spanish Catechisms, 234
Wills, on. 443
Every Day Occurrences, 233


Spirit of Public Journals, 775
Wilson, Harriette, 155

Examination of M.Culloch on tbe Higb Lyall's Travels in Russia, 104, 238 Sporting Almanack, 779
Witchcraft in Scotland, 21

lands, 518

Lyon's Voyage to Repulse Bay, 49 Sianhope's Greece in 1823-4, 163
Young, Mr. John, notice of, 174
Facetia. Cantabrigensis, 413
M Donouglis Gratitude, 548

Statistical Illustrntions, 601
Fairy Favours, 277
Mackenzie's Appeal, 69

Siauzas on Lord Byron, 373
REVIEW OF BOOKS. · Legends of Ireland, 140

Magic Ring, the, 737

Stirling's Journal, 616
Abduction, the, 199
Faustus, 483
Mahony's jours of Soug.680

8tnail's Dictionary of Architecture, 29
Adams's Cornplete Servant, 534
Ferdinand Franck. 803
Maid of the Greek Inle, 500

Subaltern. the, 787
Advice on playing the Piano, 137
Fingerpost, tbe, 100
Malcolm's Buccaneer, 3

Surenne's Gramipar, 714
Album, the, 37, 267
Finlaysou on the Dry Rot, 616
Marauders, the, 441

Sylvan Sketches, 180
Allais, Tablettes llistoriques, 26

's Mission to China, 636

Martin's Milton, 237, 38, 541, 686 Tales by the O'Hara Pamily. 244, 273
Ambition, 435
Fivas's Beauties of French Writers, 375 Massenberg, 536

Tales of Old Mr. Jefferson, 327
Amulet, the, 730
Fleming's Destroying Augel, 234

M. thison's Visit to Brazil, 433, 453 Tales of To-Day, 601
Ancient Geography, 811
Fletcher, Rev. A, Trial ut, 21
Maund's Botanic Garden, 330

Tales of the Wild and Wonderful, 723
Anecdotes of Lord Byron, 327
Forget-Me-Not, the, 705
Mechanic's Almanack, 778

Taylor's Selections from Hamboldt, 306
Annual Biography, 87
Porrest's Tour along the Ganges. 17. 83 Memoirs of Monkeys, 777

Tenuant's John Baliol, 707
* Register for 1824, 835

Forsythi's Antiquary's Porttelio, 680, 712 Memoirs of the Affairs of Europe, 201 Teonge's Diary, 165, 185
Antommarchi's Last Days of Napoleon, Porty Years in ihe World, 434, 467 Middleton's Sermons, 73

Thiers's History of the French Rerola-

Forbrake's Encyclopædia of Autigui. Miller's St. Baldred of the Bass, 20 lution, 513, 537, 562, 504
Apology to the Traveller's Clab, 150

tiek, 6

Milton on Christian Doctrine, 46, 484 Thierry's History of the Normau. Cog.
Appeal for Ireland, 104
Fouché's Memoirs, 65, 84, 131
Mina, Life of, 39

quesi, 417, 439, 457
Armstrong on College of Surgeons, 676 Fraser's Khor issan, 516

--s, the Two, 213

Thomas Fitzgerald, 268
Art of Beauty, 390
Friendship's Offering, 140
Mirror of the Months, 801

Thoughts and Recollections, 201
Improving the Vnice, 488
Gaieties and Gravities, 177

Moore's Life of Sheridan, 641, 662, 696,723 Three Brothers, the, 248
Preserving the Hair, 504
Gascoige's Path to Naval Pame, 618 Morison's Advice, 280

Time's Telescope, 794
Attic Fragments, 709
Gazul's Plays, 727

Morris on Landscape Gardening, 803 To-Day in Ireland, 335
Babylon the Great, 388, 410

Geulis, Memoirs of Madam de, 531 Moss's Manual of Classical Bibliography, Topham's Evideaces of Religion, 186
Baillie's Lisbun, 38
Gibney on the Vapour Bath, 533


Tour of a Foreiguer, 481, 500
Ball Room, Analysis of the, 40
Good Nurse, the, 8
Mosse's Father's Lore, 680

Torre's Amy Robsart, 691
Barber's Entertaining Stories, 730 Gourgand's Napoleon and the Grand Mounteney's Brazil, 243

Travels of my Night-Cap, 305
Bayley's History of the Tower, 323, 356, Army, 520, 533

My Children's Diary, 523

Treadgold on Stenm Navigation, 569
Graudinother's Guests, 206
Myrianthea, the, 237

on Rail-Roads, 579
Beattie on Classical Learning, 811 Gray's Travels in Africa, 547

Neale's Views of Blenheim, 303

'Tremainc, 230
Beauties of Sheridan, 811
Gruser's Lectures ou Popery, 392

Nichols's Progresses of James I., 410, 500, Trimmer's Natural History, 50G
Becket's Dumbarton Castle, 104
Gutteridge's Tables of Measures, 137 566, 809, 824

Troubadour, the, 486
Bell's Observations on Italy, 388
Gwilt ou Civil Architecture, 717
Nobles Plenary Inspiration, 9

Truth and Fashion, 427
Bellamy's French Melodies, 104
Hall on the Latiu Language, 713
November Nights, 191

Twenty-Ninth of May, 341, 361
Benger's Queen of Bohemir, 746

Handbibliothek der Deutschen Literatur, | Observations on Historical Painting. 283 Uncle Timothy, 681
Benson's Corrick, 819

Odd Moments, 104

Vuiacke's Lelier to the Lord Chancellor,
Bismark's Cavalry Instructions, 680 Hansard's Typographia, 753, 789

Odes and Addresses to Crent Meu, 129

Blaquiere's Second Visit to Greece, 225 Harding's Siepography, 234

Oliver's Star in the East, 131

New Jary Law, 649
Blayuey's Traatise on Life Assurance, 835 Hardy's Tour in the Pyrennees, 593, 613 Opie's Illustrations of Lyiug, 86

Unique, the, 602
Blumeubach's Natural History, 626, 650, Hatstouge's Eve of All Hallows, 371 Oxberry's Dramatic Biography, 370

Urcullo's Grammatica Ioglesa, 281
Harris's Natural History of the Bible, 698 Oxford Quarterly Magazine, 197

Vallauce ou Railwayo, 209
Boaden's Memoirs of Kemble, 117 Hawker's lustractions to Sportsmen, 530 Pamphletees, the, 770

Variedades 6 Mensagero de Londres, 493
Bowdich's Excursion to Madeira, 321 Hawkins's Memoirs, &c, 55

Pandurang Håri, 769

Vieusseux's Anselmo, 721
Bowring's Hymns, 563

Hausset, Madame du, Menoirs of, 337 Parry: Last Days of Byron, 289, 309 Views of Rangoon, 749
Brady's Varieties of Literatare, 792, 804
Heath's Views of London, 108
Paris, history of, 209, 226, 250

Vintner's Guide, the, 753
Brenton's Naval History, 490
Herban, a poem, 730
Peep at the Esquimaux, 441

Wallace's Geometry, 730
Brettel's Country Minister, 296
Hermit in Italy, 33, 53

at the Pilgrims, 294

Walladmoor, 73
Britton's Antiquities of Normandy, 477 Hewlett's Cottage Comforts, 746

Pennie's Scenes in Palestine, 198 Walpole's Works, vol. ix., 409, 426, 436
Beauties of Wiltshire, 625, 659 Highest Castle and Lowest Cave, 714 Pepys's Memoirs, 580

Walion & Lives, 588
Brother Jonathan, 449
Highways and By ways, 100
Perceval's History of Italy, 241, 265

Angler, 616
Bulwer's Autumn in Greece, 785, 808 Hillary's Sketch of Ireland, 114

Phantasmagoria, 673

War in tbe Peninsnla, 52
Cabinet of Voyages, &c. 1, 2A
Hints to Church wardeus, 374
Philomathic Journal, 693

Webster's Solitary Musings, 506
Caldcleugh's South America, 97, 119, 136 | Hints to Travellers, 001

Picard's Novice, 357

Weddell's Voyage to the South Pole, 763
Campan's Journal, 9
Hofland's Moderation, 570
Picture of Sheffield, 36

Wesleyana, 776
Campbell's Fruits of Faith, 652
Holdich on Agriculture, 795

Pictures and the Betrothing, 507 Went on the Red River Colony, 760
Carey's Lasting Impressions, 68
Holford on the Peuitentiary, 459
Pike's Guide, 653

Westall's Illustrations of Moore, 30
Latin Versilication, 119
Holmau's Travels through Russia, 273, Pocket Annual Register, 268

Westminster Hall, 145, 163
Carlisle's Hints on Royal Residences, 563 293, 313

Poetic Garland, the, 811

White's Evidence against Catholiciem,
Cartas Sobre la Education del Bello Sexo, Holyrood House, 600

Pope on Shipping, 630

Holy War, the, a poem, 631
Pope's Merchants' Guido, 741

Willinmson's Lord's Prayer, 398
Catholic Miracle, 134, 167
Howison's Foreign Scenes, 324, 315

Works, supplement to, 353, 374 Wilson's Letters, 168
Chambero's Traditions of Edinburgh, 124 Husband Hunting, 492

Porchester's Moor, 583

Poems, 311
Cheap Corn best for Farmers, 773 Hulbert's Museum Europæum, 678 Power's Poems, 56

Wolfe's Remains, 821
Christmas Tales, 771

Stranger's Friend, 73
Proctor's Journey, 470

Woodley's Tragedies, 820
Churchill on the Scriptores, 600
Hyde's Alphoncus, 519
Propbetic Almapack, 777

Writer's Clerk, the, 104
Clark on the Toeth,
Industry, a Tale, 730
Provincial Magaziue, 41

Young Robinson, the, 164
Clery': Memoirs, 817, 836

Jardinc ou Philosophical Education, 213 Public Education, plans for, 598, 615 Ammerman on Solitude, 180
Club, the, 651
Joues's History of Wales, 134

Public versus the Land Owner, 760 Zoué, 344

And Weekly Review; Forming an Analysis and General Repository of Literature, Philosophy, Science, Arts, History, Biography,

Antiquities, Morals, Manners, the Drama, and Amusements.
This Paper is published early every Saturday Morning, Price 6d.; or 10d. if sent into the Conntry, Post Free, on the Day of Pablication.

Country and Foreigu Readers may be supplied with the unstamped edition in Monthly and Quarterly Parts.
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REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS. there are many intelligent and indefatigable Ix commencing a new year and a new vohmme of The Literary Chronicle at the same

travellers on the continent, whose labours are The Cabinet of Foreign Voyages and Travels ;

or, Annual Selections from the Latest Works not sufficiently known to us, merely from the time, there can be no impropriety in our tak

hazard of translation ;-we do not mean the

of that Description which have yet appeared hazard of a sale, but that two or more booking a prospective and retrospective view, in English. Vol

. 1, for 1825. To which sellers may have pounced on the same work, particularly as the increasing patronage with

is prefixed, A Retrospect of the Geogra- and bring it ont at the same time. This cirwhich we are honoured enables us to look forward with confidence, and on the past

phical Discoveries of the last Ten Years.

cumstance has, indeed, so much influence in with satisfaction. We began our career

18mo. pp. 408. London, 1825.

shutting out the mere English reader from as free from prejudice as any one could be. ALTHOUGH the Cabinet of Foreign Voyages | the field of European literature, that we won

and Travels does not come before us in the der some sort of association has not been We were unfettered by booksellers or au- avowed capacity of a christmas and new formed among the London booksellers for that could prevent ús from maintaining the year's gift, yet its size, its peat gilt case, or

translations alone. most rigid independence. We pledged our: vince us that the editor thinks it no inappro- work before us, that of the valuable works namented wrapper, and gilt leaves, all con

It is well observed by the editor of the selses, if not in the strict language, at least priate offering on such occasions, and in this in the spirit of the Great Charter, that we

we agree with him. Geography is a branch of published by foreign travellers, in their rewould not buy, sell, or delay justice;' and the science now much cultivated even by the fair spective languages, only the smaller portion Chronicle, a constantly increasing circulation, dinary education can be imposed on with the Indeed, there are some which it would not of our labours during the last year we land, or that the French have taken Um- much information worth knowing; then

there show that we have not been deficient in in- brage. But, although the Cabinet of Foreign nental periodicals. Now a work that shall cal and analytical reviews have been given is got up, to prove a very acceptable present dustry, as, in the course of the volume, criti- from its contents and the manner in which it give us the spirit of foreign voyages and tra

vels, as the Cabinet does, not only supplies of nearly 350 new works; and, had we been for the young, yet we should do it manifest if well done (and the first volume is an ad

an important desideratum in literature, but, satisfied to decide on a mere sight of books, injustice, did we not peate that it presents as mirable specimen), cannot fail of being exthe sumber might have been doubled. While we have been thus attentive to the strong claims on the public at large; and on this ground we would recommend, in future

tremely popular. critical department of the work, we have

A list of the articles the work contains will, at neglected the miscellaneous features years (for it is intended as an annual), that a of it. Our volume for the last year will be lished, for those who wish to consult the the English public is by no means well ac

we are sure, at once convince the reader that plainer and cheaper edition should be pub- the editor has gone to sources with which found particularly rich in original correspozudence, especailly in essays, sketches of tion it contains, rather than for the tasteful quainted. We have first about forty-five society and manners, and a sort of running and ornamental manner in which it is got pages translated from Boie's Tour in Nor

way; next comes a description of an Aurora up. age, Under the head of Fine Arts, will be found a critical notice of the exhibitions, stated in the title: it is to give the best ex

The object of the work is pretty clearly in the climate of the Alps; the manners and

Borealis; an excellent article on the changes new churches, and public buildings in the tracts from such books of voyages aħd tra- scription of the rocks near Adersback, in Bo

customs of the Russians and Tartars; a demetropolis, written by a gentleman whose vels as have been published during the year, hemia; Von Richter's Pilgrimage in the intimate acquaintance with the subjects is and yet have not appeared in English: a East; Webb's account of the Plains of Troy; only equalled by the freedom and strict im- similar volume of those which have appeared Dr. Taucher on the Salt Lake of Inderskoi; partiality of his remarks. It will scarcely have escaped observation, panion, if the claims of copyright did not in- | admirable article on Russian Discoveries; a in England would be a very desirable com

Eichfield on the Eternal Fire at Baku; an that since The Literary Chronicle was com- terfere with its execution. menced, nunerous rivals or competitors have started and that too under favourable dwell on the uses of a knowledge of geogra

It would be a mere waste of time for us to description of the Oasis of Siwah; the best

account we have yet seen of the volcanoes auspices, and have failed. But although phy, or to point out the various discoveries now burning; and Baron Minutoli's Travels their fall, yet it must be allowed, that in Thanks, however, to the enterprise of indiviHe chant no hymn of joy or triumph on thayet remain to be made in that science in Egypt, which, we believe, are in the Eng


press. standing against such opposition, it is clearly duals and the liberality of a few governments, view of the most important geographical re

admirable introduction, containing a general proved that The Literary Chronicle is suc

every year produces some new and interest- searches and discoveries during the last ten cessfully established.

It will be seen that we commence our Se- / ing information respecting countries and peo- years, and a well-written memoir of that inventh Volume with a new type, which ena

ple. our knowledge of which is imperfect telligent traveller, Humboldt. The selec

and unsatisfactory. England has done much blés us to give considerable additional mat- | herself: she has almost yearly one or more ons, we doubt not, embrace the most strikter, without any additional charge. Our victims sacrificed in penetrating the

interior ing parts of each work, and are very interest, tended, and we are determined to spare no of an arctic winter and the torrid zone. Eng first quote the account of the eternal fire care

This fire is in the peninsula of Apscheall that its best friends can wish it. With land, however, does not stand alone, and

ron, twenty versts from Baku, and is justly the expression of our sincere thanks to our

* See Nos. 23, 235, and 237, of the Literary called one of the wonders of southern Rusvaluahle contributors and readers, we con- Chronicle, in which there are some original ar

sia. I have visited this spot: it is a burning ekade with wishing that we may all long live ticles by M. Malte Brun on the subject. desert, from the surface of which subterrane

1 thras to greet and be greeted.

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